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My Memoirs

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S: MEMOIR by Ana Geoana



1: Going to school was a pleasure to me ever since kindergarten. I loved socializing and I’ve always had fun in school. I haven’t had any problems in school and I always got along with all my classmates. I had fun learning and experiencing different systems of education. I also had a good relationship with my teachers and parents and that gave me a good push into studying and making the best out of my school years. From the beginning I knew that maybe the most important years of my life would be spent in school,so why not make the best of it? I always thought that education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. I realized that there isn’t only one type of education. The school provides you with an important amount of educative activities and classes, but you also receive education at home, from your parents. Both are extremely important in one’s life. If we wouldn’t have the education from school we couldn’t take the track we want to take in life, and without the education from our parents we wouldn’t know how to behave adequately in different entourages.

2: My first memories of kindergarten started when I was 6 years old. I was going to St. Patrick’s kindergarten in Washington DC. I remember my first day at kindergarten. Everything seemed so big- the school, the teachers. I was a bit frightened. Then I met my teacher Ms. Sun, she was amazing, and every day I wanted to go to kindergarten because of her. We loved her more with every day. I made many friends that year. My best friends were Adam and Titi. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was small and I didn't like playing with girls. Me, Adam and Titi were the inseparable trio. We spent each break together and after school we were all carpooling with Adam’s mom, and she would always take us to eat ice cream. I had so much fun that year and it was so hard leaving all these memories behind and moving to Romania.

3: When I got to Romania I refused to speak Romanian and I spoke only English due to the last 7 years I spent in the States. That was a real struggle for my parents, and it was hard for them to send me to Romanian school. In the end they sent me to the British school. First grade was fun and I made many friends from the beginning. I had two best friends, Jessi and Lea. We were always having fun with everything we did together. I remember my teacher was British and her name was Ms. Rigdon. She played the guitar every class while she gave us work and she was always read to us books from the series Amelia Badelia. I enjoyed first grade and all the fun we had.

4: In 2nd grade my parents decided to move me to Romanian school. When I started out there I made many friends. In first grade my best friend was Marwa, which still is my best friend today. We had so much fun together, I remember we both were always hungry and we’d bring cooked food from home, to school. We were always laughing but also got the best grades in the class. Our teacher was called Ms. Ionescu, and she was a very pleasant teacher and always had patience to explain everything we didn’t understand. We had the same teacher from 1st grade up to 4th | Marwa and I at the end of 2nd grade

5: 3rd grade started getting a bit harder. I remember that I loved math because it seemed to me that it was the only logical subject. I didn’t like Romanian grammar but I liked the literature. I recall how everyone feared our English teacher. She was incredibly tall, skinny and quite severe. Marwa left that year and I made another best friend, her name was Patricia. We are still best friends nowadays and we have the same fun as we did in the first day we became friends. I had very good grades and I always made my parents proud of me at the end of each year when I was getting 1st “prize” | Patricia and I at the winter concert

6: 4th grade was the last year in elementary (in Romanian schools) we were the biggest from elementary, and we felt proud and we had a big ego, but we feared going into middle school, being the youngest again. 4th grade is a year I’ll never forget. It was the best school year. We always had parties for every single Saint and we would celebrate them in class with music, food and drinks. At the end we also had a really fun ‘graduation’ party. I finished all these years with 1st prize in the class and I was really proud of myself. | end of year costume party

7: When we got into 5th grade many things changed. We had a different teacher for each subject but we were still the same students with a very tight bond. I hated 5th grade. I was good in all the subjects except biology. I couldn’t understand some lessons and then slowly it all made no sense. I got 10 out of 10 in all subjects by the end of the year except in biology. This was the first year when I didn’t get 1st prize. I was disappointed in myself, but my parents’ weren’t. They thought I did the best I could, but I knew I could have done much better in biology if I understood it. Our math teacher was very severe, and old. He was a real mathematician. We all feared him but in the same time we loved him just as much because he taught us so many formulas and everything we needed to know about math. In 5th grade a new girl came and I became best friends with her. You know how they say “people who are alike get together”. The similarity between us was that we both failed in understanding biology. We became best friends since.

8: 6th grade was a good school year. As opposed to 5th grade I liked it a lot. The bond between us, classmates, became stronger and we had loads of fun. We made classes seem more interesting and we all were good to the teachers, so they were as well on our side it was categorized as the 2nd one of the most fun school years. The school introduced all the 6th grade students to a new subject- phisics; at the beginning I didn’t like it but once I started to get the hang of it, it seemed to make sense. I got on track with biology too, and my final grade ended up being 9.97 out of 10.

9: Before I began 7th grade my parents decided to move my studies to AISB. At first I was excited. It was a bit hard for me to accommodate because the Romanian school was so different. I didn't like it here, and I missed my old school, but soon I made friends and it was better. Mr. Cochrane was my English teacher and I simply adored him. My favorite subject was humanities, because we had an awesome teacher- Mr. Esteller. Even though he gave us a lot of homework it seemed easy because he explained it thoroughly. Overall it was a good year. | AISB

10: Even though 8th grade hasn’t ended yet, I think I have a pretty well structured opinion of it. Nothing interesting or special happened this year. It was a normal school year for me, and to define normal: I had a moderate amount of fun, but nothing out of the ordinary. I participated in the CEESA tennis team and also the CEESA basketball team. I think it was a pretty hard academic year, but I hope next year will be better. If not, I will put more effort to make it better! | CEESA basketball 2010

11: Being in a school, making part of a community or more is important for each of us. We pass through different stages of our life and get new experiences from each one. We learn from our mistakes and we also have fun. I am looking forward to the next years of my school years and I can’t wait to get into high school, and you never know, maybe in 12th grade I’ll have fun writing another memoir of my high school years! Until then I fully enjoyed writing this one!

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