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BC: A special thanks to Best Light Photography. | Holistic Healer of Hounds, Horses and Humans Dr. Peggy Fleming, DVM

FC: A Tribute to Dr. Peggy Fleming, DVM | Holistic Healer of Hounds, Horses, and Humans

1: If you build it, they will come... And we did.

2: Peggy Fleming, what can I say about Peggy Fleming --- She is a lousy cook, seldom answers my mails, and thinks I am an immoral Norwegian God-given healer. One thing for sure is we don't talk about the fact that I eat seal, whale and horse-flesh, but we do discuss in great length how to treat and heal these and other animals. I first met Peggy in Seattle when I choreographed a dance to explain how to treat cancer and we have remained close friends ever since, across time, oceans and disappointments. She has supported my works with dedication and has advocated one-needle therapy all over the world - I am truly grateful for all the wonderful efforts she has made for me and the healing. Here is a little story that reflects our relationship; I had been in China learning TCM, and had bought a box of Oolong tea, the most expensive and precious tea you can buy, enough to last me sparingly for a year. When visiting me in Norway Peggy made me a cup of tea, and used the whole dammed lot - I was furious. I had to drain the teapot, and rescue the tea leaves which I dried over the stove. The following morning there was a late fall of snow - it was the 10 th of May, I remember it vividly. I can still see in my mind Peggy's face when she looked out of the window, it was full of fear, complete and utter fear of the cold. that was the response of the god of tea! I must bring to your attention that having had this experience of Peggy's fear of the cold, I highly admire her courage and determination when some years later during the freezing midwinter, she went to North Siberia to rescue a little child. This mentions something worthy of heroism in my mind. So I, the god of tea, the animals, the cancerous sick people and all who have benefited from her touch honor and greet her with heartfelt admiration in this momentous book. Thanks Peggy, for the journey together in this dimension, I look forward to giving courses with you also in the next world. Are Thoresen

3: Your Mentor Your Friend and god of tea.

4: Dr. Fleming first entered my life when I was a young teenager. At the time I did not realize how she would later impact and change my life! As a teenager, I would see this petite woman holding her wrist telling my trainer she was “fixing“ my horse. My thoughts were “WHATEVER.” I knew Dr Fleming as “the witch in the woods.” Even though my horse always did seem “fixed” , you have to remember I was a teenager and I had bigger thoughts on my mind like riding to impress Jason McClendon. Many moons passed, Jason went on with his life and I went to college. I worked for different farms and ranches after college and put many layers of life on me and became my first REMEDY (little did I know I was already needing Peggy) After a troublesome marriage that ended and the birth of my handsome son, I began working for Lise Blanton at Winding Trails Ranch. Lise and I started at her ranch buying horses for lessons and showing them. One particular horse named Blaze was chronically lame on his right front. Lise spent so much money on veterinarian bills, x rays and ultra sounds. His final diagnosis was to either de-nerve him or euthanasia. Neither was an option. One night “the witch in the woods “came into my thoughts. I remembered my trainer always saying, “If it can’t be fixed, then go see Dr. Fleming, she can and will fix anything.” Lise and I decided to make our first of many appointments. Long story short about Blaze, Peggy never held her wrist. She just watched him walk 3 steps and said “STOP! Blaze has one leg longer than the other.” We put a special shoe on the right front hoof and regular one on the left and for 5 years Blaze was sound until he fell after a jump at a horse show and tore both deep digital flexor tendons in the front. His prognosis once again was ill- fated from the horse show vet. And once again Blaze returned to Dr. Fleming so she could put Humpty Dumpty back together again. After a full year of stall rest and a year of physical therapy, Blaze returned to the show ring and was Grand Champion!!! Blaze is just one horse out of many of my horses that Dr. Fleming has fixed, improved, saved, or has helped send them home gracefully. This road of wellness has opened my eyes to a way of understanding that disease is a result of the stress that life layers you with. I began with wanting more knowledge so I enrolled in Dr. Fleming's three year program learning the three modalities of acupuncture, homeopathy, and chiropractic for animals. And now I am gratefully able to work with her at her office surrounded by learning opportunities and her vast knowledge. Dr. Fleming has fixed, improved and saved me personally through my emotional ups and downs(too many to list), my physical mishaps such as being crushed by a horse: and later head and neck trauma again by a horse that sent me to ICU by helicopter that resulted in a 4 month paralysis of my left arm. Lastly and most importantly to me, my son who was diagnosed with brittle bone disease at 6 years of age after 7 broken arms. Joshua has not broken any bones since his treatment with Dr. Fleming and he is one belt away from a black belt in Taekwondo. Because of Dr. Flemings enormous heart in wanting health and well being for all creatures, I am indebted to her ability to be there for me as healer, mentor, and friend. Thank you Dr. Fleming for all you do for my family, friends, my animals and of course for me!

5: Mari H. Little | My Sis | My Son | My Passion

6: On a little farm named Idlewild on Gates Creek road in east Bradenton, began an amazing journey in my life with Dr. Fleming. I owned a 2 year old thoroughbred mare named Cat that began receiving regular treatments from Dr. Fleming. I remember always being in awe of this tiny woman that was almost magical with these large animals. Many of the people at this particular farm are still very important in Dr. Fleming’s life and practice; the beloved Diana M., Mari, Tondra, Charlene, and of course Halo and me! From Bradenton to college in Gainesville, Brooksville and back to Myakka city; I still own that silly mare named Cat to this day. Showing horses came to an end for me in my late teenage years. Cat and I moved to college in Gainesville, Fl and I attended The University of Florida. My junior year I decided to take Cat to see Dr. Fleming in Brooksville. I will never forget that day so long as I live. Peggy’s secretary at the time, Wes, came flying in the barn asking whose crazy horse was in the end stall because it was digging a hole to China! Of course, that was my crazy horse! When it was our turn to see Peggy, I reminded her of who I was and where we had met when I was a child. I explained I was in college and studying Agricultural economics. | She proceeded to ask me what I planned to do with my degree. I had no answer like most Juniors! My life changed right then and there! She asked me if I would be interested in attending her school The Institute of Veterinary Alternative Therapies to learn her trade. Of course I said yes, it was as though I was meant to be there on that day by divine intervention. I attended IVAT during my senior year at UF and had an enormous workload but I loved every minute of it. The end of that first year, Wes decided to quit working for Peggy as her secretary and she was in need of a serious multi-tasker! I will also never forget the morning I got a phone call from Peggy personally asking me if I would be interested in coming to work for her and live on the farm. Being as I was just graduating with no plans of what I was going to do; I said yes on a wing and a prayer. Working for Peggy for nearly 5 years changed my life forever. Dr. Fleming is one of the most amazing people one could ever meet. Field of Dreams, the little dirt road that ends at the picturesque rolling hundred acres of the Florida acupuncture center, is breath-taking. My house had the most amazing view of the farm and I enjoyed every moment I sat on my porch overlooking all the horses. Working for Dr. Fleming and Larry was like becoming a member of their family. I loved their children like my own. I had the pleasure of watching the girls grow from Sky in kindergarten , Qi my worker bee in the office to Katlin becoming a teenager. Trips to Seaworld, endless Tuesdays in the motor home on barns days, and evenings with kids cooking dinner and homework; I will forever cherish all the good memories I made with the Miller Family.

