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Little Lyra- Ksenia Goes to Romania

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BC: When the class is going on a Camping Trip, There is this really strange older girl in Lyra's class. She turns out to be Melody's sister! when she tries to ambush Lyra and Matthew Matthew comes to the rescue to save Lyra's files from being evacuated. Join Lyra for her 2nd Novel A good book for older readers

FC: Little Lyra-Ksenia goes to Romania | By Kathryn Morrison

1: That morning Lyra walked with Elle to school. It was the 13th of February and the girl were making plans about the next day. Lyra kept scraping her bag on the ground. ''Lyra you'll spoil it!'' said Elle. ''So bored'' said Lyra. ''Well stop whistling- and take your hands out of your pockets, its so boyish!'' Elle nagged. ''You're becoming like my Great-Aunt Florence'' said Lyra. ''Well she doesn't need to learn how to be a GIRL!'' Elle said. Elle was right. Lyra has been acting unusual ever since she was put next to Matthew. It's not at all like her.

2: When the girl arrived the bell rang. Mr. Jay ran in. ''We'll be going on a camping trip tomorrow, so , get ready!'' he said flustered. ''Sweet!'' yelled Lyra. ''You almost deafened me, Lyra!'' said Matthew. ''Sorry'' said Lyra. After Social Studies, Arithmetic and Geography it was break. Elle and Matthew were making plans so Lyra had to get her lunch, her book and go to the ground. Alone. ''I wonder what they're doing'' said Lyra. She stopped. ''I have got to stop talking to myself'' she said. As she walked on she saw Fred.

3: Lyra tried to not be seen. You see Fred is the type of person who yells at you if he wants to say something. Those can be a bit annoying. Thankfully he didn't see her. As Lyra read her book she tried to cheer up. But In the second break the same thing happened. She squeezed back a tear. As she went to class she saw a piece of paper. ''Hey Mat'' said Lyra. As she said that he scribbled as much as he could on what he was writing. ''Where's Elle?'' she asked. ''Dunno'' said Matthew. ''So what were you writing?'' ''Um'' he hesitated. ''Secrets''

4: Then Melody came. Wait this was not Melody. Melody's clone? This girl looked like her but Lyra knew for sure that Melody had hazelnut eyes and she didn't wear lip gloss. Lyra saw her talk to Freya and then she saw Freya crying and her laughing. ''What did you do?'' asked Lyra. ''None of your beeswax'' she said rudely. Melody then came. ''Hey Ksenia!'' said Melody. ''Oh diddums i see you've met my 12 year old cousin Ksenia'' Lyra was a bit shocked. One Melody was enough. Another one would be dreadful. ''She's coming on the camping trip'' said

5: Melody enjoying the look of shock on Lyra's face. Matthew shuddered too. ''Dont worry Lyra'' he whispered. ''I wont sit next to that hag'' Lyra smiled. When Lyra went home she was busy packing her stuff. 30 tops 10 dresses 16 trousers and 8 pairs of shoes. ''LYRA! are you going camping for a month or a day?'' shouted Bethany. ''A day'' replied Lyra. ''Well take one top one pair of shoes and one pair of trousers.'' she reasoned. Lyra scowled and took out the unnecessary items. Bethany nodded

6: The next day she went with Milly who just started Infant Class. Milly was Lyra's 5 year old sister. She short fair hair and light blue eyes. She was a bit like Jacob. On the way there Milly kept on saying that she wont make any friends. ''Oh be quiet Milly!'' said Lyra. ''You will make friends. Cheer up, Marianne will be in your class.'' ''Marianne doesn't like me'' said Milly. ''She's your best friend Milly!'' ''Well now she likes that Diana now!'' snapped Milly. Milly was right, Marianne kept spending time with Diana now. She does insist that Milly's her

7: friend too, but whenever they have to choose partners she goes with Diana. Milly doesn't realize that Diana's Kelly's younger sister, she doesn't even know who Kelly is. ''Well make another friend, then'' said Lyra getting tired. ''There's heaps of girls not wanting to be my friend,'' said Milly ''There's only Ivan, he is nice i suppose, but i don't like being friends with boys, it's creepy.'' By the time the dilemma was over they reached the school. Milly didn't like the look of the big girls passing by and hid behind Lyra.

8: ''They wont hurt you'' said Lyra. She led her sister to the other side of the building where the younger kids go. ''Have fun'' said Lyra waving. ''Save your breath'' grumbled Milly. Then Lyra caught sight of Matthews' parent's car. ''Matt!'' said Lyra running. ''Hey'' he said. ''Need some help?'' she asked. ''No, I'm OK, thanks'' he lied. She put her arm around him and took him to the class. When Lyra saw Melody's overnight bag she looked shocked. Melody's was bursting. When Melody saw Lyra's she also looked shocked. ''Gosh Diddums are you that

9: desperate!'' she jeered. ''Mom made me do it'' said Lyra pointing to the air. Melody looked around winding Lyra up ''What? is it raining?'' Lyra pulled out her fist. Mrs.Mildred came in just in time. ''LYRISSA! WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!'' Lyra wanted to say: ''I think I'm trying to kill Melody, miss.'' But she said: ''Nothing I'm just trying to get a.......Library book'' Mrs.Mildred was not convinced. ''It looks like your trying to get one of Melody's plaits'' She said. Lyra saw this so she admitted it. ''Sorry Melody''

10: ''Hey everyone'' said Lisa. ''New chalk, for writing on the board'' ''Does it mean it writes on the board when you pick it up?'' asked Jacob. ''Yes..You're winding me up aren't you?'' ''Lisa we know what chalk is for'' he said. ''I suppose, but some of us,'' she said. ''Literally jump out of their seats to answer a question, which is basically not subtle when you could just pull your hand up and answer like a human being!'' said Lisa giving him the hairy eyeball. ''I have no idea what you've just said, but OK!'' he said. Lisa sighed.

