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Kai e'e (Tidal Wave)

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S: Kai e'e (Tidal wave) by: Nick Swanson

FC: Kai e'e | (Tidal Wave) | by: Nick Swanson

1: Kai Kalani, a 6 year old boy, lives with his mom and dad on the big island of Hawaii. There are palm trees, colorful flowers, big beaches, and the whole island is very beautiful. Kai loves living in Coconut Grove, Hawaii, and he doesn't want to live anywhere else.

2: Kai is very lucky because his house is on the beach. He can walk right outside his back door and visit it!

3: Kai’s house is like a mansion combined with a hut. On the inside, it looks like a regular, normal, large house. On the outside, the home is on stilts. The stilts keep the home safe from water in case the beach in his backyard floods.

4: Next door to Kai is his best friend, Moana Molokai. Moana lives with her mom, dad, and 3 sisters. Her house is built just like Kai’s is.

5: Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes, big waves called tidal waves or tsunamis come and hit Hawaii. They can cause things to be damaged and ruined, and create a lot of trouble, because the island prone to disasters (1). | (1) "The rising cost of catastrophes; Natural disasters." The Economist [US] 14 Jan. 2012: 11(US). Infotrac Newsstand. Web. 23 Mar. 2012.

6: Hawaii has a lot of people living on the island, and people happen to be moving to places where natural disasters, like tsunamis, happen (1). So everyone, like Kai, Moana, and their families, have to be ready in case a disaster happens. | (1) "Counting the cost of calamities; Natural disasters." The Economist [US] 14 Jan. 2012: 60(US). Infotrac Newsstand. Web. 26 Mar. 2012.

7: It was a bit of a cloudy day on the island, and Kai went over to Moana’s house to play. In fact, Kai’s entire family was over visiting Moana’s house.

8: ALASKA EARTH QUAKE!! | The two kids were playing with their toys, while the parents were watching the news. The newscaster said that an earthquake had struck Alaska about 4 hours ago. This worried Kai and Moana’s parents, because earthquakes can cause tsunamis!

9: The parents look out the window towards the beach, and they see big waves on the shore. “Look everyone!” exclaims Kai’s mother. The families rushed to the window to see the rare sight. Hawaii always has pretty big waves, but these ones were humongous! They were even coming in farther than usual!

10: Moana and Kai’s mom and dad acted quickly. “Come on kids, to the car! We need to evacuate to safety!” stated Moana’s dad with a certain urgency. The two kids put down their toys and got in the car. They got hooked into their car seats, and then the sky turned grey. It even started to rain.

11: The kids’ parents packed up the car with some clothes, blankets, food, and water. Once the car was stuffed with supplies, Kai and Moana’s parents drove away from their home. The beautiful day was now a sad, gloomy, and rainy one. Looking out the back window, Kai saw the beach waves reaching higher than his own home! He and Moana started to cry; they had never seen such a scary site!

12: Their parents drove them to the convention center up a big hill. That way, they were safe if the waves came to their car.

13: The people at the convention center were very nice. “Here, kids. I’ll turn on some cartoons, and you can watch here and wait out the storm,” invited the convention center manager. Kai and Moana hopped onto the lobby couches and relaxed by the TV. The shows helped them forget about the tragic events happening just below them in the town.

14: It was still grey out, but the rain was now a light drizzle. Kai and Moana got back into their cars and drove down the hill towards their neighborhood.

15: Things looked very different in town. Trees were down, benches and trash cans on the sidewalk were gone or knocked over, and there was some standing water in the road.

16: As they got closer to their house, Moana noticed that some houses were damaged. Kai saw that his roof was damaged and the fencing around his yard was broken everywhere.

17: The stilts on Moana’s home are shorter than Kai’s, so her house is a little bit shorter. When the huge wave that Kai saw came, it hit the top of Moana’s house and knocked down a large part of their roof.

18: Moana, Kai, and their families were all very sad. They had lost a lot of valuable things, and their Coconut Grove dream home was ruined. Kai’s mom did find one good thing throughout all the tragedy.

19: “At least our families are all safe and here together,” she stated. “Some families, I’m sure, didn’t fare as well as us.” she exclaimed. Everyone agreed, and they went in for a big group hug.

20: 6 months later, Kai and Moana’s homes had been repaired, and are now in an even better state than before. The neighborhood and town are back to their beautiful, clean, and flourishing selves. The city, with the help of the state, even created some new ways to help, just incase any more tsunamis happen.

21: The city of Coconut Grove, with the help of the state, installed special sirens. These sirens are located in different places around the community, and will go off when there is an emergency, so the people know when one is coming (1). Right now, the sirens in Coconut Grove only go off if there is a tsunami coming (2). The sirens will give the people plenty of time to evacuate, so everyone will be safe when the tsunami arrives (3). If a tsunami comes again, the citizens of Coconut Grove will be well prepared! | (1)"City of Evanston - Siren Info." Outdoor Warning Sirens. Web. 09 Apr. 2012. . (2)"National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office." Hawaii Tsunami Preparedness & Safety Information. Web. 09 Apr. 2012. . (3)DWYER, DEVIN. "Tsunami Warning: Sirens Put Hawaii on Alert Ahead of Waves."ABC News. ABC News Network, 27 Feb. 2010. Web. 09 Apr. 2012. .

22: Also, many parents, like Kai’s and Moana’s, have smart-phones, like iPhones. Now, whenever there is an emergency, like a tsunami, a special alert will be sent out to their phones (YNN). The cell phone towers can tell where the phones are, so if the phone is in a certain area where the emergency is, they will get the alert (YNN). Since many people always have their phone with them, the phone alert system is a great way to get in touch with people in a state of emergency (Leventhal). Now Coconut Grove has two great ways to be prepared for natural disasters, like tsunamis! | (1)Leventhal, Rick. "FEMA Announces New Smartphone Emergency Alerting Network."Fox News. FOX News Network, 10 May 2011. Web. 09 Apr. 2012. .

23: Kai and Moana are living a great life in Coconut Grove! So far, no more tsunamis have hit the city, but if they do, then they will surely be well prepared!

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