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Landmark Storybook

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S: 20th Anniversary

BC: created by: Amy Hedrick

FC: 20 Years at Landmark

1: "And I say unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18 "We should go beyond success to significant. You can accomplish success by yourself; you must affect others in order to be significant" Pastor Marshburn May 31, 2009 Thank you Pastor and Sis Marshburn for your significance in so many of our lives! Here are just a handful of people you have affected in the years you've invested at Landmark. Happy 2oth Anniversary in Lexington, NC

2: The Farruggia Family Chuck and Angie were invited by Chuck's sister, Katie, Easter of 1998. They became a permanent part of the Landmark family in August 1999. They were taught bible study by Pastor Marshburn. Sis Marshburn prayed Angie through to the Holy Ghost. | The Scarboro Family John and Meme were visiting from Texas in 1998 when they heard Pastor Marshburn preaching his last message on the radio entitled, "You can't have Holiness without the Holy Ghost". They called around to find out who Pastor was and when they moved back to North Carolina in 1999, they made Landmark their home. | Linda Parrish started coming to Landmark with her daughter, Meme in 2007. | Sofia Godoy-Hill moved to North Carolina in 2009 and began attending Landmark with her grandmother,Linda. She "fell in love" with the church.

3: Vallie Brigman moved her family of four girls across the road from a small UPC church on Thomason Street in 1978. Her middle daughter, Bobbie, visited the church when Bro. Dean was the Pastor. After Sunday School, she ran home to tell her mom that "little church needed their help to make it grow!" Bobbie was five. The Brigman family has been at Landmark helping it grow ever since! Joyce Garrison was one of those four daughters. She married Andy and introduced him to God in 1981. They supported the church through several men of God namely, Bro Dean, Bro Perkins, and Bro Floyd. They raised four children at Landmark, Amy, Jeremy, Stephen, and Wei and continue to call Landmark home under the faithful leadership of Pastor and Sis Marshburn. Amy Hedrick received the Holy Ghost at age seven with the help of Jeannie Huffham, her Sunday School teacher. Jacob visited with his family for the first time Easter of 1993 at the age of 15. He received the Holy Ghost and joined the Youth Troop. Jacob and Amy were married in the church December of 1997 and have two children, Jackson and Sydney. "There's nothing we wouldn't do for our Landmark family!" | The Hedrick Family | The Garrison Family | Vallie Brigman

4: The Harris family moved from Clarksburg, VA to Salisbury in September of 2004. They began attending a local church but continued looking for a home church. Upon the suggestion of their former Pastor's wife, the Harris' visited Landmark and made it their home! Kathy Murillo was invited by Vallie Brigman from the crisis ministry. She started coming to Landmark in August of 2009. Angela Bolden taught her a home bible study and she was baptized on March 14, 2010. She continues to ride on the van to church. "I have never been in a church that makes me feel as good as this one!" | The Harris Family | The Smith Family | Tony was first invited to Landmark by Jeremy Tyre, who went to school with him. Susan, who was dating Tony at the time, soon followed. They married and made Landmark home. They have made countless friends and "[couldn't] imagine our lives without Landmark." | The Rosales Family

5: The Hembree family moved to North Carolina from Atlanta, Georgia in 1992. They immediately made Landmark their home. Tina worked as church secretary for many years and continues to sing on the platform. | Jeff Young first visited Landmark in 1993 after being invited by Matthew Drake. Pastor Marshburn taught him a home bible study and Jeff committed to making Landmark his home. Jenny moved here with her family in 1992 and she and Jeff married in 1997 at Landmark. They have both worked in various ministries in the church from van to music to secretarial services. | Jeremy Tyre moved from Atlanta, Georgia with his family in 1992 as a teenager. Stephanie grew up in a UPC church in High Point. They married in 1999 and began working in the church for the Lord. Alena was born in February of 2002 and Aden was born in March of 2005. They continue to make Landmark their home!

