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Our 30 Years of Travel

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BC: book by donna created with love 2009

FC: Our Visit To Central Park

1: During our time together we have traveled extensively & hopefully will continue to do so in the future. Unfortunately, in one of our many moves photos have been lost, and I have to go by my memories (and yours) to try to remember some of our many, many travels we don't have in photos. In no particular order I've listed some I could remember, and I may have gotten confused on a few: I'll start with our many trips to Charleston, SC- including looking for a house on the Isle of Palms right before Hurricane Hugo hit, touring the southern plantations right after seeing the television series North & South, eating recently at the Hominy Grill, and checking out Kiawah Island when it was still affordable. We had many trips to the Eastern Shore, including Only,VA, looking for softshell crabs and discovering Keller, VA, the only town without a post office of its own. There were many, many trips to FL -to visit the Wilsons, especially for New Year's Day football games; we went to see Jimmy at FSU & collect plastic cups at the FSU- Louisiana football game, We had our 1st trip to Epcot & the Space Center. We had 17 degree weather, landing in Jacksonville & then spent our time looking for OJ & key lime pie on our first trip to Key West. Then there was also the time we spent looking for schools for Jimmy in central FL, There were trips to Atlanta for Dana's wedding & to see the Greenes & finding out how close Uncle Frank lived to them (everybody lives in Roswell & Marietta) & also other trips including when Uncle Frank passed away but still managed to pay for our dinner! Not to mention how lost we got in Atlanta-including the time of his funeral.

2: There were convention trips including ones to Boston right before my dad passed away, where we stumbled across Arthur Fiedler & the Boston Pops, the New Orleans convention where there were a lot of "city" kids at the pool, walks down Bourbon Street, Preservation Hall & Brennan"s for breakfast, & after a long wait at the airport, we returned to a flood inside our house! Then there was the Chicago convention, which included a concert in Grant Park. We can't forget our two Boston Seafood Shows. The first one is when we met Sal & the second is when we had the great race...train,, plane, car, with Adam, Amy, David & Terry. We also met Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest. We also visited Sturbridge Village after one of those shows. We are missing pictures from some of our trips to see Diane in CO & at least one trip to Las Vegas-the one where we stayed at the Luxor. We took no pictures when we visited the Corning factory, ,which was beautiful, and then our tour in Hershey, PA. I am a bit confused by our trips to see Ivan & Graham since there are no pictures of the locks we traveled through, & I do remember one of our trips was right after 9-11: we had a very nasty border guard, & someone was taken off the train. There was a sniffing dog (who would have loved the cheese I almost bought) on one of our trips back. There was the infamous trip to PSU to see Doug Flutie's 1st game & then our wonderful night at the "red light" motel! There was also the PSU Art Show, where I had just started walking again after my broken leg, & you followed with the wheelchair!. We went camping at Chincoteague & visited the nude beach. We stayed at many B & B's, including ones in Adamstown, Delaware & Cape May. There was also the Cape May Christmas Tour-some houses toured quicker than others! & stays in Princess Ann, Maryland & NC to name a few.

3: We also took a trip with the Drainas to St. Michael's Island, where we froze in our unheated room at the Inn. We took a little mini trip to check out Winterthur Mansion in Delaware, to see a play & visit Longwood Gardens for the first time. I have a picture of our first visit to the Gardens, but not the beautiful Christmas visit. We have no pictures of all the neat mansions we saw on our trip to Rhinebeck, NY; however, I do have pictures of one of the airplanes we saw on that trip. There were a few trips to Atlantic City by ourselves - to see Lacey DiBongrazio dance, to see Jay Leno for the first time & to meet the Wilsons for the great lawnmower drop! There were many trips with Terri & Dick- some for NJEA. Some were just for fun. Once we stayed at Showboat because I wanted to see what it was like, & you humored me, We also stayed out by that hotel near the Inlet where it seemed as if we were in a war zone. We are among the few people who can say they have been to Chef Vola because we knew the RIGHT people (or was it the wrong people - Nicky Scarfo- where are you?) BTW, the restaurant is still getting wonderful reviews; I wonder if Sam's name still works! We also went to enjoy Monday Night Football & to show Jimmy & Neal how NOT to enter a casino! We enjoyed at least two trips to South Beach. It was cold both times. One trip was with the Greenes & one by ourselves, where we stayed in a cute Art Deco hotel behind Johnny Versace's house. Then let's not forget visiting the "bad side of town" with Diane in Indianapolis. These are but a few; there's many more to come. We've been fortunate to have done so much. More important-most were fun. Let the fun continue.