7: I was, for lack of a better term, Peggy’s drill sergeant. I made it my daily mission to keep Peggy rolling on schedule and move heaven and earth to make the days run smooth! Peggy and I worked like a well-oiled machine the last few years of my working there. I took great pride in my job and loved being the one that Peggy leaned on and relied upon to make it happen. The unbelievable mind, knowledge and sheer determination wrapped up in that 5 foot body of Dr. Fleming, is irreplaceable. I am thankful everyday for the time we spent together. Through being Peggy’s right hand and attending her school, I learned more valuable information that without a doubt cannot be taught anywhere in the world! Dr. Fleming has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known. You will never have to worry about Peggy “quitting” on your animal or yourself. She will “NEVER QUIT FLYING THE AIRPLANE”, no matter what! I watched Peggy save dying animals, fix very sick ones, and change peoples lives. First-hand experience with Dr. Fleming is the only way to appreciate her skilled hands. I cannot tell you how many people I heard say to myself and Dr. Fleming that their Dr. cannot explain the healing that took place in her patients. Even other vets send their animals to see Dr. Fleming because she had the tools in her toolbox to fix things that western medicine and drugs cannot. The incredible people I met and became close to during my time with Peggy’s clients are forever engrained in my heart, along with all the lovely animals I had a chance to know. | My Dearest Peggy, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I think you will. I think this gift should inspire you to begin your lifelong dream of “The Red Thread” you know it will be a best-seller! I love you and miss you so much Peg! I am forever grateful for you and your family in my life. I could have gone on with stories for days, but I will leave you with a few random thoughts that come to mind. Love you | Cassidy Hazelton Jones | * Popcorn and Larry’s latest movies, you on the couch, me on the floor * Barb and the green-shakes * “Where did I leave my tea?” * Volnei’s mustang with the septic tendon * Late nights to Jeans in Lake City * "Where’s your homework?" * The statue store on the way to Caryn Henry’s * Webster flea market * Bamboo and Sloopy * Cassidy and Sky, the ultimate Sulphurs * Jackson and the beginning of your re-born jumping career *Ollie, LoveyJack & Beatrice * Losing Sloopy at Ravenwood * When’s Bobbi coming? * I want Applebees * Wendy’s AGAIN? * Beloved Mrs. Lucy Yarhi * Herscu weekends * Painting the office floor * No you cannot talk to Dr. Fleming, you have to talk to me! * Nana Bev and Carrie

8: I First meet Peggy in the mid 1990's, I had a Barrel horse that was having some back end issues, I had a local vet come out to check her and he diagnosed her with EPM and I was giving her was around 30 pills a day, after several days of the pill crushing and my horse was showing no signs of improvement a friend told me about Peggy and how wonderful she was, that I should take my mare to her. I called and the first available appointment was several weeks out, but when I explained how bad my mare was she worked her in that same week. When I first meet her like everyone else I'm sure, I thought - I imaged her to be taller!! lol She examined her from the tips of her ears to the bottom of each hoof. It is so impressing to watch her at work, and as she worked she explained everything she was doing, my mares back was extremely out so she did an adjustment on her and acupuncture and just the look in my horse's eyes after her adjustment I knew she felt better (made me want to cry, for weeks she had been in so much pain and could not tell me what was wrong and within minutes Peggy had her feeling better. She sent us home with a detox to clean out all the medications from her system and a few days into the detox I walked into her stall and was overwhelmed with the worst odor ever. She had a little split in the hoof wall and it was draining. Peggy said this would probably happen and it had to come out somewhere and it did. We were back up and running in no time. This visit made me realize that just like us humans doctors try to give us prescriptions for everything that sometimes we don't need, so when I'm in doubt about what my horse is trying to tell me, I call Peggy!! | After that day I made appointments for all my horses and again was amazed at how I did not realize they were hurting and not working to their full potential until after their visit. Peggy has changed my thinking that if your horse is working great and all the sudden things change, don't go using harder bits and changing things up, listen to your horse because most likely they are hurting somewhere. She also told me about a natural remedy for my arthritis I ordered online that has helped me. (Mobility 2) Her compassion and love for animals as well as humans has just truly been a blessing to me and my Barn, and is worth the 3 hour drive to get to her barn.. Be Blessed. Karen Brown Adams

9: Here is my story. My baby Flash (a whippet) was about 15 when we started to see Miss Peggy. He was old and I had been told to start letting go. I wasn’t ready and I didn’t really think he was either. Flash was to the point that he was having a hard time walking and being a mother you just do certain things for your babies as I did with him. We started seeing Miss Peggy and within a week, he started walking more on his own and able to get around much better. Between the chiropractic work and the stewing with the acupuncture and here healing crystals in a tube, he eventually got much better. We saw Miss Peggy as instructed and then on a when needed basis. It was nothing for me to take a day off from work to drive Flash to see Miss Peggy in Dade City (we drove from Sarasota). As time went on, I would go and see her at the farms she visited that were closer to home. Sometime after he turned 16 he started to have some strokes and she was able to help with that as well. My Flash lived to just past his 17th birthday and I can’t begin to THANK Peggy enough for the extra time she gave me. He was my precious boy and I am thankful to my family for sending me to Peggy as well as everything Peggy did for Flash and me. Aimie Leigh | Peggy gave my wife Diane so much help in her last days when we went to see her I can't thank her enough. Rocco Ferro | Bonsai

