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My Poetry

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FC: My Poetry | Author: Gabriella Emlet

1: Introduction, This book is a book of all my poetry Ive created through my childhood and now. I hope you enjoy this book it took me a long time to create it.

2: I Wonder Why By, Gabriella Emlet I wonder why why I'm gonna die i wonder why why the world makes me cry i wonder why why I'm feeling this inside i wonder why why i always miss i wonder why why you put me through this i wonder why why I'm falling for you i wonder why why i love you

3: No one By, Gabriella Emlet broken doors broken bones broken heart broken stones bleeding love bleeding heart bleeding trust torn apart no trust no one no love no im done no one knows no one cares no one loves ANYWHERE! im not alone im done crying im leaving now im dying

4: Broken Inside by, Gabriella Emlet one love one heart broken in pieces falling apart Laying here on the floor 'but you already out the door my heart broken in two tiny little pieces i don't know what to do im wishing you were here i truly do love you your my everything dear.

5: Lost by, Gabriella Emlet please please come find me im trapped inside i cannot see laying here in the shadows ive already lost all my battles i cannot see there are no sounds im laying here on the cold ground theres no one here im all alone i wish i could just go home im wondering now what happened to me i cannot speak i cannot see

6: Gabriella Emlet no one knows how far youll go to see the one you love no one knows what youll do until your all gone i know what ill do how far ill go all because i love you

7: Lil Rainbow by, Gabriella Emlet lil rainbow sprawled across the sky lil rainbow way up high lil rainbow so colorful and bright lil rainbow your never out of sight lil rainbow its time to go good bye lil rainbow until next time

8: Gods Way By, Gabriella Emlet i give you my heart hoping you wont break it but when i get it back its ripped in shreds i take the remaining pieces and sew them back together i build a wall around my heart SAFE, but not forever i still feel pain every time my heart beats losing blood every second the stitches not staying i wonder why I'm still here wishing to leave i found this guy he said he'd take all the pain and misery away then i take down the wall I'm safe then i awake to a horrible sight my life it's back i grab a rope i tie it tight the lights go out goodnight

9: I Love you by, Gabriella Emlet I love you I love you with all of my heart i love you I love you right from the start I love you i love you until the end i love you i love you more than a friend i love you i love you forever and ever i love you i love you so never say never i love you i love you for the rest of my life i love you i love you enough to be your wife i love you i love you right from the start i love you i love you with all of my heart

10: Kayden by, Gabriella Emlet Kayden a name I've come to love Kayden an angel from above Kayden my one and only Kayden With him ill never be lonely Kayden the one who makes me smile Kayden I want to be with him for a long while Kayden never say never Kayden I love You Forever

11: LOVE by, Gabriella Emlet LOVE no one knows the true meaning LOVE no one knows how to explain it LOVE no one understands why i feel this LOVE no one knows what love is LOVE i may not know what love is but i know i feel it with you

12: Roses are red by, Gabriella Emlet Roses are red violets are blue so is my undying love for you but when your not there when i turn around holding your silence there is no sound roses are red violets are blue but when i turn around where are you

13: Why by, Gabriella Emlet Why do we live life crying and feeling pain why do we live life cutting through our veins why do we feel our lives are over why do we feel were running in circles why do we love the feeling of love why do we love like 2 doves why do we get broken hearts why do we get the feeling were falling apart why do we see the pain of others why do we see but not help one another i dont know how or what to do all i know is i still love you

14: Why me? by, Gabriella Emlet see me standing her all alone never a smile on my ace or a family in my home not a word leaves my lips nor do i make a sound all i do day after day is make a happy face frown I'm all alone sitting here on the streets im sorry my dear i wish i could go back to things the way they were with no strings im sorry now i have nothing to say im going to continue to frown from day after day

15: Teddybear by, Gabriella Emlet want to know a person a person who i love i call him teddybear the only one i think of want to know a person a person who i trust i call him teddybear its magical, like fairy dust want to know a person a person who i want i call him teddybear the only one i want want to know a person a person who i love i call him teddybear

16: no ones perfect by, Gabriella Emlet im not perfect my hairs fucked up sometimes i cry and it smears my makeup im mean sometimes im not happy all the time i can be a bitch but its a personality thats mine im not where near perfect im not even pretty but im me and you can be you i dont need your pity im messy and disorganized im misunderstood bu tim me and you can be you but to me im just as good so dont call me perfect im nowhere near it no ones perfect so dont even try it

17: your not perfect by, Gabriella Emlet everyone has problems even you so stop acting perfect cause thats not true even if your popular or have everything you want i know exactly what you are a dirty little cunt so if your reading this i just want to say your no better than anyone else everyone has problems in their own way

18: I Love You by, Gabriella Emlet i gave you my everything my everything my virtue i hope you will be part of my future youll be my husband ill be your wife youll have everything a beautiful life no matter what ill always be here standing by your side facing our fears i know were not perfect i know we may fight but your always on my mind and in my dreams at night seeing you everyday makes my heart beat you truly have swept me off my feet i hope you do love me to because i know i love you

19: My Best Friends by, Gabriela Emlet my best friends their always here by my side drinking beers we fuck up we make mistakes but were side by side whatever trouble we make were not alone we have each other sitting in jail laughing at one another my best friends we have our sins were always together through thick and thin jennilee hetrick, kayonna rock making fun of the kids we mock kayden bupp, stevie lynn keeping together our favorite sins Autumn swauger, katie hare a friendship that no one can share more to come a list of friends sticking together until the end

