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Marilyn's Musings

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S: Marilyn's Musings

FC: Marilyn's Musings

1: The poems in this book were written by my mother, Marilyn Bradshaw. They represent a lifetime of love, faith, and overcoming adversity. My mother is a devout Christian, patriotic American, true confidant, loving mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, and most of all........my very best friend.

2: Spring on the Farm | Ahhh, it's March; that has a magical ring! It's time for a miracle, the rebirth of spring. The farm will emerge from its dull brown cocoon With Jonquils and Japonicas just starting to bloom. The wheat is high enough to blow in the winds Like an emerald green carpet that God alone tends. Winter coats on the cows look so ragged and worn From many months fighting the bitter storms. But they seemingly smile in the bright southern sun Lying around chewing, watching new babies run. God has started his spring cleaning just like me and you He's dusted the gray clouds and polished the sky blue.

3: He's swept across pastures with a mighty wind broom Making sure the new grasses have plenty of room. His first spring painting is totally green That cool soothing color that tells you it's spring. A touch of yellow here, a dab or two of pink It's coming so fast you're afraid to blink. Just relax my friend, on this you can bet, This landscape He's painting will be the best one yet. Why does He do this time and time again? Why not just leave it, touch it up now and then? No, He would never do that, He knows us too well. Would we look forward to heaven if there were no hell? Could we appreciate a warm fire if we'd never been cold? There is nothing new about new if you've not seen the old! So year after year we see this rebirth God is still in the heavens, taking care of our Earth.

4: Woman A woman isn't just a wife Nor is she just a mother. In a world that's often cold and hard She contributes like no other. She's the foundation on which a home sits, A janitor who cooks. Each is beautiful in her families eyes No matter how she looks. She offers calm and order In confusing situations And peaceful solutions to heated confrontations. She is a nurse of the highest caliber With a specialty in no field. Cuts, bruises, broken hearts, All of these she has healed. She's the best assistant A man could have, she'll stay Constantly on the run, tackling Jobs she could never do alone, but Without her they might never get done.

5: These days a dollar won't buy much, But she stretches it as far as she can. Sometimes working outside the home To make it easier for her clan. She adds beauty to her surroundings, Whether at work, at home, or at play. There's something special about every woman, GOD seems to have planned it that way. We honor her with special days And little gifts that please, but woman operates On a special fuel and best of all it's free. Just give her all the love you can And a smile or two a day and Woman can conquer the world with one Hand and go happily on her way. | 1981

7: Mother's Day Mother's Day is here again! Another day for hearts and flowers, Fancy cards, boxes of candy and a visit to Mom for a couple of hours. It all seems so pretentious But how else do we say "Mom I hope you know I love you in a very special way." You rocked me as a baby, soothed my hurts and dried my tears. You put up with a lot of nonsense through my hectic teenage years. You smiled through tears when I married. You were there for the birth of my children. My firstborn died and together we cried, then you helped me build my life again. We have a way of setting Moms aside while we tend to our busy lives. I fail to call or come for a visit but you understand, you're very wise. You have always been there for me through the good times and the bad. I can't imagine life without you, you're the best friend I've ever had. I now declare as "Mother of the Year" on this special day in May, The one who knows me inside and out and loves me anyway! MY MOM!!!! | 1980

8: I REMEMBER ARONDALE BY GWEN BOWEN | An oilfield lease, White houses trimmed in blue. Mother's kitchen, My favorite room. I watched her bake while she hummed a tune. My Daddy's work clothes, That smelled of oil. His loving hands Showed years of toil. The community church. The community sings. A part of my past But still in my dreams. A playhouse over the rod line And into a ravine. My dog, Blackie, My heart so serene. Then I grew up and went away. I burned my bridges, But the ashes lay in the Skeleton of a community Where my heart will stay...In Arondale.

9: THE ALPHA AND OMEGA | They say that life is just a stage And all the world its actors. Stop and think of the roles you've played And you'll find that pretty factual. The role of a child was an easy one, Every day was fresh and new. Adolescence was a little tougher With new demands on you. The teen years were unsure and scary, Not knowing what, where, or why, You wanted it all, could have just a little, So everything was "do or die". Being an adult was exciting, Doing things that had been taboo. The life ahead was a challenge, Each day a new path to choose. Everything seemed so urgent With importance on how you performed. It was all work and no play, day after day. Exhaustion became the norm. Then one day it dawned on you How big the stage really is. That was the day middle age set in And you began to slow down a bit. Now there was time for others and Their role took on greater importance. How they performed was the worry now. But you still couldn't see the coincidence. The "others" left for another role. What was important now? The stage? So big! The actors? Too many! You have to keep going, but how? | You look around and the beauty shows through; And it takes your breath away. Had all this scenery just been made, Or had it been there everyday? Now you know the role is not just yours, Some day someone else will take over. Take time to enjoy the scenery HE made Before you are replaced by another. The stage doesn't seem so big now. You've been in all of the scenes so far. The warmth of the lights help some, But your performance isn't up to par. Your understudy is ready and willing, So you step down from the role. The curtain never comes down on this play, The actors just keep getting old. Don't be sad! Your performance will long be remembered. And, by May, your replacement will get a feel for the role That you gave up in December. | 1979