10: I have been going to Peggy for over five years, but how I originally came to be a client of Peggy’s happened by pure dumb luck (or what I prefer to think of as fate). In the summers I go to Vermont for at least a week or two, when I visit there I always take my dogs to a wonderful canine chiropractor, Stephanie Holzman, DVM, and always see a huge improvement in all my dogs. Because of this I asked her if she could recommend a chiropractor in Florida. Stephanie gave me a list of four or five that she thought would be good. In the meantime, I heard of a chiropractor who also practiced acupuncture and homeopathy – I ran her name by Stephanie her response was that I had lucked into the best in the business. Her exact words were WOW!!!! Stephanie not only knew Peggy by reputation, but she had the privilege of studying under her. When she was giving me the list of chiropractors she did not realize that Peggy was located close to me or that she would accept new clients with her notability. But lucky for me I was able to get an appointment. From my first appointment I immediately felt an instant rapport with Peggy – in fact, simply by being in Peggy’s presence I always feel better – Peggy’s energy in and of itself is healing. Then if you add in all her knowledge in acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic you have an unbeatable combination. One of Peggy’s more memorable healings of my dogs was my German Shepherd, Baby. She developed an open wound on her right rear hock that wouldn’t heal – everything was done for her both with Western medicine and with holistic medicine nothing helped. Nine months after she first developed this open wound the vets working on it decided it must be cancerous and needed to be biopsied. But since I had been going to Peggy for a while, I decided to see what she could do for Baby. So I transported Baby from Vermont to Peggy in Florida. As usual, I gave Peggy a full history of important part of Baby’s history was that she had been heat stroked by a veterinarian who was leasing her the previous spring. Peggy looked up after taking her pulse and informed me that it was her Heart Meridian being out of balance caused by the heat stroke. I will admit that it seemed a stretch that the answer could be this simple and that heat stroke from over two years ago could be causing a weakness in her heart meridian and that that would be the cause of the wound on her leg. But having developed a deep respect for Peggy, I trusted her and we moved forward. Less than two weeks later Baby’s wound was fully healed and within two months you couldn’t even tell that she’d ever had a wound on her leg. Under Peggy’s watchful eye Baby continued to thrive for several more years until her heart stopped.

11: Here are a few more quick stories of my dogs I have taken to Peggy over the years... Rugby, female Welsh Pembroke Corgi – fifteen years young thanks to Peggy Her problems included incontinence, rear-end paralysis, gum disease; and separation anxiety from her kid and my son Colton; Mac, Rugby’s son – thirteen and half years young – all his meridians were out-of-balance; Mannix, male German Shepherd – abused and food aggressive – diagnosed as having rabies vaccinosis; Quinna, female German Shepherd – severe abuse, hypothyroidism, and behavioral issues – she is no longer on thyroid medication and behavioral issues are much better; Sin, female Belgian Malinois – behavior and hypothyroidism – was able to treat behavior based on her mother dying because she was fed glass while pregnant with Sin and her litter; Quik, German Shepherd male, lost voice and lameness – voice is back and he is 100% sound; Otis and Logan, Sealyham Terriers – demonstrating excessive aggression and physical problems – both dogs are doing well; and this is just a few of the dogs I have taken to Peggy. Of course, since my dogs were doing so well I had to go myself – Peggy has helped me through innumerable health and mental issues, i.e., menopause, planter fasciitis, and much much more. I have always been a person who tries to keep myself and my animals healthy the holistic way – but Peggy puts it on a whole new level. I will always be thankful for everything she gives and everything she does for me and my dogs – she is one of a kind and I thank God I found her! | Kathy Jo Magan

12: Dr. Peggy Fleming has been caring for the Gallant Oaks’ and Vessey family for many, many years. ‘Peggy’ as we fondly call her is not only our doctor; she is a friend, mentor and confidant. I have known Peggy for over twenty years and prior to her becoming a full-time holistic practitioner. Peggy has treated a vast array of different illnesses and injuries for us at Gallant Oaks. The Gallant Oaks family consists of horses, dogs and the humans that love them. Peggy has remedied and in many cases cured or extended life with good quality for many months/years beyond what conventional medicine had to offer. We have brought her skin/eye conditions, injuries, reproduction challenges, digestive issues and way too many of the dreaded ‘c’ varieties. Aside from the human companions that are cared for by Peggy, those that Peggy has nurtured; Brandy, Dandy, Skyy, Abby, Tony, Terra, Chester, Bogart, Bria, Bennie, Jeannie, Lena, Huey, JD, Della and Goody have all been helped by Peggy’s expertise in some form or fashion. Peggy is truly a gifted healer. We have experienced it first hand many times over and are extremely blessed to have her and her talents available to us. It is rare to miss a week and not bring someone to see Peggy. VALERIE VESSEY

14: Peggy is one in a million - homeopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, teacher, mom, wife, airplane pilot and a true friend. I still remember the first time I met her - 22 years ago. It was Memorial Day weekend in 1990 in New Smyrna. She has been there for me ever since. Together we have been through a lot of trials and tribulations with some of my horses. But, we have also watched our lives change and grow since the birth of my daughter and the beginning of her 3 daughters. My first experience was with an amazing horse named Go Vince Go, who won over $100,000 in barrel racing. With Peggy's help, I won several big championships and titles on him. Peggy has treated over 100 horses for me since then. She has also met and continued treating horses for at least that many clients of mine. Not only has she been a godsend for my horses, but also me. I gave birth to my daughter in 2002. During this I had an episode and quit breathing. The hospital said it was a seizure but Peggy and another doctor believed it was a stroke due to my extremely high blood pressure. When I awoke, the left side of my face was paralyzed. I stayed in the hospital for a week on several medications to lower my blood pressure and help with the paralysis. None of this worked. Peggy heard about it and sent word for me to get to her ASAP. After the first treatment and remedy I immediately saw improvement. After the second, I was 100% better. For a couple of years after this, I kept staying anemic and needing iron IVs. I went to a hematologist regularly and nothing seemed to help my blood count. Once again I consulted Peggy. She did treatments and gave me another remedy and some chinese herbs. The next time I went to my hematologist he was amazed at how much better my counts were. She has continued to keep my on the right track with this.

15: Not everybody is a believer of homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic and Peggy. These people are really missing out. Peggy and her methods have been an important part of my life and aided in my success with my horses. Thank you Peggy for always being there for me and my horses. Caryn Henry | Caryn & Cami

17: I started using Peggy over 10 years ago, meeting her through Caryn Henry, one of her biggest "fans". It has truly been one of life's blessings to have crossed paths with this incredibly talented lady. You don't have to meet her more than a couple of times to pick up on the fact that you're in the presence of a special person. For some reason the first time I met Peggy I found it humorous to see this lady of such diminutive size working on these 1200 pound packages of pure muscle (some even had muscles where the brain should have been) But I quickly realized what Peggy lacked in physical size she made up for with grit and determination. Some other characteristics that immediately show themselves when you meet Peggy are her intelligence, her honesty, and her wit (when she begins to feel that she knows you). But above all, when Peggy is in the presence of a horse, you can FEEL Peggy's love and desire to make the animal feel better. She knew very early in her career that she could do more good if she took a more unconventional path than simply acquiring her DVM degree. She knew in her heart that some of the common methods of veterinary practice were barbaric and caused much unnecessary pain and suffering. So she chose to go against convention. How incredibly courageous that decision was - can you imagine the criticism and the behind-her-back-snickering that took place among her colleagues? Not to mention the huge financial risk. Thank God Peggy made that tough decision, because it gave her a unique set of skills that has benefited all of us. For all the unique education and skill set she has, it's her indomitable spirit that makes her who she is. She has a prose poem hanging on the wall in her lobby that she told me her father gave her many years ago. It's called "Desiderata" and after reading it I felt that poem probably captured the way Peggy tries to live her life. It's a beautiful, moving writing, just as Peggy is a beautiful, moving spirit. Byron Forehand

