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Letters to Zoey

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Letters to Zoey - Page Text Content

FC: Letters to Zoey

1: Letters to Zoey Love, Mom

3: October 13, 1985 Sunday Evening Dear Sweet Zoey, You are asleep in your bassinet after a long weekend in Marin.. We visited your Grammie and Gram and Grandpa. You were so good while everyone held you! The ride back was tough for you, but your pop just pulled over each time you cried so he could pat you on the back to help bring up a bubble or so that I could nurse you. I hear you cooing and fussing now, so I'll wait up so that I can nurse y;you one final time before going to bed. I love that special closeness that we have. It is hard to believe that only five weeks ago you were snug in my tummy waiting to be born. We waited so long for you, Little Zoe! Your pop and Sam and I prayed very hard that we'd be blessed by a baby. We were thrilled to find out that I was pregnant, and we all anxiously awaited your birth! I can't tell you how very happy we were that you were a girl! When they told me in the hospital... I couldn't stop the tears! I was so happy! Zoey, I want to be a good mom for you. I promise I will always do my best for you and try to make all of the right decisions for your well being. I know I'll make a few mistakes, but they will be out of love. I love you so much- I only want good things for you. I will try to protect you from hurts, but will try to encourage your growth and independence. It will be hard, but I am excited to begin! Love, Mom

4: November 25, 1985 Dear Little Zoey, You have grown so much! You are 3 months old- no longer a "newborn." It is hard to remember our family without you. You seem so right for us! We ;love you so much- you are all that we prayed for. You are a good baby, Zoe. You don't cry very much, only when you are hungry and then after you eat with a bubble. You've begun to smile and coo and make sweet sounds when we look at you. Every morning your Pop plays with you before he goes to work. You send him off with your pink cheeks and smiles! During the day, you sleep a lot. I have gone shopping with you quite a bit as you will sleep right through it. It will be fun someday to go shopping and out to lunch together. I use to love to do that with my own mom. I hope we'll have enough money so that you and I can do that too! Well little sweet girl, I'm glad you came into our lives... I look forward to loving you and watching you as you grow. Love, Mom

6: December 23, 1985 Monday Night Dear Little Zoey, You are such a sweet, good baby. You rarely cry except when you are uncomfortable, and usually stop as soon as i comfort you. You smile a crooked little smile and are starting to laugh- by sighing as you breath in! Tonight is for us, Christmas Eve. We will celebrate a day early, then go down to Marin. This may be your Grammie's last Christmas... and it is your FIRST! Santa is bringing you a soft small teddy bear. I hope you'll love it someday. Sleep tight my sweet babe. Love, Mom

8: April 6, 1986 Dear Zoey, I wanted to tell you that your Grammie died. She didn't really get to know you very well, but she hoped and worried and prayed through all our months of trying to conceive you. No one was happier than she when you were born! She was even at the hospital while I was in labor. Grammie wanted to come and be with us in Chico so badly after your birth, but by then her cancer had made her too sick. She did make two visits- one with my Auntie Ruthie and one for your christening. It was very hard for her to accept that she would not be here to help me or to live to watch you grow. Zoey, the most precious gift my mom gave you was her last smile. The night before she died, she looked up at you and smiled and seemed to say, "Hi Honey." I will never forget that. Grammie died on February 12, 1986. We bother were there. I hope I can tell you about her as you grow. I know she would like that. Good night for now, Little Zoe. Love, Mom

9: April 7, 1986 Sunday Morning Dear Little Zoey, You are cooing and entertaining yourself in your crib this early Sunday morning. Last night we went to a "Murder Mystery Costume Party" at our friends' house. We brought you along, and for 5 hours you slept or peacefully watched us from your baby seat! Everyone was amazed at ;your calm content manner! There was a time when I would have thought that i wanted a daughter who was outgoing, strong willed, even maybe aggressive- but that was before i was a mother and when I thought I could somehow make my children be what I wanted them to be. Now I listen as your pop gets up and brings you into our bedroom to play with you in our bed. Your cooing gets louder as you see him. Already you are your own sweet self- not something that i can mold or change. I now know that I love you just for being... for being a daughter, for being the child we wanted so much, for being YOU... Zoey Marie! I want you to have a good and happy life. I want people to like you and appreciate you. Already I have heard so many compliments about you. I wish I could make a safe nest out of them for you to come to when ever you are hurt or need reassuring. I want you always to know how much you are loved, especially by me. Love, Mom