6: Sonja Waren started attending Landmark in 2002 after her son, Jacoby, met his future wife, Lori, at a singles conference. Lori invited the Waren family to Landmark and they have been attending ever since. Sonja ministers as a Sunday School teacher and Tori is a faithful member of the Youth Troop. | Lori Waren started attending Landmark with her family in August of 1999. In August of 2002, she met Jacoby who made his home at Landmark as well. Lori and Jacoby were married and now have two beautiful children. They both sing on the platform and love to worship God. | The Cormier Family Sally Cormier has been attending Landmark since July 2009. While house hunting in North Carolina, Sally looked up churches online. A friend had told her that she had received the Holy Ghost under Pastor Marshburn's ministry as a child. Her first services were the Seven Sizzling Sundays. | The Coleman Family

7: Becky Rodriguez got in church in 1981 at the age of 15. She moved from Alabama and began attending the UPC church in Winston Salem. When her family moved to Lexington in 1997, Becky began attending Landmark UPC. She had heard Pastor Marshburn preach for Bro. Foster and knew he was a mighty man of God. She and her husband have three beautiful children, Basilio, Bethany, and Stephanie Rodriguez. | John and Brayden Clonch | The Brown Family Jeff and Sandra came to Landmark in 1997 when Jeff began looking through the phone book for a UPC church in Lexington. They are currently very involved with Sunday School and Youth ministries.

8: Jerry Pickett was invited to Landmark by his son, Brian Pickett. Shane started attending in 2001 when she moved to Lexington from Franklin, NC. Sarah moved to Lexington with her mother Shane and met her husband Rodney. They have two beautiful children and continue to be a vital part of the Landmark family. | The Stiltner Family has been coming to Landmark since March of 2009. Chris was looking for work and inquired at the UPS store where Carson Marshburn works. Carson invited them to church and they accepted. Linda went to high school with Amy Hedrick. Jacob and Amy taught them a home bible study and the Stiltner Family has made Landmark home.

9: The White Family | Jerry Breedlove witnessed to Ryan in 2003. He came to Landmark, received the Holy Ghost, and has been a blessing ever since! | The White Family came to Landmark in 2002 when John and Meme Scarboro witnessed to them about their church. | The Turner Family | Randy Turner was invited to Landmark by Walter Pullum in 1998. He first received the Holy Ghost on August 29, 1998. Denise was raised in UPC in Texas. She moved to North Carolina in 2007 with her family and began attending Landmark. Randy and Denise were married in April of 2009 and have a beautiful baby girl. "Pastor has been there every time I needed him and really supported us with our marriage and our baby." Randy

10: Andy Morris was invited to Landmark May 1998 by Anna Ryals. He received the Holy Ghost in September of 1998. Tammy was invited by Matthew Drake. She received the Holy Ghost during a service preached by Bro. Robinette in 2006. Their family continues to call Landmark home. | The Delegado Family | The Keene Family | Melissa Hagler started attending Landmark with her parents in 1994. She introduced her husband, Eric, to Landmark and they have made their home here.

11: Edward Medley | Jamie Ferrell was raised in Church of God. Michelle never went to church. In 2005, Michelle started reading her bible and God revealed to her repentance and baptism in Jesus name. She was baptized in February of 2005 but knew they still needed a church. She began calling churches out of the phone book and spoke with Pastor Marshburn. They visited for the first time on Feb 27, 2005 when Bro Hernandez was preaching. Michelle received the Holy Ghost and Jamie received it on March 1, 2005. They have been with Landmark for over five years! | James Gass

12: Carson Marshburn came to Lexington as a toddler with his parents, Pastor and Sis Marshburn. Amanda moved from Missouri when she and Carson married on Feb 9, 2009. Cody was born in Lexington and raised at Landmark. He is a vital part of the music department and Sunday School. They continue to work hard with their parents to "fulfill God's will." | Carson and Amanda | Cody