4: Remember one of our first big trips was to Guadelupe? Everyone spoke French & brought their dogs; we couldn't find our white car after siesta because EVERYONE had a white car, we had some stuff stolen & I burnt my earlobes; however, we had the best fish soup & met some guys on the last day from NJ-finally some English! The water was magnificent & we had a great time. | Remember the one word English translation menus? Beef,Chicken... | In the Rainforest

5: Our Honeymoon Feb. 1986 Clockwise... me, S.S. Vacationer -held 144, Saba airstrip, our table -Mike, me, Graham, Ivan & Kathy, Saba-inside the volcano, the lizard on St. Barts, where I had great lobster & learned how to crack it. King Neptune at above ground pool, windy St. Kitts, black sand of Montserrat, where the volcano erupted after our honeymoon, Anguilla, where you almost left on a sailboat, the guys, a parade in St. Martin, where we rented a van & visited a nude beach. It was a great group including a drunk captain & his groupie, an old slut after Hank, a Jewish princess & her hippie husband, named Forrest Tucker, a hardhat & the guys from Canada. We had a long wait to fly home, but it was our best cruise ever.

6: Our trip to California was because I told Diane she best win! We stayed at the classy UCLA dorms! At the meet, we saw Carl Lewis compete ,& saw Mohammed Ali. We then traveled to San Diego & down to Tijuana, where they almost didn't let you back into the country even though I looked like the "wetback." We had lunch at the McDonalds in San Ysidro that a few days later was the scene of a horrible massacre. We visited the nude beach at Black's Beach, went on to Big Sur & their outdoor hot tubs & then to San Francisco, where you enjoyed your cable car ride! The Hotel Geary was also an interesting place.We finished our trip with a very special day in Oakland, California!!!!! | Key to Oakland Locker

7: Panama Canal Cruise Included San Blas Islands, where they begged for money as we approached | The soldiers in Cartagena, Columbia-a little scary-but you still took a picture! | The locks we got to see at night in the Panama Canal because we ran aground in Cartagena. Our ship got rammed by the tugboat right at our porthole, & we went BOOM! We checked it out in Curacao. | If you remember - I was the only warm person at the Canal! | "Dictator of the Week" Cruise

8: 1990 Trip to NM & Arizona | & on to LV & our stay at Circus Circus | Your favorites-Free stuff at Circus Circus & bargaining for a necklace in Gallup | 1st time at Grand Canyon with lots of rude Japanese | Hotel in Gallup, NM where all old westerns were filmed | 1st time at the Painted Desert where my dad was in the army & met Humphrey Bogart | Petrified Forest | Hoover Dam, where we didn't stop-Stupid Us! | 1st time in Sedona with the Canyon on fire!

9: Convention in Vail, CO We went to Cripple Creek the "white knuckle" way, we visited Garden of the Gods, saw the Pike's Peak Hill Climb, with lots of strange people & lots of port-a-potties! We misplaced our car at a rodeo - I was leaning on it all the time you looked for it, and also heard them shoot some horses. We visited Beaver Creek before it was fashionable & the Kingdom of Breckenridge -where we didn't buy the coffee pot! | Garden of Gods | Down in gold mine | Painted Desert | Pike's Peak | Royal Gorge at Arkansas River | Beaver Creek

10: Luray Caverns | Luray Caverns- with lots of rude Japanese tourists | A visit to Matt & Robin's in CO | One of our visits to Judy & Alex in Margate | Our only picture of 2002 trip to the new Mohegan Sun in Connecticut | Recent trip to the Amish Country in PA | Quick Snaps | One of our visits with Aimee & Tom-cold, snakes, no food, but beautiful! | NC Ferry | Trip to Morehead City to meet Donald & Wayne

11: PSU-Maryland football in pouring rain with the Rushnaks & "Coach" Bob | Longwood Gardens | Pretty Room in Oneonta, NY on our way to Cooperstown where we found out Pete Rose was a "Bad Man" | Circus In Tallahassee with Jimmy | B & B at PSU Arts Festival | Recent visit with the Greenes | Your trip to Seattle without me because of my surgery | Hepbron's house in Wilmington, NC | !st Visit | 1st trip to Biltmore

12: Cancun Cruise-including Tulum (is that where the Mayans lived?) | The trip of stupid questions! | Is that straight Back???