18: We own several horses mostly barrel horses but at the time my husband was team roping. He had a bad wreck in the practice pen where his horse tripped and flipped over. My husband was not injured. Traveler, a huge 16 hand, 1400 lbs. horse seemed fine. He was a little body sore but seemed to be okay. As time went on he was stumbling more and more. We had him tested for EPM. It was negative. He began to hang his head barely off the ground. We took him to a well know veterinarian in Ocala to have x-rays. They found nothing wrong with his neck. On a routine trip to Peggy for my barrel horses I loaded my husband’s rope horse. My husband was at the time , a skeptic of Peggy's work. It took Peggy a matter of 5 minutes after her exam to figure out that the horse was severely out in his neck. There was instant relief for this giant gentle horse after his adjustment. My husband became a believer. GMH | Peggy is great. We took the IVAS Acupuncture certification together and both drew a lot of cartoons in class together. She is the best little sister I could ask for. She is a peaceful warrior who walks lightly on the rice paper of life. Namaste. Dr Stephen Blake DVM CVA CVH

19: Peggy has been a huge inspiration to me ever since I heard her speak at the IVAS training. I loved her presentation on the Five Element temperament types. I have since taken her information and written several books in hopes of helping more horses be understood and cared for in the way most appropriate to their type. Peggy has a very intuitive style of healing and I have so enjoyed listening to her insights Madalyn Ward, DVM | I’m 15 and aspire to be Dr. Peggy. My thoroughbred, Fatty, to say the least was a crazy lunatic! Within a month or two of her remedy I could do anything on her and I still can! Thank you so much! Maddy Ierulli! | My story is simple. I have a barrel horse that just was not running like my trainer thought he should and was sore a lot. I took him to see Peggy and things have been wonderful! He had a spleen problem and was “out” in his atlas and back end. He started bleeding and she gave him some stuff for that and he is also doing better with that, I was really worried about going the first time because I was not sure if I was going to understand all the herbs and remedies and what they did. She was so great in explaining it so the average person could understand and she made my first trip a wonderful experience. Dede Newton Eubanks

20: I have many stories about Peggy. She saved Bo's life! Bo is a paint gelding that we love dearly. My husband announces rodeos off of him, I've run barrels and poles, he has his ROM in barrels, and points in many other "show" classes. First, he developed a cancer in his eye. She advised how to treat it and the U of F followed her instructions. Next, he developed a strange discharge from his nose and he smelled awful. Another vet didn't know what it was. U of F diagnosed him with lymphoma and advised us to put him down. Dr. Peggy treated him. That was 17 years ago. He is now 26 years old and is doing well.

21: My son, David, was having severe nose bleeds as a child. Doctors had indicated that if they continued, they would cauterize his nose. When I talked to Dr. Peggy, she asked if he had a lot of antibiotics - which he had due to chronic ear infections. She then asked when his ears cleared up, did he have other issues - He did. He started getting strep throat and tonsilitus. She then asked if he had a patch of warts anywhere on his body. He did - on his knee. She then indicated that it was caused by the vaccines that his body was trying to expel - the antibiotics made it move from one place (ears) to another (throat). She gave him a remedy and told me he would have a reaction - she didn't know what kind. It could be an ear infection or something else - let it run its course. I gave him the remedy that night. Within 45 minutes, he had the mega nose bleeds of all. I thought my child was going to bleed to death! I was crying and scared. All I could think of was I was going to have to explain to the ER what I had given him. After a long time (about one hour of gushing blood), it stopped! No more nose bleeds either! | She made an impression on David. He's about to graduate from the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture of Gainesville. He's attended one of Dr. Peggy's clinics. She is his role model! She's one of a kind and the very best! These are just the "top" stories that I have to share about Dr. Peggy. Thanks. Glenda Bass

22: Spice, 1998 APHA Paint Mare Spice was born in April of 1998. She was our second foal. About six months old, after she was weaned, we came home from work and found her lame in the front. She had been in her paddock by herself which was behind our barn. It had several pine trees and a four post lean too. We thought her lameness was in her hoof. Our farm vet came out and found the lameness was in her shoulder and was getting worse. That vet referred us to Brandon SurgiCare. We took the filly there and they did two surgeries on her shoulder.

23: She had an OCD type lesion. We brought her home and after a week or so,she was not getting any better. I took her to Dr Fleming. She did acupuncture on her(I do not remember whether or not she gave Spice a remedy at that time). After 3 or 4 treatments, Spice was back to life!! We broke her as a two year old to ride and then when she was older used her as a brood mare. Spice now lives in Reddick and is owned by a good friend of mine. She just had her 9th foal this year, 2012. Had we not taken her to Dr Fleming, I am sure she would not have recovered from the surgeries. Dr. Fleming has treated my horses since the late ’80’s. I got brave and had her treat me in 2003 and have done so every since. She has helped me with many horse issues and my own issues and now some goat issues! I am so fortunate to live so close. | Sami Ray

24: Growing up with horses my entire life, I thought I knew them. I have always raised and ridden my own horses and never bought one that was already "set in his ways". Growing up in the 1970's I learned the old cowboy way of sacking horses out. I admit I was painfully mean to several horses during my earlier years. Paying penance for my ways and swallowing my pride is a way of life now and a confession I make since meeting Dr. Peggy Fleming in 1997. Her profound imprint caused me to embark on a "quest for truth" and a continued journey of healing, both personally and educationally. After one of my sessions of attempting to "fix" my new horse Spud, I saw the fear in his eyes. I could no longer mistreat him in that manner. Realizing I was in over my head with him, I enlisted my now best friend and horse trainer Sue P. Reflecting back to 1997 I now understand how God intervened in my life by allowing me to meet "Peggy". You see, any horse that stays in Sue's barn is required to see "Peggy" (Dr. Fleming) for an evaluation and treatment. At the time I was a skeptic of holistic modalities but I was also desperate for help. Spud had serious fright issues. I could not tie him, make any sudden moves around him, or even get a bridle on him. I was certain when I bought him he must have been tranquilized. Realizing I was only making him worse by my inexperience I conceded to have him evaluated by Dr. Fleming before Sue took us in for training. In one session I watched Peggy take my horse and melt him like butter with her hands, in his ears and all over his head and face. He was as relaxed as I had ever seen him. I still tear up thinking how that one instance forever changed my life's journey. Spud has since retired in my barn but has had a great life. I was so intrigued by her gift of healing that in 2004, I enrolled in Dr. Fleming's first pioneer class for Veterinarian Health Management and I graduated in 2007 as a Veterinarian Alternative Therapist. Peggy has been my biggest mentor from that day forward as I continue my education. I still laugh as she calls me a rebel, and my reply is, "says the pot to the kettle". | Sue P and Cuddles, the Cat | RED & ROB

