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Little Lyra- Best friend or Best enemy?

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Little Lyra- Best friend or Best enemy? - Page Text Content

BC: Lots of crazy things are happening in Seven Springs. First Elle can read minds then she finds out about Derek's immense crush on Lyra. She and Lyra fight because of the whole mind reading thing and says Elle should mind her own buisness, but do they manage to do their project as Ms.Lola puts them together? Cover illustration by Margaret Chamberlain

FC: Little Lyra best friend or best enemy | Kathryn Morrison

1: This morning I took the bus to School, Lyra was waiting by the threshold. Our school was a bit old-fashioned, i have to admit. ''Hey Elle'' said Lyra. ''Hi'' i said. ''You want to see my new book?'' I asked. ''Yup'' she said going through my bag. ''Stop fidgeting'' i said firmly. ''Alright miss Picky'' she told me. I brought out my homework and my locker key. ''So you're book is your maths book? You should right an autobiography about yourself. Wait i will estimate what you'll write first'' she said. ''Hi i'm Elle and every single morning i do all sorts of boring stuff like open a locker (which i could open later!), put away homework and all sorts of stuff which are so boring'' she said laughing

4: ''You're a nutter, Lyra'' I told her. I pulled out a shiny book with a pink hardback. ''This must be ancient'' she said flickering through the pages. ''The Secret Garden'' I said. ''You've drifted off into daydream about this Dickon and Mary, i'm not surprised'' she said. ''It's not ancient it's old!'' i pointed out. ''Duh, thats what ancient means'' Lyra said. We walked down the hall together as we always do; but sometimes i go the other way. Lyra didn't mean to be a bit spiteful, she was just the old tomboy she always was. I'm a normal girl but i hate playing games like Mercy, where you twist someone's arm and when they hurt they say ''MERCY'' but Lyra loves it.

5: I am not saying she's stronger than all the boys. Only one of them wouldn't yell ''MERCY'' when she played with them. That was Liam. Liam us the toughest boy in the class. Lyra's the toughest girl (in my opinion, but i think she is!). She doesn't always play that with me, i tend to break friends if i'm hurt much. Lyra can sometimes be fierce during an argument, and i know why. She has Matthew and her new friend Derek to support her. I dont mind Matthew at all; but Derek, he's my worst enemy. Only Lyra and 2 boys are his friends. ''You go ahead, ill go the other way'' said Lyra. She doesn't usually go the other way, so i was a weeny bit suspicious. But i went anyway.

6: When Lyra went she met up with Derek. Then Derek told her a joke and she was in a fit of giggles. Suddenly the bell rang and they ran to the classrooms. ''Where were you?'' asked Matthew. ''The bell rang ages ago'' Elle joined in. ''I was just playing with Derek'' said Lyra truthfully. Derek winked at Lyra and Lyra winked back. ''What is she doing?'' asked Sheba one of the little kids. ''Dunno'' said Melanie. Karin nudged her affectedly. ''Honestly, Mel'' She said sighing. After that lesson Derek came to Lyra's desk to talk to her. ''Um Derek this is kinda our desk get your own'' Said Matthew. ''So?'' said Derek ignoring Matthew.

7: ''We're gonna play in break?'' he asked her. ''Sure'' said Lyra. I was gobsmacked. I wanted to start yelling at her. She was playing with my worst enemy! then again she doesn't really complain when I play with my worst enemy. Oh yeah right! she calls him a barbarian and she wishes that she could shove his head into cold custard. Well too bad i want to shove Derek's head in cold custard, or listen to this it's way more affective: SHOVE HIS HEAD INTO A BEEHIVE WITH A MILLION STINGING BEES IN SO THEN HE'LL LOOK SOOOO HORRIBLE LYRA WOULD BEER HANGING OUT WITH HIM ANYMORE. I think it's annoying Matthew too, lets take a look, eh.

8: I'm extremely annoyed with Lyra for playing with Derek, i mean, who does he think he is barging in asking her to play, as if she's his girl friend or something! *Snigger* Oh Elle you nosy pig! stop writing that stuff down! Wow some people are so sensitive. well in the very least stop writing my thoughts in this book! This is not a journal *gibber gibber*.... oh shut up Matthew. Well you're the one that started digging into my thoughts in the first place, you might as well look in Derek's.

9: You give great ideas Matthew, now let me go take a little gawp in Derek's thoughts. Wow Lyra had the coolest outfit today and her hair was lovely! i think i have an immense crush on her, I will keep this a secret and if anyone finds out i will cut my eyes out! Idea Idea!!!!!!! ''What was he thinking?'' asked Matthew. ''Lyra Lyra all the time Lyra. He said if anyone found out he'd cut his eyes out'' I said. ''Hey there's an idea'' ''ELLE'' said Matthew. Matthew liked Derek as much as I did so all he said was: ''Whats the plan!''

10: ''Let's go spread the word!'' I said. ''Yeah but then we'll get in trouble'' He reasoned. ''With who? Miss.Lola?'' I asked. ''No, Derek. He'll be ready to cut our eyes out'' He said. I hadn't thought of that. Derek would be blazing. Well he might be 1% happy because Lyra might like him back. Thats what i fear! what if Lyra liked him too! One Derek was enough, another would be dreadful! I wanted to explode on the spot. ''Elle? Elle? Elle?'' said Matthew waving a hand in front of me. ''Huh oh what?!'' I said alarmed. ''Oh Matthew'' I said. ''What if Lyra likes him back!'' Matthew hesitated. He knew Lyra liked him but as a friend. But that was what he knew.