10: June 21, 1986 Monday evening Dear Little Zoe, So many changes in these past weeks! New teeth (2), crawling, standing at the coffee table, clapping, eating lots of different finger foods... The biggest change for us both was that three weeks ago you decided to stop nursing. We were nursing on the grass in front of Carol Whipple's on my lunch hour. You began to bite and i said, "No, Zoey!" You were pretty much finished with your meal, so I wasn't disturbed that you didn't want to nurse again. But sadly, that was the last time, although I have tried all sorts of tricks many times since to get you to nurse again. I feel sad. Zoey, this is my first "letting go" of you, Honey. I know there will be so many more as you grow and change. I pray that I can always accept your growth and know when the "letting go's" must come in order for your beautiful self to develop and blossom as it should. I want always to be a good mom to you, and I guess that's why this is so hard. I have believed that "good moms" nurse their babies for a long time. I did with Sam, and I felt so good about that part of his babyhood. I feel sad that we can't share it for longer. But, Little Zoe, now I realize that a "good mom" also listens to her children... and though I ache to pull you close and nurse you again, I realize that I can't force you and that you are asking for something else. So though it hurts, I will listen. I love you sweet, sweet babe of mine. Love, Mom

12: August 18, 1986 Monday Evening Dear Zoey, Today we swam at Durham Pool for probably the last time this summer. You giggled and laughed and enjoyed yourself so much! You use to not really care for the water, but now you splash and sit down and cry when I take you out! You love to be teased by Sam, and squeal when he pulls your toes under water! You are on the verge of walking now... You took one step yesterday at Sara Christensen's birthday party at Shapiro Pool! no more steps since, but you seem confident and curious! We went to Stinson Beach last week on our vacation in Marin. You loved the sand, and you crawled and stood up by yourself. You seemed to relish the new feel on your fingers and toes. It was so fun to watch your sense of wonder! We love you so much, Baby Zoe! We dress you in dresses and you look darling! I know someday you may choose not to dress so frilly, and that will be alright... but both Pop and I are having such fun seeing you look so different than Baby Sam did! Grow to be your own little person, Baby Zoe! You are so loved by us all! Love, Mom

14: November 21, 1986 Dear Little Zoe, Oh, Honey. Where does the time go? Already you are running and chattering away! You ask, "What's that?" You give raspberries and kisses! You are so sweet! I love to watch you explore and entertain yourself. Though you like being helped, you are very much independent! You have 4 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom. Your smile is precious, with shiny pink cheeks, brown squinty eyes, and a tiny wrinkle at your nose- just like when you were first born! I hope Grammie is looking down from Heaven at you! You are my pride and Joy! Love, Mom

15: December 13, 1986 Saturday Night Dear Baby Zoey, Oh Zoe Zoe! You are so sweet and wonderful! You have learned to kiss and it is the sweetest gesture you could do! It really breaks our hears when you toddle over to us, spit out your pacifier, and smack your lips as you press them to our cheeks! And you are so proud! You give us a sparkly eyed, wrinkly nosed smile, and clap ;your little hands! I just bought you a black velvet Christmas dress with a lace collar and pink satin ribbon roses. I am going to dress you in it each Sunday until Christmas! You love the tree and you gently take off the ornaments. I think that is okay. You don't break them, and it's such fun watching your amusement at y;ourself. You learned to make the sound, "UU-Oh!" today. It is so funny! Also, in the tub your trick is to stand up, then plop down right as we reach out to pick you up! You're really a character and we love you so! Love, Mom

