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Jakes Adventurous Journey

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S: Jakes Adventurous Journey

BC: A boy named Jake goes off to find his father. His father is a doctor and went to help somebody in a forest fire. Jakes father has not returned. Jake goes out to find his father. His mother is very sick and needs her husband. He goes through all these difficulties and meets new people and gets different gifts.

FC: Jakes Adventurous Journey By:Megan Carter

1: Jakes ADVENTUROUS jOURNEY Dedicated to Mrs.Durigan and Mrs. Gogel

2: Things were not going well at home for Jake. Well Jake was a 13 year old boy. Jake went to a plain old plain old school. Sure enough things were definitely not going well at school,nobody would say a word to him. It was always quiet and always calm. Jake and his mom did not have a lot of money back then. He lived in an old falling apart apartment. His mom was very sick and he didn't know where his dad was. Jake just didn't know what to do. Anyway Jake's dad went off to help someone who was in a very dangerous forest fire. You do not know how dangerous this was! Jake had know idea why his dad had went to help somebody at this point. I mean why would his dad be the won? Why would it be him to go? Jake had to get back to his mom! Jake quickly scattered to the couch where his mom was! Good she was sleeping. Now was the time he could go out and find his dad.

4: First, Jake went to the attic. He found an old beat up sleeping bag from when his dad was a boy. Jake walked to the garage. He was getting some trout he had caught the day before. Jake wrapped it up with a cloth and quietly put it in his back pack. Then, Jake got to bottles of water just in case he got thirsty. He put two quarters in his holey skinned jean pocket. That was all Jake needed for his adventurous journey. Jake tip toed to the slightly broken table. The floor creaked and cracked. Jake wrote a note on the table that shacked. He wrote about how he was off to find his father. As his mom was sleeping Jake kissed her on her warm, hot, sweaty, for head. Then once again creaked and cracked through the house to the front door. He slowly put his hand on the door nob and twisted it carefully and slowly. Jake began out the front door. He was out he really was! Jake closed the door behind him. He walked a couple steps. Thought. Walked a couple of steps. Thought. Jake walked a half hour to get to the subway.

5: It seemed like a long time but was not. Once Jake had actually gotten to where the subway would come he had to wait and wait and wait. Then it finally got there. He hopped on the bus. When he came to the woman who drove the bus they asked for $0.50 which was two quarters. Just then Jake remembered the two quarters he had put in his pocket when he was packing up. Jake had know clue by now which stop he was going to get off at but when the driver said stop 83 that caught him and he got off at it. Jake jumped off the bus stomping and clomping. Once Jake got off the bus he was in a village. He was wearing holey jeans and a red T-shirt. There were no side walks, not a lot of people, and just a plain old plain old village. Jake started looking around and seeing what there was to see. Now it was the middle of the day. There were dirt roads and bamboo houses.

7: Jake caught something in the corner of his eye. It seemed as if it had been red. Jake walked back a little bit and what do you know there was a Red Robin sitting right there. Once Jake walked over there he realized it was a forest it really was. That meant he could start his hunt on finding his dad because his dad went to help someone in a (forest) fire. Jake started walking in the forest. As he walked in his foot steps made the leaves go crunch crunch. There were tall trees and small bushes.

8: After walking a while Jake took a brake to rest. "Help!" cried a poor guy with a beard who looked like a hobo. "I'm in quick sand!" screamed this guy, or at least I think it was a guy. Jake helped the poor guy as quick as a cheetah. As Jake got rope burn from the rope he had in his hand he through it out to the man. The guy who looked like a hobo caught the rope and puled himself up landing in a big splash of mud. It splattered all over the man and Jake. What a mess. "Call me Mr.S," said the man. "Hear hear is a mixture of food blended into a lollipop to keep you full for two whole days! So use it wisely . I gave you this gift because you helped me and I thank you for that."

9: After Mr.S moved on with life Jake continued walking through the forest. For some weird reason Jake herd a fade in his ear. Jake thought it sounded like someone was calling for help but it kind of sounded like they had water in there mouth. Jake walked a little east and the sound got louder and louder as Jake walked closer. It was real it really was! Jake quickly helped the man as he anchored a really really thick string to help the man. The man said, "Thank you!" "Hear hear is a little gift for you for helping me . Jake hear is a magic rock and where ever you are going if you get stuck you can throw this at what ever you get stuck in." After that whole thing happened Jake took a water brake. He unzipped his back pack as the zipper went zzziiiippp. He slowly took out one of the water bottles and took a sip. Jake sat on a pretty big rock while he took a sip. Jake slowly got up sighing. His foot had seemed to fallen to sleep. It hurt but after awhile it felt the same way it had before.

