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New Life

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BC: Message about the author: Joselyn Andrea Velasquez | I'm very artistic and I'm a great person once you get to know me. I'm thankful for everything I have, even if I complain. And i complain a lot! | , Joselyn

FC: New Life Written and Illistrated By: Joselyn Velasquez | New Life | By: Joselyn Velasquez

1: This Book Is Dedicated To: All my best friends and cousins! | I Love You Guys! | My Halloween Party! | LAST DAY OF 7TH GRADE!!! | 2006 Fashion Bug Modeling | My trip to CALI!

2: The darkness surrounded me, eventually consuming me. I was alone in a small box. I was only able to sit in one position, even though I wanted to get up and walk around. Stuck in an empty, | \ dark box waiting, just collecting dust, hoping that one day, I will be set free of this prison. For now I will wait until the time comes. I awoke to the sound of muffled sounds outside. I pressed my ear against the wall as hard as I could, trying to make out the words. Not being able to hear anything, no matter how hard I tried, I began to give up on the whole idea of “being set free”. Although I felt the movement of the beasts that make the noise, it didn’t matter; I knew the beast wouldn’t free me. I shook my head in despair, and sighed. I let my excitement get to me and it bit me back.

3: Beginning to doze off, but trying to keep intact with the noises outside. I dare didn't close my eyes, maybe hoping for my dream to come true. A slight breeze awoke me. I got up and looked around and noticed my new surroundings. I took a deep breath of the chilly nip coming from an open window. The room smelled of lilacs and vanilla. Walls covered in pink, ribbons flowed across the room like air. Only one problem, a slight darkness was starting to take over the room! I fell back and watched as the daydream turned into a horrible nightmare! The darkness slowly spread through the room like a wild fire. Slowly the walls peeled and the air turned | polluted. I coughed as the horrible smell of cigarettes rolled in. Fog rolled in from the corners of the cracked door. I felt as my whole world was breaking apart.

4: . My heart pounded inside my chest and I felt numb. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming anymore or if I was watching a horror movie. I really wished I was still sleeping; I tried my hardest to wake myself up, but nothing worked. I tried pinching myself a few times, but I didn’t have any fingers. I wasn’t going to jump off the bed; my stuffing might come out if I rip. Maybe my owner will stitch me back up, but maybe they wouldn’t care; I still wouldn’t take that chance though. | “What’s up with your face?” chuckled a bear with spiked hair. She towered over me; it made me feel small, even though I knew I was taller. Her leather jacket matched her spiked boots perfectly, even her earring that was pierced high on her left ear. She was really cool looking, even though her yellow, creamy fur color and baby blue belly didn’t really go with her whole punk idea. I, on the other hand, was weak;

5: I was gray with a pink belly and arm. No not both arms, just one, the right arm to be exact; I never really knew how funny looking I looked until I appeared here. My fur didn’t really fit my personality; I would be more of a blue kind of rabbit, because of | sadness and loneliness. “Oh sorry I didn’t know-” I started to say. “Well, get used to it, I’m guessing you’re the newbie Amy kept bragging about.” The bear interrupted. “I’m sorry, but who’s Amy? And who are you and where am I?” I questioned. “I’m Spike, and you should know by now why Amy calls me that. And for starters Amy is our over lord; she owns everything you see here. This is Amy’s room and now you room too. The only problem is she’s gone for the day.

6: So don’t be so surprised if you don’t see her for a while, and see the room? Ya, she won’t be so different.” Spike answered proudly. She signaled for me to get up and follow her. The chains from her jacket kept jingling and it made me feel more comfortable. We walked towards a large box filled with clothes on a table beside the bed. “You can’t walk around here without some spikes or chains without being called nude.” She joshed, as she pushed me back. I stumbled over my feet and tripped. Spike grabbed my hand and pulled me up. She took a step back and scanned me. She went back | to the box and pulled out a nose/ear piercing, a plaid skirt, spiked belt and chained zip up boots. “Will it hurt?” I joked. “Uhh No?” she

