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Graduation - Page Text Content

BC: I Love you! | My favorite photos of you...

FC: We all love you :)! | Brian Raoul Firman Kwee

2: We are

4: Kwee

5: What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot | Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. ~Anthony Brandt

7: Bros | The family is one of nature's masterpieces. ~George Santayana

8: Where/when/how did you meet? I first met Brian in the 6th grade when I came to Manila. We didn’t really talk or hang out with the same people. The first time I really talked to him was in 8th grade. I was in the same expo group as brian’s girlfriend at the time, and due to our country being brazil, we needed to learn how to dance. We did this by getting lesions off brian’s mother. It was there I first started talking to him. | Aadam Mohammed | Funniest quote from him :o? “FUCKING APOLOGIZE TO ME” (to Keppler) Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? Beginning of senior year. Shakeys. Ripping that fucking dispenser off the wall, and running out with the guard shouting at him, while jimmy was driving drunkish, I was drunk, and justin was passed out with his legs still outside the car.

9: Brian, hello and happy birthday. I love you, even if I messed things up between us, I do. You are one of my best friends. And I appreciate everything you have done for me. But most of all, I appreciate how honest you are. Thank you for that. I don’t think you know how much of an impact that has made on me. It says write about 300 – 500 words, but I don’t want to fill it up with useless shit. Haha. Happy birthday brian. I wish you nothing but happiness in your very successful life to come.

10: Where/when/how did you meet? Grade 1. we became friends somehow, even though we weren’t in the same class, and I remember you came over once and played with a Nerf gun, which my Lolo said was dangerous, so we stopped lol. | Best feature Physically his muscular/ beastly build, makes him look badass.

11: Funniest quote from him? In the canteen“I’m wearing speedos under my pants”. | How will you remember him (although he’s not dead yet)? Brian Raoul Firman Kwee, a great friend, who loves his family, enjoys beer and had the courage to show off his pubes to people in music rooms.

12: Brian, I remember back when I’d call you Brian instead of Kwee. Now that I think about it, calling you by your last name reminds me of British teachers trying to sound intimidating by calling their students by their last names, so I think I’ll call you Brian again, or maybe Raoul, because it sounds sexy. First off, now that we’re all considered legal adults in most countries on the day you read this, which is supposed to be your birthday, thanks for being one of my best friends/mates these last five years. I feel like we’ve changed more physically than personality wise, and I guess that’s a good thing, because people who change too much personality wise areschizo? :S You’ve been there for me when I was an emo kid in grade 8, visited me in Singapore at times when I felt like I had no friends , helped house me when I’d be practically homeless sitting at Starbucks with my suitcase, without space not even at my Lola or Lolo’s houses, taught me how to drink shots-still working on that though- and protected me from some potential rape. You’ve seen me through good times and bad times. Seeing that I’ve been calling Phnie daughter, it doesn’t really equate to call you son in law seeing that you’ve taken care of me so much, but then that would be gross if I called you father, or brother, so I guess this whole family naming thing is a bit out dated for people who are considered legal adults in most countries. I think I like Raoul, but you might not. Say hi to Floor in Amsterdam, and if ever you need a buddy to put sun tan lotion on your back, I’m there (That can be taken literally or metaphorically). Stay gold like Pony Boy.