16: July 29, 1987 Wednesday Morning Dear Little Zoey, My one shoed, pigtailed girl! Mary Clare says your hair looks like little paint brushes! She is right! Zoe, you are really talking... sometimes jabber, but you try sentences and usually there is a word or two we recognize. Like just now you said to Pop, "I wa da ba da jew." That meant: I want a bottle of juice. Then you said, "Tank doo" after he handed it to you. We will be moving soon from our little house on Terrace Drive. It's the only home you've known. We've been happy here... and you helped make us so content. We've had you for almost 2 years now,. That's hard to believe. You are so precious to us! One of my favorite things that you do with me is watch me put on my make up and get ready in the morning. You stand on the toilet next to the sink. We brush our teeth together. You like to use my little make-up sponge to wash your face, then you brush your hair. I love how you let me fix your hair. It is very fun for me, Zoey. I love the times we spend together. I know they will change as you get older and more independent, but I hope we'll always enjoy each other and be close. I love you. Mom

18: June 4, 1989 Late, late evening Dear Zoe, I can hardly believe it has been almost two years since I've written! Where has the time gone? we are in our new house... it gives us so much more space, too much maybe. Are we all still as close? I feel the need to slow down... to just BE with you. I am taking next year off from work. You are three and a half, and my last child. I had a hysterectomy last fall, and I realized that I'd never have time off with you before you go to school unless I took it now. We will have such fun! You cut a chunk from your bangs- they are really short! Now you have it trimmed short from ear to ear and long in the back. You are really picky about all your clothes, shoes, and hair. You have a strong sense of what you like, and won't let me decide anymore! You prefer cotton knit tripes to Oshkosh cotton prints, and dressy patent leather to sandals or tennis shoes... and you hate your hair washed, brushed or tied up. I cherish the times I can con you into letting me fix your hair! You love babies! Sally had another little girl- Celeste. You are so sweet with her. You love dolls, and dress up, and any pretend. We are buddies. You like to do things- just the girls! Your latest achievement is a new bike with training wheels! Love, Mom

21: December 24, 1990 Christmas Eve Dear Little Zoe Zoe, It is late in the evening... you are fast asleep in your red sleeping bag! You and Sam slept in the hall and I pulled you in by the tree after you were asleep. You are sleeping right next to the "easy bake oven" that you asked for. (Thank goodness we talked you out of "GoGo My Walk'n Pup.") We also got you a porcelain doll and a little suitcase all your own. You made gingerbread dough with Pop today and you and I baked them. You set a tray and a special chair out for Santa. You were pretty excited! I love you, Sweet Zoey! You are such a sensitive, caring, loving girl. You chose a green Christmas dress out of sweatshirt material and red tights and a headband for your Christmas outfit! You said you didn't feel too "fancied up," which you don't like to be. Like mother, like daughter I guess. But you did wear shiny black shoes! I pray for PEACE for our world in 1991. We have had a wonderful year... our family. I spent last year off, not working,and only work 2 days a week this year. You and I have really gotten close. I love our time together. You even let me fix your hair, sometimes! I love you and Merry Christmas! Love, Mom

22: May 20, 1992 Dear Zoe, The crickets are chirping loudly outside and you are sprawled on your bed, bedside lamp on, and pointed towards the ceiling... asleep for the night. It has been a rough year for us, Little Mouse. Pop moved out for the month of December, and it seemed like forever. I know you worry so, even now... you worry will it happen again? Just the other night you asked if Pop was gonna go away after you heard us argue. Sweetie, I hope you will learn one lesson from all the hurts and the insecurities you've felt (but not understood) this year. I pray you'll learn that loving someone is a choice. You must nurture your love, and work at it. Your mom and dad learned that lesson this year kind of the hard way... and maybe at your expense. But I hope our family will grow stronger in our love, and never take that love for granted. You are growing up Little Zoe. First grade is almost over! You are reading and writing! You are so smart! I love you! Mom