13: The trip that started out as our worst turns into one of the best because of a letter you wrote the Captain after a botched lifeboat drill. We attended a VIP cocktail party, You were invited to be on the bridge when we left St. Thomas & dinner with the Captain. Great time. | Captain's Table for dinner as the Captain's guest of honor along with Sam Jones | "I WALLACE" | 1st problem-lousy booking for our flight-where were those other 21 people? | Norwegian Cruise St. Thomas... | Our waiter wanted to know if were important, nobody sat with us & I met Donna Hoffman

14: Florida through the years... Our 1st trip to St. Augustine We also went to the Gator Bowl. How could we ever forget "Go Cocks!" 1st Visit to Disney in 1992 Rainforest Cafe with the Wilsons South of the Border on the way to Florida

15: One of our visits to the Keys Florida stops at Bob and Judy's, Tallahassee with Madelin and her mom-including the Capital Building-but no Harlan Coben!!! Driving to Florida in a snowstorm that caused us to stop early in VA Enjoying Universal Theme Park with the Wilsons | FLORIDA

16: A picture of our favorite B & B in Cape May, NJ-Humphrey Hughes House & shots of the area near Only, VA, where the scenery & seafood was much nicer than the motel!

17: Trip to Austin, TX to see PSU beat Texas with the Coopersmtihs-great Mexican food, free cab ride from the airport, &, yes, Elizabeth, we slept together! | Got to see the very small Alamo next to the Walmart & visit the Riverwalk in San Antonio | Terry was most excited at seeing all the bats on top of the hill !! | IS THAT FREE CAB RIDE WHY YOU BOUGHT LIZ THE GIANT DEREK JETER YEARS LATER?

18: New Hampshire with the Tuliszewski Clan & the Colberts | 1998-2001 | Man in the Mt.-before it collapsed-did we do that? | Polly's Pancakes | The Chair!

19: On Lake Winnipesaukee 2003 | 2008 | At the Snells' new home & relaxing in their pontoon boat | The Colberts' Camp | 2008 | Tuliszewski-"spelled the common way"

20: Different Shots of Our 28 Day Canada-USA Train Trip | Niagra Falls Casino | Winnipeg Train Museum | Lake Tahoe Area | Location of our Easter dinner | Another view of the Chicago brawl | Not the Horseshoe Curve! | A "find" during the Seattle Underground Tour

21: Interesting Facts about our Train Trip... 28 days together & we were still together after the trip!!! Saw the beautiful sights at Niagra Falls in the cold & rain, traveled on a People Mover & went to a Butterfly Conservatory. Met up with old friends, Ivan & Graham, in Toronto & it was just like old times. Took a tour of the city at night. Stopped in Winnipeg & walked A LOT! Got stranded on top of a mountain in Jasper, Canada, but we never saw a moose. Ate fast food in Prince George! Saw beautiful scenery, including glaciers, on the way up to Prince Rupert. Had delicious black cod, saw Alaska from a distance & traveled by overnight ferry down the Inside Passage (the ferry that sunk since then!) Had a great time in Victoria, B.C. & not such a great time in Vancouver due to the vagrants. Saw the imploded Kingdome in Seattle. Ate lunch at the restaurant in Pike's Market where they filmed Sleepless in Seattle. Took an interesting Underground tour & stayed near the Space Needle. Visited with Bob & Carolyn (one of the many Bobs on our trip!) in Sacramento, noticed that Reno was a lot like Atlantic City, looked for Kimbles in Salt Lake City & sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to salute the remaining members of Doolittle's Raiders, which brought tears to our eyes, but never saw the Great Salt Lake! We stopped to see Diane & Mark and made our way to Chicago, where we saw Mel Gibson filming a movie ( but, alas, no Coach bags for me!!), ate Chicago style pizza and went downtown to catch a ballgame & a brawl. Got sidetracked returning home & didn't get to see the Horseshoe Curve (maybe next time.) We had Easter dinner in Breezewood, Pa & had a great experience overall!!!