10: SUNSHINE Sunshine comes in many forms, a smile, a wink, a touch. Sometimes sunshine comes from the eyes of someone You love very much. The day can start dark and gloomy and be turned completely around by a roaring laugh, a soft whisper, or just a familiar sound. Sunshine came to me once in the middle of the night. The soft tick tock of Great Grandmother's clock made everything seem alright. So don't wait around for Old Sol to show. Grab sunshine wherever you may! You'll find it there waiting, but don't forget; You can't keep it lest you give it away. 1979

11: A SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS How can we describe happiness? We all march to a different tune. Some try to reach for the stars, some see only the moon. There are a few who are so bold they'll tell you just how to live. But life is pretty simple, it's all just take and give. You take what others offer you then turn and give it away. If you take and take and never give, you reap nothing from what you save. This is just how I feel. One does what she has to do. But when you give of yourself all that you can, life is much kinder to you.

12: The Christmas season has come and gone And the new year has begun. The parties and tree trims are over And all of the songs have been sung. January is a special time, A time to begin anew. It's also the time to reflect on the past And put our values up for review. During this season and during our life We've received so many gifts. God's gift of His son Jesus Is number one on the list. But surely number two must be God's gift to us of family. The sweater that came from Grandma Will soon go out of style. But not the love it was wrapped in Nor Grandma's radiant smile. | Grandpa who's gone but not forgotten, The brother you used to think was rotten, Dad, your defender, who's always there, And Mom, who's love is precious and rare. You can live this life as a pauper And leave this Earth as a king. Look really close at your family And you'll know just what I mean! These people will love you whatever your are, They're there when the chips are down. Thank God for the gift of family, my friend, They're the jewels in your crown.

13: MELISA | To the world she's only away at school, But to me she's really gone. She took with her a piece of my heart When she went out on her own. We've come to the end of an era That lasted 18 short years. Don't misunderstand, I'm not unhappy, I'm smiling through my tears. I'm optimistic about her future Because I know her past. I pray to God the good I've done Will far outweigh the bad. I know I've shaped her character With the values that I hold. Kindness, compassion, tolerance, But also the lies I've told. Yes, she's seen me at my very best. She's seen me at my worst. Please God, help her sort it all out, Let the good be the guiding force. I'll miss her smile and daily news Of what's going on at school. With her constant line of chatter She kept me up on being 'cool'". | We're entering into a new era And it's a little sad, but true, I'll miss her more than she'll miss me, Her life is fresh and new. So, it's good-bye to my little girl, Hello to a bright young woman. Please God, keep her safe from harm And bring her back home often.

14: DREAM ON | Early in the morn my thoughts are skittish As I wait for coffee to brew. They dip into the past and peek at the future Avoiding the present as they usually do. I glide over all the mistakes I've made Then stop and savor my occasional brilliance. Remembering all of the times I've been down Makes me proud of my stubborn resilience. Somehow the downs don't seem so bad And the ups are easy to recall. The good times with family and friends Are the very best of all. Over coffee I can build castles And tear them down again. No problem is too big to solve, No race to tough to win. There are no enemies in my coffee world, No sadness, no worry, no pain. Good always conquers over evil. It's all sunshine and laughter, no rain. Then somewhere in a darkened room An alarm begins to ring. My dream world flutters, then it's gone, It's time for the day to begin. Now they say that giving up coffee Is the healthy thing to do. Maybe later, but for today, I'll dream on and drink my brew. | 1981

15: SIZZLE | The summer of '80 is over, We're almost into November, But I do believe the summer of '80 Is one we'll long remember. When I was just a little girl The hot summer days were cherished. But this summer of my 40th year Thousands of people perished. Most were old and also poor And couldn't afford a fan. Many fans just weren't turned on For the electric bill they ran. Almost all were in poor health From lack of a proper diet. One hundred degrees for so many days They weren't in condition to fight it. Now that things are cooling off I look around and wonder why With all the wealth in this old world Did so many have to die? Oh, you should have heard me moan, Complaining about the heat. Not that it affected me much, for My house was a cool 70 degrees. | It seems we're trained from early on To strive for personal wealth. Be kind to those less fortunate But never lose sight of self. So we write a check and send it off To our favorite charity. We keep it impersonal, second hand, Like we don't really want to see. Giving the money is good, of course, It will probably buy a fan. How about someone to hook it up? Shouldn't we lend a helping hand? This country of ours is a wonderful place In which millions of people live. But we're so caught up in making it, We sometimes forget to give. It's never too late to get involved, Our help will always be needed. The winter of '80 is almost here And our country will need to be heated. Let's all set out to help someone Stay as warm as we're going to be. Everyone will benefit, Especially you and me.