13: Friendship Continued | Andrea Sy

14: Hmmm well this needs to be a deep, moving, enlightening, inspiring message so I guess I’ll start by saying how much I treasure and appreciate our friendship! We’ve gone through a weird cycle of friendship hahaha starting from you randomly introducing yourself as Robin... Then you became the random weird pervy guythen you got upgraded to be the first person I actually got pissed at because you slapped my butt EVEN THOUGH I SAID NO -.- Lol I actually stopped talking to you until end of sophomore year. But then we got to talking because you mentioned that you were going to do IBS Chinese too! I actually remember that I forgot why I stopped talking to you until you reminded me like end of junior year or something? But yeah so then we got to talking in Chinese classand then BAM now you’re one of my best friends I’ll always remember all our Chinese class conversations about life, boys, girls, jerk douchebags.more girls, more guys, college, and being Chinese hahaha. Thanks for being there for me and helping me deal with the jerk douche from SJall those long talks really meant a lot to me! I think I would have been fed up with myself the way I couldn’t let go of things hahaha. Don’t know how I could have gotten through that time without talking to’re one of the like 4 people (Smriti, Gelli, Charlene) that would follow up on me regularlycuz you know how after awhile people assume you get over it or forget about it I’d think that I was actually completely over the whole issue but having you ask me about it made me realize that I was actually still mad/hurt/pissed off/vengeful (hahahaha) which was good because it made me realize that I was ignoring the issue and pretending that it didn’t happen. I had like therapy with you! LOL you’re my therapist I remember you emailed me a few times summer before sophomore year and I would call you BRAIN. Just remembered. You’re one of the funniest people I know! Thanks for always making me laugh that’s a talent! Ya you make me laugh even when you’re insulting mebut it’s ok it makes our convo’s unique haha. You and Smriti share that common ground, you both lov making fun of me. -.- Yeah don’t forget to lose some of that fat on your shoulders ok? So that next time I punch you, your fat won’t swallow up my fist and crush it. | Also, I love how even though we don’t even spend THAT much time hanging out outside of school (actually outside of Chinese or the occasional after school thing) we still got that close. You’re the type of low maintenance friend that I don’t need to talk to everyday to know that we’re still really close. Even though sometimes we don’t really get to talk to each other for weeks (and maybe in the future months ), when I start talking to you I feel like we can just pick up where we left of and go right into making kwento and just spilling everything. Talking to you has made me realize a lot about myselfhmmyeap yeap. I hope we don’t lose touch in collegevisit me in San Fran ok!! I’ll try to visit the Netherlands too. And another thing! You’re a “good” person! Lol well a true person..I don’t know how to describe it! But one thing I admire about you is that you take responsibility for your actionslike in Chiense class even when Jaemin and Sicat and all the rest of the people are cheating during our quizzes you don’t (well most of the time..? Well you stopped! You used to but you stopped) I dunno..its just something I admire about you! Even though other people are doing something andlike they’re obviously not going to get caught, you still stuck to your principles!! (THAT’S THE PHRASE I WAS LOOKING FOR :D) OH YEAH thanks for always suggesting good food places!!! Hahaha our shared love of food is another thing that makes us so freaking awesome And you should have gone to Taipei!! But I’ll see you in Manila soon Dude alkdfjldskfj;alsfdjlsdk there’s so much to say buthopefully you know it. Hangout – kwento session soon pulease. I LOVE YAH BRAH! Stay in touch, stay Brain Kweeb Don’t drink too much in college and die of liver poisoning or something

16: Name (and your given nickname if applicable): Ayesha Dayaram - Tall and joyful girl with a big vocabulary My favorite of Phnie’s friends Funniest quote from him :o? “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I wouldn’t have any flowers.” By far the best birthday greeting EVER. Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? The day he told me waxed at Laying Bare..shattered a lot of illusions for me

17: Dear Kwee, Apparently we’ve known each other for twelve years, but my earliest memory of you is you molesting people (you called them hugs in middle school). I can honestly say that you are favorite of all Phnie’s boyfriends BY FAR hahah. And even though I was initially hesitant about you guys getting together, I’m really happy that you did! You guys are so complementary and you’ve really been such a positive influence in her. You are so kind and good to her that it genuinely warms my heart. Also you’re surprisingly smart – don’t forget me when you break the Kwee mold and become some hedgefund manager! <3 Ayesha | Bernice Hallili

18: Name (and your given nickname if applicable/explain why it was given if you like): Bernice – He calls me Berns (cause Roberto is Berts and it’s apparently my guy name) but we like to call each other “Hey friend” Funniest quote from him :o? “U R DA WANJAAAAA” Most memorable (craziesat, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? We’ve had some pretty good times but I would have to say on my 18th birthday when we all went to Paulina’s house after dinner and we all decided it would be funny to let him talk on the phone to this security guard we made friends with in Boracay a few weeks earlier. He started talking to the poor, confused guy and said stuff like “Huhhh?? Huhhh?? Are you God?!? I am your brother and also your father same time Our father in heaven Susmaryosep.” HAHAHA I’m sure there is a video of it somewhere on Facebook but yeah that made my birthday night, for sure.

19: Camille Delgado | What is his best feature (lol and if you want, why?) Most people would say his eyes (or lack thereof) but I'd say his man boobs or "pecs" as he likes to call them ;). ACTUALLY, scratch that. I'll really miss your smell. You (at least in your Junior year before you started wearing likecologne or something occasionally) always smelled of clean clothes and soap. Maybe that's why my siblings took to you (see below). It was subconsciously what I always looked forward to when seeing you hahahaha. I know I'm weird, but that's probably my favorite smell. You know, cleanliness. Bounce dryer sheets and whatever soap you used. Followed closely by Old Spice =). That smell could simply make me feel better haha =P | Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? I think a moment with him that will forever be engrained into my memory (though "moment" seems rather short) is the night of after-prom, I think it was just last year. He literally woke me up in the middle of the night by phone and said, "I'm sneaking you out to after-prom. Get ready. The car will be outside soon." In so many words at least. Then you left me to get a ride home with freaking Jose Gonzales, which then lead me to one of the craziest nights of my year bouncing from place to place and being stuck, in a tiny car, between Jose and Greco. Amongst other things I'll not put here =P. And then the other sneak outs that followed that were equally as memorable. You made me take my first sheesha (still hate it), and that time we walked around at 1:30 in the morning to like three 7-Elevens and mini-stops just to find beer, and just chilling with Quiros and Jimbo. I actually really missed you when you stopped coming to those midnight McDo (and other) runs.