23: August 21, 1992 Dear Zoe Zoe, Your Pop and I have been married since 1977... that's 15 years. some years have been very hard, most years have been happy. Being in love is something two people choose and need to work on. We're learning that even now! I know someday you will find someone to love and you will find happiness. Soon you will be seven years old. Where has the time gone? You are growing so much these days! You are playing soccer, you ride your bike all the way to school, you were just in "South Pacific," and you are trying out for "Annie!" You are in 2nd grade and seem to be loving it. You want a dress-up birthday party and you are swimming a lot. I am so glad you're my little girl! You still cuddle with me a lot and let me fix your hair. You are an excellent reader, patient, kind, and thoughtful. We are blessed! Love, Mom

25: April 8, 1993 Dear Little Zoe, You are asleep on the couch bed in the living room. You have a friend, Lindsay Dixon, spending the night. You are really enjoying y;our friends these days... You aren't as shy as you were when you were little. Your friends at school right now are Mindy Rapp, Amanda Fowler, Emmy Hepper and Lindsay. You all get into little arguments a lot. i try to help you out when you come to me. I hope to teach you to talk things out, to be forgiving, and compassionate and patient. You are a wonderful little girl! You are intuitive, sensitive, and kind! I am so proud of you and love you so! We just painted your room peach. We painted the furniture white and the drawers peach too. You got a new bedspread and valances for the windows. I thin you love it and I do too! Auntie Patty came up for a few days. She brought three dresses for your communion which is May 8th. You liked the plain cotton ones best, but they really weren't dressy enough and wouldn't look good with a veil, which you want to wear. So we helped you choose a lacy but simple one. I hope you'll love it! I love you, Zoe Zoe! Love, Mom

26: December 20, 1995 Early Morning Dear Zoey, Everyone is asleep. I got up early and turned on our Christmas tree lights. You and I did the decorations this year. It's our tradition now that you and Pop go and get the tree together. You both chose a beautiful one! You set up the little village and the Nativity scene this year. You are good at that, and I think you and I love it the most. We went shopping at FKO yesterday. You had your sewing lesson (you are working on a black top) then we had lunch at MacDonalds. We love spending time together... I hope it will always be like that. I got a Mancala game when we went to Eureka for Uncle Ed and Aunt Pat's 25th anniversary party. That was a fun trip because Sam was in Santa Cruz at a wrestling match and we just had you. We loved it! Anyway, you are really good at playing Mancala, It is fun to play. You are really smart, Zoe. You are at Emma Wilson School now. You are in Joan McCormick's class. You are doing well. You got your state test results back and you are so smart! sometimes you are not confident and I will try to help you with that... I know the feeling. Christmas is coming! Love, Mom

28: February 13, 1996 Tuesday Afternoon Dear Zoey, You are my best Valentine's Day gift! You are such a wonderful daughter and person. I love you so much! We went skiing at Northstar at Tahoe yesterday. We all had so much fun! You ski really well! You are smooth and careful and a bit cautious. You skiied on intermediate and expert runs. I love skiing with you and know that soon you'll be better than me... but for now we are a good match. You have been trying medicine for bed wetting these past few months. It really worked, but also made you lose your appetite. You lost 15 pounds. I think you really liked that. I think you looked good, but older and different. You felt different when I hugged you! It scared me. We decided to stop the drug for a while and you are gaining your appetite and weight. I feel sorry for you, Little Zoe, because I understand how you want to stay thinner, but eating makes you feel good too. I love you so much, I wish that part of your life could be easy. Tomorrow is Valentines Day! Love, Mom

