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My life book 2009-2011 (intros)

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My life book 2009-2011 (intros) - Page Text Content

S: The Beginning of the Journey

FC: The Beginning of the Journey | 2010-2011

1: As I got older and more mature, Katie learned she could trust me, and actually talk to me about things. And I learned I could do the same with her. From there we started talking; bonding. A strong friendship formed that I don't think either of us saw coming. There was a period when we went down to the bridge at the end of our street everyday. We talked, ranted, or just got out of the house for a while. It was there we really became close and I was able to hangout with her and her friends. And we were able to be who we wanted; ourselves. It was there, the best time of my life began. | And so, our story begins...

2: Winter of 2009 I started helping Terri with her in-home daycare. It was fun, I started spending weeks at a time over there. And I gained more new, strong, friendships. | It soon became less about work. I'd stay there to be with them. It literally is my second home. Terri and I realized we have more in common than we thought, we really bonded. | Lucas and I developed a relationship, and get along well. I met Cameron, who, at the time, was as much a part of the family as I am. I spent most of my nights just contently watching Lucas and Cameron play Halo. | Debra, Terri's friend of 3 years from Steak N' Shake, joined our group of fun and moved in with Terri. She added a nice spunk to our crew.

3: The daycare did amazing things, and the kids were (occasionally) super adorable. | These kids had the coolest imaginations | It really amazed me, watching how all the kids developed and said the most interesting things. I've definitely learned a thing or two from them.

4: Katie really is my best friend. The only person I feel I can truly tell anything and everything to. And I really take her advice to heart. And trust her. And it seems she feels the same with me. I don't know what I would do without her. She's super intelligent and is always looking out for me. Making sure I'm in good hands. She's super understanding. She hardly says anything around a lot of people. But when it's just our little gang she's really silly. Sometimes she just skips around the house being awesome and silly. Katie's incredibly passionate about everything she does and deeply cares for those around her.

5: Katie and I's relationship continued to grow and we became each others best (and only..) friend. Then Katie and her long-time friend, Nick FINALLY got together. Katie and Nick are kind of like Lydia and Wes, they don't do much else besides be cute and awesome.

6: Katie and Nick are a perfect couple. They don't fight and have everything in common. As I often say -and get picked on for- They are the same person in two bodies and I mean it. And no matter how much they tease me, they know it's true. | I feel privileged to be able to constantly be around such strong love. It's true, and I know people always say that but this is really different. And it gives me hope. The way they're so connected and committed is beautiful. | They started this thing, were they'd call each other moo*. And It's just so adorable. Not one day has gone by yet that Katie hasn't told me how cute Nick is. | *Moo: an affectionate term used to describe something incredibly adorable and is ONLY used by Nick and Katie.. anyone else will be killed.

7: Awwww

8: Nick is certainly on the crazy side at times. But Katie is too. And I think him being crazy made it easier for us to accept him as quick as we did. Nick is very intelligent. And another great person to get advice from. I also take his advice to heart. Nick is very good at fucking with people's heads when out in public. He always puts on a show, a very funny show. Especially when Lucas is with him. He's very good at being black, and really any other ethnicity you can think of.. Nick is very creative he comes up with these rants that are totally unrealistic and hilarious. Nick is also very compassionate in everything he does. It's amazing the way he loves Katie. Nick is a great older brother, and looks out for me as Katie does. Definitely couldn't have asked for better older siblings. | Nick put a cigarette out on his forehead <--

9: (Hair dye) -->

10: I definitely had a complete second home at Terri's. They are the best people I know next to Katie and Nick. Lydia and Wesley are the coolest little kids I've ever met and Terri and Lucas have lots of advice and guidance, and just overall awesomeness.

11: (Photo collage time!! --->)

12: Terri is the coolest 36 year old I know. She's definitely been like a second mom to me. She's always looking out for me. I admire how strong of a woman she is. She has her weak spots, as we all do, but she's a tough cookie when it comes down to it. I love the way she looks at life. She gets things done even if it 'causes for an awkward situation. She's tells it like it is. (Did I mention that sometimes she's black?) It's been so fun dying our hair crazy colors together! Terri is a great mom and always tries to do what thinks is best for the kids. It's been rough; that whole situation. But she gets through it. And in the end is stronger from it and the kids will thank her for doing what she did.

