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My Life

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FC: The Personal Odyssey of Rachel Zelle | Rachel's life as we know it"

1: Rachel's Birth | You’re probably expecting me to tell you when I was born, where, to who and all that other tedious facts about a person’s life. I doubt you want to know that I was born 15 years ago on September 6. Or that I was born to Robert Zelle and Karen Rodriquez in a little place called Emerson Hospital So why even bore you with that stuff. I bet your dying to know what kind of things in a childhood could make such a quirky teenage girl like me. I might not know what my first word was or when I took my first step. There is one thing I know though. I was one cute baby! I was the good child, the one that every parent wished for when the cradled their crying baby. I would be constantly smiling, never a frown would be found on my face. I would take to everyone like I had been best friends with them my whole life. There was no better kid then me! Most people joke about how their parents hit their head when they were younger. For me this tale of woe is a true one. Every time my mother would go to put me in the car she would bonk my head on the top of the car well trying to get me in. This explains so much in my life. This explains that how for months after I got out of the crib and moved to a mattress on the floor I called to my parents asking them to get me off thinking I was trapped. Or, how I fancied playing with my brother’s action figures, instead of my Barbies. All the events in my childhood helped me to become who I was today. If I hadn’t been clunked on the head so many times when I was young, I might not be the outgoing easily excited person I am today. Looking back to my childhood I noticed that I’m not that different then I was when I was 2 or 3 other then the fact I have all 32 teeth and an almost complete understanding of the English language. My childhood is a epic odyssey that I will never forget.

3: Broken Bones | I’m sure you have heard of friends hurting you out of hate or jealously. I’m not sure that you have ever herd of a friend hurting another friend out of love though. Well, it’s about time you have. You’re about to here a story about two friends who helped each other better themselves. As you might have guessed by the title of this, it didn’t turn out as planned. It was a sunny Saturday morning around 2 o’clock. I was warming up with my soccer team getting ready for a big game that we had. We had been waiting for 15 minutes for our star goalie to arrive to lead us to victory, but she never did show up. After we gave up hope, a new matter came into hands. Who was going to be the new goalie? I looked over to see my teammate’s eyes light up, as they often did when she had an idea. Instantly, I knew what she was thinking. She had seen me play in net in practices before the goalie came. Before long, I was the new volunteered goalie. Shuffling my feet in a nervous manner I made my way over to the net. I got into the position that I had seen my goalie get into thousands of times before making one of her incredible saves. I decided, jumped, and lunged in an effort to get the ball. I was finally getting the hang of it when the team was called in for a prep talk. One of my teammates stayed behind though. She had stayed behind to help me a bit with my skills being the good friend she was. Winding up to kick the ball she stated that she was going to “go easy on me”. After a few shoots and attempted saves it happened. I tried to catch an especially fast and powerful ball when it came at my wrist and bounced right off it. Little did I know at this point that was the blow that would break my wrist. I found myself in the hospital about an hour later looking at x-rays. The best way the doctor could explain what happened to my wrist was it to a first (being the soccer ball) crashing down on a soda can (my wrist) and crushing it. At this comment I couldn’t help but laugh at my misfortune and how it had happened. When I went to school that Monday I had no epic story to tell about how I was rock-climbing or fell of a horse. Just a symbol of my friends love for me.