20: I wanna know by, Gabriella Emlet i wanna know why you care so much about me to take your last breath of air im sorry i messed up its not what i wanted to do i wanted to be with you i hope you wanted that to but now were apart with no where to turn we only have each other with nothing left to learn missing you or being alone id rather be with you where ever you may roam im sorry about the misery or the miserable pain but you don't have to cut through your pain im still there though i always will be until you tell me to leave i guess thats when you dont want me

21: I wanna know (continued) i never wanna hurt you that wasnt my intention i just wish you would of givin me more attention ya never know what you got till its gone i guess its true because now i relized im still in love with you

22: Im Sorry by, Gabriella Emlet im sorry i wasnt there im sorry i didnt try im sorry i put you through this im sorry i made you cry i didnt know what i had until you were gone and away now i wish you were here and not so far away i really miss you without a doubt now i wish i knew what love is all about love is the way i feel whenever you are near the way you send me flying to heaven and back my dear love is your touch that sends my to heaven and back your touch makes me forget all the times i didnt amount i wish you were here i really do i really miss you and i love you too

23: All alone by, Gabriella Emlet im sitting here all alone wishing i could find a home no where to go no one cars im about to take my last breath of air with this knife ill make a peck slitting through the skin on my neck i see the blood oozing down im dying now without a sound

24: Im about to die by, Gabriella Emlet watch me here with a knife ready to take my life no one cares no one likes me im always alone cant you see ima slut ima whore im ready to leave out the door watch me here say goodbye im hanging myself way up high

25: Im tired of this by, Gabriella Emlet im tired of this im tired of getting hurt im done playing games im treated like dirt im sick of cutting im done getting drunk nothing works anymore my stupid hearts sunk no more happiness no more fun ill cry till i die if im not your number 1 im sick and tired of the same old games being played then being forgot its just all the same well im fed up of your stupid lies mistreated and rejected i hope you fucking cry your a stupid fuck with a stupid life so ill help you out heres a knife

26: what ill be by, Gabriella Emlet see see what ill be without you here beside me im crushed im torn im falling apart you lier you sworn you said youd never leave but now you left taking with you my last breath

27: Getting drunk by, Gabriella Emlet vodka captain morgan its all fucked up even in the morning being drunk hangovers everyday stupid headaches go away i hate my life its all fucked up vodka and captain morgan helps me cheer up

28: i dont know by, Gabriella Emlet i dont know what to do when everything leads me to you i follow the same path everyday hoping i will find another way a way that leads me away from the pain you caused today you broke my heart its shadered falling apart im building a wall around my heart so i wont fall no ones allowed into my heart no ones allowed to pull it apart all i go through it leads me to you

29: My last breath of air by, Gabriella Emlet im gonna take my last breath of air all because no one cares kill me im done living slit my throat pain is all your giving im done with my life im gonna take it with this knife all because no one cares im gonna take my last breath of air

30: no one by, Gabriella Emlet no one to hide no where to go nobody here no body knows no one to run to no one to hold me no one cares no one knows me no one to smile no one to kiss no one to love no one to miss no one to feel no one to hug no one to cuddle no one to bug i wish i could find him the one who i will fall for the one who misses me when i walk out the door

31: devils wish by, Gabriella Emlet kill me now with this knife slit my throat take my life i hate this world slit my throat drown me instead send me afloat and if i cry please dont stop crush my soul i build on top kill me now slit my veins take away my unbarable pain heaven or hell please dont cry im the devils daughter or an angel in the sky kill me now take my life slit my throat with this knife

32: all about me by, Gabriella Emlet ok so heres a poem a poem about me so people can see the way i see so im a messy person im not at all smart and if i had the chance id hit my brother with a dart i almost never smile im sad sometimes but in the end youll see a smile because its a smile thats mine i slouch alot and i never pay attention to anything anyone says thats how i got detention Im mean to people people i dont like like this one girl i threatened with a knife im not in any way perfect not in a single way but today im gonna live like tomorrow is today

33: all about me 9continued) i like to write poetry and sing alot to and if i could pick one single person the person i pick is you my hair is sometimes messy its doesnt stay in place nor does my makeup it ends up on my face i dont like to fit in to be someone im not id rather be me then a prep or a jock so when you read this i hope you understand im not the same as anyone i live in my own land.

34: People who inspired me to become an author Kayden Bupp

35: Lindy Emlet Kevin Emlet Sr. Kevin Emlet Jr. Dave Black Robert Mentzer Jr. Renee Mentzer Roscoe Mentzer Becky Mentzer Debbie Lauver Ira Lauver Sr. Jazmin Lauver Layla Lauver Ira Lauver Jr Ira Lauver Jr Crystal Lauver Dottie Emlet Nicholas Emlet John Emlet Jonny Ray Leanne John Emlet | Johnny shotsburger Loretta shotsburger Adam shotsburger Meagan Fawver Tim fawver Faith Fawver Hannah fawver Dawn Fawver

36: Authors Note | My name is Gabriella Emlet. I've been writing since i was 9 years old and i am currently 13 years old. I'm growing up in Perry county, Pennsylvania. I live with my mom, step dad, and brother. i hope you enjoy this book because i enjoyed writing these poems.

37: I Hope You Enjoy This Book...

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