13: Terri's tattoo | -->

14: Lucas is crazy to put it simply. This guy makes some of the silliest faces I've ever seen. And is great at annoying the general public. (I'm positive all of the old 3rd shift workers at Wal-Mart hated him) Being out in public with him is always very interesting.. and loud. (He has a lovely singing voice) Before our friends meet Lucas Katie and I always say "Fair warning; my cousin's crazy." Lucas is really smart and pretty easy to talk to. He looks at life very scientifically. He's really just a blunt asshole, and sometimes he's a bit too blunt, but in the end he gives great advice and we wouldn't have him any other way. Lucas and Nick really bonded (Socially and otherwise. . . ) Lord knows what shenanigans are to come when you get those two together. Usually awesome shenanigans. | He was very passionate about Cameron . . -->

16: Lydia and Wesley are the coolest little kids I've ever met! They say the most interesting, and entertaining things. It's been so amazing to watch them grow and learn and develop personalities. | Lydia is a super creative, inquisitive little goofball. Wes is going through 'the terrible twos' But he's a pretty smart baby overall. He's very comprehensive.

20: The Hooping Life! | In summer 2010 Terri started hooping. It wasn't long before I just had to try it out. She showed some videos of people hooping. ShpongeldHoops was the first hooper I saw. I was completely astonished. I never imagined myself being as good as she was. And so, Terri gifted unto me, her first hoop. She, at the time, was using a 39" 3/4 tubing hoop. The hoop she gave me was a 3 pound, 42", 3/4 tubing hoop. That thing seems like a giant now, ha. But I was so excited about it at the time. And I hooped and hooped and hooped. I had bruises all over. Kids at school were concerned I was bring beaten. The way they looked at me when I said it was from hula hooping was priceless. It was so fun to hoop with Terri all the time. And still is. ^_^ | As Terri and I got better, we realized we needed to down-size. Literally. Beginners typically progress down 2 inches at a time. We decided to go 6 inches. She bought her and I twin 34" skinny, super bouncy hoops. We had no idea what to do with them at first. Didn't take long to figure it out though. Suddenly everything was better in the dance. And we continued getting smaller hoops or bigger hoops playing with all the sizes. And it truly became an art.

21: It seemed inevitable that I would show Lacey. And she got into it too. Everyone started hooping!

22: Lacey and I hooped our hearts out one particular night. That was fun. Lots of silly bloopers; Kinda like that | ----> | And that | ----> | And that | ---->

23: I helped Terri re-paint her house and for pay she bought me an LED hoop. I absolutely love that hoop.

24: The summer of 2010, I was practically living with Terri and them. I literally only came home on the weekends. So that was when I really got a chance to become a part of their family and try and pretend my original one didn't exist, at the time I didn't like being home, I was annoyed by Kevin and Katie was always gone. And we had so much fun. Lucas and I walked Beech Grove all the time. And Terri and I were able to let out our talkative sides. Which were very big. | The first night I met Cameron, after he went to sleep, Lucas asked Katie on MySpace what we should do to him in his sleep. Katie suggested writing on him. A classic. So Lucas grabbed a sharpie, I grabbed my video camera and we headed upstairs. He ended up drawing 20... man genitals on his back. I got it on tape, but that tape got ruined a while back. Cameron was really pissed the next morning. | When Terri moved into her house on S. 8th Street, we started having more fun.. | Once, I was telling Lucas he had to see the moon because it was huge and orange and it was still light out. So he ran down the grass-alley type thing that was their back yard at the apartment and jumped onto those big gray boxes that are everywhere. I'm not exactly sure what they are. And he was staring at the moon then some girls were walking by and told him to pull his pants up because they were sagging. So he pulled his pants down to his ankles and did the "Lucas Dance" With the bending of the elbows and knees and slapping of the shoes and what not. Of course they just giggled and kept walking. One girl did though threaten to "cut him" Which cracked me up.

