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Jenna Zigler's Senior Memory Book

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BC: After graduation I plan on going to a 4-year university to get a bachelor degree. Since it is only the first trimester of my senior year I am still un-sure of where I will go to school or what I plan on studying. At this time I have applied to several universities, and am waiting to hear back from them so I can visit those campuses and find the one that best suites my personality, wants and needs. I ultimately want to go to school out west, which is why I have not been out to visit every campus prior to applying. I sadly have a feeling I will end up closer to home since cost is a factor, but hope for the opportunity to try something new! | What's Next?

FC: Senior Memory Book

1: My Philosophy: | “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe | Although many would say I have very little experience so far in this world or in my life, I have found one thing to be true. Which is that we can not change the past, nor predict the future. If I were to guess I think most struggle with this notion, however I in-particular have an extremely difficult time grasping this concept since I like to be in control. Control, although a simple word and verb it is not always easy or simple when it comes to the unpredictable. Which is what life is, you never know what life may throw at ya. We might not always understand the reason why something happens or why we have to suffer but one thing I have learned is that I will always survive, thrive and meet any obstacle that comes my way and that I will be that much stronger to conquer the next one. For example: Freshman year I got into a huge fight with a girl from class she was extremely mean and nasty. If it was not for that one girl or that one fight I probably never would have met my best friend Tiffany (who decided to befriend me with all that was going on and all that was being said). So in a way as much as I regret that fight, I am thankful that it happened because as a result I gained a best friend.

2: A Helping Hand:

3: Dear Samantha, Thank you for being there for me all my life. I know in the beginning you didn’t accept me, or really even like me for that matter, but you learned to love me, just as though I learned to love you. If it wasn't for you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I’m sorry you had to grow up so quickly, that you had to feed me and take care of me. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to go out and hangout with your friends because you had to watch me. Through out the years I have never actually told you how much I appreciated you helping me with homework and letting me be around you when your friends were over. Even though we have had our fights I will always love you. I’m glad you came home so now I have my best friend back. Love, Jenna

4: Suddenly I Became Me

5: Before I was born, everyone thought I was going to be a boy. My parents, were shocked when the doctor said "Congratulation's it's a girl"! They were so were shocked that they were clueless on what to name me. Luckily my older sister, Samantha was near by open with the suggestion of "Jenna". Now most people supposedly think raising boys is more of a challenge than girls, well I sure showed them! Growing up, I was the youngest. of three, as well as the youngest out of my extended family. The closest kid to my age was still 7 years older than I and was ironically Samantha. Being the youngest, did have it's advantages though; I never had to babysit, I usually got my way/what I wanted, and most importantly you get tired parents! That said I might not have many photos or videos from my childhood, but I sure have stories! In fact, stories that my siblings and family will never let me live down. For example: Apparently, when I was a baby I peed on my brother Ryan when he was changing my diaper. Did I mention we were out to dinner? Yep, he had to be in smelly clothes all night! Another time when Ryan was again babysitting me I took Hershey’s Chocolate syrup and decided to run around squirting it on my mom’s brand new white dining room chairs. I was always causing some sort of trouble at my house. Like in first grade, I purposely cut my bangs and blamed it on some boys in my class. Later on I told everyone that three monkeys did it instead. Since cell phones weren’t as popular when Ryan, Samantha and I were kids, we used the home phone to talk to our friends. My favorite thing to-do was to listen in on Ryan and Samantha’s conversations and later on black mail them. I will admit I was an evil sibling but at the same time it was fun, and it makes for great stories right?

6: Since the time I was an infant to the age of 17, I have only lived in 3 houses. Brooklyn Park, Andover, and Remer all of which were in Minnesota. I spent the first 3 years of my life in Brooklyn Park. I don’t really remember it living there much, since I was so young, just vivid pictures of what our house looked like, as well as some of the layout. Soon our family moved to Andover to be closer to my grandparents living in Ham Lake. Although I have been living in my house in Andover for most of my life, I would consider my real "home"my cabin, which is located in a little town up north called Remer. My cabin which we have owned for 19years is on Thunder Lake, in the small bay. My cabin is my safe place, the place I run away to, I have no idea why I love it up there so much. It could be the warmth of the sun beaming down on me, or the cool crisp breeze blowing through the trees. The feeling I get when I'm up there is indescribable. When I'm up their all my worries and troubles just disappear for a little while.