20: Well Kwee, everything I wished to tell you I think I wrote you already, but since we had yet to meet up in SF there are present things I missed out. For the record though, my siblings love you. It's rare. I think it's mostly the fact that you greeted them, "looked like [you] showered", and then resembled my sister to a High Schooler. Apparently the rest of my friends are "boors" or, "raised by wolves, much like yourself" (in regards to yours truly -.-). They're picky like that. Okay. Deep, moving, enlightening and inspiring message for you Stop trying to liken me to a rag doll. Well, okay, I doubt that's ever gonna stop, at least not until your back finally gives way or I gain 100 more pounds or something. To your credit, as I think I mentioned on paper before, you never did drop me. And as unpleasant as being picked up in the middle of the hallway and spun upside down can be, I always trusted you. Deionte, who tried the same once and got my head colliding with concrete, I was wary of trusting like that again. I can't describe adequately in words the void I know I'll feel when you leave. I know this year wasn't quite the same as in your Junior year when you were less preoccupied with things, but I did look forward to seeing you outside Chem and randomly around school. I hate getting all sappy and shit, so enjoy this while you can (then eat or burn it later), but you're one of the very few people in my life I feel safest around. Someone I can completely be myself with without restraint, or urge to hold back. Jimmy is another, and that's why I was my happiest when with the two of you (so I'm glad you two were good friends and all =P), and equally happy when just with you. I'm glad I was able to see you that chance time in San Francisco, while our trips seemed to coincidentally match up exactly, before not seeing you for a whole year (an event that has not happened since freshman year and I haven't quite come to terms with yet). I'll miss you're bear hugs, and I'll miss my surrogate big brother. Have fun in college and keep in touch! I labs you kweetard =)

21: Crystal Sang | Hey Kwee, I don’t even know where to begin. The funny thing is, is I’m talking to you right now and you’re being emotional about the gay guys in the ghost whisperer. I’m just really grateful I have a friend like you. It’s only been, what 1 year of knowing you? And I have already too many memories with you to count. To the random Toki dinner to those drunken nights at Cocos (MR. TEQUILA WOOP WOOP) it’s been a pleasure being your friend and I’m really going to miss you. You better visit Jaime and me in New York! Wub you dork! Behave in Holland! Keep in touch! | What was your first impression of him? Wow he looks like Lynn. Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? The whole ride to and from Boracay. Hey Kwee, I don’t even know where to begin. The funny thing is, is I’m talking to you right now and you’re being emotional about the gay guys in the ghost whisperer. I’m just really grateful I have a friend like you. It’s only been, what 1 year of knowing you? And I have already too many memories with you to count. To the random Toki dinner to those drunken nights at Cocos (MR. TEQUILA WOOP WOOP) it’s been a pleasure being your friend and I’m really going to miss you. You better visit Jaime and me in New York! Wub you dork! Behave in Holland! Keep in touch!

22: Erika Morihi | Name (and your given nickname if applicable/explain why it was given if you like): Erika boy-girl-same-time-bading Morihiro What was your first impression of him? So cuddly And I was amazed at how hard and big your arms were. They were like tree trunks What is his best feature (lol and if you want, why?) Your eyes (when you do that scary thing with them with your fingers) Funniest quote from him :o? “You want die? You want rape?”

23: I don’t know where to start so I’ll begin by saying Happy Birthday Kweiner boy. You’re finally 18 even though you look older than most of us. I know we haven’t been friends for the longest time since we only got close in like 11th grade? But it feels like I’ve known you for a long time and you’ve become one of my friends that I value most. You are definitely one of the few people that I trust most and I can talk to you about anything because you’ve always been straight up honest with me. You have such a big heart, which is really rare I think. Like how much you tried and how long you waited to really be with Phnie (Hi Phnie, if you’re reading this hehe you’re one lucky girl) It makes me feel so happy and warm inside just to see you two happy together. And that one night I got really shit-faced in Fiamma and I was puking all over the place. I’m sorry if you were pissed lol but thanks for taking care of me and making sure I got home safe and everything. I still owe you big time for that because I don't know where I would’ve ended up. That must not have been pleasant doing at all but thanks for looking out for me. You’re gonna think I’m being fake and just writing a bunch of nice stuff that I don't really mean because it’s your birthday but I’m not because why would I need to lie to you? To balance it out, I guess I’ll write some things that I hated about you 1) I hated how you always ended up being right about everything. I would hate to be in an argument with you because I know that you’d win every time haha 2) I hated it when you begged me to go out even when I already said I can’t because I always felt bad about not being able to go. Yeah I guess this is also a great opportunity to properly thank you for everything because I don’t think I ever have. So tenx for the friendship. Lol no really, thank you for bearing with me, being there to listen, making me laugh, and for being such a great friend. I’ll really miss having someone to bitch about girls to and be ridiculously weird with. And even though you said you won’t miss me, I’ll really miss you so don’t be a stranger and please stay in touch cause I would hate to lose a friend like you. I feel like I haven’t written enough and have more things to say but I don’t want to bore you and I’m running out of words. So Happy Birthday again and I hope your day is nothing short of perfect!! Good luck with college and with everything you do and hope to see you soon!

