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S: Momeries: We love you Mom/Gammy/Gigi Summer 2011

FC: Happy Birthday Mom/Carol/Gammy/Gigi! 70 Years Young! July 1, 2011 | Momeries

1: Childhood Memories | Beddy-by time at 899” was a fun, eternal phrase! (Mike)( Pete) | Mike and I pretending we were on a ship in the rain [Pete] | Cutting my Blanky smaller and smaller til finally it was gone (Brendan) | Playing board games as a family and eating dinner as a family

2: Sleepovers in Pittsfield: the keyboard, slumber in the side room, sit in the breakfast nook while looking out at the giant Birch tree. (Mike) | Going to the big pink church at Grammy’s in Pittsfield, and thinking that the priest was actually Jesus! (Mike) | Playing piano at Grammy’s (Pete)

3: Going through old coins at Grammy’s house andGrampy giving us rides in the wheel barrow. (Pete) | ) | Baking gingerbread cookies with Grampie in Pittsfield, in their small cape house and fake brick vinyl flooring. (Mike) | Reincarnation of Gammie as Maggie since Maggie was Gammie’s nickname many years before and Maggie was born shortly after Gammie’s passing (Devin) | Playing with Grampies recording machine (Pete)

4: Crazy kitchen items: pig on wheels, fork and a chair on the wall

5: Cape Cod -1975 -Baseball games, ice cream, the candy shop and Devin playing Fireman.

6: Always keeping her hair above water in the rare dip in the swimming pool (Devin) | Jumping over the lawn chairs into the pool

7: Eating really well done chicken with Saucy Susan

8: Watching “Days of Our Lives” while snacking after school on early Mondays, Mom ironing away and hanging the finished products on the kitchen door. (Mike) | Riding go carts down the hill on Manhattan Ave (Pete)

9: Chasing me around the house with a yardstick and wasn't afraid to use it! She could turn any common household utensil into a weapon of mass destruction. (Brendan) | The cries for “Help!” barely heard, as Mike sank into the mud near 899 Manhattan Ave. (Mike) | One of the countless times we had watched too much TV on a beautiful Saturday morning. But this time she threatened to cut the cord and actually did cut it. Within 5 minutes Brendan had stripped the wires and plugged the TV back in. When people say,“ 5 boys?? Your mother must be a saint!” This is the story that might get her that sainthood. (Terry)

10: Delivering on a promise. Chuckwagon. Sick as a dog mom fulfilled an 8 year old boy’s dream to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. I think she found every chair in the place. (Terry)

11: Bringing Maggie home for the first time and Mom was so nervous that we were making a mistake (no mistake Mom) (Brendan) | The Chuck Wagon”. We all knew that roadside deli looked suspicious, and it was only a matter of time until the family war over the toilet began, not to mention the wrath unleashed on the Britnell family! (Mike) | Watching The Monkees with the whole crew eating a sandwich in front of the TV (Pete)

12: Sitting as one big family in the front row of church (making Mom proud but secretly watching girls pass by). (Mike) | The vacations. Outer Banks, Colorado, The Greenbriar. Bringing friends. (Terry)

13: Mom pulling lunch duty at Immaculate Conception and seeing her drag James Mariani, the toughest meanest kid in school, to the principal by his long greasy hair like he was some small punk event though he was 4 inches taller than her. (Brendan) | Sleeping on the couch every night I came home late (Devin | Assigned seating at the dinner table (Brendan) | Soap operas...the background music makes me feel sick to this very day. She watched them when I stayed home from school and I was sick...(Pete)

14: Thank God we didn’t have liquid soap back then., that bar was bad enough! (Brendan) | “The Age of Discipline”: Pete and the cement machine roll, Mike and Muhlenberg, Brendan and smoking at Campgaw (Mike)

15: Mom waking up to inspect us when we got home late at night. (Pete) with only one eye open. (Terry) | Coming home from College with an earring, a necklace, and mom telling me she didn’t know she had a daughter. Boy teenagers do some funny stuff. (Brendan)

16: Labor as punishment, including moving rock walls, raking, cleaning, including hosing down the back of the house after a bad night of drinking. (Mike)

17: Brendan telling mom on the phone that Devin had broken his two front teeth, she not believing him and having Devin get on the phone, Devin saying “hieth momth”, she saying frantically “Put Brendan back on the phone!” (Devin) - all while Mom was with Dad, Mike and the police in Pennsylvania

18: Lake Bomoseen and the lovely cottage where a bat was embedded in the screen, and the infamous sign “We don’t flush for #1, #2 is up to you.” (Mike) | Mike freaking out at Lake Bomoseen and dropping his pole in the water when he thought he’d caught an alligator. [Pete] | “It’s woodsy Mrs. Reilly!" - Matty G. (Pete)

19: Cape Cod trips with minor league baseball, good times at the beach, and Devin as the youngest firefighter.(Mike) | At the Rices house “the door, the door, the door!” (Pete)

20: Leaving Devin at church one Sunday (Devin) | Making so many Halloween costumes - Snoopy, Mork, Fench Fries, Dog (Devin)

21: Oranges for little league (Devin) | The kitchen remodel....It was a wreck! (Pete)

22: Christmas and Thanksgiving were always amazing! (Pete) | Christmas traditions of "the punch", Nativity setup and the tree, and graduating to "elf" (Mike)

23: Amazing Food, especially at the holidays! | The Giants are still my favorite team thanks to those PJ's.

