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Mordard's Vines

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S: The Mysteries of Morderd's Vines

FC: The Mysteries of Morderd's Vines | By: C. Bashore

1: The Mysteries of Morderd's Vines | By: C. Bashore

2: "Wait you can't have that book!" Mr. Lindon was horrified and his silver hair stood on end. "Are you suer Mr. Lindon? Why don't you try to stop me!" Rachel said triumphantly. " Well if you must, at least let me warn you that book's been know to...."

3: "It'll be fine. Thanks Mr. Lindon!" Rachel was finally free from the old man. For some reason he thinks I shouldn't have this book, I wonder why? What really could happen? It's a harmless book! I think he's gone crazy. I mean he is getting old. Maybe he thinks it's to scary for me. Morderd's Mysteries, so scary! Her wheels were spinning so fast she could barely keep track of her thoughts.

4: Rachel left the library and looked around. The poor town of Somewhere, Kansas, that no one had ever cared to name, had exactly forty-two residents. Six couples, five singles, two families of five, and five families of three, which includes Rachel's family. She was the only child and rather spoiled. Rachel's black hair and innocent eyes could melt the heart of anyone, although her true spirit was quite devious. Her father and mother were always home because they both worked in the family cider making business. They were one of the richest families in the small town of Somewhere, Kansas.

5: There were only a few shops in Somewhere. The grocery store, the spooky antique store, a run down gas station, and the library Rachel loved. She hadn't been going to the library lately because of her clash with Mr. Lindon.

6: Rachel could hardly wait to get home that night, but chores and homework kept her from starting her book. Finally. she started reading the book she had checked out from the library two days ago. She didn't want her parents to know about the book just in case it really was bad, so she only read at night in her bed. When got to the third chapter, she fell asleep with the book wide open.

7: "Honey, time to wake up," her mother yelled from downstairs the next morning. When there was no reply, she quietly tip toed upstairs to see what was wrong. When she found Rachel, she was laying on her side with the book open just like last night, except now there was a vine that had grown around her arm. The vine was coming strait our of the book and slowly curling around her!

8: Mother went tearing down the stairs and dove at the phone. She ripped open the book that held all the phone numbers of every house and business in Somewhere. It didn't take her long to find Mr. Lindon's phone number. She furiously dialed and when he picked up she spat into the phone, "Mr. Lindon, you need to come over right away, something has happened to Rachel!"

9: What was happening didn't surprise Mr. Lindon. He was waiting for this phone call. When he got there, he rushed up stairs to find just what he expected, Rachel was lying there, unmoving and cold.

10: "I'm sorry Mrs. Williams," Mr. Lindon pleaded. "There's nothing I can do to help her. I tried to warn her, but now it's two late. She'll have to fight it off herself."

11: "When I was twelve the same thing happened to me, remember? You pulled my mind out of the book," Mrs. William's heart fell at his reply.

12: "No. it's too late. I caught you in time, if I tried to help her, the results could be deadly. Try not to worry, she's strong, she'll make it," his words were a stained glass masquerade to his true feelings. He knew she might not make it.

13: "If you're not going to do something, at least go get her father!" Mrs. Williams bellowed out as if to let the whole neighborhood in on her daughter's situation.

14: Mr. Lindon left the room solemnly. He could barely keep himself from falling on the floor with shame. I should have stopped her! This is all my fault! I should have stopped her!

15: "I'm sorry," were the only words he could release out of his broken-hearted body standing in front of Rachel's father. He knew she didn't stand a very good chance of making it. The book had grown stronger over the years; it had won over hundreds of minds. She might stand a very small chance however; she had been pretty hard headed in the library.

16: Rachel's father was heartbroken to see his daughter like that! Both her parents wept, prayed, and tried to bring comfort to each other. Finally, they both went to bed.

17: Mr. Lindon spent the night in Rachel's bedroom. He checked on her constantly. He prayed for hours that she would have the strength to fight off the book. Through the night she'd toss and turn. Pushing and thrashing, Rachel finally stopped for a short while. It was almost as if her body was welcoming the first rays of sun as they poked their way out of the dark out across the morning night sky.

18: For three whole minutes she rested in silence. Mr. Lindon's hopes soared for the first time since yesterday. He thrust open the door of Mr. and Mrs. William's room, and proclaimed with an edge on his voice, "She's calmed down this morning, come and look, quickly!"

19: With slow blinking eyes, and dragging feet, that wished they could move like lightning, the trio headed upstairs. When they got there, Rachel was gone! The book must have taken her! Mr. Lindon thought, absolutely bewildered. With hearts pounding a mile a minute, they all looked at each other in pure fright. Banging down down stairs brought their eyes to rest on a bright and lively Rachel.

20: Something was missing; this wasn't the same Rachel that had greeted Mr. Lindon in the library yesterday. She had changed in a very negative way. But, I guess if you went through what she had, you would have changed too.

21: Rachel's mystery may never be solved. But rest assured, Mr. Lindon demolished the book so no one else was harmed. Rachel never turned back into her usual self. She always had to deal with the consequences of her choice. Her life was half spared and she was very lucky for that. I guess the question we will always wonder, is will it happen again and take an other innocent soul?

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