7: smirked. My jaw dropped as she came at me with a needle pointing at the right ear. My heart beat a little faster and I froze. “OW! That did hurt!” I shouted as Spike put it through my ear again, but higher up almost at the tip. She slipped the nose/ear piercing through and closed them, helped me with the skirt, put the belt at an angle and slid on my boots. | I stood back up from zipping on the boots and felt like I had put on 10 pounds! “I feel really heavy” I complained to Spike. “You’ll get used to it,” she replied looking in the mirror admiring herself, “but for now it’ll feel like you taped a brick to yourself.” She slipped the nose/ear piercing through and closed them, helped me with the skirt, put the belt at an angle

8: and slid on my boots. I stood back up from zipping on the boots and felt like I had put on 10 pounds! “So, you like it?” she questioned. “Yeah, but is there anyone else here? Are you always alone? Like how you told me that I ‘can’t walk around without spikes or chains without being called nude’?” I cackled. She looked down and back up at me with a serious expression. I felt sorry for asking such a question without much thought. “There are some other toys here, but none of them will like you. Sorry,” she started, “but I can still introduce you to them if you want” she looked down at her feet and back up to me again. Almost as if she was still unsure about what she had just said. I couldn’t blame her either, it wasn’t her fault I came here, and I’m still just an intruder, pretty much stealing their belongings. “I don’t want to be ignored either so let’s go!” I perked up with an unsure smirk. We walked towards the edge of the bed and slid down on the cover. We stood up and walked under the bed.

9: From there I felt uncomfortable walking into their territory. Eyes followed my every movement, like they were cameras, but only have one focus, me. The floor once beneath me, hit my side. What’s wrong with me? Why did I faint under pressure? I thought if I had enough guts to say ‘I don’t want to be ignored!’ I would have the guts to walk in there without shaking knees, but I didn’t. I felt bright lights hit me and everything slowly came into focus. People crowded around me startled me and I jumped up. The air seemed clearer and warmer; the room I was in was different, much more different than Amy’s room. It was a light pink and stayed that way. The bed was lilac with rose colored circles at the edges. The framing was white, not an off white, a perfect white. Not a pillow out of place. Flowers were painted on the walls and little stars on the ceiling. The people were Barbie dolls and some animals that I remember glaring at me. They had worried looks across their faces, but a big smile

10: spread across Spike’s face. She jumped with excitement and ran to me. “How yah doing? You gave us all quite a scare there missy,” she joked mocking the doctor. I giggled and turned to face everybody. Spike helped me off the bed and introduced me to the Barbie dolls/doctors. “Hi! I’m Dr. Barbie. You can just call me Barbie though,” Barbie informed. “Yah, so when can we leave plastic?” Spike cackled. I laughed with her and we walked back to Amy’s room. “So where was that?” I asked wiping the last tear from my eye. She rubbed her eyes and spoke in an uneven tone, “That was um, Jessica’s room. Jessica is pretty much the absolute opposite of Amy, they’re twins, so they look alike, but some extreme profiles. See, Amy was once the better child, and Jessica wanted to be the greater child. Amy got a 95 on her test, and Jessica got 105. Amy got a star sticker, and Jessica got a star button.

11: It was always like that until Amy gave up trying to be good; her grade dropped to a D; the highest she ever gets is a C. She’s not friendly, or happy. She’s only happy with her friends or alone in her room with us listening to her music through her earphones, blasting her music, almost breaking her eardrums. She always gets detention, and teachers don't her. You wouldn’t know how alone she is even if you tried.” Tears filled ran down her cheeks, her face flushed and he ran, ran as far and as hard as she could. I wasn’t going to follow her; she just needed some time to herself. “But, you’re wrong this time Spike,” I spoke in a whisper to myself, “I would know how she feels, because I’ve been alone. Not with toys or friends, or even music to hurt my ears, just me” I felt as if I had just told someone about a horrible thing I had done, almost if I had told someone I destroyed another toy. Tears began filling my eyes, but I wouldn’t cry not here, not now. I rubbed my eyes hard and walked on. “Hi...” a large doll murmured. The doll had one button eye and a stitched eye. His mouth was

12: stitched too; when he spoke you saw some stuffing. He was dressed in a gray and black striped shirt and black shorts. His shoes were also black, but what confused me the most was he didn’t have any spikes or chains. I guess he’s nude, but he doesn’t seem like he’s nude, just dull and shy. His hair covered his stitched eye, but you could still somewhat see it. He spoke in a raspy, low voice it almost sounded like he was whispering, “I’m guessing your new here? I’m Stitch, as you can see all over me.” I searched for a spot of clear stitches and I noticed it on his leg. His leg also changed colors; he went from a light gray to a dark green. His hand too! I looked back up at him and noticed his blank expression. It startled me, and I thought that he froze. “Wait, rag dolls don’t freeze. That would just be creepy,” I whispered under my breath. “You’re right, I just don’t move around a lot,” he answered.