24: Where/when/how did you meet? In school, Middle School, When he asked me to be this cheese friend or something like that | Gea Seon Min [Jabroltr] | Favorite quote from him: “I’m not LAAA-SIINGGGG”

25: Hi po Kwee, Jabroni, big butt hehe My big brother –ish! It’s so weird trying to write something serious because whenever I’m with you it’s always like laughing about how stupid we act. Well mostly about how weird you act. We’ve known each other for a pretty long time and it all started with in middle school when you were in-love with ponies and cheese. I remember in the table tennis area and suddenly you popped out of no where and started yelling “I Love cheese” or just “ Cheese”! also when you would give me hugs and I would scream because I hated hugs back then~ hehe~~ back then I didn’t think we would be this close eeeeeh I thought you would be just some guy.. some weird kid who liked cheese and ponies. I remember when we were still the sandwich wahahaha. Look now we are such close friends its weird haha Anyways thank you for always making me laugh you’re like our personal clown friend :P I know you are the one person I can go to and have a good laugh with to make my day :D also thank you for being such a nice guy :P you are someone I could talk to about anything and you were someone that would really listen to me and understand me. Anyways Happy Birthday you you! I hope you have enjoyed your life so far!! Wahaha you still have many more birthdays to come. Hope you all the best because you deserve it! Best wishes in college and we shall see each other soon !! you stillneed to take me shopping for bags! We’ll do that when I visit you!! Yah yah? Okay! I go na. Me tapos write for you! Bye po. I don’t know if you remember this but “ eat your salad no dessert!”

26: Isabel Agudo | Hi Kwee. I’ve seen you and experienced you as two different people – as a close friend of mine (until you lost interest in our beautiful relationship and moved on to other shit like that Stephanie Kubota chick), and as my close friend’s very loving (needy / clingy / annoying / time-stealing) boyfriend. And as both of those people, you are easily one of the most fun to be with, most genuine, most welcoming, chinkiest guys I have ever had to privilege to know. You are a pleasure to be with And to look at And to touch Really though, this is such a cliché but I mean it in the truest way possible: You provide such great company. Thank you for giving me affection (even if it was all forced by Phnie) whenever I was lonely and pathetic and hanging around you guys all the time. Thank you for being patient, or pretending to be patient, because I’m sure you preferred my presence anyway. Seriously though, with you I don’t ever have to endure the suffering of small talk - you’re just easygoing that way and I love it. To be honest most of what I remember from our MSN convos were the vulgar, idiotic topics, but I do vaguely recall having talked about serious stuff too, like family and love and stuff. You’re playful on the surface but quite wise deep inside. You treat Phnie right (well I hope she agrees because I’m kind of making this up), and you are so good to her. Your capacity to care about someone is seriously something I look up to. All jokes aside, being around both you and Phnie was fun and everything, but it was secretly touching. Your future friends in college are some very lucky people. Take care of yourself!

27: Friendship Continued | Name (and your given nickname if applicable/explain why it was given if you like): Isabelle/Izzy (my mum always credits the nickname to my “frizzy” hair, which I take offence to, but really my childhood friend’s dad just gave it to me out of the blue... I guess my mum thought that being named Izzy because my name was Isabelle was too plain a story) What was your first impression of him? Thought he was cute and cuddly, like a real life Asian stuffed toy What is his best feature (lol and if you want, why?) Definitely his eyes because they make him Kungfu Panda and when he smiles they get even smaller (if that’s possible!) and it’s really funny.

28: Isabelle Morris | I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a great friend even when I moved away. I’ll always remember talking about our respective “crushes” and just being there for each other. Now that we’re off to university on the same side of the world, I hope we see more of each other! 18!! Wohooo man I am SO old.... I never knew you were this young, when did that happen, you always seemed older than me! Dammit, I’m gonna have to stay the lola forever. Anyways, I would just like to wish you a Happy Happy Happy 18 Birthday and hope that you celebrate with style and laughter. Surround yourself with people you love (ahem....i better be included) and venture into the independent world with a fresh and open mind, and I guarantee you will enjoy the life that awaits you. Although you’ve turned 18 (legal in Asia, Europe, most parts of Africa, parts of Canada, and South America) don’t be too care free, be fun but more nights by the toilet bowl or nights passed out who knows where, you are a responsible adult now!......Psshhh whatever! Dude have those nights but just wake up to tell me about them! Okay that’s me done with my rambling, I shall start the semi-serious “deep, moving, enlightening, inspiring” message, well I’ll try. | Brian (don’t know your middle name, you must tell me one of these days) Kwee, you put a smile on people’s faces and make them laugh with your immature/humorous tendencies and we LOVE you for them! Don’t ever ever ever for the love of gulay, change the way you are because the world MUST get a chance to meet you. You will always be my Kungfu Panda and one of my greatest friends. I’ve missed you dearly and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you. <3 <3 <3 Love you Kwee! Have a great birthday. Xxx PS. I bet you half the stuff I just wrote is grammatically incorrect and does not make sense but you read it anyways and I hope the message came across.

