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John's book

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1: This book is dedicated to a man loved by many, but especially by his wife. He may think a birthday is "just another day" but she knows better. She knows that on December 2nd, 1982, God allowed the world to meet her best friend, the love of her life, her future husband. The world was made a little bit brighter that day, and she knows it's a day to be celebrated. Everyone who had a hand in writing this book has been impacted by John in one way or another, and they all | wanted to take the time to write out their favorite memories of him, and their wishes for a very happy birthday. So John, As you look at this book, and read the words everyone had to say about you, laugh at the memories, reminisce on the past, and know that you have been loved all your life. There is much to look forward to, and your wife is so excited to share this milestone, and many others with you as time goes on. Thank you for being you, and for making all of these memories possible. We love you, The Many Authors of This Book | Happy 30th Birthday, John!

2: Mindy Parnell Oh there are so many favorite memories of my John, but I think the top memory is when we were sitting on our balcony on our honeymoon cruise, and we saw the pod of Orca go by. It was the middle of the night, we shouldn't have even been awake, but we were bound and determined to see some whales on the last night of our cruise. As he was getting the camera ready for a picture, I saw two black fins silently swim by. I knew immediately it was what we had been praying to see. I yelled for John to come back out to the balcony! Luckily he had grabbed the camera, and he was able to capture the Orca as they silently passed us by. It was awesome to see the wonder in his eyes and to know that he and I both knew who provided that awesome gift to us.

4: Kind, loving, responsible, positive, diplomatic, hard working, intelligent, are just a few of the qualities that we admire about John Ross. Most of all, the word we think of as we think of as we think of that little boy we knew and now the fine young man he has become is "blessing". Our lives have been so much richer and so "blessed" to have a son as wonderful as John. Happy 30th Birthday, buddy! May God "bless" you always. We love you so much! You are a blessing to us. Love, Dad and Mom | Mom and Dad Parnell

6: RICK'S FAVORITE MEMORY OF JOHN: Are you kidding me? This is impossible as I have been blessed to share many favorite memories with my "big" brother John Ross! In the beginning, there was the Cowboys and Indian phases, to the Dick Tracy and Indiana Jones phases (which never really ended with John.) There were the awesome yearly Parnell road trips spent in the happiest tight quarters heading across the Midwest (where John once "saved my life" from falling out of a tree house) to the sketchy movie nights at Devil Dogs on Bradhurst! Can't forget the good times in ASB where I followed the leader and won him the GQ title. No trip is as "thoroughly" planned as a true John Parnell trip. From San Diego, to Hawaii or the big NZ, never a dull moment with the true explorer! At the grand old age of 30, I think it is time that John stops living through the legends of other super heroes and mythological characters, as I believe on this day of Dec. 2nd, 2012, that John Ross Parnell has officially written and owned the rights of his own Legendary status! HAPPY 3 DECADES, and sorry I missed the first 2.5 years of this awesome ride! | RICKY LEE PARNELL

7: My Favorite Brother In-Law John, Can you believe it's been 11 years since we've known each other? Now you're turning 30!! I can remember the days back at Pi-Hi when you were ruling the school. Great memories of ASB and all the years that followed. Camping trip with no food, visiting you away at college, hiking up Bishop's Peak! It's always an adventure with John. I loved every moment of it, and can't wait for what the rest of life has in store. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful, special, loving bro! Happy 30th John. | ASHLEY PARNELL

8: Mama Mueller | Dear Sweet John, As I thought about what to write to you for your 30th Birthday, I began to cry tears of JOY...Realizing what a blessing you have been to my Mindy and to our family. You have brought us closer together as a family by your open and inviting arms. This is something I have prayed for over the years. You generously invited me and Daryl over for dinner, made your special Fruit Salsa and served us on the rooftop under a star-lit sky overlooking the lights and mountains of Phoenix. Does it get any better than that?!? The first time I met you, you came to the door to pick Mindy up for a date - I watched as you opened the door for her to get into your truck...I thought, "what a gentlemen", and "Chivalry is not dead!" My heart lept for Mindy! You were so thoughtful to include us in Mindy's Birthday celebration and made her favorite dessert- a huge chocolate chip pazooki! You even decorated it with pink & white frosting! It was so sweet when you asked me how to make a pazooki. You really won my heart when I was so conflicted over being able to take time off work to go on a "New England Adventure" with your mom, you, and Mindy. When you encouraged me to come by saying, "you wouldn't want to give up on an opportunity to go on a trip with your 'future son-in-law' would you?" I was blessed beyond measure! I thank the Lord for you, John, and for being a wonderful husband to Mindy. I have seen her blossom even more since you two have been married. It warms my heart to see Mindy so happy. I praise God for doing immeasurably more than all I could ask or imagine through you, as you allow Him to use you as a vessel of His love. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY, JOHN! With Love & Hugs, Your "Mother-in-Law" Pam