24: Raising the neighborhood “dog alert” to HIGH when Major would escape to attack Randy. (Mike) | Midnight running through the screen door ([Pete)] | Coming home from College, entering the house and smelling your first home cooked meal in Months! (Brendan) | Coming home from College, entering the house and smelling your first home cooked meal in Months! (Brendan) | After dinner tea. Although for her it was just hot water with some milk (Brendan) | Sharing raining birthdays (Pete)

25: I vaguely remember a small beagle for about a week [(Pete)] | Coming home from College, entering the house and smelling your first home cooked meal in Months! (Brendan)

26: The traditions. Apple pie. Picking apples. Thanksgiving. Christmas. (Diane and Terry) | Waking Mom up the night before Thanksgiving after we had been out, asking her if we could eat the apple pie she just made. She was mostly still asleep and said yes, but really meant no. The next morning she was so pissed we ate that pie!! (Brendan)

27: Beach weeks at the Jersey shore in a small house a few blocks from the beach, and the big house in the Outer Banks where we began to bring potential spouses (and wore ridiculous tall athletic socks). (Mike)

28: Staying for two weeks to help me and Brendan with Matti. Couldn’t have done it without you!!!!! (Barb) | Coming to Bridgewater every month to see Matti when she was a baby and crying every time she had to leave her. (Barb)

29: Dressing Matti up in twenty different outfits a day and having fun doing it!!! (Barb) | “This is how I held all my babies” Holding Matti and Sean around their waist, facing outward, perched on her hip....(Barb and Brendan) | Sponging the condo walls til the weeeeeeeee hours of the morning. (Barb)

30: Scrap booking our cross country trips in ONE weekend (Barb) | Going to Mahwah with Matti and crying every time we had to leave. (Barb)

31: Helping me get through my dad’s last months and helping plan his wake and funeral, which by the way, was a really big hit. You were very good at that!! (Barb) | Playing tea with Matti and all her stuffed animals. (Barb)

34: Her yummy apple pie recipe...when I finally got it, I knew I was in! (Amy) | Going to Corolla with the whole family and celebrating Pete and Carol's birthday, and someone made some t-shirts with Reilly on them (Amy) | Sitting on the couch in Mahwah talking about Pete and her knowing I was the one he was going to marry (Amy) | Coming to visit baby Peter in Florida (aka Hell) right after he was born (Amy)

35: Going to Winter Park, CO and realizing that she did not know I was coming along with Pete for the week (we were not married yet), and they were leaving....don’t think she liked that... (Amy) | Sending cards to the kids for EVERY holiday. Never forgets them! (Amy) | Our engagement party in the backyard...she can plan a party like no other! (Amy)

36: Christmas...always in Mahwah until we had kids, now we celebrate Christmaska(sp.) (Amy) | The scrapbooks she makes for everyone...OMG....so time consuming and thoughtful...Love them... (Amy) | ALWAYS doing a craft with the kids when she visits (Amy)

37: ) | Camera Trouble. “Oh I missed that. Could you just....” (Terry) | Crafts with her grandchildren. Getting down on the floor and playing with the kids. (Diane) | The support and effort that you put forth for my brother’s mass. (Diane)

44: Camp Gigi (Mexico 2010) Thanks, Terry and Diane. (Kayla, Chris and Kevin) | "It is what it is" Thank you for all your listening (Diane)

45: Plaid Henry - Kayla, Chris and Kevin | Fun trips to Van Saun Park and the local theater (Diane) | Trick or Treating with the kids in New Jersey (Diane)

46: Endless crafts with Gigi! (Kayla) | Playing board games with Gigi (Kevin) | Playing board games with Gigi -Kevin | Endless crafts with Gigi (Kayla)

47: Kayla and Gigi's first Tea Party with Pooh and his many friends (Diane) | Playing shuffleboard at Gigi's - Kevin | Cooking in the kitchen with Carol (Diane) | Eating the best bacon ever! (Chris)

49: Always getting me cards with things I like on them like the Harry Potter card (Noah) | I like when she does art projects with me. (Makenna) | I like when we celebrate Christmas with Gammy and she gives us all presents (Makenna)

50: Making sandcastles on the beach (Makenna) | Playing on the grey sand beach when it was really cold out and collecting shells (Noah) | Playing games with Gammy (Makenna)

51: I remember coming downstairs once at like 6:30 in the morning and you and Noah were at the computer and you were taking notes to try and learn about the Power Rangers. (Lesley) | You came with me to visit the elderly home with Noah when Makenna was just three weeks old- I could not have handled that adventure without your help! (Lesley) | Scrapping one (maybe two) of the family calendars (Lesley)

52: Your various diet regimens: low sugar, high carb, high protein, blood-type, organic and more! (Mike) | Reading books with Gammy,, especially the one about the gassy dog. (Noah) | Our fun trip to Stone Mountain on a rare, not too hot summer day! (Lesley)

53: Recent visits to Sarasota to collect shells, swim in the pool, kayak in the inlet, play in the quartz sand, and dinner on the “lanai” (Mike) | Walking the hills of our neighborhood after the kids were dropped off at school. | Helping us move into our Ashland house and stripping tons of wallpaper and painting. You did not care about sleeping on the futon in the middle of the huge mess! (Lesley)

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