29: Jaime De Venecia

30: Kwee, man. Where do I begin? I remember seeing you every now and then during the CCD days (way back in the late 1990s – can you believe?) and thinking to myself, “This boy looks very happy.” And boy, did that ring true in your later years of life. Up to this day, you are one of the happiest people I know. I remember walking through the canteen in 7th Grade (or was it 6th? I really can’t recall anymore) and then hearing someone say, “Hey!” from behind. I turned around and saw someone that I recognized instantly – you! At the time, I really thought that was the coolest thing. I’d never experienced someone leave ISM and then return years later. It was great, and I think the real friendship started to blossom about a year later. Grade 8 is when we really started becoming close. You would sleep at 1329 Palm (man, so many good memories in that house) with Nick on a regular basis, and we’d play PSP, listen to music (I still remember your portable speakers!!!), and just have good conversation throughout our nights. Ah, it’s pretty amazing how much fun we could have back then with nothing but video games and our thoughts and gossip. No alcohol, no tobacco, no drugs, no nothing! We were so innocent. | I feel like despite not always being able to hang out, we were still able to maintain a really solid friendship throughout all of HS – and that makes me happy. I remember that you were a really big help when Isabel and I were just starting our relationship in sophomore year, and even after we broke up I’m glad that it didn’t affect our friendship at all. You have always been a true friend to me and I can’t be more grateful. You were a large part of the second half of my junior year, and it was so much fun constantly heading straight to go somewhere to drink after school on weekdays while everyone else was stressing out over maintaining high grades and whatnot. In the end, we all got into good colleges so we didn’t miss out on anything! Kwee, though we haven’t seen each other much lately (well, at least not as often as last year), I want you to know that I will really miss you in the years to come. You’re one of the best guys I know, and I really mean that. You’re always level-headed, you know how to have a good time, and you always make everyone feel at home at parties and when you host little shindigs at your house. We’ve had some really fun times together, and I will always cherish the memories that we shared. I have a lot of admiration for you, and you’re someone who I hope to remain friends with throughout the rest of my life. Good luck in the Netherlands, man! I know you’ll do well. Please don’t forget me because I won’t forget you. Love you, key2chi!

32: Funniest quote from him :o? This is a hard one, but I think it would have to be: “So nice seeing you! Bye! Bye now! Bye! UGLY ASS SHIT, WHAT THE FUCK!” (I don’t remember exactly who we were talking about, but I remember that it was funny-ass shit!) Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? All of the times we drank at Coco’s, Hossein, McDo, Gilligan’s, and Trellis. And of course, who could forget the Grade 8 Velvet Underground days in my Dasma house? :’) Those were the best. Oh shit, and I almost forgot going over to his house at like 4:30am to finish our 20th Century History video about China!!! That was ridiculous. But filming that was just hilarious and we ended up getting a 50/50 so that kicked ass.

33: Jaime Quiros | Where/when/how did you meet? I’d say middle school in Social Studies 6th grade? Yeah we didn’t talk but at one point he said “Hey Jaime! You gained a lot of weight since elementary” I didn’t like him at that point hahahahaha Describe him in 3 words ONLY “Meow Meow Meow” Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? Do I get to choose? Or just all of it. Happiest moment was when we kissed Craziest was when we were at Greenbelt and we were running because Kwee broke bottles and shit and we met guards and he was like “help there are scary white guys throwing bottles over there” and then they left and we ran it was a good day. How will you remember him (although he’s not dead yet)? I will remember his racist jokes about jews, blacks, and white folk. His humor most definitely, Retard humor, Cat Humor, WoW Humor, Gay Humor, Fun times together, Sad times together, Gay times together

34: Where/when/how did you meet? ISM Bel-Air Campus Mrs. Hinduja’s Classroom, Grade 3. We had a mutual friend (Lin Oshitani) and we were each other’s 3rd best friend hahaha. Funniest quote from him :o? “Can I touch your penis?” – That’s all I ever hear when he rides my car :/ Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? Driving around on random nights just to find a place to drink or shisha and stuff without a plan. | Name (and your given nickname if applicable/explain why it was given if you like): Jimmy/Tzimi because Kwee is dumb and like to pronounce things in a dumb way.