11: ''OK class'' said Mrs.Lola running in going CLICK CLACK in her high heels. ''We're leaving now'' she said. The class got their bags and in a flash got into partners. Lyra and Matthew practically ran into themselves. Mrs.Lola went tut-tut when we started laughing. Elle came next to Lyra. ''Come on then!'' she said. ''Sorry Elle, I'm with Matthew'' said Lyra. ''Oh its OK'' said Elle offended. ''Why don't we share a tent!'' said Matthew. ''Yeah, great idea!'' said Lyra. Elle cheered up. But then her heart sank when she saw Ksenia. ''Oh great'' she muttered.

12: Ksenia was dressed to kill. She had pink kitten heels, a really short miniskirt, fishnet tights and a really short crop top. She had two overnight bags. ''Wow'' said Matthew. He didn't try to sit next to her, he just liked her outfit. ''Do you want to play thumb wars?'' he asked Lyra. ''Sure'' Lyra won. ''Never thumb wrestle somebody with sharp fingernails'' he said. Elle and Lyra laughed. ''Hey guys look!'' said Lyra pointing out of the bus window. ''What?'' Elle and Matthew said. ''Physke!'' said Lyra giggling. ''Lyra!'' said

13: Matthew. ''You have something on your shirt'' he said pointing. ''Where?'' said Lyra looking. He pulled his finger up. ''Physke!'' Elle said. ''HEY!'' said Lyra. ''hey'' said Elle. ''WE'RE HERE!'' yelled the bus driver. ''Get out you hooligans!'' he yelled. Ksenia walked delicately and skipped everyone. ''No cutting!'' said Lyra. Ksenia kicked Lyra hard. ''Mind your own buisness'' she said. The campsite had 7 tents, for 21 people, 3 stay in one. Lyra, Elle and Matthew picked a green tent. That night they were telling spooky stories. ''Lyra and Matthew can you go get firewood please?'' asked Ms.Lola

14: Meanwhile Ksenia and Melody where plotting their plan. ''Are you sure this will work?'' Melody asked. ''Trust me'' said Ksenia. They planned to tie Lyra and Matthew to a tree so they'd get left behind. When Lyra and Matthew went to collect the firewood Melody tied them to a tree. ''They can yell for help'' said Ksenia. ''Leave that to me'' said Melody reaching for her purse and got a piece of black tape. she stuck it on their mouths. ''Quick lets scram!'' she said. They ran back to say that Lyra and Matthew were killed by

15: a wild animal. Elle didn't trust them, she knew it was a lie. She went looking for them. ''LYRA! MATTHEW! LYRA! MATTHEW!'' she yelled. Matthew managed to pull up his hand to take of the tape. ''WE'RE HERE'' he said. He rescued Lyra as well. ''Oh Matthew'' said Lyra and she kissed him. Both of them ran to find Elle. ''ELLE!'' said Lyra. ''What happened?'' she asked. ''Melody and Ksenia tied us up'' Explained Matthew. ''She also plans to take my files and read them!'' said Lyra. ''Well if she sees you who knows what she'll do'' said Elle. ''You need to hide''

16: The whole camping trip they stayed unseen. Finally the next day they got in the back of the bus. It seemed that Melody and Ksenia where running fastest to the school. The file room was locked. ''No lock can slow me down'' said Ksenia. Melody envied Ksenia's long nails with the nail art and stickers. Ksenia opened it with her nail. The file cabinet was really big, just like a mini tower. They looked for the L's. There was Lisa, Liam, Lena, LYRA!. Meanwhile Lyra and Matthew were hiding in the vent. All of a sudden they jumped

17: out. ''STOP IT YOU MISTY MEDDLERS!'' yelled Lyra. ''Look its the independent idiot'' said Ksenia. ''And Lord Nerd-a-lot'' added Melody. ''Those are my files, take your own'' said Lyra. ''Oh what a little problem, but if something like this happened'' she pushed Lyra. ''We'd be OK'' Matthew stayed in position. Melody kicked Matthew on his shin. They grabbed the file and ran off. ''Darn it, they got away with it'' said Lyra. ''We can still run after them'' said Matthew. So they tried to run after them but Elle had the thing settled

18: ''Going somewhere?'' said Elle. ''Apparently'' said Melody and tried to run past Elle but Elle caught her. ''Hey Elle look, shoes on sale!'' said Ksenia. ''Nice try'' said Elle. ''I'm no longer a girly-girl, but a basketball queen!'' she said and snatched the file. ''Oh shnitzel!'' said Ksenia. Elle got Mrs.Mildred and she got everything sussed out. Their parents where coming to give them a real telling off. ''OH MELODY!'' Said Mrs.Sonata. ''OH KSENIA!'' said Mr.Sonata. ''You've really done it now, you've really done it!'' they said.

19: At that point Lyra and Matthew appeared. ''Thanks Elle'' said Lyra giving her a hug. ''Yeah thanks'' said Matthew. ''Is Ksenia staying?'' asked Lyra. ''Oh no'' said Ms.Mildred. ''Apparently Ksenia's going back to Romania!'' THE END

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