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little Lilly

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S: little Lilly by Illona Fenech

BC: This book by Illona Fench is a book of fun and danger but not just that love and s


1: Little Lilly by Illona Fenech

2: One day Lilly was going to a new school with her cousin Lyra, but the problem was that Lilly and Lyra are Strigoi. They where born like this but they don't know what they are capable of doing, they have to keep it a secret and can't trust anyone but those they know the most. | chapter 1 first day | 1

3: 2 | LILLY | LYRA

4: ''Lyra, I'm so nerves, what do I do?" Lilly said to her cousin Lyra "don't worry its just school!" "I know but its hard moving schools" Lilly had to go to school with Lyra because a week ago Lyra's mum had been murdered, a bomb was put in her car. And the most sad part was that even Lyra was in the car, Lyra herd a ticking sound behind her, Lyra's mum knew it was a bomb she stopped the car and pushed Lyra out of the car and thats when the car exploded with the mum in it. Lilly's mum took Lyra in and after a day Lyra had a bad dream and then Lilly got up and cared for her and Lyra needed support | 3

5: 4

6: "Lilly I'd like you to meet Matthew my boyfriend" "please to meet you Lilly" said Matthew "you too" Lilly said sadly, then Lyra asked Lilly what was up, Lilly never had a boyfriend that is why she is upset. The bell had just rang for the children to go to class Lilly's first lesion was science and Lyra's was math with Matthew. In science Lilly met the school bully Lola. Lola sat next to Lilly and started picking on her the teacher didn't realise what Lola was doing Lilly stepped up "ms. Tina, this girl is picking on me!" "my name is LOLA not this girl!!" "Lola stop picking on, I'm sorry what's your name again?" "Lilly" "Okay , Lola stop picking on Lilly or else you get detention " "okay." said Lola madly and looking at Lilly. School finished and Lyra went home but poor Lilly was left behind. | 5

7: Matthew | Lola | 6

8: A week after Lilly was on her way to the front door of the school when she herd lovely music from the music room, (" I need one more chance to show you who I really am") Lilly went into the room and suddenly the song stopped "hey look the new girl, Lilly right?" "right and might I say your music is wonderful" "thanks, I'm Jess the lead singer, thats Destiny the flutt player, Dina the guitar player and Joan the piano player and we are the angle wings" "cool name well I better go home see you tomorrow" Lilly arrivied home after an hour, her mum got mad when Lilly got home at 4 p.m at lunch time . | chapter 2 a week after | 7

9: 8 | Jess | Joan | Dina | Destiny | Lilly's mum

10: What Lilly didn't know is that Lyra's best friend was in the same class as Lilly and was looking over her and telling Lyra what was happing to her, Lyra told Lilly's mum about Lola that she was bullying Lilly. Lilly's mum went to talk to Lilly about Lola "what's going on at school and who is this girl Lola?" "mum she is not harmful to me infect i stud up for my self when she was bullying me." "well thats a good girl" "thanks, but who told you about her?" "Lyra did sweet oh and that reminds me your sister is gonna start coming to your school I need you to take care of her got it?" "yes mum" when Lilly's mum left her room Lilly's sister came running in with a happy expreshion on her face, "sis I'm coming to your school!" "I know and I have to care for you that means you cant leave my side got that?" "yes" ****************** | 9

11: Lyra's bff | Lilly's sister Julia | 10

12: "Bye mum where going to school" Lilly said sadly, Lilly's sister was happier then ever. Lilly was coming down with an illness that meant Lilly's getting stronger but Lyra's still too weak. At school Lilly was getting her books out of her locker when the bell rang to go to class on Lilly's way she fell to the ground out cold, when a boy saw her on the ground he went to help. Lilly got up to find him in front of her. "Are you okay?" the boy asked her "yes I'm fine now thanks to you" " my name's Stefan" "I'm Lilly" Lilly fell in love with him at that very second. "We should get you to the nurse" Stefan said. As soon as Stefan picked up Lilly to take her to the nurse Mrs. June came in "Stefan put her down" " ms.June I'm taking her to the nurse" "okay then go on" | 11