25: Dr. Fleming has stood out against all odds in the world of Veterinarian medicine by assisting in laying the very foundation of transitioning human holistic care to animal holistic care. Not only in demonstrating her healing talents but imparting what she and others have developed as a true educational platform for others to follow. That in itself is a remarkable unselfish legacy to allow me and others to follow in. By doing so, she has forever renewed a passion and compassion for all animals and people in me. I’m humbled by each experience when someone relays how much better their horse feels. That is Peggy's gift to the world. I will retire soon as a paramedic/fire fighter but I will continue to utilize the gifts that she has so unselfishly taught me. My goal is to keep her legacy alive and extend her gift while touching others. Her work is amazing and I am no longer a skeptic to alternative modalities, to say the least. I have continued my studies and I only hope to be an extension of the legacy she has imparted. This is a small portion of what I could relay of moments that I have seen how humans, horses, and hounds alike have forever been changed by Dr. Fleming's gift of healing. I hope to be a branch and continue her dedicated life's work for it is one to be admired, studied, appreciated, and respected from all aspects of medicine. Cheryl B. | Diesel and Red

26: What can I say about Peggy Fleming. Well Peggy has been a part of me and my horses for at least 20 years. We have fixed many problems and many horses over the years. Dr Peggy has done so much for me personally. Even if the first time she acupunctured me for migraines I passed out at Dad's barn. Haha. We have come a long way. I am honored to consider her my vet, a breath of positive inspiration, and most of all my friend. We have gone through many horses together. Really too many too write about. We have fixed problems that other vets said were "unfixable" and in half the time. And they went back to winning when She was done with them. Thank you for all your support over the years and for always helping me when I needed it the most. You are such a great inspiration to me and to many others. Thank you for everything you have always done for me and my family. Love you to the moon and back ;) Jennifer Lee-Sims

27: If it weren't for Peggy's persistant attitude and not giving up I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the years I had with my horse, Friday. I bought Friday as a 12 year old mare from Butch Hartman. Friday had made a full recovery from Sweeny shoulder a few years prior and it was all thanks to Peggy. Butch loves that mare and did everything he could for her. With his dedication and Peggy's awesome healing power Friday ( Looking For An Alibi) made a full recovery and came back to a lucrative barrel racing career. With me alone we had earnings of well over $65K Thank you Peggy for doing such a great job with Friday. TAMMY PETTIS

28: This is a story about a little white dog named "Ecko". A wonderfully put together Parson Russell Terrier who by the age of 2 had her AKC Championship and her senior Earth Dog title.She also has her CGC canine good citizen award and volunteers as a hospice pet therapy dog. She is presently working at the master/excellent level in Earth Dog. At 4 years of age Ecko blessed us with a beautiful litter of six. Well, being the responsible dog owner that I am, I had Ecko spayed, shortly after, a big, huge, horrible mistake! The beautiful luxurious fur coat she wore disappeared! She was in a constant state of itching, scratching, biting, misery! She chewed out all of her hair and all that was left were bloody scabs that never healed! We tried ...every vet. every med, every food, every shampoo-conditioner and to no avail! On top of every thing else the meds that they gave her started seizure activity! What has happened to my best friend... my baby girl? Is this her future? I can't take her any where the way she looks! I was at my wits end, when shopping at Red Barn my friends, Elliot and Michelle suggested that I make a visit to see Dr Peggy Fleming a holistic homeopathic equine vet... I had nothing to lose and everything to gain! Optimistically we headed off on our road trip to our 1st appointment to see Dr. Peggy. She sat patiently listening and asking questions... I'll never forget that day. She patted me on the hand and told me, "She's going to be okay!" Music to my ears! And you know what?? She is okay! Her coat has grown back, the seizure activity is almost extinct. She still has her itchy spells, but monthly Dr Peggy treats her and gets her back to normal. This is so huge to have Ecko back to her fun-loving self. Dr. Peggy gave me back my best friend! Words can never express my heart felt gratitude. My story branches off of Ecko's,in 2009 before heading up to PA for the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America National Speciality, I was diagnosed and hospitalized with an extreme case of diverticulitis which was going to result in a colon resection. After 5 days of I.V. antibiotics, no food and bed rest I was released from the hospital and given an appointment card to see "the surgeon". Whoa!Wait a minute, I gotta talk to Dr. Peggy! I once remembered her telling me, "We are not born with zippers... and that's for a reason." I explained all of my circumstances to her... Again she said, "I've got this, trust me!" and 3 years later... I am strong, healthy and taking no meds I also went to Nationals and won Best of Winners and Best Bred by Exhibitor! Awesome! All of this made possible with no surgery and no drugs! Ecko and I are Dr Peggy's "true success" stories! The second Friday of every month we have our field trip to Peggys to get ourselves tuned up. We arrive early and walk the peaceful horse ranch and commune with nature. Words are not enough... Dr. Peggy Fleming means everything to us! Gentle healer with magic hands! She is a true gift from God, this little lady who we can not live without! Our intention was to move to Tn. for retirement... Now we will not be going any further than exit 301... How's that for a healthy addiction? We love you, Peggy! Lorrie Geyer-Limitone and Ecko!