25: Lucas and I often would walk up to Wal-Mart on Emerson during the summer that I was living with them. Sometimes with a purpose, usually out of boredom. I tell ya, that was not an easy walk. It seemed to be a habit of the family's to go into Wal-Mart through the garden section. And right as you do there are those curtain holders, and I think just about every time we went up there Lucas grabbed one of those. It was always a weapon of sorts. Once he called it a Stick O' Doom. | After Nick joined the family, he and Katie started hanging out with all of us. Which was even more fun. We started having parties with them. | Once, Katie Nick and Lucas and I walked to Central (which is a park near Terri's house) around 2 am, and stayed there 'til dawn. At one point Lucas was walking on the play ground and went to step on the spiraling plastic stairs and slipped and fell down them. He hurt his back, but after a long, hot shower he was alright. We kept seeing shooting stars. Come to find out it was the biggest meteor shower in almost 30 years. We figured something was up; seeing more than one shooting star in one night seemed all too amazing to be true. It was super cool though. When we drove home in the morning, the sun and moon looked amazing. And you could see them both at one time. I can't even describe how they looked, but it was beautiful. | Usually, during our parties, during the fun, Lucas Katie Nick and I would walk to the intersection on the alleyway entrance to Sarah T. Park. And we'd sit down and just talk. And that was it. Sometimes we'd actually go into the park and look at the stars in the parking lot which looked really pretty at night or just watch the bats flying around.

26: After Nick got his license, our fun grew.. We were able to go to Terri's more often and also go on awesome car rides. And go on awesome car rides we did. | One time, Nick was over at our house and he and Katie decided to go driving and they invited me along as I have no friends and no life. It was around 11pm. And I was all for it as I was every car ride before and after. We never ever had anywhere particular to go, we always were just.. going. This time, we ended up at Irving Circle. And there happened to be a group of almost 20 teenagers there doing.. well illegal things.. So, Nick being Nick, decided to mess with them. He started speeding around the circle time and time again yelling, "I'm a racecar!! I'm a racecar!!" over and over for probably 5 minutes and we sped off down one of the roads connected to it. But there was no way we were leaving them with just that. No fucking way. So we drove a bit as Nick and Katie's creative juices (A..K..A.. adrenaline) were flowing; crashing down rapids. It seemed to have come to him; we made a U-turn and went back for round 2. This time, we slowed it down a bit. Nick turned on his flashers, pulled the seat up all the way to the steering wheel, and leaned forward with both hands on the wheel, elbows out. Looking like an old person. And we drove reeeal slow around the circle. We did that for a long time. The stupid teens watched and were yelling retarded things. Then all the sudden he puts the pedal to the metal and screamed "I'M A MOTHERFUCKING RACECAAAAAR" And again we drove off. Now we've gotta think of something else. So he pushed the driver seat all the way back to where he was looking out of the back window and was having Katie steer for him. Just circling them like that.

27: All the while ranting something about how stupid teenagers are at them. I don't remember what exactly he said. But it was awesome. | Now, we had to go back once more for the finale. So Nick played a song that I believe is called 'Bottom' by Tool. And we rolled every window down and started the song right at the really cool somewhat creepy but mellow instrumental part right before Maymard starts talking; just staring at them. All of us. Just staring; blaring this awesome song. Then the part came where Maynard goes "I'm naked and fearless. And my fear is naked" So, Nick of course screams it as it is in the song, like, "I'm naked and fearless, and my fear is NAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!" Like that. And when he did he sped up really fast and wasn't really looking and we almost crashed into a car. But he swerved us out of the way in time. Had he not I'm sure we would've gotten really hurt. It was scary, but overall awesome. One of the best car rides we've ever gone on. | Another time, we went driving around for Lucas' birthday. That was fun. We picked up Vince because he needed to hangout with someone and we all went to Wal-Mart. Katie, Nick, Lucas, Vince and I. A full car. It was nice to have some company in the back seat for once. Anyway, we went to Wal-Mart and as, we always do, went straight to the electronic section.

28: As we were walking in, one of the employees was yelling for a "Josh" So Nick, Lucas and Vince started going "Josh!" "Joshua" "Joshy!" "JoshyBoy!" it was pretty funny. I think one the workers was even laughing. | After that, Katie ran away from us so I was just following Nick and Lucas around because Vince had too disappeared. Then we lost Lucas. So after a while, it became a game of hide and seek. And Nick grabbed a pink army hat and pink sunglasses and was acting like my pimp. And calling me his "Hoe" as we were looking for Katie. Soon enough we found Lucas- riding on Vince's back. We still had yet to find Katie.. Since she's short it was easy for her to get away. We found her looking at lip rings, haha. On the way home from that trip, we all sang along to Bohemian Rhapsody. Goooood times. | Some time in November 2011, I went with Katie to watch Nick's band, Suicides for Sonnets, (which only consists of Him and His good friend Steve) play at the Lazy Daze coffee shop open-mic night in Irvington next to the Irving theater. Steve lives in the apartment above the coffee house. So, him and Nick were going to play, but Steve got held up by something. And by the time he finally got there, Katie was feeling kind of sick. So we all just went up to Steve's apartment and chilled. Nick and Steve jammed. Then Nick bought us Taco Bell, which I really enjoyed that night, because I'd been craving it for a long time. | Then we went back to Steve's apartment, they jammed a bit more and we all went home. it was really fun.