35: Jimmy Feng | Hey Kwee, I don’t even know where to begin. The funny thing is, is I’m talking to you right now and you’re being emotional about the gay guys in the ghost whisperer. I’m just really grateful I have a friend like you. It’s only been, what 1 year of knowing you? And I have already too many memories with you to count. To the random Toki dinner to those drunken nights at Cocos (MR. TEQUILA WOOP WOOP) it’s been a pleasure being your friend and I’m really going to miss you. You better visit Jaime and me in New York! Wub you dork! Behave in Holland! Keep in touch! | Dear Brian Kwee, I regret not being able to celebrate you birthday with you this one last time. However, I do wish that you have an amazing birthday. You truly deserve it especially due to all the joy you’ve brought for me and everyone who has had the honor of meeting you. It’s been such a long time, I would have never guessed that my 3rd best friend in middle school would continue to be one of my closest friends all the way until the end of High School (and hopefully many more years to come). I thought that you moving to BSM would’ve set an early ending to our story together. But we managed to catch up after you came back pretty fast and since then have experience countless first and some hopefully last experience together. You were there when I went to the mall without parents for the first time, my first sip of alcohol, my first puff of shisha (and regretfully cigarette), first party I’ve ever thrown, first time I went to a beach with friends and many many more. Thank you for being the great person that you are, you truly mean a lot of me as a friend and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity of being able to have a friend like you. Sincerely, Tsimy Feng

36: Describe him in 3 words ONLY Hilarious, loyal, beer Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? Haha when me, Justin, Erika, and Gea seon were in your room and you were in the tent hahaha Kwee! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a sweet birthday bud! Umm there really isn’t much to say. You’ve been a great friend over the past years and I feel really lucky to have met you man. You’ve always looked after me and always had the best advices to give. Thank you so much for everything man. I’m sure I’ll see you even after high school so yea its all good. Sorry this shits so short man.. I don’t want to sound gay.. but I think I already do im a gey =/ | Jin Wook Lee | Jin Wook Lee

38: HEYLO BRAIYAN! ITS WAKeEN! HAPI BERTHDAY! TANK YU FOR BEEYING FRENDS WITH ME. Seriously though, your friendship does mean a lot to me. You’re one of those guys that I can talk to whenever, wherever, after however long. I’m sure you already know this, but I think the reason why people gravitate towards you is because you seem to be the voice of reason for many things. You’re mature beyond your year’s man, I still can’t believe you’re only turning 18 now. It seems like you’ve got it all figured out. I remember the first time you told me about all your sexual adventures (hahahaha) back in ICARE of 9th grade (GEOFARM!), I was already thinking to myself – damn, this kid is advanced. But it extends beyond that; you’re real. Real smart, a real dick, but also a real person, no bullshit you know? We dislike the same people, and I don’t like t think it’s because we’re dicks, but because we have reason to – we think the same, and that’s why I think we get along so well. You’re one of my best friends man. Please don’t let anything change that. Not time difference, not college, not work, not family. I’ll miss you, and I love you Happy happy birthday dear friend.

39: Hey man. There’s a lot that I’d like to say to you, and seeing as how this is probably going to be the last chance that I’ll be able to say anything like this, I’ll be completely honest, and to the point. You are, without a doubt, the most honest person I’ve ever known. You know me well enough to know that coming from me, a statement like that means a lot. I know we’ve drifted closer and farther apart over the years, and we probably aren’t the tightest of friends, but whenever I actually have a conversation with you, it’s like none of that matters. Remember when we used to play for Citibank in ILLAM during 4th grade? Man we sucked. We lost every single game we played, but it was still fun, because it was one of the only ways that I got to see you after you moved to BSM. I still have a team photo, and it’s really nice that we have a memory like that. I love how in one conversation, we can go from insulting each other, to laughing at other people, to discussing stock markets or planning our future careers. And it gets better once we start drinking. You are one of my oldest friends, and just like we talked about in Bora, when I grow old, you’re one of the people that I want to see grow old with me. I want to be able to say that we stayed in contact our whole lives, and I want to be able to talk to you whenever I want to. This might seem like a series of disconnected thoughts, but I really wanted to show you that I’m not going to forget you, and that you’ve really been a great friend over the years. Thanks for everything that you’ve done for me, and everything that you will do for me in the future. I’m gonna miss you, and I know I’ll see you again in another ten, or even twenty years. Stay in touch. | Jooh Hook Han

40: Good times! | What was your first impression of him? I thought Kwee looked like a panda. What is his best feature ? Definitely his ability to drink a fucking tank load of water and most of the time be okay. Funniest quote from him :o? “I am not lasing!”

41: Justin Morris | Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? Can’t think of many because I have a terrible memory but craziest I think was helping out Jin one night when he was ‘possessed’ at his house. We were just laughing our asses off and scared at the same time. Lol

42: It’s been a great couple of years with you man. Yes happy birthday but it’s not just that this is around the time either you or I will be leaving. You have been one of my best friends for the past 2 or 3 years, I am terrible with dates, even though we will be a few hours on train away in Uni we won’t be out most nights taking the piss and drinking our livers away. You’ve been great in chatting or listening to me and giving me advice in my problems. I don’t know of any bad times we’ve had together but I know a lot of bitching times we’ve had together haha. I think we’ve had a good couple years together and I wish you a very happy and drunk 18th! Take care wherever you are in the world and I hope the best for you and I hope to see you many more times in the future! Love you man, you’ve been the best!