30: November 25, 1996 Dear Zoey, We went to your school tonight to watch you and your class perform Shel Silverstein's poetry. You did so well! You looked beautiful on the stage as you spoke in a clear, expressive, confident voice! You had such poise! You even did an impromptu speech to than your teacher! You did great, and I was very proud! I was wearing the black skirt with flowers on it that you'd made for me. Last night, you shared with me that you and Sally wrote a boy in your class some love letters and that you "went a little overboard." I felt good that you came to talk to me. I think I helped,. I hope I helped. We came up with a plan and I hope the letter that you wrote to your teacher will help. You asked her to sneak the letter out of the boy's desk since he has been threatening to show kids and tease ;you. I hate knowing that you feel hurt or ashamed or embarrassed or teased. I love you so much, I only want you to experience good. I know I can't prevent or protect you from life's mistakes or pain, but I hope I was able to help. Love, Mom P.S. YHou made us a carpet square door mat that says "Teachers" on it. Meggie is sleeping on it right now!

31: December 5, 1998 Dear Zoey, Today you helped me set up the stage at Neal Dow for my play, "A Christmas Carol." we worked together all afternoon making 12 purple bow ties for Mrs. Delgardo and the choir. You made Honor Choir this year and i am so proud of you! I know you wanted that so much! This summer you went to a music camp in Montana. Although you were very busy every day and didn't have much time to make new friends, you had a good time and learned a lot. My friend Carol picked you up and brought you to and from camp. You and I also went to Washington D.C. with Mrs. Simmons and other kids from Chico Junior. You have been interested in volleyball and went to several practices. You decided to play and will be put on a team soon. I hope it is all that you hope it will be. This weekend you bought a doll home from Mrs. Camy's health class. You named it Carrie and have taken such good care of it. It cries about every 3 hours, and you have to use a key to turn it off. You brought it to church and it cried there! You were so embarrassed! We went to Auntie Ruthie's this Thanksgiving then to Uncle Phil's. For Christmas, Uncle Dave and Auntie Patty will come up. then the next day, we'll share a meal with my family and try to visit Grandma and Grandpa. You started your period this year in the Spring. You are also taller than me! I love you, big girl! Love, Mom

32: August 1999 Dear Zoe, We went to see "Secret Garden" in Sacramento at the music Circus this weekend. we met Patty and her new dog Greta, and stayed in a hotel. we went shopping, just you and me, on Saturday before pat came. Not much luck, but you did find a short beige skirt. I feel bad about how it went. I feel like i am not such a good shopping partner. You looked so good in this blue shirt you wanted to get, but it was really too small and the front came open unless ;you stood just so. You got kinda mad at me- I think because you wanted it so much and I was the one to say it was too small. I think you knew it too, and just needed to be angry. I wish I could make every shopping trip good. I wish we would find everything you wanted and I would buy it for you. I don't handle it very well when you get disappointed and then get mad at me... I guess because i am so disappointed for you myself. You graduated from Chico Junior this last June. You had a fun party and you invited all of your friends. You went with Carlos at the end of the year and through summer. Right now you are feeling kind of like you want to break up, but you aren't sure how. That will be a hard lesson to learn. It isn't easy for anyone... You worked most of the summer with Pop doing Romeo and Juliet. You were so cute as the sign carrier and the mischievous servant girl. I took a beautiful picture of you and Pop in your costumes. You look like a happy pair! You had a fun time, and even met a nice boy I think you like. I feel like you have really grown up.

33: I think you are dreading starting high school. I know it will be kind of scary. I hope you can focus on learning and be good to yourself- not expect everything at once. When you pace yourself, you always end up doing so well... but sometimes you get all worried and worked up and upset before you get there. i hope we can stay friends these next four years... but I know girls break away from their mothers during these years. I will feel so sad losing you... but I know you need to grow and become your own person before we get close again. I love you Zoey-O, and I'll wait forever. I will pray these years go by fast. You are always my Little Doe. Love, Mom