29: This was typically how our parties looked at that time.

30: Renovations | Sara's room | Before

31: After | (My dad drew the ceiling. We all helped paint it, aside from Kevin.)

32: Renovations | Before | At Terri's

33: After

34: Oh dear. Where to begin about Lacey? Haha. We've been best friends since kindergarten. We haven't fought to this day. Lacey is definitely one-of-a-kind. She's crazy and loud and a social butterfly. And I love her. I learned a lot about life from her.

36: I had a lot of good times with Lacey's youth group. Like the Christmas lock-in winter of 2010

37: We played a game where each team wraps up a person with toilet paper and tries to carry them across the finish line before the other 2 teams. I, of course, was the smallest so they carried me. | And we won. It was pretty fun. Even when they dropped me after we crossed the finish line.

38: We also baked cookies! | (I don't remember what was so funny. But I'm sure it was awesome)

39: In 2011 there was also the country night/Taco pitch-in (I didn't bring any food, but I helped eat the Tacos) and Youth Sunday the day after. (which is where the youth leads the service) | (I only wore the dress if I could wear the shoes) | (My blue hair before it turned green)

40: It seemed like every time I went to Lacey's she did my make-up and dressed me up and did my hair. | These were taken one night at Lacey's house after I dyed my hair red in November 2011. (though it turned pink and looks orange in these pictures)

42: My Halloweens | 2010 | Lacey's | Cruellla Deville | I was a ninja, | The '12th Man' | A leprechaun | A Pirate | The elf

43: I snuck into almost all of the pictures and no one even knew until they were put online. I was really living up to my ninja roll | Lacey, Mikala and Julia (who you can't see) were having a heated discussion on whether an Elf for a Leprechaun would win in a fight against each other. | Yeah, I had a lot of nachos that night

44: 2010 Terri's | Spider-Man... or, girl. | A shadow-sprinting ninja | Flo the Progressive Girl | A little pumpkin

45: Sadly I literally did absolutely nothing for Halloween, but these pictures from Terri's house are super cute. Lydia was a SpiderMan-Pikachu, Terri was a PokeTrainer mom and Wes went as a little dragon | Terri's Halloween 2011

46: The Project School | I went to the project school all of 5th and 6th grade, half of 7th grade and about two weeks of 8th grade before I dropped out of school completely (that's another story for another page) | *Phil, Gavin, Even, Cennie, Asher, Braden, Omlet (Desmond), Lucy*

47: My Crew | Cennie Scott She was the first friend I made at TPS 5th grade year, the first day of school. She's super silly.. and tall. She's got a very unique sense of humor. She's always blurting out random, hilarious things. She's a very loyal friend. I mean, she's put up with me for this long, right? She was always concerned about why I wasn't at school; making sure I was okay. She definitely kept me entertained, even if it was just watching her get angry at little children Little kids always seemed to hate Cennie for some reason... I love that little crazy. She's definitely a generally kind-hearted person and it's hard to find people like that anymore.

48: Lucy Burton | I first met Lucy when she visited our class in 5th grade, she is a grade above me, so she was in 6th at the time. We became friends the following year when she started attending TPS. We clicked right away. Lucy is a very compassionate about everything she does. She's very crafty, good with a needle and thread if know what I mean. She definitely puts her heart into what she does. And she's a great friend. Not afraid to tell it like it is, but in a very generous way. I think the best way Lucy entertained me was with her burning hatred for Braden. Lucy is a great person. She's very supportive and always lends an open ear. Lucy and I are currently pen-pals. Which is awesome!