9: John, We are so blessed to have you as a son in law. Your loving, caring spirit is treasured by us and I am so happy for Mindy that you found each other. I look forward to the years ahead to get to know you better (guys are slower) and as a GRANDFATHER. Dads are always a little protective of their daughters. I could not have picked a better guy for her. The only thing you missed on my checklist was a membership at a great golf course. JUST kidding. We love you lots and are very happy for you that you found the best girl in the world right here in Arizona. Happy birthday dude...Baja is on me! | Dad Mueller

11: John, It's hard to believe that time has passed so quickly and now I'm writing to wish you a happy 30th birthday! It seems like it was just a few summers ago that I was eagerly anticipating the California cousins annual trek back to Halltown. We had some great times those summers... fishing for large mouth bass & catfish in the pond, trips to White Water and Silver Dollar City, homemade ice cream, Super Soakers and fireworks at the Lawmasters. Back then you were a notorious practical joker and we often teamed up to keep Ricky and the other younger cousins in line. I'm sure you remember when we were exploring the woods and we weaved a tale for Jason and Ricky about the deadly Rattlesnake Birds. Rick didn't really buy into it, but Jason was glued to our side with an eye on the sky for the rest of that trip. Glad to see that you have cut back on the practical jokes, and turned into a pretty decent guy. Wishing you the best that God has to offer and hope to make it out to see you guys soon. Happy Birthday! | Ryan Parnell

12: I have many fond memories of John. Even though we have lived many states apart for our lives, he has still been a blessing to my life more than he probably knows. I am so thankful for him, Rick, Ron, and Wanda. | I often remember them coming out to Missouri when we were younger and him and Rick freaking out about the cold weather. "Over-dramatic" comes to mind. JK. I remember this one time that he was brushing his teeth, and swished some water from the sink and was shocked by how cold it was. I was just laughing and laughing because I was thinking how that yeah, he wasn't used to the cold frigid well water in the winters of Missouri. Don't you know you are supposed to mix hot water with it? Also, always appreciated his attention to details and having his elaborate plans put together. I remember this one time when he just kept telling Rick, "focus Rick, focus!" and we were all cracking up! | I also cherish the time that he was introducing me to Third Day and some other Christian artist, and made a CD for me that I still have. He shared with me a song from the Newsboys that he said whenever he might be down, it always perked him up, so every time I listen to it I think of that and just smile! There are so many fond memories I have of my cuz, and I am so glad that I have got the experience of knowing him for almost 3 decades! I just want to wish him the best birthday and many more years of continued happiness! | Steven Dale

13: John, It's difficult for me to try to keep this brief as you have been such a special part of my life. (ahhhh) When you were just a wee one I would take you everywhere with me. The ladies in the grocery store would tell me I had such a "cute" baby! Well of course you were! I was fortunate to be able to be there when you started Kindergarten, graduated from H.S. and college and of course when you married Mindy. You really were a good kid but the one thing you did that drove me NUTS was constantly ask "Why"???? We would pass a billboard on the freeway and there would be a "why" question soon to follow. You were the most inquisitive kid! I am sure that is why you are so smart now but really John - WHY? Although we may not talk as often or see each other often now - you will always hold a special place in my heart. You are like the son I never had and I can't believe you are turning 30! Many wishes for a wonderful birthday and many, many more! Love you! Tammy | TAMMY NEU

15: John, Happy 30th birthday to one of my best friends and my big brother. I figuered we have known each other for about sixteen years, which is now over half of your life! I still remember meeting you in seventh grade during first period English class where I think you wore a Cowboy jersey almost everyday. Since then we have shared many great memories from graduations to new jobs, from living with our parents to home ownership, and from break ups to marriages. Some of my favorite memories include when Linnea and I visited you at Cal Poly, our friend's trip to Big Bear for New Years, and getting to be a part of your wedding. I thank you for always being there for me and for being such an amazing friend. On this special day, I wish you nothing but all the best that life has to offer, as you deserve nothing less. Watching you grow up and being able to call you my friend has been an honor and privilege and I know you will only accomplish many more amazing things in your future. Hope you have an amazing birthday with many many more to come! Love and Best Wishes, Jean | Jean Lowe

