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Journal of a Conquistador

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Journal of a Conquistador - Page Text Content

BC: "You know, I actually think that you have done a wonderful job" Pizzaro told me, but how can killing almost everyone in an entire civilization be wonderful?

FC: Journal of a Conquistador

1: We have finally reached the shore of this new land that Pizzaro has been looking forward to conquering. The whole crew is rejoicing by dancing, drinking, and silliness, all except for me. There's no reason to be so jolly when we will all probably be killed by the savages living behind the trees. Instead of dancing, I sat down on the damp deck, and opened you up to record what I would see. Everyone just stopped partying. Our over achieving leader, Pizzaro just came out of his cabin. Oh, it's just another speech about how much he expects from us. I'll just look at the clouds for a while..... never mind, he's standing right over me!

2: We've been riding along these chilly mountains for hours before taking a break. My fingers and toes feel numb, due to the wind that has picked up ever since we've gotten on our horses. I keep thinking about who could be beyond this rocky terrain. The natives could be cannibals for all I know. Even if they are harmless, Pizzaro will want to kill them. I can just tell that that's what he would do, because when his speech on the ship was over, he had a private chat with me. "I'm very disappointed in you." he had said. "But sir-" I tried to explain, but he interrupted me like he normally would. "I know you are a gentle man, but if you want to keep this job, I want you to be able to kill someone, ANYONE with ease." I still want to cry thinking about our leader's horrible expectation, because a true soldier, can also be a kind soldier. Can't he?

3: We immediately began following the pathway after breakfast today. As we moved forth, the dirt trail eventually became a marvelous stone road. Despite the excellent masonry, it made me grow nervous, and I asked a soldier if we could turn around. "We're too far into the land. There's no turning back now" he replied. Just then, I saw a stone house up on a ledge above the road. A plump and rich man, clothed in a fine red cloak looked out of the window, and gave a surprised face. He quickly came outside to send a messenger somewhere. Once the man was finished with that, his wife and daughters came outside to stare at us with him. We stood there for a little while without speaking, but I was growing impatient, so I let out a loud, obnoxious cough, and climbed up the ledge to the family. I think the other conquistadors still want to kill me for doing so, because the daughters ran to get some sheep-like animals, and started killing them right in front of me! This angered Pizzaro, for he is an extreme animal lover. He and the other men dismounted and climbed up to the house, clutching their swords. The whole family (and maybe I) would have been killed, but the man handed our leader gold. Our troops greedily crowded around the rich man, but I just stared down at the poor dead creatures, as the daughters smiled at me. This trip is too much excitement for me.

4: I'm really at a campsite with the other conquistadors right now, but I need to tell you about what happened the rest of the day when we saw the odd family. We continued to ride down the stone road, until we reached the top of another mountain, and there we saw it. Spread out across the rugged landscape, was a colossal city, and thousands of warriors. Apparently, Pizzaro knew what I was going to do, because when I started to back away from the terrifying sight, he snatched my arm to make me stay put. He began ordering all of the experienced horsemen to ride through the advanced civilization. I was one of those horsemen. I was going to see the emperor, no matter how terrified I was of him. "Just don't chicken out like you always do" one man muttered to me. Angry at the conquistador that insulted me, I quickly gathered my horse's reins, not realizing that a dangerous snake was lurking. Out of nowhere, it lunged at my face, but missed. I've never been more scared in my life. I screamed, and ran right into my horse. It got spooked and galloped away, leaving me on the ground without a mount, and without a chance to see the emperor with the other horsemen.

5: I haven't found my horse yet. The stupid animal has probably gotten himself killed by now anyway. All of the other troop members are asleep right now, but before I rest, I'll tell you what's been happening. When the horsemen had returned to the mountain the rest of us were on, I realized that they brought some of the people from the elaborate civilization with them. "They showed us an area where we can set up camp." one conquistador stated. I almost shouted "But what about the emperor?" Pizzaro fiercely pulled my ear towards his mouth and whispered "We'll talk about what they saw when none of the savages are around." With Pizzaro's strong hand still clutching my ear, I looked over and saw the natives exchange suspicious glances. "Well at this rate, it's going to be midnight by the time we get supper and some sleep. Let's start moving." called a horseman, already starting to move down the road. | Around a blazing campfire, we discussed the plan. "The emperor didn't seem scared of me at all! He even dared to slap my horse." the lead horseman complained. After hearing that, Pizzaro's eyes grew so large with anger, it was almost hideous. I could tell that his overprotective love for animals was kicking in again, because our leader said in a deep and dark voice "The emperor is going to pay for that, and I've got a plan." This was starting to frighten me, so I asked "We're not going to kill the emperor just because of a horse, are we?" "Er, no... I want the land too, and to get it, we're going to use the oldest trick in the book. Surprise attack." he replied. Our priest butted in "We'll only attack if the ruler doesn't become Christian." I'm happy we have that man in our group. Without him, I probably would have died of stress.