22: Included a bit of Nova Scotia & Quebec City | Before 9-11 | Returning to the USA-a nice feeling | The Regency-last cruise for the ship; the line went bankrupt a week later | CANADA CRUISE

23: During our trip to London we walked to Trafalgar Square our first day to check out the National Gallery. As hard as it is to believe, after a while we actually started to get bored with seeing all the Masters. We walked through Covent Gardens, shopped at Harrods, had dinner in the Piccadilly Circus area with Denise & Kyle ( when we finally found him!!!), visited the original Madame Tussauds Wax Museum & saw The Buddy Holly Story, along with Les Mes. We spent time at the British Museum, where we saw the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles. We also spent time that day at a pub (where you shouldn't tip) with some very friendly folks watching a rugby match. That was a lot of fun. We visited a flea market, where I purchased some blue & white antique English plates for my collection, & we went on a Jack the Ripper walking tour. You went to a great museum & actually walked through WW II trenches. We also did all the usual things like Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's ( where we actually walked on crypts of very famous & royal people), # 10 Downing St. & Big Ben. There was also a tragic train crash in Paddington Station & an unexploded WW II bomb. We spent a very wet day in Bath, which was a very cool place & that night "hit the wall" because we were so exhausted. Finally, Denise & I took a tour of Kensington Palace, rode a double decker bus & had tea. It was a very hectic time, & we crammed a lot in as usual. Also, our Virgin Atlantic flights coming & going were the best!!! | Statue of Liberty from the air on our return

24: Unexploded WW II bomb put us on a bus instead of a train for the trip to a very wet & rainy Bath, England: this gave us a chance to see the English countryside. | Kensington Palace-still flowers left for Diana | St. Paul's | The Baths at Bath | YOU beat Jesse at Madame Tussauds

25: In Front of Big Ben | With Denise at Westminster Abbey

26: LLondon Trip to VIsit Denise & Kyle | London Trip | Tower of London where we saw the Crown Jewels | One of 5 times we saw Les Mes (6 for me.) Only this time I heard it-didn't really see it! | Regents Park | Our excuse for the trip-to see Denise & Kyle

27: 1997 trip to Las Vegas with Terri & Dick Remember Bald Elvis at the Stratosphere ? Stayed at Treasure Island-saw the Pirate Show outside Highlights: PHIL COLLINS at MGM Grand -remember the person who was sound asleep? QUESTION: "What is your name?" ANSWER: "Dick"

28: 2001 Nathaniel Bowditch Sailing Trip Had wonderful food, better accommodations than some, showered with everyone on deck-just once! Who broke the shower :) | Stonington

29: Beautiful Maine right before 9-11 We met our friends, Lenny & Darlene Snell & Steve & Linda Bond Heard a steel drum band, had lobster on the beach & totally enjoyed this trip!!! P.S. You would have been sorry if I let you go alone-but you wouldn't have been alone for long!

30: 2001 trip to Rhinebeck, NY We toured many beautiful homes, including ones belonging to FDR & were supposed to attend an air show; however, it was too windy. Right after this trip Mart passed away. | 2005 Finger Lakes Area We had lunch in a jail, met very nice people from Scotland, who owned the B & B, took a dinner cruise, went wine tasting, walked approximately 800 steps & toured the Corning factory-which was magnificent, & we never took a camera in with us! I'd like to return. | Plane from air show | Pictures from the Finger Lakes Area-Watkins Glen

31: Train trip to Cleveland, Ohio & the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame- Philly Who??? | Saw great version of Les Mes-toured beautiful, old Vaudeville theater for free, had dinner that I couldn't finish & the waiter charged me less-this wasn't the NE! | Lake Erie | The Theater | Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | Lucky enough to see the Lennon Exhibit presented by Yoko Ono

32: Arches, Uthah | Capital Reef | Bryce Canyon | Zion | Torrey, Utah | Canyons of Utah Trip 2002

33: During this trip we saw the beautiful canyons of Utah, we survived the Grand Staircase (Escalante), we were the last people to drive up the mountain to Bryce Canyon in a freak snowstorm - thank you once more!! This caused us to miss really getting a good view of Bryce. We visited with Di & Mark, went to see the Great Sand Dunes & the pueblos of Mesa Verde. We also went to Durango, where one of us wanted to go to a Cowboy Poetry Reading. | Sand Dunes- "Far from the Road" | On the road to Mesa Verde | Mesa Verde | Pike's Peak

34: The last part of our trip was to Las Vegas. We stayed one night at the Rio & the rest at the Venetian, which was beautiful.