43: Kwee, I actually only got really close to you this year. But, it feels like we’ve been close for so long! And I guess that’s the thing about you. You have that weird ability to attract people and make them forget about time and shit. I’m trying to make this sweet but I can’t. hahaha. If you wanna hear more, you better come to Japan | Noriyuki Fukuyama

44: i know we didnt spend much time together, IB and our schools separated us from hanging out as much last year :(. then i moved so it shortened our time even more!!! ahh! but im glad you stayed in touch and remembered that im near san francisco when you visited! i hope you had fun when i took you out, it was a kind of boring night with a bunch of seniors acting like 9th graders, hahaha. but having you with me that night kinda made me feel like home, i was really comfortable around you and i opened up to you really easily. i wish that car ride taking you home lasted like 5 hours so we could've talked about everything! anyways, i have to cut this short before i just start talking about nonsense! goodluck in the netherlands! and goodluck with you and stephanie, we're in the same boat! love you kwee! one day we'll meet again! its not goodbye, its see you later :) | Miggy Exconde

45: Rence Pazcoguin

46: I just want to wish you a happy happy birthday Kweester! It’s been really awesome having you as a friend even way back since elementary school and I can say that there aren’t many people like you. Dancing has definitely been a blast and having another popper there made things a lot less awkward (and lonely LOL). Jancing-wise, hopefully you can continue it even a bit in the future and push to learn some of that laxxing so you can prove that lady from j-masta’s class wrong. And gym-wise, keep cutting like you wanted to Mr. Hydroxycut and carrots so that Jay will keep following you around hahaha! I’m really sorry if I don’t have anything deep or moving to say since our friendship is based around lightheartedness and jokes haha! I wish you nothing but the best in your future Kwee!

47: Name (and your given nickname if applicable): Rhema given nickname by Brian Work Ambassador. his nickname by Me is Party Ambassador Where/when/how did you meet? We met ages ago! I think when we were 9 years old in BSM I can’t remember how we met but I do know that he was my dancing partner at one time Funniest quote from him :o? Funniest quote hmm “No one likes you. You’re too brown.” Or “Hey! Let me make you whiter starts using an eraser to rub my hand*” or on my yearbook casual photo “What skin whitener do you use?” those are all that I can think of at the moment :p

48: Hey Fatty! (not so fat anymore) Happy birthday! You truly deserve another year to live and bully more people. All the best at university and I am more than 100% sure that you’ll be extremely successful! Continue being the good friend that you are and never forget me because I think I might actually make the effort to remember you. This statement most definitely applies to you out of the 100 people that I meet, I tend to “dislike” more than 50% of them. You are one of the rare ones that I actually do like and do enjoy spending time with. Take care of yourself and know that if you ever need a friend (which I highly doubt because you are never short of friends), hit me up and I’ll “try” to be there. Take care and love you! xx

49: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." ~Confucius | Arturo (Rocky) Alli

50: You know what’s weird? Before, I used to think that I’d come to a point where I’d become best friends with my parents or my siblings and talk to them every day about my problems and stuff like that become socially close to them, basically. But now that I think about it, I guess, it’s not the closeness I have with them that makes me call them “family”. It’s more so the fact that they’re always there and that I CAN go up to them if I choose to or need to. I’m sure we both agree that we didn’t remain the closest of friends throughout our stay at ISM, but to me, I always thought of you as that one guy who, even though I might’ve not talked to you for such a long period of time, I knew I could always approach, bring up a topic and we’d just talk or chill. ‘Don’t remember that well, eh? Hmmm let’s go back! (7th grade) Wellness with Ms. Owen, The creation of the Pony Society. (8th grade) Bar’s dead bodies, Silent Hill, Long hours of counter-strike in AV Surfer. (9th and 10th grade) More LANing, amateur dancing, Chongbian’s sleepover. (11th and 12th grade) JayMasta (), BOB Dance(s), Yuki the Shark. It’s pretty obvious that it’s been quite of a journey with you, man. I have so much respect for you as a person because you’re, without a doubt, the laughter and the lack of seriousness that everyone needs every now and then. Based on what I’ve seen, I can tell you that good things happen to great people. Hence, God Bless the brother I never had. Happy 18th Birthday, my man! Keep in touch and hit me up whenever you hit Manila! P.S. Keep workin’ on them handstands, you’ll get them eventually. ;)

