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Little Lyra

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S: Little Lyra- Book 1

BC: Lyra is scared to try out this new school with a bully and lots of oppurtunities. But when she visits Seven Springs Elementary she finds new friends that love and support her, she also finds out that hiding from your fears is not always the best way out.

FC: Little Lyra | By Kathryn Elizabeth Morrison

1: In 1999 April 20th a girl called Lyra Valeria Alverdo was born. When she turned 10 she was sent from Dublin to Edinburgh to a school called Seven Springs Elementary. Lyra remembered every minute of the exciting trip, one was when her cousin Malena tripped over her own foot and her knickers where showing, but she worried about this school, would she make any friends?

3: ''Mum i don't think i want to go'' said Lyra walking slower than a snail to the car. ''Don't be ridiculous'' said Bethany, he mother. ''Seven Springs is a fine school, i knew your teacher Ms.Lola in college'' ''Yeah'' said Lyra doubtfully. ''Don't be such a doubting Lyra'' said Bethany giving her a little nudge. ''You'll make new friends'' ''What if i don't'' said Lyra. ''Trust me you will'' ''It's easy for you''

4: Bethany took Lyra the 2 mile drive to the school. It wasn't as bad as Lyra thought. It , It had a lot of steps near the entrance where Kelly, Lisa & Irene where talking. ''Hi'' said Lyra shyly. Kelly tossed her curly mane to the side and remarked to her girls: ''Have you seen anything like this? barging in on us!'' Lisa put her glasses on more securely, Irene just stood there. ''Sorry'' said Lyra

6: As Lyra embraced her new classroom she saw a girl who looked fairly identical to her. The girl was alone piling books into her locker. Lyra didn't walk up, ready for last minute's rudeness, she just went to her new desk and cried. The girl was actually walking next to her. ''Whats wrong?'' she asked. ''Nobody likes me'' said Lyra. ''Well'' said the girl sliding next to her. ''I would like to be friends''

8: ''OK''said Lyra cheering up. The bell rang. ''OK'' said Mrs.Lola.''Who can tell me what 9x9 is?'' ''Eleventy-Thousand and sixty two!'' blurted Jacob. Felicity (the brown-haired girl standing next to the blackboard) rubbed her face. ''Errr, no, Jacob' said Mrs.Lola. Jacob stood up smarter, like he actually got the answer correct. ''Right class, lets try master our arithmetic!''

10: ''My name's Elle'' said the girl. ''I'm Lyra'' said Lyra. ''Hey'' said a boy coming up. ''Hi Mat'' said Elle. Lyra blushed Shyly. ''Oh hey, we have a new girl here?'' he said. ''Yeah'' said Lyra. ''Well nice to meet you, I'm Matthew.'' he said. ''I'm Lyra'' said Lyra. ''Do you want to play a game of football?'' He asked. ''Um yeah um so sure'' said Lyra a bit unsure. Matthew led her to the crowded playground.

12: When they went to the playground they met a boy with a textbook on the floor. ''Thats my brother Zeph'' said Matthew. ''Hi Zeph'' said Lyra. ''I'm busy studying for the mid-term test'' said Zeph. ''Mid-term test!?'' said Lyra shocked. ''Don't worry'' said Matthew laughing. ''You don't have to take part'' ''Oh i will'' said Lyra trying to smile. As Matthew managed to get on the turf the bell rang.

14: When Lyra got to class she saw a brown-haired girl at her desk. ''Excuse me may i have that seat?'' asked Lyra. ''Sorry but thats school property'' said the girl with a horrible smug grin. Lyra peered over her shoulder and saw her bag with lots of scribbles. ''Bu- You, My bag!'' stammered Lyra. ''Yeah i know, horrid picture of a girl on it'' she said fiddling with the keychain. ''Thats me'' said Lyra

17: ''YOU!'' sneered Melody. ''You look worse up close'' . Lyra started to cry a bit. ''Look at little diddums'' she said rudely. The boys laughed the girls looked up from their compact mirrors and compared her to them. Lyra was red with embarrassment and fled. Matthew and Elle where running to the class. ''Where's Lyra?'' Melody shrugged. Elle ran to go find her