4: My life as a Artist | Do you know Da Vinci, Picasso, or Michelangelo? How about Rachel Zelle? Well some day you will. I’m Rachel Zelle and I started my dream as an artist at age 8. Back when stick figures and 2D cartoonish people were popular among our age group, I was off drawing a different cartoon character every day. From that point in time I have improved and involved a lot. I would tell you about how wonderful an artist I am right now, but what’s a end to a story without a beginning? You could say that my art skill was first discovered at age 8. I had a dream at that point of becoming a professional cartoonist. I always hated drawing the heads of people so small because you could never put any detail into them. So I got the brilliant idea of drawing people’s heads big well their bodies were small. My passion for being a cartoonist was put to a halt two years in. In the beginning my work was good, and everyone loved it. Though, it hadn’t changed since then, so it was starting to get boring. It was time for change. Changed came on a normal day, as any other in 7th grade. I had just gotten a new binder for some subject. It was white, clean, spotless and boring. I decided that it needed something to spice it up a little and make it beautiful. Since I didn’t want to be cliché and put photos from the internet on it I decided to draw a cover for it. Not being able to draw anything realistic at the time, I went with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. When I came into school the next day with the brand new binder cover, it was an instant hit. It was then when I decided this is something I would be doing for a long time. In 8th grade I started getting into more fine arts. I started painting with acrylics and drawing with many different media. I dropped doing cartoons all together and started drawing people and still lives. From there everything just got better. I was finally able to draw a person with depth to their face and understood the elements of art. My art teacher took an interest in me and I start to bloom as an artist even more. I would say that was the true starting point of my journey. I can truly say that this has helped me evolve as a person. It has taught me many things. It taught me how to work to my goals, finish what I started, and lots of patients. It also gave me a hobby I can enjoy for the rest of my life. Even when I’m 85-years-old and living in a nursing home I’ll still have my passion. Art has taught me a valuable life lesson that I will cherish forever.

6: Heidi Gauvin | Pete Wentz’s eyebrows changed my life. He was the reason that Heidi and I meet each other. We meet on a sunny Tuesday afternoon at the camp I am proud to call home during the summer. I was talking to my red-headed friend Morgan when my ADD attacked. I then struck up a conversation about how Pete Wentz (Pete Wentz is a member of a band) has really bushy eyebrows. Morgan being the sane person that she is just gave me the weird look that I deserved for bringing this up. With this comment I also caught another person’s attention. This person is someone whom I now can name as my best friend with great honor and pride. At this comment Heidi Gauvin turned around from her lonesome spot on the bench next to me. Unlike Morgan she was intrigued by this comment. This started up on the first conversation of many that were to be had between the two of us. By the end of the afternoon we were best friends and had a whole secret mission planned out to shave off Pete’s eyebrows. The following few days that we had left together followed in similar suite. We discovered more and more that we had alike as each day went by. Many knew stories that we can look back to and just laugh. Many inside jokes were created. And most importantly two new friends were made. During this experience I learned a lot. I learned that soul mates are for more than people that are in love. You can have a friend that you meet along the way on your journey that can be one. That’s what Heidi is to me. I came into camp that year thinking that the two weeks themselves would be an odyssey. Boy, was I wrong! Meeting my best friend turned out to be an epic journey and an odyssey in itself. So, you better watch out, you never know what life will surprise you with, even on the most ordinary of days.

7: Kara's family portrait

8: The summer before 7th grade became the starting point for something wonderful. It was the first year that I went to camp at Camp 4H. Well I was there I meet so many good friends that I will keep forever. This year will be my 4th year at this wonderful establishment. I can’t wait to go back! Before I went to camp I had not dreamed of ever enjoying camp as much as I did. My mother wanted to get me out of the house for them summer, so she decided to sent me to camp. I cried and cried, begging her not to make me go to an evil place such as camp, but she wouldn’t give in. I was off to camp for the first time in just a few months. July came and it was time for camp. The miserable feelings went away. Worry, nervousness, and excitement all mixed together in my stomach. When I got there the sites were like nothing I ever saw. The camp sat on a lake that ran into a river that went as far back as the eye could see. In front of me was a hill to the cabins that looked perfect for someone in need of exercise. Running down the hill was a stream of cabins and building that looked like they were straight out of an 1800 fairy tale. I was standing here looking at all of this on a big open green patch of grass perfect for running around and having fun. I knew at that point that this was the place I wanted to spend my summers for years to come. During this journey I learned a lot. I learned what true friendship is. The value of helping others. Even some life skills in case I was stuck alone in the wilderness. Camp is now the place that I am glad to call home in the summer. I love it so much I even count down the days still I get to go again. 204, if you were wondering. | Camp 4H

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