6: I had to wake up really early this morning to travel to the city. Pizzaro practically shoved breakfast down our throats. "Come on, let's move it!" he shouted. "And Rafael, where's your horse?" our leader asked me by accident. "It ran away" I snarled. I didn't mean to sound peeved, but it wasn't fair. Without a horse, I was fresh meat. Pizzaro gave me a nasty look, then snapped at the priest "Lend Rafael your horse, Father." The priest placed the reins in my hands. | "She's a little misbehaved, just to let you know. Oh, and watch out for snakes." the priest said as he patted his large white mare. "I will" I replied. We all traveled through the city, but no one else was there to surround us with their "oohs" and "ahs". "My plan is working perfectly" our leader said. "Everyone, hide." I tried to maneuver the horse to hide behind a house, but she refused to make a wide enough turn, and scratched her side on the corner of the building. "Neigh!" she cried backing away uncontrolled. "Shut-up, or you'll get us all killed!" the others whispered. Just then, I heard the faint sound of pipes being played. The savages must have heard the horse. My friend the priest came to the rescue, and led his naughty horse to the area I was trying to go, then walked to where the music was coming from. I was humiliated, and the dirty looks didn't help. We could all hear the pipes get louder and louder until it suddenly halted. The priest's voice rang through the air as he spoke to the emperor. I suddenly realized, it was the emperor himself, right around the corner of the house! I dismounted, and took a peek. There he was, sitting upon a platform, surrounded with gold, and other riches. He had a stern face as he looked through the bible, and threw it aside, like it was useless. I'm still shocked with how furious the priest grew due to the ruler's action. His face was bright red as he shouted, "Conquistadors, kill them all!"

7: The troops galloped out of their hiding places, and started killing everyone. The scene was too much to bear, so I turned to try to sneak back to camp. "Rafael, come and help us, you lazy piece of-" Pizzaro didn't get to finish his insult due to distraction, but his words still hurt me, so I reluctantly got back onto the mare, and rode into battle. I regret killing all of those people, but I couldn't leave the battlefield, and I thought that I would die if I stopped fighting (I didn't know that natives had no weapons). To my great disgust, my sword was no longer gray, but red. I didn't realize this during the battle, but no I know that our strategy was to scare the savages with gunshots first, then slash them with our swords while they were running away. Well, I was in the middle of this process when I stabbed someone who looked familiar. I looked at the body after it slipped off of my weapon, and saw that it was one of the chubby rich man's teenage daughters, that sacrificed an animal for me. My eyes welled up with tears, giving me a disadvantage, for I couldn't see anything clearly. The mare saw it as a chance to get me off of her back, and reared up on her hind legs. Actually, I'm happy that she did so, because while I was busy trying to get situated, more people got away safely, and I didn't have to participate in killing the men holding up the emperor's throne. The battle felt like it lasted for hours, but eventually, almost all of the natives were on the stone floor dead. I'll never forget the time I saw Pizzaro holding the amazing emperor over his shoulder, all tied up. "Let's get out of here before a savage shows up with a weapon." out leader called out to us. Off we galloped to a hidden area, where we would hold the ruler captive. I had to leave most of my belongings at our old campsite behind, even the portrait of my family. It was a rough day, and I wish I could write more, but the wax in my candle is running ou...

8: A few days have passed since the battle with the Uncas, or something. How do I know what the savages are called? Well, the emperor and I have been teaching each other a few things lately. Sometimes I almost forget that he is a prisoner. Speaking about forgetting things, I forgot to tell you that the Oonca king is named Atahualpa. He told me that, and me only, because we are kind of friends. I'll be sure to protect you extra hard now that I just wrote that. To get this social time in without being seen by the other men in the troop, I always offer to bring him his gruel. When I get to the cell, we discuss things over a game of chess. When we hear someone else coming, I shove another prisoner into the seat I was in, and casually walk out of the cell. Lately, Atahualpa has been making his people give Pizzaro thousands of pounds of gold for his freedom. My selfish leader still hasn't done anything to release my friend, though. "It make me wan to send Ruminahui's army after your leadah, but I won't do dat." Atahualpa said just now. "Who's army is going to kill Pizzaro?" someone just said from behind the door! The Next Day Sorry for cutting last entry short, and having the emperor hang on to you. My "friend" the priest heard what Atahualpa and I were talking about, and warned Pizzaro about a dangerous army | coming this way. I was forbidden to visit the emperor, but I snuk over to his cell last night anyway. "They gonna keel me soon, I knows it." he said when I came in. "Please, release me." I suspected that this was a trap, and replied "I've gotten myself into enough trouble already. I can't help you." Atahualpa flashed me an angry look, threw you at me, and closed the cell door in my face. It made me feel completely empty on the inside, having lost both of my friends. Writing this is depressing me. Bye, for now.

9: See back ---> | This entry will be hardest to write, so I will try to keep it short, for the sake of my heart. We all came to the same courtyard where we killed the many Incans to kill the emperor. At first, Atahualpa was sentenced to be burned. The priest's saying's at the occasion were lengthened, lengthened, and we waited, and waited until Pizzaro came up with a quicker way to kill him. A rough rope was brought up to garrott the emperor. I looked away as the one I betrayed walked past me, and to his death. I almost held my breath as the rope was tightened around his neck. Eventually, Atahualpa died witha pale face, and on it was a look of true anger towards me. This experience has changed me for good. I know it was very childish of me, but I ran away from the scene, sobbing as I went. I eventually stopped sprinting to look at the sunset, and think about how I betrayed the emperor, the rich man's daughter, the Incan army, and the whole civilization (there was rumor of a horrible disease spreading due to us). I suddenly felt a heavy hand on my shoulder. It was Pizzaro.

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