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Perfect Match

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S: Perfect Match l Jodi Picoult l Zoey Kim


FC: By: Zoey Kim Period 3

1: SUMMARY | Nina Frost is a persecutor in the city of Sanford, Maine. She has a husband named Caleb and a son, Nathan. One day Nina’s son is traumatized from a sexual assault and is left muted. Nina tries to find out who did this to her son. Her accusations are: Caleb and Father Glen Szyszynski. She has the help of Patrick, his best friend who is a police officer, and Fisher, her defendant in court. Nina realizes that Caleb is not the rapist. Patrick plays a key role in the novel because he steps into the plot and talks face to face to Nathan and he grabs the gist of the criminal. In the end the readers know it was not Father Szyzynski who raped Nathan, but a different priest who had donated his skin to Father Szyzynski. The priest suffered from skin cancer and got a transplant of skin tissues. There was a pair of boxers with semen on it in a boiler room of the church and when a lab ran an experiment to find whose semen it was. This made Nina think that Father Szyzynski sexually assaulted her son so she shot him and she was tried for murder. Patrick helps out Nina a lot by going after Father Gwynne but he fails because Father Gwynne is found deceased from an illness. She tried playing the insanity act but the jury did not buy it. She was sentenced to jail. - Perfect Match Jodi Picoult

2: Horoscope-- Nina Frost | On the month of October, a cancer should be patient with various things and wait for nature to take its place. You can be stubborn at times but it is not always the bad case. You should try to take control of what you want and accomplish it! However, remember that you cannot reverse your actions. Think wisely. Also, if your single, mingle around for other single males but if your not single, make sure you show care to your spouse. Lucky numbers: 3, 6, 7, 12.

3: I tried giving clues as to what kind of person Nina Frost is. She can be very bossy at work and around the house. She is so focused in her work that she does not care for her family that much. This is part of the reason why Nathan is traumatized. It is because at church Nathan did not want to go to story time with the priests but Nina disregarded him and sent him off.

4: Postcard | Toronto | Nina Frost 222 Pennsylvania Street Cumberland ME 04017 | Hey Nina, it's Caleb. Nathan and I are in Toronto right now. He was begging me to write a letter to you. I was wondering how you were doing. I hope you aren't mad because I took Nathan with me. But also as a father and a husband, I thought I had some kind of a right to take my son. Nathan says hi. Caleb and Nathan

5: During the hardships Caleb and Nina faced soon after the murder, Caleb had enough and wanted to take his son away from Nina. Caleb took Nathan on a trip to Toronto. Caleb simply told Nathan that he was going on a camping trip. Nathan was oblivious to the situation since he is about six years old. Nina is devastated when she finds out that Nathan is gone. Although in the book they don't go to Toronto, the dad and son go to a motel away from home. I wanted to create the distance that the family had from the crime. They left right before Christmas time and Nina hoped that they came back before the holiday because they have always celebrated it together every year.

6: Cartoons/Doodles

7: The cartoon cards shown on the previous page are the cards that were used by Patrick to narrow down the suspects. He made multiple amount of career cards and asked Nathan who did this to him since he was mute and could not talk to Patrick. These cards helped Patrick accuse a priest because Nathan pointed to the Priest card. Patrick has feels affection towards Nina. They have been friends since they were young and Patrick has been jealous of Caleb. Patrick and Nina have sex during a time when it is not expected. In Like Water for Chocolate Tita and Pedro have sex at the most random times and in Perfect Match, Patrick and Nina have sex when Caleb is gone and in midst of the whole confusing situation with an upcoming court visit.

9: Nina Frost went to Moe’s Gun Shop in Sanford, Maine to buy a Beretta nine millimeter semiautomatic handgun and 12 rounds of ammunition. She then brought the gun into the courthouse. The gun was $400. This was a significant action taken by Nina because she shot the priest who was convicted of raping her son in the head four times.

10: She was immediately taken down on the ground by multiple police officers and is now being watched. There will be a meeting soon after to discuss this crime later today. – Reporter - Zoey Kim | Today, on October 31, 2001 a 36 year old woman, Nina Frost shot a priest in the head four times. It was reported that Father Szyszynski was accused of raping her son and had a trial in the court house. She bought a gun from Moe’s Gun Shop and safely brought it in to the room. Nina Frost did not have to go through the metal detector since she had been working as a prosecutor for many years. During the trial she took out her Beretta semiautomatic gun and shot the priest in the head. | MAINE NEWSPAPER

11: This is basically a recreated page of a newspaper. The picture is an animated version of Nina shooting Father Szyzynski. From this day forward, Nina was known all over Maine. People start looking at her differently obviously because she killed an innocent man.

12: Pictures

13: setting The story mostly took place in these four places. Settings of the story is a must needed component. Upper Left: A rehabilitation center where Nathan got treated for his sexual assault. Upper Right: The Frost residence; where Caleb & Nina fought, Patrick & Nina had sex. Lower Left: The whole "mystery" behind the church. The book is based around the suspect who is the priest of Nina's church. Lower Right: Nina is a prosecutor. The first time the book goes into a courtroom is for Father Szyzynski's trial and the second time is when Nina has to face the jury of committing murder.

14: Email

15: I constructed an email between Fisher and Nina. Nina is usually stubborn and bossy. However, she committed a crime and she must pay her dues. Fisher basically told her face to face that he will be in control as her defendant and that she cannot perform anything on her own.

16: Journal | Dear Diary, I still feel horrible as to what I did last month. Before I received the ankle bracelet, I went to go grocery shopping with Nathan. I know I wasn't supposed to step out of the house but I felt so trapped inside so I decided to go out. When we got to the supermarket it was harmless and normal. However when I left Nathan in his cart for a second to get something, I saw a man standing in front of my baby boy. He was talking to my son! I ran over to see what was happening but I shouldn't have... it was a police officer. I was immediately put down on the ground for arrest because I wasn't allowed out of the house. So here I am, in a jail. I called Caleb to bail me out of jail but I do not know when he's coming back. I met a transsexual and she keeps talking to me. I want to get out of here and stay with my son.

17: Although Nina has not actually wrote in a journal in the novel, she did go to jail because of the supermarket incident.This scene showed that she was no longer welcomed in an open society and she needed to be watched by the police officers. She had no freedom as to what to do. She spent nights in the jail several times during the novel.

18: Songs | Our time is running out Our time is running out You can't push it underground You can't stop it screaming out I wanted freedom Bound and restricted | Time Is Running Out - Muse

19: The lyrics of this song explain how Nina feels during her probation time. This is when she starts to care about her family and wants to save Nathan.

20: Report Card

21: By reading Perfect Match I figured out the main concepts of the main character, Nina Frost. To her, all she needs are three things: a job, family, and a friend. I gave an A for her occupation because she was excellent at her work place. For her parenting skills, I put C- then B+. Before the problem occurred, Nina barely cared about her son but after the problem she did everything to solve the case and make Nathan improve from his trauma. As a wife, Nina received a D to C- because I do not think Caleb and Nina get along very well. They use each other to have sex. For friendship, she got a C to F. In the story the only friend mentioned was Patrick so that shows that she is not really wanted around other people. I changed her grade to an F because what kind of a married woman has sex with her best friend? She betrayed Caleb and Nathan in a way.

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