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Honor - Page Text Content

S: Honor

FC: Honor | Alex Dantz

1: I awoke in a small, narrow ditch out in the middle of nowhere. Pain shot through me like a thousand spiders had bitten me all at once. Screams and gunshots echoed all around me, paralyzing me with fear. This was not like anything he had every heard or seen before. IT was a complete bloodbath, awful and horrible. When I tried to get up, a sharp and stinging pain awoke in my leg and my right arm, which made me swiftly go back down to the ground. I closed my eyes, and waited for sleep to overtake me, and hope that the pain would swiftly end. “Sergeant! Get up! You are going to be fine!”

2: I felt my body being dragged upwards out of a ditch that I had been in. I slowly had been healed by a medic that had happened to be nearby. I opened my eyes. There was a huge man, around 6’8 standing over the top of me, yelling for me to get up. A silver star on his vest indicated that he was my commanding officer, a major. “Sir, yes sir!” I jumped up on my feet as fast as I could, making sure that the major standing in front of me did not demote me or anything of the such. “Are you Sergeant Dantz? The one who stopped the forces at Pearl Harbor?” I felt honored to be announced as this, as no one had asked me this before.

4: “Yes I am, sir. Why did you ask this, Major?” The officer hesitated. He didn’t want to talk about that, as his expression had stated. “The army has been searching for you for 3 days now. The army reported you KIA. We were going to stop, but we stumbled upon this site, and decided to search it. Little did we know that you were stuck here in this ditch.” “GET IN TO COVER!” Suddenly a grenade exploded right near where I was. “RUN!” the major yelled.

6: I sprinted as far away as I could. When I looked back, the major was far behind me. A grenade went flying toward him. “NO!” I screamed. I tried running back. “Save yourself! Forget me-“ The grenade dropped and exploded as his body was painted with red, and he slowly fell, down and down, hitting the ground. “NOOOOOOOOOO!” I sat down on my knees, sobbing for the major that had saved my life not minutes before. He was now dead. All because of me. All because I didn’t save him when I had the chance. He could be alive if I did. But I didn’t. And now he’s dead. Because of me. But I know

8: one thing, he wanted me to live. I kept running away from the battlefield, to make his wish right. But I know one thing. My honor is gone now. And I will avenge him, even if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll kill every single one of those mindless Russians. I kept running, after briefly looking back at the major, looking like a bucket of paint. Tears streaked my face, I ran through the ditch, slowly climbing up. After I had gotten out of the ditch, I saw a extremely terrifying thing. Planes dotted the sky like a pack of crows. A looming red and green wave of soldiers were marching over the

10: horizon. Fear went through me as I struggled to get down back into the ditch, but I just stood frozen. They all took out their weapons and shot them to the sky, meaning a victory has just happened. This shows me that I have no hope. All the people that came are dead. I fainted. “Where am I?” I looked around to find myself in a completely white room. I have never seen this room before.

12: A man in pure white walked up to me. “You have come.” “Who are you?” The angel paused. “I have many names. The life-giver, the tree-planter. But, I am most well known as Agnell. “Are you a…” The angel laughed. He started to pace slowly around the white room. “Yes, I am an angel.” He stopped and looked at me. “You have a destiny to fulfill.” “What is it?” The angel looked at me. “You must defeat the Russians. They have caused too much harm. It is time for them to die.”

14: “Very well, Agnell. It will be done. But how do I get out of here?” The angel started casting a spell. “Wha-“ To be continued….

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