11: Jake had saw something off in the distance. He was not sure what it was but Jake was sure to find out! Jake darted to get a little bit closer! Once Jake had gotten closer he noticed there was a woman a woman in a tree. Jake had know clue what she was doing up there but he did know she was in a tree. Jake walked up to this big tree. He didn't know what kind of tree it was but he thought it was a Maple tree. Jake looked at the woman the woman looked at him. It seemed as if the woman had gotten stuck. Jake asked, "What do you seem to be doing up there?" The woman answered, " I was trying to climb this tree to get a good birds eye view and I just happened to slip. When I slipped my shirt got caught on this branch so please can you help me!" It looked like the bark was grinding her skin and she was uncomfortable. " Sure" , Jake shouted . Jake carefully started to climb the tree without getting stuck. Jake untucked the womans shirt then once everything was situated they went back down the tree. "Wear must you be going," exclaimed the woman? "I'm going to find my father," answered Jake.

13: "Well hear if you put this to your heart you will always be with your father." This was a heart shaped figure . Jake asked with fear," May I ask wear you got this?" "I got this from my grandfather," she answered. Jake had preasure in his heart because he was so honored that he had reseved those three gifts. Now it was the end of the day and it was time for Jake to go to sleep. Jake took out his tent and going around to every one putting the metal poles in following by the stakes in the ground. Then he unzipped the tent as it squeaked. Jake went in rolling out his blue and green sleeping bag. He laid in his sleeping bag falling asleep of the tune of crickets chirping. Jake tossed and turned in the night. The next morning Jake woke up bright and early. He made a fire by rubbing two sticks together. After that was made Jake got out the trout he had caught and held it above the fire.

14: Tear drops rolled down Jakes face. He began to cry. He missed his father so much Jake thought he was not going to make it. At the time he was sitting on a rock . The sunset was just rising and what do you know he was crying. Jake sighed, " I just wish I had my father." Just then Jake remembered the heart. He quickly pulled it out of his backpack not breaking it. Jake held it to his heart and remembered his father . Now he was happy and wanted to move on.

15: Tear Drops

16: Jake continued on his way. He hoped and prayed to find his dad.Jake saw a bear. It was close. Jake was so terrified of it. He stood still. After awhile the bear started to roam away.

17: Jake saw an old wishing well. For some reason it made him happy! Jake went over to the old well. He looked down the well and poof he had fallen in. Jake knew just the thing! He took out the magic rock that the man had gave him and threw the rock at the well thinking it would bounce back. The well had diapered! Jake was amazed! In his mind he said thank you to the man.

18: Jake was so happy he had gotten out of the well! Jake was not happy about not finding his father.Jake took a explorers note book and wrote: Jan.21 Dear who ever, If I do not make it you will. I am having a great time! I have gone threw many things like I saw a bear, I met 3 new people and got gifts from them and, I got to experience what nobody has before! From, Jake Jake put his note book away and began walking through the forest.

19: Jake was walking in gushy mud when a raccoon jumped on him and literally stole his back pack. Jake was so hungry and had no food. Jake was starving! Jake had to think first but then he got it. He took out the magic lollipop that was supposed to work. Jake was licking the lollipop as fast as a car could go.After awhile Jake got full.

20: Jake saw something off in the distance. It reminded him of something almost like his father. Jake started coming closer to this man. He was wearing a rain coat even know it was not really raining. When he got there he said," Dad is that you?" The man answered," Jake is that you?" Jake started jumping like he never had before! It was his father it really was! After his dad talked to him a little bit he said that there was an airport close by. Jakes dad explained that he had helped the patient then gotten lost. He also exclaimed that we better get home to mother. Jake and his dad walked a whole hour to get to the airport.. Jake and his father got there tickets and hopped on the plane. When Jake took off it made a popping noise in his ear. Jake had a 2 hour plane ride till he got home to his mother. Jakes dad was the only one who could save Jakes mom because there was so few doctors there. Jakes dad mixed different things together to make the medicine his wife needed. Once Jake and his father were better every one knew Jake and his dad were hero's.

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