34: Sunday after Thanksgiving 1999 Dear Zoey, We had a wonderful time in a beach house at Stinson Beach these last two days. just our family and Meggie and Abby. We first visited Auntie Ruthie, then had dinner with Grandma and Ruth, Bent, and Jeremy. Grandpa was sick in bed. i am afraid we will not share too many more holidays with him. You and I had a nice walk down the beach and back this morning. I wish there were more time like that. Am I getting better about listening and not giving advice when you aren't asking for it? I wish you'd have known my mom... everyone said she was a good listener. i remember she was for me too. I will try to be better. You are with Pop now. He brought you to the mall to volunteer to wrap presents. I am cleaning up and found this journal and decided to write to you. Next Friday is the Twirps Dance at Chico High. You invited Trevor Smith and your friends Mali and Frankie and their dates will be going with you. Your plan is to get dressed here and Pop will make dinner. I think it sounds fun! Love, Mom

35: "The Early Alex Years"

36: March 24, 2002 Sunday Morning Dear Zoey, Where does the time go? The last time I wrote, you were going to Twirps with Trevor Smith! I guess we just skipped over the "Alex years" and now you are a junior and just celebrated one year with Mark. I have learned not to get too attached to anyone you are going with, but I have liked them all. You are in Spain and seem so far away! It seems like yesterday when I was your age and I spent a summer in South America. Did my mom miss me as much as I miss you? Did she worry? I know you are having fun and not just learning about another country, but learning about yourself. You have been to Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, and now Spain. When you come home, I know you will reflect on how good life is. You are a beautiful and smart and creative, sensitive girl, Little Zoe. You just found out that you were runner up for Girls State! And you came in first for a special leadership camp this summer. You aren't sure about college or career, and that's okay... you have lots of time to figure out your life. You went to Planned Parenthood to "keep your options open" you told me. You are a smart girl and I know you'll figure out what is right for you. That would be cool if someday we could talk about all that too.. but for now, I feel happy that we're still friends and you still confide in me sometimes. I love you more as you grow. Love, Mom

38: May 12, 2002 Sunday , Mother's day Dear Zoe,, Today is Mother's Day. I feel so lucky to have you as my child! I cried when you were born, a daughter, a little girl to love. You are so good and so beautiful both inside and out. I feel so proud and undeserving of someone so wonderful. I am glad I'm your mom. We went to your music gala two times! You sang a song from Edwin Drood that was so beautiful I loved watching your eyes, your smile, how you tilted y;our head... You did a beautiful job, Zoey! We went out to Black Crow this afternoon, from 4:3-7. We had a long leisurely meal, just you, me, and your Pop. Your boyfriend, Mark, brought me a card. That was really nice of him. Zoey, in the theater gala, you wore a beautiful dress that you wore to your Junior prom. I love that dress and it looks so great on you. It was turquoise blue with a little strap on one shoulder. You looked beautiful! Well, that's all for now. I have to get ready for my Bay Area trip to Pt. Reyes with my class. I love you! Mom

40: February 28, 2003 Friday Evening Dear Zoey, I am sitting alone at our kitchen counter. Sam came home briefly to get some money and you left for your job at Baskin Robbins. Pop is, of course, announcing a game... and here I am, thinki of YOU, Doe. I know you won't read this for many years and hopefully by then things will be good between us... but I want you to know how much I long for you to talk with me again the way we use to. I long to be the good mother to you the way my own mom was for me. A few months ago I read an opened notebook of yours. It was by your bed and I saw it as I was straightening your covers. I thought it was a classroom assignment, a poem maybe, or a response to a poem. I love your writing and I read it. I never dreamed it was a diary of sorts or that it would reveal a secret that you intended to keep forever! I wonder if you'll ever forgive me... ever trust me... ever confide in me or love me the same way again? Will I ever get to be to you, the mom I've wanted to always be? The mom I've wanted to become? The mom I myself lost? My own mother came upon a similar type "secret" between your dad and me when we were in high school. I will never forget how I was shocked and hurt that she didn't understand our love and the depth of it even at that "young age." It was her response, a negative one, that changed the nature of our once close and deeply confidential relationship. It took many, many years to heal, but thank goodness finally did. I knew I'd never have that same judgment with my own daughter...

