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Great Gatsby Journal

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FC: Jay Gatsby

1: Vegas Trip 2009 | My name is Jay Gatsby. My real name is Jimmy. I come from a poor family in North Dakota. I went to college at Trinity College, Oxford. I joined the army after college. I live in East Egg. I have made a lot of money from illegal activities. I live in a huge house right next to the Long Island Sound. Nick Carraway, my new neighbor, just moved in next door to me. When I stand at the end of my dock I can see a green light. My neighbor Nick Carraway saw me looking over the dock at the green light. I don't really know what it means yet.

2: Let The Good Times Roll | I am the nephew of a German soldier. Many people like to make rumors about me. Some poeple say that I killed a man. Some even say I am a German spy. While at a party Tom slapped Myrtle because she kept on saying Dasiy's name in a mocking way. I do not like Tom because of this. I think it was wrong for him to slap her like he did. I also dont like the fact that Tom is having an affair.

3: I love to throw parties at my house. I don't smoke and I don't hang out with others at my parties. I don't drink either. I just recently bought a hydroplane. I just found out out how i remember Nick Carraway. He was in the same division I was in while I was serving in the army. The whole reason I gain millions of dollars, bought a huge house, and throw all the nice parties is to win back Daisy.

4: In this chapter I take Nick out to lunch. I tell him about all the things I have done in my life because he has heard rumors about me and I wanted him to know the truth. I told him about the war and my medals and when I went to Oxford.While at lunch we meet Mayor Wolfshiem. Nick views him as a gangster and this brings up questions about my inheritance. Nick finds out about my plans to get him to invite me to tea while Daisy is at his house. .

5: In this chapter I saw Nick heading to his house. I asked him if he wanted to ride with me to Coney Island. He said no so I asked him if he wanted to swim in my pool. He said no again so I offered him a job with me to make some extra money. He said no. Then we started talking about inviting DAisy over for tea. When we finally agreed on a day I started ordering flowers and tea over to Nick's house. I felt like his stuff wasn't good enough for Daisy. The day that Daisy came over I got really nervous. When she arrived at Nick's house I went outside. It was raining really bad when I came back inside. I talked to Daisy for awhile. It stopped raining when my talk with Daisy was over.

6: In this chapter a reporter comes to Gatsby's house. The reporter heard about some of the rumors about Gatsby. In this chapter you find out my real name is Jay Gatz and that I am from North Dakota. I met Dan Cody who had docked his boat at the shore. He was 50 at the time. When he died I was supposed to inherit $25,000 dollars from him, but his mistress took it. Tom ends up stopping by my house for a drink and we talk. I told him a new his wife and he invited himself to my next party. When they arrived I introduced them to everyone. I called Tom "the polo player" which seemed to get on his nerves.

7: Let the dice roll! | In this chapter I fire all my servants. Since me and Daisy were having an affair I didn't want anyone running their mouth about what might be going on. When I arrive at Tom's house later I hear the phone ring. Jordan tells me that it's the girl that Tom is having an affair with. When Tom leaves the room Daisy kisses me and Jordan seems surprised. Daisy tells her to kiss Nick. Jordan calls her vulgar, but Daisy doesn't care. After we ate Tom realized something was going on between Daisy and I. He is mad because of his pride even though he is cheating on his wife at the same time. When was headed back from New York my car struck Myrtle Wilson.

8: At the beginning of this chapter, I was standing outside of Tom's house. I wanted to make sure he didn't hurt Daisy. The truth was that Daisy was the one that had ran over Myrtle, not me. I was afraid that if Tom found out he would hurt Daisy. When I went to my house with Nick, I told him about when I first met Daisy and how she had promised me that she would wait for me after the war. When I was done telling my story I realized that summer was coming to an end and I hadn't even used my pool once. i asked Nick if he wanted to swim with me but he didn't he said I was better than Tom and Jordan and all those other stuck up rich people. As I sat in my pool thinking I hear gunshots and realized I had been shot. I was shot several more times and I died.

9: In this chapter I am dead. Nick tells about the reports that show up at my house. Many people make up rumors about me that are worst than the ones people made during the parties I threw. At my funeral only Nick, my dad, and a few of my servant show up. That would make me mad.....but then again, im dead. My friend Nick decides to move back east. He meets Tom one last time at the airport and he comes to the conclusion that Tom, Daisy, Jordan and most of the the people out in this part are stuck up rich people that don't care about ruining other people's life.

10: Loving the Vegas Sun!

11: March 2009

12: Jeremy & Amanda

13: 3.13.09

14: 3.11.09

15: What happens in vegas stays in vegas!

17: We had good luck on saturday!

20: Jeremy living it up! Vegas trip 2009

22: Cheers! 3.11.09

23: Keep the dice rolling!

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