13: Stefan | Mrs.June | 12

14: Nurse | 13

15: "Okay Lilly you should be fine now" "Thank you nurse." As Lilly walked out the nurses office sitting outside was Stefan. "Are you okay?" said Stefan , "yeah I'm fine now" said Lilly in a shy way. Lilly and Stefan's next lesion was chemistry where they where paired as lab partners for a class project. | 14

16: 15 | Chapter 3 The Project In class Lilly and Stefan sat next to each other. Ms. June there chemistry teacher teamed Lilly and Stefan for a very important project that counts for 50% of there grade. There project topic was called "how chemistry works". Lilly didn't understand the topic at first but then after Stefan explained to her she got it. Stefan wanted them the work at his house because his mother wants to see what he is working on, Lilly agreed for the reason is that her mum doesn't like it when Lilly brings boys over to there house because of her family of girls only.

17: 16

18: Headmaster Luke | Ludmilla | 17

19: Chapter 4 Nothing but problems | A new girl came in the Math lesion with headmaster Luke. the headmaster asked the teacher if he may speak of course the teacher said yes. "This is Ludmilla she is new and will be in this class from now on" the headmaster said. Break soon came along and Ludmilla walked up to Stefan and told him "your hot I'm surprised you don't have a girlfriend." Stefan looked away and walked over to Lilly and said "here's my address see you tonight." Lilly blushed. Ludmilla came up to her and said "I'm surprised you two aren't dating" after that Ludmilla left the room. Now the new girl was trouble but to add it all up Lola was in her next class. ********************* "Hey! whats your face!" a voice called out as Lilly entered the computer lab..... It was Lola calling Lilly "what do you want Lola?" Lilly asked "I just wanted you to know that I made shore that you and Lyra get sent home and miss the test" "what where you thinking of doing?" "You'll find out." | 18

20: Lilly wasn't gonna let Lola get the best of her so she told the headmaster and Lola had to miss the test. ********************************** When Lilly got home after school with great news she found her sister ill in bed watching the love life of Dilia and Josh. "Julia is suffering from FPS" her mother said Lilly burst crying and her mum tried to cheer her up by asking her what her good news was, Lilly finally stopped crying and told her mum that she got 100 on her test even Julia was happy when she found out Lilly smiled but then she remembered that she has to go to Stefan's place so she quickly told her mum and went running. When she got to his house she knocked on the door and Stefan came out "hey Lilly, come on in" Lilly stepped in slowly when Stefan grabbed her hand and took her up to his bedroom. | 19

21: 20

22: Chapter 5 The Hole Life Story | Stefan had a room she's always wished she had a sky view with a soft bed it was amazing they sat down and started working after half an hour they herd a knock on Stefan's door, Stefan's ten year old sister came in and asked Stefan if she could stay with them since Stefan's mum went to work. Stefan got a bit mad but let Rosabel stay. Rosabel asked Lilly if she has a sister, Lilly said "yes sweet I do have a little sister your age but at the moment she's ill" "I'm sorry to hear that" Stefan said as soon as he heard that. Lilly asked Stefan if they could go continue at her house and Rosabel can meet her sister, Stefan said okay. They packed everything up and went to Lilly's house. | 21

23: Stefan's sister Rosabel | 22

24: 23

25: Lilly introduced Rosabel to Julia and in a flash they were playing with dolls. Lilly took Stefan to her room, she told him that she shares a room with her cousin Lyra thats why there are two beds the double one is Lilly's and the single is Lyra's. When the project was finished Stefan and Lilly started talking Stefan started telling her about his life story. When Stefan was young he had almost lost his father in an car crash then after his sister was born his dad fell ill and died leaving a will that all that he owns would belong to his son. Stefan loved his dad until one day Stefan found a letter that was written just days before his dad died, on the letter there was written "Dear sweet Julia I have always loved you I'm sorry I have to leave this world but know that I loved you more then my wife Alice. love John." Stefan started crying and burnt the letter never being delivered."I kept all this from my mum" Stefan told Lilly sadly "I'm so sorry you went through all that Stefan I didn't know you had such a rough life" said Lilly with a sad face "Its okay." After that Lilly told him that he wasn't alone even she went through a rough time when her Dad died. Lilly's dad died with an illness called "Hodgkin disease" | 24