13: The Marshburn Family

14: Kenneth Harrison | Rick and Darla Wagner Steve and Shirley Love | Kenneth received a track on his door in 1990 and called to find out about the church. He has been with Landmark for twenty years. Darla started attending Landmark in 1992. Her first service was on Father's Day as a guest of Kenneth. Rick started attending Landmark after he and Darla married in 2002. Steve and Shirley followed the family footsteps and continue to make Landmark their home. Arizona Tyree started attending Landmark on Thomason Street with Shirley Love. | Arizona Tyree

15: Jeannie Clouse has been apart of UPC since 1964. She attend a church in Indiana until she and her son, Rusty Varner, moved to North Carolina in the late 1970's. Rusty drove by the church in 1979 and saw a car parked out front. They became apart of the church under the Pastorate of Teddy Dean. | Ruth Carroll started attending the church in 1979 after receiving an invitation by Bro Dean on outreach. She was baptized and received the Holy Ghost in 1979 and remains a faithful part of the Landmark family.

16: The Smith Family Mike went to high school with Chad Beal and was invited to youth in 1995. He received the Holy Ghost in 1996 at age 16. Mike met Emily in 1997 and married in 1998 after a home bible study with Jacob and Amy Hedrick. Emily received the Holy Ghost at Ladies Retreat 1999. They have two children, Michael and Carmen. | The Floyd Family Charles and Trexel typed in churches in their GPS and were lead to the original church on Thomason Street. They moved away for a while and upon returning to North Carolina in 2009, decided to make Landmark their permanent home. | The Flannery Family Kyle and Lisa's sons, Dylan and Corey were guests of the White Family. In 2009, the whole family started attending Landmark.

17: The Newbury Family Justin and Carly were invited to Landmark by Pastor and Sis Marshburn to lead the music department in 2009. They moved from Wisconsin and remain a vital part of the Landmark team. | Angela Bolden attended Landmark for the first time in 2001 after being invited by Angie Farruggia. She attended high school with Amy Hedrick who witnessed to her at age 14. She received the Holy Ghost and was baptized at Landmark. In 2005, Angela met Ronnie and witnessed to him about God. Ronnie received the Holy Ghost and made Landmark his home. Ronnie and Angela married and have five beautiful children. They work in the outreach and van ministry together. | The Johnson Family Charles and Bonnie moved to North Carolina from Texas in 2007. Charles searched the Internet for UPC churches and felt the will of God when he found Landmark's website. They have made Landmark their home. | The Nailor Family Michael was introduced to Landmark by Matthew Drake. He brought his wife Alisha in 2007.

18: The Keeton Family Kevin attended church as a child and after marrying Amber and starting a family, they began looking for a church. Shelly Nance, a close friend, told them about Landmark. They began visiting and made Landmark home. | The Surratt Family CJ was first invited to Landmark by Mike Smith and Mike Mixon at the age of 15 in 1996. He attended the youth for two years. In 2009, CJ was married with three children when Mike Smith invited him back to Landmark. "I love Landmark.The church has been a major blessing to me and my family with what we're going through." | The Burney Family Tim began attending Landmark with his mother Dora Burney. Laura started attending in 2006 with her brother, Paul Sentell. Tim and Laura married in 2009 and continue to worship with the Landmark Family.

19: Stevie Smith came to Landmark for the first time when he was 6 years old with his older brother, Mike Smith. He visited occasionally attending Sunday School until his family moved to New York. When he moved back in 2009, he came to Landmark, received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name. He became engaged to Angela Johnson in September of 2009. "Pastor is the man!" | Ray Norman was living in Kentucky and a woman in his church had a son who lived in North Carolina and visited Landmark. The boy told his mother about the church and she told Ray. When Ray moved to NC in 2007, he made Landmark home. He received the Holy Ghost that same year. | Johnny and Kendra Garrison | Johnny was initially invited to Landmark by his brother, Andy Garrison. When the timing was right, Johnny finally agreed to make Landmark home after Paster invited him in 2001. He is raising his daughter Kendra at Landmark. | Ray Norman | Stevie Smith