7: I Grew Up Here

8: School Bells | I don’t remember much about Elementary school, sure I remember my teachers and certain memories, but that’s about it. But for the most part, I got nothing’. What I do remember is my first grade teacher, Ms. Coleman. She is still to this day my favorite teacher. I don’t know why but she treated me very differently then all the other kids in my class. If I could go back and ask her why, she treated me so differently I would, but she retired a very long time ago. I often sit and think about how much I put her through and yet she still loved me. Like the time she left the room for about 2 minutes and when she came back I convinced her 2 boys held me down and cut my hair. She felt so awful telling my mother. Later on when I told the truth saying I really cut my own hair, she rewarded me, for telling the truth.

10: Hide And Seek

11: Oh BaBa, oh BaBa Where art thou BaBa I bring you every where I go You give me security You keep me warm And help me sleep Oh BaBa, oh BaBa Where art thou BaBa I have started to notice your disappearing Where are you going Why are you shrinking Oh BaBa, oh BaBa Where art thou BaBa So I ask my mommy and daddy They say I eat you So eternally you will be apart of me Oh BaBa how I will miss thee

12: Dear Tony, Lately I have been thinking about how we were best friends growing up. I often wonder how we grew apart. I see you driving alone to school everyday, it’s silly considering were neighbors. I wonder what your up to now, are you still playing tennis? Or lacrosse? I heard you have a girlfriend now too. You’re growing up so fast Tony. Your not the little boy that I remember playing Game boy with or driving the four-wheelers at my cabin with. I hope someday we will get together and catch up. But until that day, I guess it will be just saying hi in the hallway.

13: I Wish I Could See You Again

14: About a couple of weeks ago I ran into an old friend I lost contact with. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and we were talking about relationships. Then he brought up the topic of how I was the only girl to ever break up with him. Being very confused I told him we had never dated. He informed me that yes we did and reminded me that in 7th Grade we were on the High school ski team together. About half way through the season he asked me to be his girlfriend. So I said yes, and being a 12-year-old tomboy, I was always used to being friends with guys and nothing more. After 3 days I broke up with the kid. I asked what my reasoning was behind the breakup, he then told me it was because he was too “clingy”. Giggling to myself because Nick is the farthest from being clingy, I asked what he did. Looking at me straight in the eyes he said, “ Jenna, I have no idea! All I did was text you good morning and then you broke up with me!”.

15: Middle School

17: Favorite things

18: High School..The Early Years

19: Starting High School was a very exciting thing for me. I hated middle school; it was a phase of acne, puberty, and braces. Being a freshman in Andover was difficult but yet still possible. On the first day of school everyone separated into there typical cliques and then there was me. Trying to fit in I made friends with a bad crowd. They smoked, drank and did drugs; which made it easy for people to stereotype me with them. After getting into trouble with my parents, I made new friends my sophomore year. I realized that I didn’t belong into one specific group. I started making friends from many different cliques so no matter what situation I’m put in; I will always at least have one friend. Through out High School I have been told many things about me that I didn’t even know about myself. You learn that in Andover rumors spread like wild fire. Freshman year I was a lesbian, and a druggie. Sophomore year, I turned straight and then got myself pregnant. Later on I apparently got an abortion. Junior year, being the “slut” I am; I got pregnant again. Hearing things about yourself that aren’t true can ruin someone. You just have to be strong enough to push through the hard times.

20: At Last I'm A Senior!! | I’m finally here, my last year at Andover! These past 3 years have been torture for me but I only have one more year left. I am excited to experience the final events that will come with my last year here. I have already applied to some colleges for next year. Getting my first acceptance letter from NDSU was exciting and thrilling, along with the sadness of getting rejected from University Of Utah. Since I’m a senior I have taken on new roles, captain of the ski team. I will be trying to lead us to a great season, and trying to manage my studies with the hard schedule. I’m searching for a job, and trying to figure out how to afford college. I look forward with anticipation to make this my last year of high school a good year with many happy, lasting memories.

23: True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.

25: Family

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