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Little Red

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FC: Little Red | By Kayla Yi

1: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there lived a tragic little girl who was loved by all. Everyone within the village pitied the girl for her father had died in a distant war and her mother squandered away their life savings on extravagant luxuries until there was nothing left. The little girl was left alone, hungry and cold, to fend for herself in the big wide world.

2: Just north of the village lay a large forest that few dared to enter. For within the woods lived a terrible beast that prowled in the shadows with an open mouth and empty belly.The king had placed a large bounty of the creature’s head but all who attempted to kill the animal simply vanished into the dark forest.

3: The villagers knew full well that the woods were a dangerous place and warned their children to never enter the forest under any circumstances. One winter night, however, the tragic little girl wandered into the woods in search of food and did not return. The villagers mourned for the poor girl that was devoured by the beast of the forest. For a while, the town had soon grown used to the now lifeless streets and remembered the poor girl with fond memories. And then, like a ghost returning from the grave, the little girl returned, carrying a chest filled with untold riches and wearing a brilliant red cloak. The people of the village sat in wonder as the little girl began to tell her story.

4: Deep within the forest, there lived a kindly old witch whom the little girl referred to as Grand Mother. Grand Mother had taken in the little girl and sent her back into the village with the chest of treasures. This adventure had earned the little girl the title Little Red, which suited her just fine. Each and every week since her return, Little Red would journey into the woods and visit Grand Mother, always returning with a small amount of money. In this way, Little Red became the provider for herself as well as her mother. Meanwhile, the search for the terrible beast continued throughout the kingdom. Huntsmen and bounty hunters from far and wide journeyed to the small village before departing for the woods. Out of the hundreds that ventured into the forest, only Little Red returned unharmed.

6: On a bright spring morning, Little Red walked up to her mother with a request. “Dear Mother,” She said sweetly, staring up at her mother with imploring eyes, | “Can I please bring some food to bring for Grand Mother? She has not been feeling well and I would very much like to see her”. Little Red’s mother, a bitter old creature who was envious of her daughter’s good fortune, howled at her and promptly kicked out of the house. Unperturbed, Little Red skipped around town and managed to procure a small picnic basket filled with sweets and pastries to give to Grand Mother (By now, Little Red was a skillful negotiator). And with that, Little Red walked into the woods, singing cheerfully as she did so.

7: The woods, contrary to popular belief, were a rather harmless place (Apart from the beast that lived there of course). Little Red continued on her way down the path when a handsome prince appeared beside her (Well, let’s assume he was a prince, for only princes can be handsome) The prince smiled, showing a series of pointed teeth and bowed to Little Red.

8: “Good afternoon, dear child,” He said, speaking very softly, “Why are you so far away from the village?” Now, there was a huntsman that was nearby and, unlike almost everyone else within the village, he was rather suspicious of handsome princes that suddenly appear to little girls in the middle of the woods. The huntsman crept closer and listened carefully to the conversation. “I’m going to visit Grand Mother” Little Red replied brightly to the prince before adding, “She’s a witch that lives deep in the forest, she’s rather sick and I am bringing a basket of food to her” A horrible smile crept across the prince’s face before vanishing.“Yes, I know Grand Mother,” He said, nodding slowly, “If you take the path to the left, you can reach her faster” Little Red bowed to the prince and began walking down the path. “Thank you very much Sir!” The little girl cried, waving back at him

9: “Would you like me to accompany you, dear child?” The prince asked but Little Red shook her head and replied, “No, I will be just fine! I don’t think anyone out here could harm me!” The huntsman had heard this whole conversation and was now very suspicious of the prince. To his horror, the prince had suddenly transformed into a great bear and was lumbering down the path to the right. The huntsman ran after the bear with a gun in hand, “Stop!” He cried, “Stop!” The bear-prince, however, had no intention of stopping and continued down the path.

10: Now, the prince had not completely lied to Little Red, the path to the left was quicker but it was also the path that was filled with beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies.

11: To her delight, Little Red also discovered that the deer could speak to her and the girl amused herself for quite some time conversing with them. Deer, however, are rather rude and shallow and they tried to eat Little Red’s cape. Little Red quickly left the deer and was back on her way to Grand Mother’s, where the bear-prince was already inside. “Grand Mother?” Little Red called out, knocking on the cottage door, “Grand Mother, I brought you some food”The bear-prince, who was lying under the covers (but not wearing Grand Mother’s clothes, for that was not the way a prince should act) called out to her in a hoarse voice, “Come in my dear, place the basket on the kitchen table” Little Red obliged and went into the bedroom.

12: “Poor Grand Mother!” Little Red cried out, “How sick you must be!” The bear-prince suppressed his laughter before answering her, “My dear, it is all better now that you have come” Little Red crept closer and studied the body obscured under the blankets, a pair of round furry ears stuck out from the sheets.

13: "Oh! Grand Mother, what big ears you have!" Little Red cried, trying to pull the blankets away. The bear-prince buried himself under the covers again and replied in a hoarse voice, his eyes peering up at her, "The better to hear you with, my child," "But, Grand Mother, what big eyes you have!" Little Red said, drawing even closer. "The better to see you with, my dear." The bear-prince replied, pulling the sheets over his head. "But, Grand Mother, what large hands you have!" "The better to hug you with." "Oh! but, Grand Mother, what a terrible big mouth you have!" "The better to eat you with!"

15: A loud scream shook the still air as the huntsman finally arrived at Grand Mother’s house. The huntsman, who was rather plump and out of shape, had to stop and catch his breath before bursting through the door and confronted the wolf that was sleeping very comfortably on the bed. “Beast of the Forest!” He cried triumphantly, “I have searched for you day in and day out! You scoundrel, tricking innocent children and devouring them without a guilty conscious-“ The huntsman’s lengthy monologue was cut short as the bear-prince yawned and turned his back to him. This put the huntsman into a foul mood and he grabbed the dagger that hung from his belt. There was a great deal of blood and gore as the bear-prince was cut open by the huntsman.

16: “Little Red! It is safe to come out,” He called into the dead bear's belly, but there was nothing there, “Why, it’s empty!” He exclaimed, peering into the bear’s stomach again, “Little Red-” There was a loud thunk and the huntsman fell to the ground.

17: Little Red stood behind him welding a large black frying pan. “Why is this one so fat?” Little Red grumbled, dragging the huntsman’s body into the kitchen. The bear-prince looked up and yawned again, very much alive and in one piece. “Well, he looks quite appetizing to me” The bear-prince said, Little Red made a face before searching through the huntsman’s pockets. “It’s less than usual” Little Red pouted as she counted the coins she had retrieved. The bear-prince laughed and swallowed the huntsman whole with a single gulp. “You should find richer people then, Little Red,” He said, patting her on the head, “This was your idea, you should have found nobles instead”.

18: Little Red and the bear-prince walked outside and had a picnic with the food Little Red had brought along with her. And so Little Red returned to the village with a bagful of gold coins given to her by ‘Grand Mother’ and the woods was free of one more huntsman. The kingdom continued to be plagued by the terrible beast of the forest until there was simply no one left to challenge it. Little Red lived very comfortably thanks to her doting ‘Grand Mother’ and they all live happily ever after. (That is, everyone except for the huntsman)

19: Moral: Treat everything with a sense of fear For things are often not as they appear But most of all, please watch your back Or you may just be the bear’s next snack

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