20: Trudy English was attending Church of God in Lexington when she was lead of God in 2004 to Landmark. Trudy arrived at the end of the service and spoke with Pastor Marshburn about the church beliefs. She began coming the next week. | Jonie Faulkner and Kenneth Sloan were on their way to the ER when they stopped by Spanky's Restaurant. They met Ronnie Bolden who immediately prayed for their healing. "Ronnie's prayer was so powerful" that Kenneth asked where he went to church. They have been coming to Landmark since December 2009. | Susan Dawes first started attending Landmark in 2006 while a resident of the Crisis Ministry of Davidson County. She began a bible study with Angela Bolden. She was reintroduced to God due to Angela's persistance in January of 2009. "Once I started attending Landmark regularly, I knew that this is the place my family and I needed to be. I decided to make Landmark my family's church."

21: Sandy Pullum's family began taking her three-year-old daughter, Michelle, to Sunday School at Landmark in 1998. Sandy agreed to pick Michelle up if her family would take her. Sometimes, Sandy's family would forget to come by and get Michelle, so Sandy would take her and sit through the service. The third time this happened, Pastor preached a message entitle, "Desperate prayer." Sandy recalls, "Pastor preached until his face was red and veins were popping out of his neck." She gave her life to God that day and continues to serve God in a variety of ministries. Doris Pullum began coming to Landmark in 1998 as well. She remembers Sis Whitman praying her through to the Holy Ghost in the lease building. Doris was baptized on March 30, 2000. Curtis Pitt witnessed to his mother, Dora Burney, about Landmark in 1997 and she became apart of the family. They both continue to love and support Pastor and Sis Marshburn.

22: The Bennett Family Billy and Dana moved to Lexington from Virginia in 2000. Billy's brothers, Patrick and Timothy Gray, invited them to Landmark. Billy's first service in the lease building, he received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name. He persuaded Dana to come the following Sunday. Her first visit was on Pentecost Sunday in the new building. The following Sunday, she received the Holy Ghost and was baptized. | The Gray Family Patrick and Melissa were both invited to Landmark by Crystal Gray in 1999. They received the Holy Ghost and were baptized in 2000. They are raising their four children, Destiny, Summer, Drake, and Haleigh in the church. | Ralph and Estelle McCann came to Landmark for the first time in 1992. Ralph's brother was Apostolic and he insisted on them finding a UPC church. Ralph's brother searched the phone book and found Landmark. Ralph came by the church one afternoon and saw Kenneth Harrison trimming the bushes. Kenneth prayed for him and Ralph and Estelle visited the following Sunday. Ralph waits for us in heaven and Estelle still faithfully attends Landmark.

23: Kenny and Betsy Smith began attending Landmark with their family in 1994. Kenny waits for his lovely family, Betsy, Melissa, Amanda and Alex in heaven. | The Bailey Family became apart of Landmark after much insistence from John and Meme Scarboro. They began attending various church events in 2003 and by 2006 they made Landmark home. Cheryl received the Holy Ghost in March of 2007 and Scotty received it later that same year. | The Lohr Family "In 1995, our friends were having some of the Landmark Youth over in their home for a bible study. Pastor Marshburn was there. He invited us to church. We started coming to church and we started a bible study with him. We were baptized on Easter Sunday of 1995. Randy received the Holy Ghost one week later and I received it two weeks later. This year will be fifteen years we've been in church. Luke received the Holy Ghost in a children's church service on October 15, 2006. He was baptized in 2005." Amy Lohr | The Kirkus Family Angie Kirkus was first invited to Landmark by her neighbor, Anna Ryals, in 1998. She received the Holy Ghost three months later. Danny came with Angie in 2005 and was baptized later that same year.

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