11: ''She might'' said Matthew. ''We have to go spy on them on their next date, i mean break time, next break'' ''OK'' I agreed. I was a bit curious about what Lyra was thinking: So i sneaked a peek. The only bad thing was that she could tell when i am in her thoughts. I played with Derek in the 1st break and the next one we;re going to play a cool game of tag. But he said he wanted to meet up with me so he could tell me that........ ''NOOOOOOOOOOOO!'' I yelled. The whole class turned to look at maniac girl. Not Almond, ME!. ''What is the meaning of this Elenor!'' shouted Mrs.Lola. I did get a bit of her saliva on my face but I just nodded.

12: Half the kids laughed. Lyra was looking at me like I just broke a $10,000 Dollar vase. Before break she didn't talk to me. She didn't even squint in my direction. Lyra had turned into Miming Lyra. I tried to talk to her but she just stuck her fingers in her ears and started singing the ABC song. ''Dead swotty'' I muttered. She did meet up with Derek like he asked but he didn't say anything negative. ''Lets play tag'' said Lyra. ''Tag you're......Derek?'' She said. Derek didn't move. He didn't breathe, It looked like he'd turn indigo in 5 seconds. ''What wrong?'' she asked. ''I don't know how to put it, Lyra!'' he said. ''Spit it right out!'' She persisted. ''Well if you

13: insist'' he said. (By that me and Matthew were peering behind one of the chairs so we got a good seat!) ''I have a crush on you'' He said. ''Do you like me too?'' he asked hopefully. ''Look Derek, you'll always be my best friend for ever but my real boy friend is the guy i really love'' she said. Then she pulled the chairs. ''Matthew'' she said. ''Busted?'' he asked. ''You bet'' said Lyra. You might think my story ends right here! well there;s still a bit to go, there's still dinner! i'm starving! i wish i didn't gobble all my chocolate biscuits already, i long for one now, I'll start moaning now.

14: The next day Lyra was still silent. I was getting pretty fed up because it was so boring, She wouldn't tell me jokes like she used to. We didn't muck about like we used to. We wouldn't speak a word to each other. That day Miss.Lola was organizing an Egyptian Project with partners. She picked the partners to my rotten luck. ''Lyra.....and....Elle'' said Miss.Lola. ''Derek.....and....Matthew'' ''Now class we'll work on our projects about stuff about the ancient egyptians. So get on with it it's due next week!'' she said. Then she left the room. ''I am NOT speaking to her'' Said Lyra. ''And I am NOT speaking to her!'' I retorted.

15: ''Guys stop it'' said Matthew. ''Or I wont be any of your friends'' He said. Lyra didn't move. ''Oh come on Lyra you can only stay without being my friend for like, 2 minutes.'' he said. ''Yeah, like, 5 years ago'' She said. ''Well I'm telling you this'' said Elle. ''I am NOT speaking to that traitor'' I said. ''Hey I told you not to go into people's minds, you meddler.'' Lyra said. ''I was curious, and anyway, you would've done the the same thing if you were me'' I pointed out. ''Well even if you give me 8,000 reasons I wont be your friend. Let us just work on our project'' She said. I suppose it wasn't that hard, my older brother John took me and Lyra to an Egyptian

16: exhibition when me and Lyra were friends. I loved seeing all those hunched up dead people. Lyra didn't really like it lots, but she loved the dead people like me. The security guard was an old man and he was bald. Lyra tried making me laugh and called him a Baldie Baddie. So after school I'm going to her house to help her with research. She had her own computer, my mum said i'll have to wait till i'm eighteen until i can get my own. But then again, Lyra doesn't have her ears pierced. I followed her while she made a scowling face at me and said she wasn't thinking anything so I could just bog off and mind my own stinkin' buisness. Thats what she

17: said. When we arrived her 10 year old younger sister Milly was chewing her hair and Jason was busy clipping his toenails. Suddenly something hit Ms.Alverdo's eye. ''OUCH! Jason, i hate toenail clipping day'' she said. Jason made a little smile and told her: ''It's either that or nose hair clippings?''. Ms.Alverdo sighed and said toenail clippings. Jason was bonkers enough to name his nose hairs. ''Mum, we'll be upstairs'' Lyra told her mum. We walked upstairs to her dark purple bedroom with punk rockstars like Joan Jett posters on the wall. Lyra slid on her chair and started typing EGYPTIAN RESEARCH. We got lots of results, and like a million images.

18: ''Alright then'' she said piling printed pages and handing them to me. ''Go write these out'' she said briskly. ''Me?'' I said in earnest. ''It's always me, me, me ,me and me who gets to do all the work. You jolly well copy it all out yourself'' ''Fine then, we'll give the printed pages!'' She said grumpily. ''Look Lyra, we have got to stop arguing! if we keep this up we'll never make up again. Like those drama shows on the telly. Lets make friends.'' I said. She sniffed a bit and ran to give me a hug. ''I'm sorry Elle, I shouldn't have been so hard on you'' She said nearly bawling her eyes out. ''Well i kinda started it'' I said. ''I meddle to much, i'm sorry too'' ''Lets do our handshake'' I said begging.

19: ''Elle!'' she said shrieking with laughter. ''Dont make me feel daft!'' ''Oh come on'' We did it: ABC going up going down going criss cross, chop the hand, lick the lolly, push the trolley, turn around and die. I loved our handshake. It was amazing. I'll make Lyra learn to like it too, i'm good at getting around her. The next day we had to give in our projects to Ms.Lola. We proudly slipped ours on top of Matthew's then smiled at eachother. ''I see you've made friends again.'' Said Derek.

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