19: Elle found Lyra upset in the schoolyard. ''Melody humiliates everyone'' reasoned Elle. ''I ignore her to avoid that, but you: you're new and i don't expect you to know about her as much as me'' ''Lyra!'' Said Matthew running up. ''You left so quickly'' ''Lay off, Matt'' said Elle. ''She's only been gone for a few minutes. ''Well for me its long'' said Matthew

20: The next day something exceptionally weird. Matthew looked......Cool. He always did but this time he might have over-done it. All the girls where fawning 'round him telling him ''Oh Matthew'' at his jokes and commenting on his outfit. ''I won the lottery!'' said Matthew to Lyra. ''I'm happy for you'' grumbled Lyra sounding funny.

22: ''Is something wrong?'' asked Matthew. ''No no'' said Lyra. ''Hey Mat'' said Melody. ''Hey'' ''You wanna hang out in lunch period?'' she asked looking as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. ''Yeah'' he said. Lyra looked at Matthew guiltily. ''What?'' ''Nothing'' she said. In break while Matthew was with Melody, Lyra was expressing her problem to

23: Elle. ''I think I'm invisible'' finished Lyra. ''Look Lyra, there's no problem with that, it doesn't mean she's taking your place'' said Elle comfortingly. ''How do you know?'' ''Because i know, i can predict the future'' said Elle. At Elle's own pace she quickly added: ''i go ZAP!''. Lyra nudged her gently. ''Everything will be OK'' said Elle.

26: Before the lesson Lyra couldn't bear Matthew talking to that witch anymore. ''STOP!'' she yelled. ''I'M THE ONE THAT LIKES YOU!'' said Lyra then clapping her hand over her mouth. Lyra ran out, she was trying to run home. ''LYRA WAIT!'' said Matthew trying to run after her. ''I do like you'' he whispered to himself as if it were Lyra

27: At home Bethany tried to explain to Mrs.Mildred that Lyra got sick. Lyra was in her room sobbing. Later on as the line went dead there was a knock on the door. ''Hi Matthew'' said Bethany. Lyra came out of her room to peer down the stairs. ''Hello Mrs.Alverdo'' he said politely. ''Is Lyra here?'' ''yes, She's in her room''

28: As Matthew entered Lyra's room Lyra glared at him. ''here to tell me I'm crazy? because if need be i already know that!'' she snapped. ''No, i came to say that: you're not crazy. I mean others were falling for me because of my money, but not you, you like me for who i am, thats all that matters'' said Matthew smiling. ''Oh Mat!'' said Lyra giving

29: him a hug.

30: Lyra and Matthew have decided to secretly be dating. The next day they went to school together and did puppy dog eyes until Mrs.Lola put them sitting next to each other. Nothing could get better! ''Class, tomorrow we have the school dance. It was postponed'' Lyra practically leaped out of her seat.

32: When she came home she tried to find a suitable outfit to wear. Her closet was bursting. Lyra then lifted out a black dress and accidentally activated the pink gowns tumbling on top of her. ''I have to clean this up'' thought Lyra. She saw the mess. ''Next week''. When she found her perfect dress she had to think of

33: who she would dance with. After all it is a dance it must also mean the verb. Then Elle phoned. ''Lyra oh my gosh you will not believe what happened!' shouted Elle.''What?'' asked Lyra. ''Jacob asked me out!'' ''WHAT!'' said Lyra. ''YOU'RE GOING OUT WITH MY ARCH-ENEMY!'' But then the line went dead.

34: At the dance Lyra found Matthew waiting. ''So who you're dancing with?'' she asked. ''Her name rhymes with Niagra, like Niagra Falls a romantic place'' he hinted. ''ME'' said Lyra laughing. They danced the night away without stopping and Lyra was happy for Elle too, who just had her first kiss. Lyra knows its great to try new schools.

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  • Title: Little Lyra
  • When Lyra joins this ultra-cool school in Edinburgh, Scotland she isn't 100% sure people would like her. Surely Being in a class with the class bully Melody is annoying, but she finds her perfect 2 best friends Elle and Matthew
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