26: Stefan's mother | 25

27: Before Lilly could continue she started crying, Stefan tried to make her laugh, luck worked. Stefan's phone started to ring it was his mum asking him to come home but Stefan didn't want to leave Lilly alone since her mum was working till very late, so he asked his mum if Lilly and her sister could stay at his house, Stefan's mum accepted, all of them went to the same school so it was very simple. All of them went to Stefan's house and all went to bed Rosabel shared her room with Julia and Lilly stayed in a spear bedroom. Stefan checked on her every hour on the hour until she fell asleep. | 26

28: Chapter 6 First Date | In the morning Lilly woke up to find Stefan waiting at the door for her to get up. Lilly got dressed and went down stairs and waited for Stefan, Rosabel and Julia to come down so they all go for school. When they finally came down Julia asked Stefan in private if he liked Lilly. Stefan told Julia that he does like her a lot so Julia told him to ask her out. At school Stefan finally went up to Lilly and asked her out, Lilly said yes. The very next weekend Stefan went to pick Lilly up at her house, Stefan was stunned when he saw her "you look beautiful" Stefan told Lilly "Thank you" Lilly answered back. Stefan took her on a romantic picnic in the beautiful mountain of roses. On the date Stefan decided to make his move on Lilly and when the time was right Stefan kissed Lilly and she kissed him back. It was love at first sight. Nothing was the same after that day, at school they would stay together everywhere they where. Stefan and Lilly were very lucky because they had the same classes. But it was one class that toped it off, Drama. Everyone had to audition, Lilly auditioned for Hermia and Stefan auditioned for Lysander. the play was called "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare. | 27

29: 28

30: Chapter 7 The Gossip Begins | ''Hey did you hear that Lilly and Stefan are together?'' Ludmilla told the whole school.Stefan and Lilly walked in through the front door and found Lola standing in front of them, ''What are you doing dating an ugly frog like her? you should be dating someone like me!'' Lilly and Stefan walked away as Lola started screaming at them "ignore her Lilly shes not worth it" Stefan looked at Lilly and kissed her, and at that very second Lola screamed as loud as she could but her scream didn't bother Stefan or Lilly. The bell rang for the kids to go to class so Stefan and Lilly walked hand in hand to the drama class, Ms. Gold there drama teacher had some exiting news for the class the roles have been chosen "class the role of Lysander will be played by Stefan and the role of Hermia will be played by Lilly" both of them were so happy they jumped for joy. suddenly Mrs. June came rushing in asking for Lilly, Lyra got hurt during physical education and needed Lilly to come help her, Lilly asked Stefan and Matthew to come with her and they accepted. | 29

31: Ms. Gold | 30

32: All of them went rushing out of the classroom and went to the nurses office. "Lyra are you okay? I was so worried" Lilly said out of breath, the nurse told Lilly that Lyra had broken her leg and couldn't walk so they called Lilly's mum to take her to the hospital. While all of that was going on Lola had a trick up her slieve, "hey did you hear that Lilly is pregnant with Stefan's child?" Lola told the whole school. Later that day Lilly's friends came to talk to her "Hey did you hear the lie Lola told about you?" Joan said "She said that your pregnant with Stefan's child" when Lilly heard that she fell to the ground and started crying, "Lilly what's wrong sweet heart?" Stefan bent down and helped Lilly up "She just wont stop". Everyone tried to comfort her but it was no use, then Stefan remembered that Lilly likes to get her mind of things by answering questions so Stefan asked her about her mum, Lilly told him that she is a teacher at Brooke Elementary and suddenly she stopped crying. Some good news came to that day because no one believed that Lilly was pregnant so Lilly and Stefan got out on the clean side. Lyra didn't go to the hospital because Lyra healed on the way home. But Lyra getting weak means she's getting stronger. Lyra went home and stayed home for two weeks so no one would expect she's something different then a human. "Mum I'm home!" a sweet voice shouted, It was sweet little Julia, but no one answered, suddinly the door burst open and Lilly came rushing in and grabbed Julia from her arm and took her outside, "Julia don't go inside mum and Lyra are going to be away for a while so we are going to stay at Stefan's place." Julia was confused but obeyed her older sister, so Lilly locked the door and started | 31

33: walking to Stefan's house but the Julia asked Lilly what are they going to do for clothes, but Lilly had already thought of that so she told her sister that she had already took all the clothes they needed to Stefan's house. | 32

34: Chapter 8 More Like A Sleep Over

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