16: My great memory of my great friend was a little photo shoot project that John and I volunteered for with our buddy OJ. It involves two strapping young lads, clad in vintage clothing, using his red "Stallion" as a prop. I am sure he will know what I am talking about. It is possibly one of the greatest photos taken in the history of photography; those black and white images of John and I atop his cherry Mustang were fun and bring back great memories. Not only did we take them in an alley, but the car was hot to the touch so it made taking the photos on top of the hood quite uncomfortable. I look back at the silliness and smile. It was a lot of fun because we took it so seriously. But that is the thing with John, you can always trust him to make anything a memorable. And while there are numerous memories we shared together (like those long talks about relationships in the Stallion), the photo shoot always stands out because he played along with my ridiculous vanity anyway. I hope he has an amazing and blessed Birthday, it is an honor to call you my friend John. Thank you for all the memories we had and will share in the future. Miss ya buddy. Caleb and I send a big wet sloppy birthday kiss (on the cheek of course)! -Bryan Ramirez | BRYAN AND CAL RAMIREZ

17: John!!!! HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!!! I'm yelling because you're old now so you probably can't hear too well. Don't worry, your Miracle Ear was ordered off of the late night informercial and should be there any day now. Hahaha! Wow, welcome to your 30's sir, how does it feel? It seems like only yesterday we were running around Bradhurst on our big wheels and tricycles, playing croquet and building forts and whatnot. Now look at us! Grown up "adults" or whatever. Hahaha! I have to say that my ALL TIME favorite memory is not any specific moment but all the games we used to make up and play with the Bradhurst Gang back in the day. Croquet courses that spanned 3 or 4 lawns, Gabe knocking our balls down the street. Old Granny where we'd have to ride our bike all slow down the block and everyone was hiding with rolled up newspapers to throw at them which ended when people started throwing rolled up FULL Sunday editions! (I think that one was just an excuse to throw things at each other hahaha!) "Boat Races" which was literally just picking up leaves (our "boats") and putting them in the gutter and following them down the "rapids" all the way to the end of the block. All those nights spent sweaty and out of breath playing Kick the Can or Batman and Joker, hiding in some little spot giggling and waiting to be discovered and RUN!!!!! Those are some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE memories of childhood and of you my friend and I wouldn't change them for the world. I hope your special day is amazing and everything you hoped for and I am sincerely honored to call you LITERALLY one of my oldest friends in the whole world. Love you buddy! Happy 30th!!! | GIL | DOMINGUEZ

18: John is one of my favorite people! I am inspired by his desire to serve others and to go out of his way to make others feel special. I will always remember John as the traveling intern - most especially his trip to see the gorillas. While he was on the trip, there were rebel activities in the area, and everyone back at EMI was worried about him. He returned safely with some great stories to tell! Getting to know him and work with him was one of the highlights of my time in Uganda. - Chad | CHAD GAMBLE

19: Here's a few of my favorite memories of John: Since college, John and I don't see each other as often so visiting him in Phoenix for spring training in 2010 was a great time of catching up for the weekend. We watched a game and I had a chance to see where he lived, hang out with the horses on the property, and experience some of local Arizona. John and I had a solid time of good conversations. Also this was the first time I heard about Mindy since those two were meeting up for the first time that weekend! Another good memory also happened after college. John helped plan a construction symposium which I attended in SLO. It was a long day of lecturers, panels, and discussion groups but afterwards we went downtown for dinner. The evening continued as we explored the nightlife bringing back lots of good memories from college. | MIKE NG

20: Mike and Wendie Grauer | John, Happy 30th Birthday! We know you to be an honest, adventurous spirit- someone who is not afraid to get on a plane and travel to unique and exotic places around the world to help those the rest of the world sometimes forgets about. You've been gifted with engineering and construction skills that bless others in unique ways. The unique engagement gift you gave to us to allegorically represent our love as binding and strong was a cool gesture. We also appreciate the way you love Mindy and build her up in ways that make her heart shine. May your next 30 years be the best!

21: JEREMIAH 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." | Here's to the next 30 years!

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