49: Braden Hinkle and Gavin Harp | I met Braden in the first year, but only started being friends with him when I was in 6th grade Braden is also a year older than I, so he was in 7th grade at this point. I met Gavin in 7th grade. I missed the first part of the year and he'd already made friends with Cennie and Lucy so when I re-joined the group we also became friends. I put Braden and Gavin into the same section because they are very similar, they are both super tall (and I need to save as many pages as possible haha) Braden and Gain are two VERY nerdy kids. Braden is nerdy as far as computers, video games, stereo-typical nerd stuff. Gavin is nerdy in a little different way, he's all about history and has a lot of book smarts. Braden has book smarts too, but I don't think that's where his nerdiness exceeds. Anyway, they are two awesome dudes! Braden is very enthusiastic about.. everything and has a very animated sense of humor. Gavin has this sometimes neutral demeanor about him, so when he cracks a wise one, it's just all the more hilarious. And usually pretty clever. Although I didn't get as close with them as I did Cennie and Lucy they are still some of my dearest friends. | Braden | Gavin

50: And then there was Asher. (I'm not sure what his last name is) He is a year younger than I am. I met him in 5th grade (his 4th). But we only really started being friends in 6th grade. He's um.. well.. crazy. I suppose that's a bit of an understatement. Not bad crazy.. just.. crazy crazy. He's has somewhat of a mental disability, but that made him the awesome little crazy he is. He's obsessed with blowing things up. Really just killing things in general. And loves to be loud. He has a lot of book smarts though. Everything that boy said was so entertaining. Never was there a dull conversation with him. He was passionate about Art. He was very very comical and animated. His imagination was very amazing. He dyed his hair blue with me in 7th grade. That was awesome! | Asher

51: Tim Grazian | Mr. Tim was our main teacher 6-8th grade. He is totally awesome and definitely the best teacher I've ever have and ever will have. Right next to Mr.Nick. Mr.Tim was super funny and easy-going. He was firm when need-be, but otherwise was a really laid back guy. And he was really easy to talk to as a teacher. He made learning a hell of a lot easier, because he always made it fun. He was really good at guitar and really horrible at drawing. He was also dyslexic so, right on to him. Being a dyslexic teacher is hard.. trust me I've seen it. He was also a writer which was cool because that was always my favorite subject in school. He was really good with cheering everyone up, and really cared for his students. Mr.Tim also really liked my blue hair, most teachers would look down on something like that.

52: Nick Selm Mr.Nick was our assistant teacher/sub when needed in 6th and 7th grade. He then went on to teach, I believe, his own class in the 4th and 5th grade classes. Heaven help him. Mr.Nick was definitely one of the coolest teachers I've ever had He was my music and anime buddy. He liked all the animes I'm into and was into awesome music. So we bonded that way. He also was very funny. Though a great artist. Mr.Nick also took part in making school all the more better. Although TPS really wasn't too bad of a place to spend most of my days. Anyways, he was also really into me dying my hair. He was really smart and easy to get along with. You will definitely never find teachers like Mr.Tim and Mr.Nick anywhere else.

53: In my 7th grade -Lucy and Braden's 8th- Cennie, Lucy, Braden, Gavin and I were all in leadership at TPS, so we took a field trip to Bloomington to visit our sister school, Bloomington TPS (we were the original) That was super cool, I'd never been to Bloomington before. And all the people there were super nice, and super hipster. haha | A mural Bloomington TPS made | Lucy on a bear outside of.. I think a library.

54: Suicides for Sonnets | Nick and his good friend, Steve (whom he now lives with in a tiny appartment above Lazy Daze coffee shop) started a two-man band last year called Suicides for Sonnets. Equipped with only two acoustic guitars, two beautiful voices and lots of intelligence, S.F.S. is really gaining a fan base.. well as big of a 'fan base' as one can really have in Irvington anyway. They are amazing, in any case. Steve is the lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Nick is backup vocals and lead guitar. You can always hear the passion behind every song they play. It's pretty moving. | Not to mention Nick and Steve are two pretty awesome people! | (Nick's face says "I'm a moo cow")

56: In April 2012, Suicides For Sonnets started hosting Lazy Daze's Acoustic open stage the shop has in the summer. Which is where artists of all kinds come and perform completely raw and acoustic on a miniature stage set up outside of the coffee house and anyone is welcome to come and watch.

57: Shortly after Suicides for Sonnets started regularly playing at Lazy Daze, Nick moved in with Steve. Katie and Nick had been wanting to get kittens to share for quite a while and now that Nick had his own place they thought, when would be a better time? | They got two girls, a gray one named Cheese and a calico one named Fries. (Fries is the runt) Fries loves cuddling up with her older sister when she sleeps.

58: And so it would be, that Katie, Nick, Lucas and Terri would be my best friends.

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