13: I was surprised to hear him reply to my comment, thinking I had said it quiet enough. Stitch walked past me and into Amy’s room. I followed hoping he would direct me around in the room. We quietly walked past the bed and onto a staircase make of dictionaries and thick books. The stairs were steep; I almost had to get on all fours and crawl up, but he walked up as if the stairs would never end. Slowly, but cautiously he walked up and into a box. It looked as if it were a store or house, but for the toys. Inside were two beds and on one was Spike staring at the opening. She stood, nodded at Stitch and walked towards me, as if she were charging at me. Her eyes focused on me and they were open wide. There was no longer a smiling sparkle in her eyes, it was just black. My eyes opened wide and I stepped back. She had reached out to grab me by the arm, but she missed. Her expression changed drastically, her eyes burned with fury and her mouth pinched.

14: I turned around, stumbled over my thick boots and got as quickly as possible to run. I ran down the stairs and to the bed, I quickly turned my head to see Spike yelling at Stitch with her fists in the air running down the steps. Wait, why am I running? Oh yeah, she looked like she was about to harm me. Ha, great, now how do I get up? I turned my head and searched for a sheet or cover long enough for me to reach out and climb onto the bed. THERE! I ran to the blanket and quickly started climbing like it was a rope. As I finally reached the top, Spike was already climbing on the blanket, but faster than I did. Panic ran through me and I ran towards the other side of the bed. Is this the end? No it can’t be, I haven’t even seen Amy yet! “Oh finally,” Spike huffed, “you’re where I want you to be.” “Wha-what do you mean?” I quaked with fear. My knees shook and I felt a need to faint. No, I have to face this like the strong rabbit I am. I stood as straight as I could without shaking, but it wasn’t much of a difference. I still shook,

15: like a poor old lady, or a person with only summer clothes in the winter. She inhaled a deep breath and exhaled loud. She stood up from her crouching position and walked towards me. I sucked all the air I could in and stuck my chest out. She was toe to toe with me, but she paid no attention. Her eyes were focus on mine and I could feel her breath on me. Feeling the need to step back, I remembered that I was on the ledge of the bed and one more step could hurt more than the floor, especially with all the material I had on. She stepped back and a smile spread across her face. “Amy will be home soon so you need to be where she left you,” She gleefully said. I exhaled and felt like fainting. All that just because I need to be on the bed? A little over the top if you ask me. “Oh, then why’d you get all angry? You looked as

16: if you were going to hurt me a minute ago,” I cackled. She laughed and then put a hand on my shoulder. “I was just still upset about before, but now I’m fine.” She sat me down where I once lay, adjusting to my new surroundings meeting my new friend and having an adventure. I put my head down and waited. I heard footsteps outside the door and it was kicked open. In came a 15 year old girl rocking out to her ear popping music. She played the air guitar and nodded to the music. Her clothes were black; she wore a leather jacket with spikes, and zip up chained boots, a plaid mini skirt with fishnet stockings. Her spiked belt was at an angle and her shirt was striped black and gray. She parted her hair at the side and her hair covered an eye, but just barely you could see it. “Oh yeah, I got a new toy yesterday from Tonny. Oh my Tonny~” Amy sighed. Her eyes fluttered and she walked towards the bed and sat beside me. “Like your fashion sense though,” she smirked and

17: looked at Spike. She picked me up and inspected me.Her eyes glittered, they were and icy cold blue and her flawless skin look porcelain. Her lips painted blood red and thick eyeliner to match her purple and black eye shadow. “You’re better than Jessica, and I know for a fact that you’re much more beautiful on the outside and inside than her, too. Don’t worry, I know your loneliness; I’ve felt all alone myself, because I was alone, in my small, dark box, fit only for one toy to sit in.” I whispered under my breath when she put me down. I wanted her to hear me, but since I'm a toy, she couldn't. “I guess I’ll call you Pink” she got up and danced to her music. This wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning and we all knew it too.

18: Amy

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