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Jonas's Release

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S: Jonas's Release - Alice Kanitz Sanchez

FC: Jonas's RELEASE | Alice S. LA Block 2 | Based on THE GIVER

1: Objective Of This Project

2: I am writing this like if Jonas had never became a Receiver and was to be released. The purpose of this project is realize how people’s lives can become different just for one single detail in their lives, like Jonas’s assignment, and also entertain the reader with a sad and scary story about what could have been Jonas’s not-so-happy ending.

3: This is written from Jonas’s perspective, so that also accounts for something: if it was written by the releaser’s perspective, the story would most certainly be different and feel differently. Of course, this story will be biased – it tends to confirm Jonas’s position about release. He does not know what it really means yet – he never saw a Ceremony of Release, for he never became a Receiver of Memory.

4: The Actual Release Story

5: Jonas opened the door. It creaked. He was still smiling and laughing and waving, because the crowd had been cheering when he left the Releasing Room, very proper for this sort of celebration. He was not really happy, nor was the crowd really cheerful, but no one knew they were empty of feelings. No one would ever know, besides the Receiver of Memory and whoever is the person who feels the stinging sensation of the shot as they are released.

6: When anyone is released, they are lost at first. They do not know what to do or where to stand, but there is always this gentle, smiling attendant, usually a female, who will give them very precise, straightforward directions on what to do.

7: “Stand here,” ordered Fiona, the girl who once had been Jonas’s friend. He did not recognize her. She did not recognize him. They were nothing to each other anymore, besides the caretaker and the Old-to-be-Released. She smiled softly, but that smile had nothing special in it. It was the smile she directed at all the Old when releasing them.

8: Fiona was quick and efficient, like anyone in her position would be. She told him he should just sit down in a chair. Then she told him she would inject him with a syringe containing a "special medicine". "That is the key to get into Elsewhere, and fit in well with the community you will be sent to," Fiona explained to Jonas.

9: Jonas cringed, suffocating a scream of pain as the needle came down into his vein, letting out the content. Jonas started to realize something: he had never felt pain of such a magnitude in his entire life as Building Designer and parent of two role model kids. Could it be... could the so-called "special medicine" be actually something that had never entered the community as far as he knew... could it be poison?

10: Now, something new was happening. The world started to shift around, and he could see things more clearly than ever. There was a new dimension to his vision. What was it? The size and the shape of things did not change, but that did. Suddenly, he perceived a word - colors.

11: Somehow he now had many other different perceptions. He could hear something very beautiful - music. Somebody sung a song far, far away from his community - Elsewhere. It hurt to have these perceptions, and yet it bewildered him in an actually pleasurable way.

12: If a doctor with a real training, who had lived and experienced real cases in a real world had been assigned the task of finding out what was wrong with Jonas, he or she would think Jonas was hallucinating. Maybe that was what it was. Maybe the real world was all a hallucination. But, at that time, Jonas wished he could have had a choice. He longed for the choice of being able to always feel pain, so that he could always, always feel its relief.

13: Jonas now knew that it was good to be sad if later you would be happy; that there could have been a choice. He now longed for that choice. He looked at Fiona. Suddenly, he remembered. He stretched out his arms. "Fiona!" he called, faintly. But she could not hear him, for - now he realized - life was flowing out of him, slowly and painfully.

14: He tried to cling onto that last wisp of life he still had. He tried to hold on, more than he ever wanted anything. He liked life. He wanted to live. He did not know how he would survive, but he knew he could never let go of those feelings, or he would be dead.

15: Jonas tried really hard, with a strength he did not know he had. Fiona could not perceive what had went wrong with Jonas, and so now she injected more and more of that poison into him. He really did try hard, one cannot blame him. But he was not the toughest man in the world either. He still fought with all his will. He still fought as the last bit of life left his body, flowing airily to join other souls in the unknown.

16: The play "The Giver"

18: sad

19: stories...

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  • Title: Jonas's Release
  • A short story about Jonas from the book "The Giver" by Lois Lowry getting released, and having known nothing about Memories -- how his life would have ended if he had never became the Receiver of Memory.
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