35: St. Augustine Trip 2003 | It was so cold that I slipped on the ice; we got bored, so we did what anyone else would do ...we went house hunting & bought a condo in the unknown town of New Smyrna Beach! | AT the top of the Lighthouse | With Rachel, after we bought the condo | Ocean & Racquet Club | I also saw the ill-fated space shuttle, Columbia, fly over St. Augustine & kidded you about it because you didn't see it until we found out it never returned. The Space Center was also visited on this trip.

36: Outback Bowl-2003 We left early & missed Ohio State almost win the game! Ironically, I have no pictures of the Capital One Bowl in which PSU played. | Citrus Bowl '98 Michigan -Arkansas This is the same trip we visited Lou and Lois & then had much more fun at Marcia & Joe's | Lois & Lou's Home-VP Gore visited nearby | Joe always manages the best seats!

37: Montana Trips 2003 | Kootenai Falls | Cody Preston | Lake Area | Meeting Sam for the first time | Sapphire Mts. | When we visited Sam all the mountains in the area were on fire. Sam had to spend his first month living in the basement.

38: This cruise was pretty cheap. It's a good thing the Wilsons were there because the other 4 people at our table had never cruised, didn't tip & their favorite restaurant was the Waffle House: a very sophisticated group!!!!! | We took a tour of the island & saw the fort. I was chosen to join the flamingos, & we will never return to the Straw Market because of THE RAT!!!! | Nassau The Bahamas Cruise 2003

39: Stopped to visit with Ivan & Graham at their beautiful home in Couburg | We walked along the shores of pretty Lake Ontario, ate in a jail & had a great time. | Trip to Canada 2003

40: Trying to shake my depression, wonderful you took me to French Montreal; we stayed in a Mexican Hotel & restaurant & ate Japanese food! The same little man wore many hats-some Mexican!The outside cafes were great | Colonial Market | Saw wonderful Topiary Displays | We went to Notre Dane to see if I would feel less depressed. It was all in French, but I figured it out: The bishop gave the candlesticks to the beggar; he became the mayor of he town etc etc!!! | Dead Sea Scrolls It was special to see these. You almost got us thrown out for taking a picture.

41: 1000 Islands Spent our time on a sunken houseboat with a very stoned owner. I got bitten by a spider. It was an interesting experience. You always take me to the best places!!

42: A tanker in Astoria | Oregon Montana Trip 2005 Part of Our "Homeless" Year | Taken from Astoria B & B | This part of our trip was from Astoria to Cannon Beach. We also went from Cannon Beach to Florence, where we saw the air museum and then traveled on to Tillamook & not once but twice we got to drive through one of the worst smells ever ( liquid manure being tossed through massive sprinklers!!!) We did tour the cheese factory, which made up for the stink, sort of!!! | Tower in Astoria

43: These pictures are of Cannon Beach to Florence and then onto Montana to visit Sam, Diane & Mark. I think we traveled through a snow-covered mountain pass. We usually do when we are out in that part of the country even though you promise me we won't continue to do that! | Cannon Beach | Tillamook | Air Museum

44: There were the Cascade Mts. and a view of Mt. St. Helens. We also got to visit one of my favorite basketball schools-Gonzaga. GO ZAGS!!! Then we got the thrill of going through the Spruce Goose, but we didn't get to attend the party that was happening just a few nights later for the Academy Awards. Our timing is usually better than that! | Mt. St. Helens | Cascade Mts. | Yachats River | Spruce Goose

45: Interesting Highlights of Our first trip to Italy 2005 | Strike in Venice | Florence after shopping | "You see it; it leans." A postcard did the trick | Modeling leather in Florence | Amalfi Coast

