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Nathan Duell

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FC: The Haunted Woods Nathan Duell

1: I dedicate this to Dan Oberle, Conor Burns, and Greg Jaindl

2: You won't be able to put down if you like scary stories. A kid named Jaindl goes to the new Haunted Woods . When he arrives and gets into the Haunted Woods he sees a chainsaw guy. Except the chainsaw guy isn't an actor. HE IS REALL!!!! Read the book to find out what happens to Jaindl.

3: This story begins with a boy named Jaindl waking up and getting ready for school. He gets dressed and goes downstairs and sees his mom has made him a delicious breakfast with pancakes, sausages, and orange juice. When he finishes his breakfast he goes upstairs and brushes his teeth. Then he grabs his backpack and runs out the door and barley makes the bus.

4: When he gets on the bus his friends ask him if he is going to the Haunted Woods. Jaindl says, " I have never heard of the Haunted Woods before. Is it new or something." His one friend says, " It is a new Haunted Woods were people dress up and hide in the woods and try and scare you. It seems pretty cool ask if you can go." Jaindl says, " I will ask my mom when I get home from school."

5: When he gets to school all he can think about is the Haunted Woods. He doesn't pay attention to school at all that day. When he got called on he didn't even realize that he was called on. The day went by pretty fast for him. When Jaindl gets home he asks his mom about going to the Haunted Woods. Jaindl's mom says yes but asks how much it cost. Jaindl tells her the cost to get the tickets are $25.

6: Jaindl is very excited, today is Friday. Only one more day till he gets to go to the Haunted Woods. He asks all of his friends if they are going and they all say yes. He rushes through the school day. When he gets home he eats right away. Then he goes to bed even though it is only 7:30 PM.

7: He hears his alarm go off and jumps out of his bed to get ready to leave for the Haunted Woods. He takes a shower, gets dressed, eats, then brushes his teeth. It is now 5:30 and he is leaving at six. Jaindl is very excited to leave for the Haunted Woods.

8: He is waiting for his mom to tell him that they are leaving to go to the Haunted Woods. When he hears her say it he runs down the stairs and runs as fast as a speeding bullet out the door. He jumps in the car and cannot wait to get there. But it is a two hour drive. He ends up falling asleep on the way there.

9: He wakes up to his mom pushing his arm telling him to wake up because they are there. He gets out of the car with a big smile on his face. His mom gives him $50 for the tickets and for food. When he gets to the ticket booth he buys all the tickets. Then he goes and gets something to eat before he does any of the attractions.

10: He meets his friends and they go on the haunted hayride attraction. They get on and drive off into a cornfield. The hayride stops and a guy comes out of nowhere and scares everyone.

11: They go around a corner and see a circus tent. The tractor goes in the circus tent and it stops. Then the lights start flashing a whole bunch of zombie clowns come out and scare them.

12: The hayride goes to the beginning and stops and everyone gets off. Then Jaindl and his friends walk around until they find the haunted house. When they find it they wait a little bit to go in because it looks really scary. They then get a cup of fries right before going in the haunted house. They hand the ticket person their tickets on go in.

13: When they get in there all the lights are slowly dimming until they turn off. Then they turn back on, but to make it worse they had to walk down a narrow hallway. The monster would come out of the walls and scare you. Sometimes they would hang from the ceiling and jump down at you. Jaindl and his friends ran through the haunted house because they were so scared.

14: Jaindl and his friends run as fast as they can out of the haunted house. They then go to the arcade section and play there for a little. Jaindl came out with 20,000 tickets. Now they don't have money to buy anymore food with.

15: Jaindl and his friends for some reason can't find the haunted woods part of the place. They walk around asking people, but nobody knows where it is. Then they ask a worker at the place and they say it is on the other side of the park. So Jaindl and his friends walk about half way and sit down.

16: They sit on the bench for a little while and talk. Then they walk some more and finally find the entrance to the haunted woods. They stand there and talk to each other about how fun it has been so far. They walk to the entrance to the haunted woods and give them their tickets. Then they walk in through the entrance.

17: Jaindl gets very nervous and think about going back but when they turn around they see a sign that says, "no turn backs." Jaindl doesn't know what to do. | No Turn Backs!

18: Jaindl waits for his friends to walk through the gate so he isn't as scared. He is still very scared even though he is with his friends. They tell each other how scared they are and begin walking forward. Into the dark woods.

19: The first ten feet they walk a guy jumps out and gets like an inch away from his ear and says, " Your mine!!." Jaindl and his friends run as fast as they can until they can't see him anymore. They stop to catch their breath and talk. They begin walking again.

20: They walk and another guy jumps out and they run again. This time Jaindl trips and loses his friends. He walks around looking for them, but he can't find them. He gets very nervous and very scared. He walks around to see if he can find the exit, but he can't.

21: He walks around a corner and a guy is standing there with a chainsaw. Jaindl thinks it is fake until he sees that there are blades on the chainsaw and real blood on it. Jaindl runs as fast as he can but the chainsaw man is right behind him.

22: As Jaindl is running he falls and hurts his left arm. He gets up and sees a house twenty feet in front of him and runs into the house to hide. The only bad part is that he is not trapped in the house with the chainsaw man standing at the door.

23: He stays in the house for a little while. But he can still he the chainsaw man outside the door. He has no idea how to get out of the house. He hides in a dark corner and waits for the chainsaw man to walk away. The chainsaw man never does walk away.

24: Jaindl sits in the house for another twenty minutes, but then the door gets knocked over by the chainsaw man. Jaindl waits for the chainsaw man to walk into the house. When he does walk into the house Jaindl hits him and runs out the door.

25: Jaindl runs away and keeps running until he sees someone. He sees one of the workers and tells him that he is being chased by someone with a real chainsaw. The worker tells him it is just another worker. The chainsaw man comes out right next to them and sawed the worker in half. Jaindl runs for his life.

26: He sees the front gate and tells the gate worker to open it. The gate worker opens the gate for him. Jaindl tells him to call the cops because someone got murdered for real in the woods. They call the cops and they arrive five minutes after the call. The go in the haunted woods and see the chainsaw man.

27: They grab their pistols and shoot him fifty times. The cops walk up to the chainsaw man and confirm he is dead. He is. They later find the dead worker and make the place a crime scene. The place is forced to shut down from the murder.

28: THE END!

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