41: And I didn't... but instead of giving me a chance, instead of allowing me to accept you and mark and whatever decision you'd made, you turned on me for reading your diary! I breeched your trust and could never be forgiven, could never be allowed to bring up the subject... "Stab, slash, my heart was broken!" Yet again, though the roles reversed, I couldn't share with m ybeloved (in this case, you) the joys and sadness and exstasy of being in love! Damn me! I failed in spite of myself, and can never go back... can never have the chance again to be the mom who shares in her daughter's yous and heartbreaks of being a woman, of being a lover, of being in love! Please forgive me Dear Zoe- I seek only to love and support and guide and nurture you my sweet daughter- Lord, teach me to be a good mom. My time is running short. Love, Mom

42: April 2006 Bali I miss my little girl! the one who I can snatch up and hug and she won't wiggle away if we just lay still. I miss my Zoey-O, My Little Doe, who comes and talks and my heart aches to help her be happy and to feel loved and liked and appreciated by her. I miss my Zoe, my grown up daughter, struggling to be a strong woman, longing to find her power within. I want to hold that young woman. I don't want her to wiggle away.1

43: July 1, 2006 Tuesday Night Dear Zoey, You are getting married in one month! It will go so fast and then you will be on your own, growing and loving Alex, being a wife and soon a mom. I know you will be the best! You have been working this year for BC Management and planning your wedding along the way. You seem so happy and it has been so fun to share the planning with you! It helps me let go of "my little girl" and to see you as the capable adult that I know you are. Everything about your wedding- what you've wanted, how you go about planning and arranging, is so great Zoe! You are considerate of Dad and me, the budget, our family and friends and the vendors... You are creative, organized, and clam under stress. I am so PROUD that you are my daughter. I can't wait to see you in your beautiful dress! I love you, Seeetie! Love, Mom,

44: August 2, 2008 Dear Zoe You are my beautiful baby girl who has become an incredibly strong, beautiful woman. You will become Alex's wife today... We had such fun planning for this day. I watched you work out so many problems, plan and carry out so many things... how can I help but to see you for the capable adult I know you are? But in my heart, you will always be my little girl. I read through your journal and I picked out some entries to read to you today. I hope I don't cry. I know I love you more now than the day you were born... how could I have imagined so much love? And now you are marrying the man you have loved for so many years. I am so happy for you. I hope you will be happy, Zoey. I hope that you and Alex will learn to give and take and be one another's strongest support. I pray that you have a long life together and that as your marriage unfolds, you grow stronger in love. At our wedding, Auntie Patty sang Dad and me a song. It is called "I wish You Peace." Maybe one day you can look up the words, because that is what I would sing to you if I could. so, instead, I will read you these letters, which hold all the love I have in my heart for you. Love, Mom

46: August 4, 2008 Monday Evening Dear Zoey, You just called me from your cell phone as you and Alex were sitting on the patio of a beautiful restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. You are on your honeymoon! You are in a darling sophisticated black and white dress and Alex is wearing his suit and orange shirt that he got for graduation.

47: You said your room was a little bungalow with a porch and window seat and jacuzzi tub. You said it was beautiful! Your wedding day was amazing! You began it y coming into our room and laying on the bed with Meggie like I have seen you do a million times. It was like you still lived at home. It was so sweet! The morning went quick and smooth, and before we knew it, we were up the hill to where you would be married. Dad had worked so hard with Sam and Dave Scott to set everything up. Even though his car was smoking and his tire was peeling... he knew the show must go on! Theresa Hurley did our hair, and Auntie patty did your make-up. The ceremony and site were absolutely beautiful, and so were you and y;our bridesmaids! And the reception... it was the BEST! We had so much fun!! I hope your marriage is a beautiful in the years to come as August 2, 2008 was! I replay it over and over in my mind! It was the perfect day... all that I wanted for my daughter! Love, Mom

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