46: In Naples, we had dinner at a place where nobody spoke English, & they had these most delightful "bagels." We also had real Neopolitan pizza, & a gypsy girl tried to hit Hank's jacket. We went to a restaurant in Sorrento, where Sophia Loren visits. We enjoyed limoncello on our trip up the Amalfi Coast & tasted gelato for the first time in Amalfi. We did get to see where Uncle Mike buried his dog tags during WW II. On our long "Keller walking tour" of Rome we played "chicken" with motorcycles, got to tour an underground church (a little freaky), saw someone put out a fire the "Italian way," watched fleeing pocketbook vendors & I got to eat in the rain! In this small world we met a professor from Temple University in the Sistine Chapel. We never did see the Leaning Tower of Pisa; instead we had a fun day in Siena (wrong trains, the man with the red hat etc.) In Verona, Hank saw the other Colosseum, & "The Group" went to "Wallyworld." In Venice, we arrived during a boat strike, a mime winked at me; then we had a very expensive cup of coffee in St. Mark's Square. | Mt. Vesuvius | Amalfi Coast | Sorrento | "Wink!

47: Wine Tasting Cruise 2005 On a brand new Carnival ship. If you wanted to, you basically could have a buzz all day long. I did develop a taste for good champagne. The president of Carnival was on this cruise &, therefore, we got really nice service, except for our waitress. That was a mistake on her part. Our wine steward, on the other hand, was my buddy. | Leaving on our cruise | Freeport-an ugly place! | A very sick me | Shopping in Freeport | Pretty Costa Maya | Great tour of the Mayan ruins

48: We had a nice time with the Yarbers & the Arxers. Some lowlights... me getting sick, our suck up waitress, the person on the balcony next to us who would never shut up & you breaking the Venetian glass chandelier. | Grand Caymans | Captain's Cocktail Party-MORE WINE!!! | We had a wonderful guide in the ruins

49: Leaving on our Cruise | Puerto Rico | Grenada | Spice Factory | Mandu | Barbados | Tortola | Baseball Cruise on the Lirica 2006 | This is the cruise where we met "Joan & Bill Stinson from Alabama." They have become our good friends. There was also a really obnoxious couple that we were thankful weren't at our table. | They were the ugly Americans | Where Tiger married

50: We were in Barbados on the day they were celebrating all their heroes; although, nobody seemed to know exactly who those heroes were: we did get to take a tour with a private taxi driver & see where Tiger Woods got married; it was a good tour. We couldn't shop in Tortola because it was Sunday ( I know that upset you) & we had been to Antigua before so there wasn't much to see. | But the fun part of the trip was meeting & interacting with the ball players such as Juan Marichal, Bob Feller Ed Kranepool, Tommy Davis & Vida Blue. We even won 2nd place in a trivia contest thanks to Juan Pierre! | Me & Juan Marichal | Monica Kranepool & Bob Feller | Trivia Contest

51: On the beach with Vida | Massage on the beach | Joan & Bill

52: Our second trip to Sedona was for Marcy Greene's wedding. We ended up with discovering Los Abrigados after a train ride. We also had an interesting experience in Jerome, AZ when a horse almost bolted over a hill. Then there were the cowboys helping me to pick up all of those beads from my handbag off the streets in Prescott, AZ | Jerome

53: Next trip to Sedona | We had lunch with the chef at Los Abrigados & dinner with the Gangs, & for the first time ever Judi couldn't talk! | We traveled to the ruins, stayed at the Golden Nugget in Laughlin, where Hugh Jackman was filming a show, traveled down the Colorado to the London Bridge, then went on to the Mirage in Las Vegas & stopped to have drinks with Duane at Paris. You saw the Stardust implode; I slept through it. Do you remember Fat Elvis? | Saw Love -had great seats & spent $ 18 for a bowl of soup at Carnegie Deli

54: We went on an inexpensive cruise in 2007. We decided that we'd get a table for two since our last cheap cruise was when we sat with the "Waffle Set." | When we stopped in Key West it was freezing, & we spent very little time off the ship. In Nassau, we stumbled across a really neat quilt show in a soup kitchen. It was about the best thing to do there. When we arrived home, you became violently ill-the worst I've ever seen you and later that night Volusia County got hit by an unexpected tornado.

55: Inexpensive Cruise #2 2008 We went to Nassau because I wanted some Black & White Liquor. During that trip we visited Atlantis on Paradise Island and saw some beautiful boats.. We had some nice table companions & shared wine & champagne at dinner each night.