29: Peggy always called us the Huber Sisters.... She was our vet from the mid 70's till she went totally holistic and moved to Brooksville about 15 years ago... We had a halter show mare named Razzle.. she was in training to start showing in some riding classes... She injured her hock being ridden in too deep of sand.. Well, my brother-in-law was a human chiropractor who had just completed some additional courses in acupuncture and laser treatments for humans.. he said he would come out and bring his machines to work on Razzle...Well... first Peggy was mad lol and told him I don't work on your patients.. Don't work on mine... But we could tell Peggy was very interested in what my brother in law was doing and between the two of them they injected Razzles hock with 20 24kt gold balls (tiny) to keep her hock lubricated,,, The mare was sound after that for many years ,,, We would laugh about the horse with the gold hocks... We kidded Peggy for many years that the Huber sisters and my brother in law were partially responsible for "getting her involved" in being a horse chiropractor and going the holistic way... Thanks for all the memories Peggy.. you helped a lot of horses and God has rewarded you in many ways with your wonderful family and family of friends.. Love, Ann and Kris Huber | Ecko | The Huber Sisters | The Huber Sisters

30: We met Peggy in the mid 1990’s. One of our horses had jumped a four board wood fence and ended up coming down on the post. After taking him to a leading vet clinic in Kentucky, we were told that he would never be a barrel horse. At best he would be a trail horse. We were just devastated. The post had made a large hole in the inner thigh area of his leg. We doctored him back to where he was able to be ridden but still hoped that he would be a barrel horse. After months of work, we thought the vets were right..he would never be a barrel horse. Just when we had given up hope, we heard of a vet in Florida that was supposed to be amazing. We were told that if anyone could fix him, it would be her. The vet was Peggy Fleming and she was over 1,000 miles away from our farm in Ohio. Was it worth the drive? Should we get our hopes up only to be broken hearted again? When I looked into the eyes of my horse, “Spot”, I knew we had to go. Even though we could ride him, I knew he was still in some pain. He deserved the chance to be healthy. When we arrived at Peggy’s place in Florida, I knew we had come to the right place. This small framed woman had a radiance about her that just glowed. Anytime I took Spot to a vet clinic, he never wanted to go into the stocks. He would be so scared. At Peggy’s, he walked into the exam area (no stocks) readily..he knew she was going to help him! And she did!!! It took time..but he was winning barrel races and amazing people with his comeback!!! Spot opened the door for countless other horses to be helped. “Buffy” had an injury as a baby that resulted in a bad scar on her hip. No one even thought that could be causing her issues. I knew she needed to see Peggy. So we drove the 1,000 miles down to Florida again. Buffy never liked vets but loved Peggy. That insignificant scar on her hip was the problem. Buffy a.k.a. (Whispers of Glory), went on to win the year end Reserve Championship for Barrel Futurities of America and won the prestigious San Antonio, TX Futurity! The road trips and horses we took to Peggy’s are too many to remember. What we do remember is a woman that performed miracles on our horses and we will be eternally grateful. We love you Peggy! Mary Ellen Hickman | BUFFY

31: Peggy has an amazing gift over the years I have personally brought 5 horses to Peggy and have referred several student's horses to her all with great success. Where do I start for a story? I guess at the beginning when my advanced level dressage horse Jacob stopped sweating. A big problem everywhere especially with the intense Florida sun. Watching Jacob under a tree working hard just to catch his breath. I turned to Peggy. Brought Jacob to her place where she performed her magic....he started dripping with sweat there in the clinic. two follow up visit and I never had a problem again! I will never forget a moment I shared with Peggy when I brought up two of my horses and a therapy horse. We just changed horses and I was waiting for Peggy to come back in. this time I had Whisper , a therapy horse for InStride Therapy (he has his own unique and impressive story) when Peggy entered the room she stopped and said she doesn't usually get this way but that is a special horse with a tear in her eye. as she worked on Whisper. he captured her heart even more - by the end we all had tears in our eyes. Whisper is a unique and VERY special horse. Donna Blem | I would love to thank Peggy for changing the way I felt about horses. After graduating from Texas A&M in 1990. I actually hated horses, I had many bad experiences while in the large animal clinic my senior year all involving horses. We were not taught about natural horsemanship, or how horses thought or felt. There was lots of twitching, ear pulling and pinching the horse to get them to submit to treatment, needless to say the horses were not overly happy with the situation. I met Peggy when I took the IVAS acupuncture course. She was the first person I ever saw treat a horse with respect and caring. It amazed me to watch her calmly settle a nervous horse and have him willingly agree to treatment! I was amazed beyond words. As I advanced my career in holistic medicine and started to treat horses she was one of my biggest inspirations and mentors. Because of Peggy and Madalyn Ward, I now help horses to heal and lead active lives and it is a pure joy for me. We need more veterinarians like Peggy in this world for sure. Marcia Dubois Martin

32: We first heard about Peggy Fleming from Abbey Harms. Jade became friends with Abbey when she discovered natural horsemanship. She would always say ‘Oh you need to go see Peggy’ Well finally Jade got to see Peggy. Abbey kindly spoke with Peggy who gave Jade the opportunity to intern at Peggy Flemings Acupuncture center for a week. She stayed at the center in a house which is nearby. This was a huge move for Jade. She was fourteen at the time. She loved the whole holistic experience and talked for days about homeopathy. Little did we know how much Jade would need Peggy. In 2011 Jade got bitten by a spider. We did not know at the time it was spider. She felt nothing at the time. We had experienced severe flooding on our property and Jade had been out with the horses. On close inspection it looked like she has been bitten by fire ants. However as time went by it grew and became extremely painful. On further investigation on the internet it appeared to be a Hobo or Brown Recluse Spider bite. We went straight up to see Peggy she treated it and luckily for Jade she only has a scar on her leg. If you investigate many cases where people have been bitten they have endured much worse lesions with rotting flesh and can you believe, amputations! This journey still continues. The bite seemed to create a reaction in Jades body which makes her hypersensitive to anything that bites her. This has proved very challenging for Jade as you can imagine. Throughout this journey she has looked to Peggy for support and guidance. She is still taking remedies. This will take time. We have to be patient. Peggy is a small person who has a big heart. In August this year our 23 year old thoroughbred mare Zara started to founder. It was mechanical founder. She has struggled with a bad leg for a few years. Peggy was so supportive and did everything she could to help Jade save her horse. However, it was her time. Mari Little who assists Peggy was so compassionate when Zara passed, she supported Jade in what was such an emotional time. Mari works closely with Peggy on her support team. Zara is resting In our back pasture under her big oak. RIP Zara Jade continues to intern at Peggy’s learning as much as she can. Some of you may have met her. Joanne and Jade Bond