51: To Brian, Um, so as you know, I’m really not good at this deep, moving, enlightening, inspiring sort of thing, so I’ll just try to do the best I can. Our friendship was always a bit strange and out of the blue – we didn’t hangout much, or have many classes together, or even talk that much at all. And yet somehow each time we did talk, it was as if we could just pick up right where we left off. You’re the kind of guy who inspires trust, and just sort of makes a person (or me at least) feel like I can confide in you, and readily share with you things I usually don’t tell my friends. I think the greatest thing about our conversations is that you don’t try to offer advice, or assert that you know the answer to my problems, but that you understand how confusing and complicated some things can be, and even if we don’t know what to do about it, we can somehow find a way to get on with it. Also, you’re always there to listen and to make me feel like even some stupid problem is worth hearing about. Most importantly though: you’re one of the few people in this crazy world who agree with me when I say that chemistry is epically awesome. For chemistry has united us as it unites a cation and anion, and has made our friendship as strong as the bonds in a giant covalent lattice. (You know it’s true. I’m also trying to think of some sort of metaphor involving dynamic equilibrium. I’ll get back to you on that). I only wish that we had more time during our stupidly stressful high school to talk or hangout, but I have no doubt that in the years to come we will find a way to share some random stories of our “new” lives in college. You should also know that you still owe me a meeting in our awesome secret clubhouse. I haven’t forgotten. Take care Brian, it’s truly been great being a friend of yours in these past years, and you’re one of the few people I genuinely hope to remain in contact with! | S | Smriti Sridhar

52: Where/when/how did you meet? I think we officially met in Ms. Cross’s English class in 7th grade, where she thought we were weird coz you read your books while you were lying on top of me -__- What was your first impression of him? Random chinky bubbly creepy bearhugging chinese guy... who would have you wouldn’t be random after all :O thanks to that long bus ride from caylabne where got to know each other more; lol until Allen had to intervene so he sat in between us. | Ste[phanie (Phnie) Kubota

53: Favorite quote? “you’re my favorite” | Describe him in 3 words ONLY Cuddly cupcake panda | What's his best feature and why? His stupid-i-am-awesome smile when he knows he’s gonna beat me at something lol joke, but that is one of my favorite. But really it’s you being my best friend – and that role includes being able to make me laugh without even having to tickle my feet [-___-], or completing my sentences for me before I even think about what my answers will be, or teaching me computer/investment/smartass things because I am incompetent in that area, or/and unfortunately making me cry until I sob just by telling me to stop crying [>=(] ... and since it’s your birthday, your big muscular arms that almost beat Lucas in arm wresting

54: Most memorable (craziest, saddest, happiest, funniest, etc) moment with him? - After school conversations about my problems behind that wall in middle school, and the anticipated goodbye hugs after each meeting - December 16, 2009 outside of Hossien’s restaurant – and the time after that when I had to step inside the bathtub full of your puke to unclog it weeee - The times I’d come over and we’d wrestle (literally) until it got awkward - Haha that one time I was sobbing on the couch and you fell asleep - The best/most romantic/better than smurtle’s coz you’re not gay “will you go to prom with me?” proposal - My first staying up till 5am skype call - My future going around the world trips that you’d have to join at one point

55: Dearest Kwee, Hmmm I'm on the plane from Japan going back to Manila, it's funny coz I just started thinking about how I could be spending the start of my spring/fall breaks flying over to wherever you are. I don't know if it was wishful thinking, or the crazy thoughts that come from just being in this overwhelming state... But yeah, I don't ever want to let you go. Whatever happens to our future I'll always remember you as my bestest friend, my first and possibly greatest love (I'll let you know). If ever we don't end up together, I don't think I'm emotionally capable enough to not have you be a part of my life in one way or another. I know It'll probably be hard or inappropriate to keep me there when you have someone else and stuff, but I hope we keep in touch and catch up every once in a while. It'd be nice to have you there when I'm old and in need of companionship. Hmmm it's odd coz the people who wrote their messages didn't usually remember how they first met you, just that you guys became good friends almost instantly. I guess that's your charm. I think we only got close the time we talked at the back of the bus from either caylabne or caliraya, lol we were talking about my problems of course, and Allen got jealous so he sat in between us. Then after that we started having our talks behind that wall beside the middle school bathroom. The best part about those meetings was that we hugged goodbye, it didn't matter if I felt something romantic for you or that we were just friends - they were just nice. | I’m glad that I didn’t tell you how I felt then, coz everything would have changed after - and I kinda like how things played out in the end. I love how we spent our years with each other, sharing all these different memories while playing different roles in each other’s life – from a friend, an enemy, a crush, and finally a lover :O You would probably still have been my first love, but because we're more mature now I think I loved you better – at the least bit, I would never think of this as puppy love or being infatuated compared to how I’d distinguish it coming from the memory of a middle schooler. I guess I just want to thank you, for everything. I don't know who I'd be now without your influence; lol I'd like to think I'm a better person coz I met you. Thanks for always being there when I needed to vent about my family or friends, to rejoice in my so called accomplishments, and to just talk about how my day went – thank you for being my personal more-than-alive diary. You've taught me so much, and I'll forever be grateful You’re going to do many great things in your life, I would never need to worry about you because I know you’ll be able to take care of yourself; you’ll be so successful, in your career and especially in raising your family. I only hope to be able to watch you achieve those things in the future, lol I hope when I’m around 60 I’ll be able to brag that our friendship “withstood the test of time”. You’re my favorite too :) Hmmmm, thank you so much Kwee, for making my life so much more colorful; I'll never meet or experience anyone like you, you're the greatest chapter of my life (so far nenenene).

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