56: I know you humored me by taking this trip, but it was pretty neat.We got to visit with the Prestons & actually drive through a nice part of Montana. We spent some time with Robin & Leah in Wyoming. We also saw some awesome sights!!! | We stayed in a nice B & B in WY-in fact, we felt like we were with family (from NJ.) You met their donkey up close! Wyoming was a beautiful state- not like when we went to Cheyenne & everyone asked why?. | Crazy Horse | Custer's Last Stand | Mt. Rushmore | Wyoming

57: The best part of the trip - the Badlands. It was like being on the surface of the moon. We traveled 75 miles without seeing a car. Then it was on to Deadwood. We did see the cemetery where Wild Bill Hickok & Calamity Jane are buried. Saw the Calverts' land on the way. The only bad part of the trip was that it was the hotest summer in forever! | Flying home on United from Rapid City- a nightmare - 12 hours, by way of DC, Brun Hilda & then talking to an idiot a few days later! | Our hotel in Deadwood, SD

58: Terri & Dick came to visit in 2006 We did a couple of neat things; We took a ride on the Water Taxi, went to Gaylord Palms & had dinner at the Bama Buffet at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

59: We also went on a Caribbean Cruise We started our cruise in less than grand fashion when we had a blowout, I stepped on fire ants, we had to wait forever for a tow & had to rent a car, but we made it & had a great time!!! | Belongers | Grand Turk | On the way to St. Thomas | St. Johns | Tortola

60: The Sublime-Tortola | The Ridiculous- Renting car at airport upon our return & getting our tire back | Our personal wine steward! | Great waiters! | Midnight Buffet

61: We took many trips in 2007 This one was to see the Prestons' new home in Montrose. | Once more we had to cross a mt. pass in the snow to leave for home-the Vail Pass this time! | Going up the Mt. to Telluride where the rich folks live | Wealthy Telluride??? | True Grit Cafe -named for John Wayne

62: Looking down at downtown Birmingham | We took many trips during 2007-one of these was to visit the Stinsons in Alabama. We were surprised at how nice Alabama was. We ate great southern cooking, went to the Stinsons' antique booth & watched lots of football. On the way home we stopped in Destin, FL. I think I'd like to return sometime for a longer stay-how about you? | Oldest Baseball Park in U.S. | Dessert at Harolds

63: During 2007, the Yarbers came to PA.We took them to NYC, stayed at the Princeton Club, saw Wicked (Toss-Toss) & the next day took them to Harold's Deli, where their eyes popped out! I think the giant matzo ball did them in. | Central Park | Dessert at Harold's Deli

64: We also took our cruise on the Mediterranean on Costa Cruise Lines. We flew to Paris & when we got there our plane to Marseille was going to be late, and the NICE Frenchman told us to get a drink on them!!!! The French were really nice, weren't they? | Some interesting facts: everything was translated into 5 languages, we saw very little of the Flamenco show in Palma (we got screwed), we took a very long, scary walk in Naples ( the underbelly) to get to the Pompeii Museum!!! Yes, it was worthwhile. | Naples | Bikers in Palma | Palermo | St. Margherita, Italy

65: In Tunis, I really wanted to have the full Market experience. I know we will always remember the lady who couldn't say, "No." They could spot her a mile away! The picture is of 2 churches next to a synagogue in Tunis!!! Remember, our driver was from the USA? (Allentown, PA, I think) | Barcelona market | Portofino | Tunis

66: The French turned out to be really nice; Mona's eyes DO move, & as you well know, they are a little short on toilet paper & lighting in some of their cafes. It's a LONG walk to Notre Dame, the crepes are great & 9 security checks aren't bad if done right-"great t- shirt!"

67: In 2008, we traveled to Sedona by way of St. Louis to see Poppy, Steve, Logan, Albert & Lucy. We didn't spend that much time with them-just some lunches. You did a lot of sleeping because you were so sick, & I was in a lot of pain from my frozen shoulder. I probably should have joined them for Al's birthday dinner, but I was a good wife and stayed with you. | downtown | Our hotel from | the Arch | A race

68: St. Louis is really nice. When we finally found our hotel, we discovered it was right across from the Arch, which we toured. We took in a game at the new Busch Stadium. Thanks for the special box seats- when they were finally located! It was nice just being able to eat right there. No Mark Mulder- but we did see Albert Pujols. We also went to see the Clydesdales, with their Tiffany windows & crystal chandeliers! They live better than we do. We took the Bud tour & enjoyed some free beer afterwards.