33: True Love is Eternal | True Love Is Eternal | JADE | & | ZARA

34: “The Wizard of Oz” When I purchased my first horse (Reb) in 2007 after moving to FL, I could not have been happier, but what I did not know was that on the day of the test ride and every day after that until she arrived home, she was heavily medicated and due to a bad slip up by the veterinarian doing the vet check, this vital information was missed. So, within two weeks of Reb arriving home, she could hardly breathe and I was trying everything under the sun to help her. I tried vet's recommendations of inhalant treatments, ventipulmin, I tried every anti-histamine/topical/herbal supplement on the market, nothing was working and as the months went by Reb was getting worse and I was at my wit's end. Then a friend said that there was a lady up in Brooksville that practiced natural healing techniques and that her friend took her horse up there every month and would I like to go with them next time. I figured I had nothing to lose and off we went the following week. Meeting Peggy was like the scene from The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy finally gets to meet the wizard ;) and from that first session I knew we were in good hands! Peggy recommended a detox treatment that involved homeopathics given daily for two weeks and although it was a rough two weeks with Reb expelling everything under the sun from every area, the treatment was working!! Over the course of our visits, spanning over a year, Peggy allowed me to tell her all what I knew and had seen with Reb and she thanked me for being so vigilant because between us we could piece everything together to solve the puzzle. After having Reb scoped, it became clear that the vets had been very wrong and that the ‘heaves’ diagnosis was wrong too! She had a structural defect that required a strict diet, certain supplements and to be kept as natural as possible. Today, my beautiful mare lives with us at our elderly horse sanctuary largely in part to Peggy’s amazing intuition and skill. When I ran out of options, Peggy gave me a whole new set to focus on and through her knowledge, we were able to work together to save her and give her this wonderful, free life she has today. I thank Peggy from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope and even though the journey was very rough and scary at times during her recovery, I had faith in Peggy and now I look back and know I wouldn’t change it for anything!! HANNAH FARRELL | & REB

35: There are those few people you encounter in a lifetime that leave an indelible mark on your soul; Peggy is one of those few. I feel so fortunate to have found Peggy some 17 years ago and am indebted to her for all she has done for me and the care of my animals over the years. Her compassion and loving heart are evident with her relationship with those she cares for. Aside from Peggy's connection with the animals, I know I personally love being around her and always leave her office feeling a sense of enrichment from being in her company. With that being said, I jokingly say, I also have known Peggy long enough to have been on the receiving end of a reprimand for not getting in soon enough or not handling an animal situation to her expectations. (That's our Peggy) Never one to mix words. Over the years I have a few notable experiences that I recall on visits to Peggy: My favorite barrel horse Grady Bug who we saved from the slaughter house literally grew up with Peggy. I acquired him as a 2 yr old and he is now 18. He hasn't changed over the years in that he regularly tries to tear down the treatment area and bite and kick Peggy as she treats him for anhydrosis and an adjustment. When he realizes the relief he feels after her treatments he is her best pal. Thank goodness she tolerates him. Back when her treatments were primarily equine related, I remember pleading with her to take a look at my paralyzed dog. The vet had exhausted all their treatment ideas and wanted to put him down. I picked him up from the vet and took him up to her where she had a fit as the bones were exposed on both rear legs from being in the cage and not rotated enough. He could only move his head. Peggy made no promises but after about a month of treatments he could momentarily stand if I picked him up. After much TLC and trips to Brooksville for treatment the dog made a full recovery and my husband proudly paraded him through the vets office; to their astonishment. Another case of desperation was a barrel horse of mine that developed Sweeney shoulder. After consulting with 2 veterinarians, the consensus was to do nothing for 6 months and then try surgery that may have a 30 percent success rate. The horse looked like a skeleton on the affected side of the body. Peggy never hesitated when I called about it and said, I have an idea. I would hold her for Peggy to start the treatment. “You have her Debbie?” ,“Yea sure Peggy, I got her. “Hold her still”. The horse was so strong she tossed me around like a rag doll as I hung on for dear life to try to hold her in place. I thought if she could at least be pasture sound I would be happy. Eleven months later with treatment and rehab instructions from Peggy, the mare is 100 percnt sound and I'm still competing on her currently. I've even sent my husband in with the animals to have Peggy change his own wound dressing when I couldn't stomach to do it. She's an angel. So now I realize how time has flown by and I feel it's been a lifetime that I've known Peggy. With that in mind I must say “Peggy, thank you for all that you do and all the lives that you have touched. I know I speak for a large group of people when I say, We Love You.” Debbie & Tom Walker

36: I am a true believer in the gifted Dr. Peggy Fleming and her untiring pursuit of holistic healing of life forces great and small! We first met her in January of 2008 when I was at my wit's end with the local vets in our area. Since moving Merlin my shire to Florida in 2001 we battled every summer the incurable itches and after numerous allergy tests it was determined that he was allergic to "Florida"! To give him some relief they would treat him with steroids in the form of dexamethasone and briefly describe the side effects as not to scare me and emphasize that he wasn't of breeding quality so it wouldn't matter much!?! I tried to explain that it wasn't just the scratching but he also had respiratory allergies, lack of energy and muscle tone but most importantly my brave gentle giant was depressed! I now believe they thought I was just another crazy horse lady and dismissed me. But one beautiful December day in Myakka another crazy horse lady and I were trail riding and she suggested Dr. Fleming. I called the next day and made appointments for all of my animals. Dr. Fleming treated Merlin like the most important living creature in her presence and she made me believe that we could get to the heart of his distress and cure him within 4 years. Now this may seem like a long time but once I understood what she was going to do for his constitution and that the process was to cure and not suppress his symptoms I was impressed with her honesty and her integrity. Thou shall question everything and believe me I did! I made mistakes along the way that Dr. Fleming had to fix but believe me they were also great lessons to be learned. When in doubt "WAIT!" is about the hardest! I write these words of gratitude for Dr. Fleming so she will know that with each passing year Merlin became stronger and less itchy so that now in the fourth summer of his remedy there was no itching until bleeding, no nasal d discharges, no loss of muscle and my gentle giant shire is happy to be living in the swamps of Florida! We are living proof here at Out of Harms Way Farm that life does get better with age thanks to Dr. Fleming.. Abbey Harms

37: I can sincerely say that Peggy Fleming is a true gem within the equine health industry. Her mix of traditional education and holistic approach to my animal's care truly has benefited us greatly. In 2009, I received a call from my friend, Jen that she finally would sell to me my favorite little Appaloosa who looks like a paint back. I bought Cher from Jen in 1999 as a 2 year old then traded her into Jen's breeding program in 2003. During that time Cher had 5 foals in 6 years. When I got her back it was evident that the breeding had taken a toll on her body. Upon visits, Peggy seemed to appreciate the horse as much as I do and she helped me manage her over-sympathetic nervous system as well as treat her ulcer. Afterward Cher's athleticism soared. The horse is truly a great athlete and she gives you her best every time she runs. Unfortunately her athleticism began to take a toll on her as well, Cher started to indicate signs of Navicular. I was told she had "horrific" Navicular in her left foot. Being very upset, Peggy graciously accepted to see my horse on Saturday night after her daughter was showing at Fox Lea. Although the diagnosis did change Peggy was spectacular and encouraging. She gave me actionable direction in treating the horse to enable me to reduce Cher's discomfort and continuance of her career. Cher continues to race and will forever remain my good luck. Linda Lee Lynch | To have Peggy in your life as a healer is a true blessing and to have her as a friend is a gift! When Peggy was created it took a spoonful of St Francis; a spoonful of Hahnemann, a spoonful of Chinese wisdom, a spoonful of honeybee, a spoonful of fierce lioness, a sprinkle of pepper, and a kilo of optimistic determination all bundled into a tiny body and delivered by the meadow fairies. I know this to be true as the horse elfin told me so and we all know that he does not lie! Lucy Yarhi

