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S: Senior Memoir By: Dan King

FC: "Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." -From the TV show The Wonder Years | By: Dan King | Senior Memior

1: When thinking about what a name is, one may come up with all sorts of conclusions. Some say that a name is a person’s identity, it’s who they are. Others may say that a name is a connection to your family, it is your heritage. Yet others may believe that a name is your legacy, it defines who you are or will be. The truth is that all of these answers are correct; a person’s name is their identity, their heritage, and their legacy. The best place to start talking about my name is the beginning, my first name, Daniel. I was given the name Daniel for a number of reasons. The first reason that I received Daniel as my first name is because my brother’s first name starts with a ‘D’ and my parents really wanted my name to start with a ‘D’ as well. The second reason that I received the name Daniel was religious, my brother’s name is David, in reface to David and Goliath, and my name is in reference to Daniel and the Lion’s Den. Although my parents did not intend for it, my brother and I have the same names as two American pioneers, Davey Crocket, and Daniel Boone. My middle name, Lee, also has various meanings. The first reason that my middle name is Lee is because that was my grandfather’s middle name. Although I never really got to know my grandfather, he passed when I was very young; I am honored to carry his legacy through my name. The second reason that my middle name is Lee is in honor of my uncle, Richard. I never met my uncle, he passed before I was born, but to carry on his memory through my name gives me pride. My last name is King, which is obviously my connection to my family. I am told by my father that King derives from Konig, a family of German immigrants in the late 1800s. Although I am not sure about the accuracy of this story, it is what I’ve been told since I was a child, and is at least a good story to tell. | Daniel Lee King

2: My Favorite...

3: Answer Key

4: Passat

5: The car in today’s society represents several ideas. From independence to self-expression the car in American has become much more than just a form of transportation. When I got my car I knew that it would be an object that I valued, I just never knew how much a car could mean. After the laborious process of getting a driver’s license, and months of waiting and searching, I had finally found a car that was within my budget, and one that both my mom and I approved of. Her major concern was to make sure that my car was safe and reliable; while I was more interested in a car that I would enjoy driving. The car that I found was a 1998 VW Passat. We went to go look at it on a rainy, chilly September day. We arrived at Bill Legget Automotive and found the car, as Bill Legget himself walked out to greet us. The car was listed online as $3,999, but when we got there it was listed as $2,999, which was an amazing price for the car. After a look in the car, and a quick test drive, we went inside to talk business. After only about 15 minutes we were out the door with the keys for $3,500. I’ll never forget my first drive in my very own car. When I told my friends about my car, not many had heard of the Passat, and a typical conversation would go something like this: “Dude, I got a car!” “Sweet. What kind of car did you get?” “A Volkswagon Passat.” “What’s a Passat?” “Um, it’s like a luxury model of the Jetta.” My car has become a big part of my life, and is my connection to the world. It means to me freedom and sheer enjoyment. It is for these reasons that my car is my most valued object.

6: Midnight

7: Over the last 12 years I’ve made many friends. Although I do have many good friends, one friend that is very special to me is my dog, Midnight. When most people want to get a dog, they go to a shelter, or find someone that is selling puppies. I got my dog when he was left on our neighbor’s porch in the middle of the night. | On one particular morning as I woke up, I looked outside to find my Mom holding a very young, sickly looking black Labrador puppy. Upon further questioning I discovered that the puppy was left on our neighbor’s porch, and was given to her because he could not take care of it. When my mom brought the dog inside we discovered that he was covered in fleas, and dirt; and refused to eat anything, even though he was little more than skin and bones. After a quick trip to the store for supplies we took him outside, and cleaned him off with some flea repellant dog shampoo. The next step was trying to get him to eat something, which only ended in failure. Knowing that this dog would not last long we called the vet, and got him an appointment for the next day. | The next morning, when we brought our new puppy “Midnight” (as my mother had started to call him) to the vet, it was discovered he had Parvo. Parvo is a very deadly disease for dogs, it lines the intestines of the dog, and prevents it from being able to absorb any nutrients; it is also very contagious. When it was discovered that he had Parvo he had to go into immediate isolation, and had to get an IV of medicine and nutrients. Nearly a week after we dropped our new dog off at the vets office we got a call saying that he had made a full recovery, and we could pick him up anytime. We immediately left to go get him, and when we did he looked completely different. He was playful and energetic, and sometimes too energetic. After this he grew stronger every day, and is now in perfect health. He has always been there for me in the best and worst of times, and it is for these reasons that Midnight is a special friend.

8: From North Union... | Post-High School Plans

9: Friendship Continued | O-H-I-O! | ...To Ohio State!

10: Poem | "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. " -Rober Frost

11: I feel like this poem describes my life because I am going to college by muself, none of my friends are going to OSU, so I feel like I am taking the "road less traveled" | This poem was choosen by me to describe this point in my life

12: From my mom's house to my grandmas | From my grandma's to my dad's | From my dad's to my other grandma's | 99.6 Miles 1 hr 54 mins | 75.5

13: Christmas | Christmas to most people is a time of family and friends, and for my family this is no exception. The only difference for my family our dynamic. My parents are divorced, so as one can imagine, this creates a lot of problems around the holidays, and for me, a lot of long car trips. Every year for Christmas I travel with my family to my two grandmother’s houses. First, for Christmas Eve my step father, Frank, my mother, my brother, David, and I travel to my grandmother’s house to celebrate the holiday. This is always quite an affair to get all the presents, and people, in the car and make the two hour voyage to Zanesville. When we finally arrive at my grandmother’s house, we unpack all the stuff, and settle down for some snacks and drinks. After awhile, usually around nine o’clock, we begin to open presents. After several hours, and several trash bags full of wrapping paper, we finish opening our presents, and my grandmother goes right to bed. I usually stay up for a while longer and watch some TV. The next day we all pack up our new gifts and travel to Columbus, and my brother and I get dropped off at my dad’s house, and we immediately set off on the next part of our journey, to my other grandmother’s house in Pennsylvania. After the grueling four hour journey, we finally arrive, almost always to a warm hug, and a warm dinner. My grandmother on my father’s side is an interesting woman, she’s 92 years old, but still maintains her freedom, she even walks to the laundry mat every week to do her laundry. We usually spend a few nights at my grandmother’s, and I often see a few cousins and uncles that I haven’t seen for several years. When we do leave, it’s usually early, and we arrive back to my dad’s apartment in the afternoon. Even though it’s a long journey over a short amount of time, it’s one of the best times of the year, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

14: Answer Key:: | 1.What is the name of my dog? 2.. What is my favorite color? a. Midnight b. Patton a. Purple b. Red c. Angel d. Molly c. Green d. Blue | 3.What type of car do I have? a. VW Jetta b. Nissan GT-R c. Pontiac Aztek d. VW Passat | 4.What is my favorite movie? a. Beverly Hills Chihuahua b. Scarface c. Men in Black d. Avatar | 5. When is my birthday? a. 3/11/92 b. 3/11/93 c. 3/12/93 d. 5/11/93 | 6.What is my favorite book? a. The Da Vinci Code b. Misery c. Dreamcatcher d. Farenhieght 45 1 | 1. A, 2. B, 3. D, 4. B, 5. D, 6. B, 7. A, 8. B, 9. A, 10. C

15: A Quiz About Me | 7.What is my favorite food? a. .Pizza b. Burrito c. Ribs d. Hamburger | 8.What is my favorite drink? a. Red Bull b. Coffee c. Coke d. Monster | 9.What is my middle name? a.Lee b. Allen c. Hall d. James | 10.What is my brother’s name? a.Zac b. Frank c. David d. Jim

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