69: I loved the Navajo bread at the Flagstaff hotel & the shopping. I'm glad you like going back. | We stayed in a neat, old hotel in Flagstaff. The only problems were the train whistles all night. | In Sedona, we took a great Red Jeep Ride & had lunch with the chef. | Took a train to Flagstaff (overnight.) I've had more comfortable rides, but we both do like train travel so much. I'd do it again. I know you will also.

70: In 2009, we joined Madelin & Bill in Maggie Valley, NC (one of the many times we have stayed with them at a Time Share.) It was freezing, but we still went shopping & took a candlelight Christmas tour of the Biltmore Estate. It was beautiful. We had dinner on the estate & bought some wine. The next day we went to an orchard farm &then on to WARMER PA!! | Maggie Valley

71: Your visit to Colorado without me 2009

72: Sedona 2009 | Judi & Marty | Lake Powell | N. Rim of Grand Canyon | Cliff Dwellers | Drool Dog | Before the flash flood | After the flood | Visited lots of places, did lots of driving, even drove a long way for Chinese with the Gangs.

73: Your Trips 2009 | The Okefenokee Swamp | Suwannee River

74: Madelin, Jackie, Regina & I went to Nassau on what was supposed to be a Smyrna Yacht Club trip-nobody else went. We had nice waiters, good food, great entertainment. | However, the staff was rude, the ship had no ambiance, it rained our two sunning days, we were overcharged, & Jackie & I were both sick. The highlight was our lunch at Grey Cliff Manor in Nassau thanks to David & Terry. | Grey Cliff Manor

75: My Quick Trip to Philly to see 2 week old Michael Raymond Lent- Love at first sight! | A Bonus-I got to go with Debbie to "god knows where" PA to pick up Jason | Got to watch MLB Playoffs with all the Phillies fans when I wanted the Yanks to win the World Series! | The Lent men

76: We go to Disney a lot since we have season passes. We have taken 2 Keys to the Kingdom Backstage Tours. Every time we go, we discover something new. We even lived there for a few days when we were "homeless." The Yarbers also introduced us to Gaylord Palms near Disney with their great buffet & then there was my day at the Canyon Ranch Spa.You also bought me my Soprano plate & Producers' check.I love them! | Animal Kingdom Lodge | Harold Melvin's Bluenotes | 1st time at Gaylord Palms | Electric Parade | Mickey Dolan | Flower Show

77: We have gone to many International Food & Wine Festivals; we have stayed over in some of the resorts; we even had Easter dinner with the Yarbers at Bongos in downtown Disney. | We have enjoyed High tea to celebrate our anniversaries & attended spring training games & the Xmas light show at Hollywood Studios. | We have met the Giachettis at Disney & once drove all over Orlando trying to have dinner with them. We have attended the flower shows & have seen many performers- one of my favorites being Boys II Men (Love that Philly Sound!!) | View from front seat of Monorail

78: 1. How could we ever forget Officer Green! 2. I never mentioned my California trip with Heidi when we hooked up with Ted & Pivo & have all the drunken sunset pictures to prove it or the trip to the NEA Convention in Minnesota in Pivo's motor home! 3. We also enjoyed visiting the Drainas, going to Long Boat Key & Sarasota, having hamburgers on the beach at that funky restaurant, learning to play Dominoes, and going to the Ringling Museum. | 4. There was my trip to FL with Terry when Elizabeth danced at Disney, & you went to see Diane at a track meet, I think, in Lincoln, Nebraska. I brought you back an expensive Mickey tie; you brought me back plastic cups!!! 5. There was our lousy experience at Angel by the Sea in Cape May-what a disappointment, & we knew your staff spent so much money. 6. I mentioned Uncle Frank but didn't mention that I went to Uncle Jerry's funeral, & Uncle Frank took such good care of me. | Other Stuff

79: 7. After 30 years, I've gotten a bit confused ; however, I think, when we went to the Luray Caverns, with all the rude Japanese who followed us from the Grand Canyon, we also visited the Natural Bridge. 8. I will never forget crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel in 60 mile an hour winds- it felt just like going over a mountain pass in the snow! 9. One more trip was our trip to Williamsburg. The thing I remember most about that was the great seafood buffet-you do say I always remember | every meal I've ever eaten!!

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