16: MEMORIES OF DADDY 1981 | "I need a flag", my daughter said, "one with just 48 stars". My mind flashed back to a day long ago; To a long procession of cars. It seemed to me, just twelve years old, to be miles and miles of cars. The one in front carried Daddy, Covered up by 48 stars. My Daddy's flag for a scavenger hunt? No, that just couldn't be. I can't let strangers handle his flag, It means too much to me. But my memory's eye could see him Working late into the night. He's composing a speech to give the next day, Hoping to save a kid's life. Daddy was a highway patrolman, you see. And he loved kids with all of his heart. If I send his 48 stars to school He'll still be doing his part. "I have just what you need", I told her, "Downstairs, packed away in a trunk". Yes, I know it's the right thing to do, Daddy would have loved a scavenger hunt!

17: SISTERHOOD | The year is '79 and I'm sure you'll agree That there have been better years For both you and me. The old saying goes"do the best with what you've got". Well, I'm doing my best, But it's going to pot. I look in the mirror and talk to the face that stares back at me like a basket case. "What to do?", I ask, but she doesn't know, Things happen so fast and she's kinda slow. "But never say die and let's forge on ahead". I will if you will with a wee hint of dread. This is July the 8th and that's a special day; Your day to shine in your own special way. Time for memories of yesteryear, Memories of days we hold so dear. Days of our youth that were so carefree, but The sight of blue bottles still makes me dizzy. And the haircuts you gave were out of sight You cut and cut to get it just right. I guess you could call it a "one of a kind"; 8 months to grow out; that blew Mom's mind! | We fought a lot, but that's a part of life. Say, maybe it was practice for being a wife. Yes, the past was great and the present is a pain. Millions of people feel the same, but you know what, When we're old and gray, the past we remember Will be today! So put on a smile and hold on tight. I know, in my heart, things will be alright. We all have each other, that's worth more than gold. When you have love to warm you, You'll never be cold. I didn't mean to go on this way. My message is simple to say. You're a very special sister, you get better each day. All my love's in this poem, have a great day!

18: JUST A BAD DAY | Lord, help me, I'm trapped and I can't get free. I think there is something wrong with me. "Stand up for yourself", "Don't be so easy". What I can't seem to help is just being me. My logic is laughed at, scoffed at or worse, It's not even considered at all. I know I should keep my thoughts to myself, But that drives me right up the wall. So somebody is mad at me all of the time, I've said something stupid again. Why can't they accept me for what I am? I'm tired of having to pretend. Why do I feel so guilty? About what? About everything! I even feel guilty for these words, They probably have a false ring. There are times when I feel transparent And everyone is looking right through me. Basically, they like what I am, but They still keep trying to change me. | I can't conform Lord, you know I try. I ask myself over and over, "Why?". Why try to be four persons When three of them are a lie. I don't know where I really belong, I feel like I'm out of sync. Those around me are unhappy. In the family chain, am I the weak link? I can't say these things out loud, They'll say, "It's just one of her moods". They'll give each other those knowing looks And chalk it up to the blues. How much is in my imagination and How much of this is real? No use asking those close to me, They don't understand how I feel. I love my family so much And wish I could make them content. I miss the sound of laughter. Our house is nervous and tense. | If all of this is just in my mind, Then help me sort it all out. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day, And I'll know what I'm all about. | LIFE | STRENGTH

19: WORRY | Lord, I want to know you. I read your words and sing your songs. Sometimes I ride the crest of your love, Feeling I can do no wrong. But there are times I fall from the crest And Satan holds me down. The smile I usually wear Turns to an ugly frown. My biggest sin is worry, I fight it every day. I know my faith should change that, But at times it just won't go away. Worry is like an illness, It can cripple you, body and soul. In the end, it can overcome you, And you feel prematurely old. So, everyday, I ask you To help me in my fight. I have to break this hold Before I can follow your light. It matters not what my problems are, If I keep you in my heart. You've given me a host of family and friends, All willing to do their part. You've done your part, you died for me; The greatest sacrifice. Now it's my turn. I'll break the hold. I'll pay that small price. Don't give up on me, Lord when I come home My mind will be free from worry. Please hold my hand to keep me from falling, And someday I'll see you in glory.

20: THE BEGINNING OF ETERNITY | It was dark on Golgatha, that 9:00 hour. He said, "It is finished", and His head bowed. The earth shook and the temple curtains tore and They thought, "The King of Jews is no more". The soldiers thought they had stripped His power. They had no idea what they had released at that 9:00 hour. There had been three crosses on Golgatha that night, A thief on His left and a thief on His right. One asked for forgiveness and he was saved. "You'll be with me in paradise" was the promise He made. He was wrapped in linens and laid in a tomb. He had told his disciples He would rise again, soon. When the two Marys' and Joanna took spices to the tomb, Two angels said, "He is not here, see the empty room". The disciples did not believe the women, So Peter checked and found the strips of linen. Christ appeared for the doubters to see the wounds In His hands and side, saying,"It is Me". He appeared to the disciples three times more, Opening their minds to the truths in THE WORD. In preparing them for what lay ahead, "Preach to all nations in my name", He said. He lifted His arms and blessed them, Then He left them and ascended into Heaven. Christians have been scoffed at, beaten, even killed. But the faithful are still here, spirit filled. For now, we still have the freedom to pray. Please pray for our nation, that it will stay that way.

21: I hope you enjoy the words in this book written by the one we know as Marilyn, Sister, Auntie M, Mina, and Mama!

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