38: I met Peggy sometime early in the ’90’s when I brought a beautiful hemiplegic Hollywood Gold colt to her. I used to haul him out to her place in Tampa, braving the barking onslaught of Rosie and Jake who would invariably meet me halfway between the round pen and the triple wide. I’d pretty much crap my pants every time, as I’d never personally known Rottweilers or Doberman before, but after just one treatment I was so impressed with this colt’s progress I couldn’t wait to come back. After a year of work the colt was nearly 100% and Peggy and I had become pretty good friends. At the time I was water skiing for Disney and riding hard five nights a week so it seemed like it was always something. One particular evening I called Peggy to see if she could help me out. I’d been working with a green colt who had the roughest lope I’d ever seen. One wrong bounce and I’d found that I’d sat so hard on my gonads I about fell off the horse. As it turned out, she told me she was flying to west palm at 6 or so the next morning and could use an assistant. Now I’d been bugging her to let me come out and follow her on her rounds for quite a while so I jumped at the chance figuring I’d get her to treat me somewhere along the way. Talk about good fortune. The next morning I was out of the house with the worst headache I’ve ever had. I left a little before 5am to make the hour drive over to her new place, the Field of Dreams, which was still under construction at the time. We drove over to Z-Hills where she had her unbelievably beautiful and cool twin Travel Air tied down. Noticing the surface anatomy horse statue she had glued to her dashboard I asked innocently, “What meridian runs over the testes? “Liver.”, she replied. “What runs over the back of the head here?” I gestured to the line of pain that scorched up my cranium, blinding me. “Liver.” In what might have been an insignificant moment under other circumstances, a dim flicker of understanding sparked a feeling which carried me through the next 36 hours. A grueling, food-less, head spinning, nut aching, string of horses she treated as if she were dancing on a cloud. She hopped from horse to horse up and down those boxes, needling and adjusting as I struggled to keep up. I think she treated 18 before I made it to the sofa where I slept that night and God knows how many the next day on half a smoothie. All the while making it look easy. Whatever was fueling her I wanted it, bad.

39: Over the next few months I boarded my horses, packed all my things, and moved up north just a few miles from the National College of Chiropractic. I had no idea how I was going to get there but somehow my experience with Peggy over the years left me with an understanding deep in my spirit that if I simply took my body there, somehow I would end up a physician. Who could have imagined that some five years later, just after my graduation from NCC, Peggy would be flying up to Chicago to treat me, secretly, after a bad incident where I became paralyzed in a hospital accident. Ok.. There I was. I hadn’t moved in 6 weeks after an anesthesiologist dislocated my neck attempting to extubate me. He walked away without realizing he’d done it. After some 10 hours of drug induced sleep, I woke up C4 complete quadriplegic. After a month and a half stabilizing in ICU, I head over to rehab still unable to move a thing. Peggy thanks for sneaking into the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago like Catwoman with Eddie Piloto in tow and acupuncturing me. The next morning I had the first flicker of movement I’d had in six weeks. But that’s a story for another day. I love you, Chica! Merry Christmas! Johnny Cangelosi | TREGUS

40: When I received two white adorable psychotic Schnauzers from my friends for my birthday I had no idea the gift I was receiving would lead me to a destined meeting with Peggy. I swear I did not know when I came the first time with my breeders that they deceitfully sneaked me in on their appointment. Graciously , Peggy treated them but Cassidy gave me the stink eye. At first it was all about the dogs then eventually Peggy noticed my desperate need for a remedy. I had been suffering from depression and anxiety attacks for quite a while. Peggy spent over two hours with me. in a homeopathic consultation and practically dumped the remedy down my throat before I left. Peggy said, "I'll be shocked if this doesn't help you" I was not hopeful but she seemed to be enough for both of us. On my way home within 30 minutes of taking the remedy I looked in the mirror and said out loud... "Oh my God my earrings don't match!!" I had been wearing the same pair of mismatched earrings for about 7 months and no one noticed and I just didn't care. I had another pair just like them in my jewelry box. I started to laugh and cry because I knew that if I could care about something so insignificant then I could care about the big things again. The remedy worked! Later I began giving Peggy massages. As much as I needed Peggy she needed to be kneaded just as much. And so began a beautiful friendship...

41: Peggy, I can never thank you enough for inspiring me, restoring laughter to my soul and providing treatments that unlock the very essence of who I am meant to be.. I am forever grateful for your kind gesture of love when you came to Hospice to treat my friend Lea. I treasure the time we spend together and will be forever scarred by some of your stories about bulls. Seriously I think I need a new remedy. I love you and look forward to many more thought provoking, stimulating, giggle inducing, life changing conversations. Terri Johns | Thoughts are Things

42: Booker & Charlie | My Remedy...Ahhh!

43: Holistic Healer of Hounds, Horses and Humans How did I find you on a lane, Field of Dreams? Did I make a wrong turn through the canopy of trees? Or am I but a player in this well orchestrated plot You built it and I came, like it or not. Lead by two Schnauzers and my own desperate cry We're now on this journey, our lives intertwine. Holistic Healer of Hounds, Horses and Humans How do you see without sight the rifts and the tears Through the invisible pulses on mutts, man or mares? With hands instructed by ancient tradition that confounds the wise Needles pierce the fibers of flesh - pinpoint and precise. Energies release! Let the healing begin! Bring into balance the yang and the yin. Holistic Healer of Hounds, Horses and Humans How do you know which thread to pull when the consult is done that will perfectly stitch me to a vial of remedies centrifically spun? And who are these "Three Immortals" in a bottle ,gloriously formulated, replenishing my former youth watering vacated flower seeds where wild oats used to shoot. So patiently you teach us, giving answer to What? When? Why? and How? Knowing that the experience alone will be all that we need to know for now. Holistic Healer of Hounds, Horses and Humans How can I express a heart full of gratitude when words seem to pale and fall short on delivery. Thank you for restoring my body and breath of life to my soul, now there is more to give of me. Terri Johns (2012)

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