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Pieces of Me

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S: Impressions of Me

FC: Pieces of Me

2: Have You Seen My Heart ? I thought my heart was on my sleeve for all to see All my love is in my shoes to run to you if you call My courage is in the breast of my shirt to face what may come Forgiveness is in gloves that cover my own sin stained hands Compassion is in my handkerchief that wipes both our tears Have you seen my heart? My memories are in my jeans that fade and get ever more comfortable Kindness is in the brim of my hat when I loan it to shade you My pockets hold my generosity as I dig deep inside. Fear is in my watch as time passes by so quickly. My anger is in the bandages I wear over wounds that have not healed Humbleness is in the patches on my worn out knees Have you seen my heart? It must be in my old and torn socks covered by my shoes of love so no one sees the holes in it

5: A Cowboy's Life Up before dawn still dark as night Saddle the horse and ride to the light Coffee on the way black in my cup Cattle to feed and round them all up Calving in spring, branding in fall Tractor for hay, summer sun on us all Training the ponies just two years old Watching the mares who are ready to foal It's back in the barn by evening's sunset Put up all the tack and dinner to get Build fire for warmth and watch as it glows Stars in the sky and the moon way down low Bedding down for the night next to the fire Saying prayers to my Lord before I expire Dream of fast horses and my girl in dress A cowboy's life and I want nothing less

6: The Dragon Knight I once was a knight with armor that shined A shield and sword honed and refined I stood ready for dragons and demons to fight To defend the princess with all of my might Dragons I slayed for her honor each day A mortal wound, I received on my way The queen I serve knows not that I bleed I lose sight of her goodness, kindness and need Armor tarnished and shield of rust My sword that she nor I can trust Dragons have taken away my nerve Left me no queen or princess to serve I see it now how I was mistaken Serve first the King not queen or maiden He loves me and gives hope to my heart I shine up my armor and begin a new start Now dragons I slay with glory in sight Even when darkness takes over the night His light shines the way so I’m never lost I now serve the King whatever the cost

9: Family Love Forgiveness now and let's forget I'm just as sorry, you can bet Sad times don't have to come How glad I am, I'm not just one Sickness can be prayed away I need your prayers with me today Older members embrace the young Just listen to the songs they've sung Advice is always waiting To many times I kept debating You're all so special in my life Be with me now in my strife Mistakes I made are in the past I wish this love would always last In my life are the wings of dove It's great to have a families love

10: I'm the keeper of the past I make it come back when someone ask I remember things you cannot It's people and places you forgot There's tender and kind anger and fear All these memories I hold dear I see so many lives unfold When they were young until they got old Memories bring happiness to the season Joy to the present and rhyme to reason Time goes by so very fast I hold on to make it last The sad ones too I must keep It's these I wish I could delete It's hard on my soul to feel it so I wish sometimes I could let it go But I must keep all of them Unto this life I am condemned | I'm the keeper of memories Of sad and happy times like these I won't let go you can count on me No matter how hard my heart does plea But when I'm gone and buried deep Who will it be the memories to keep I need someone to tell all too One to remember maybe it's you Who will dare take on this task A heavy load for someone to ask If you would take this gift from me Visions of past you will see I'm the keeper of many untold It's harder now I'm growing old The keeper of memories is not long for this world I'm fading to darkness my memories unfurl Don't let me go without giving a try The memories I hold must not die If nothing else do one thing please Remember the keeper of memories | Keeper of Memories

13: Remember the times we sat and talked the times we laughed and took long walks. Remember the stars that fell on that night we watched in wonder at this beautiful sight Remember when we gathered to pray to help with fears that won't go away Remember the calls, the texts and chats the times we said nothing and simply sat Remember the lunches, the donuts and snacks always a soda or coffee to match Remember the love that came from my heart never forget thats where to start Remember me this way it seems is to love and see me in your dreams Remember me now from years gone by as if I was here, right by your side

14: Potter's Choice He throws the clay upon the ground With strong hands He kneads and pounds A plate is what I wish to be To hold the riches that I see He breaks the plate and starts again A better vessel He begins A pan for bread is what I wish The rising of me in a prideful dish He has to break the state I'm in A better vessel He starts again Now I wish for me to see The vessel He has made of me A pitcher tall and over flowing Watering seeds to start them growing A plate and pan can only contain His love now He cannot restrain A better vessel I am today He chose to save this man of clay

16: Violence in the Night The approach was simple and from behind They wanted to hurt me and wipe off the shine I fight with my fist and defend with my might It's happening to me in the darkness of night I struggle to see why they chose me Does God know this happened to be He must know it all and see it quite clear I thought I was someone to Him and dear Blood down my face as I face life and death Strength almost gone as I take one last breath God reaches in and stops the fight cold He saved me for Him now I must be bold I cry from the pain in the distant past Can't seem to make a relationship last Dear God up above so kind and so true Save me oh Lord from the things that I do Teach me the lesson you want me to learn So the pain that I feel will no longer burn I want you my Lord with all of my heart Thank you my Lord for the new start I finally know now that God was in sight Jesus was there and wept on that night

17: Just a Story I'm lost can anyone help me to see I find no good in or about me This life is mostly done it seems The sickness in me builds like steam My heart grows numb and the fire dies I have no tears left to cry No purpose is found no problem to fix Already gave up and ready to quit If you can help me, help me please Before I sail on to heavens ease I write because I feel insightful No joy in it because it's painful But I write to stay alive and well If you know me then you can tell I doubt anyone really knows me But don't you worry it's just a story

18: Spinning Dress A little girl does a spin in a dress She smiles and laughs as she makes a big mess Soccer is fun, but cheerleading's best She'll put on a show and you'll be impressed She hugs me goodnight with zeal and zest I just might die if I get less When she grows up she'll marry the best It's Batman or Superman and nothing less My little girl does a spin in a dress It's what I remember that makes her the best | Not The Best Man He wasn't the best son but his desire to be like his parents led him along a good path He wasn't the best husband but his passion for romance led him to her He wasn't the best father but tried to teach them all they needed to know. He wasn't the best brother but you could count on him when in need. He wasn't the best friend but everyone he knew felt the strength of his hugs No he wasn't the best at anything but he wanted to be till the day he died..

19: Will Being Me Be Enough Look into my eyes See the smile on my face Watch the motion of me Hold my hand while we walk Hear the words spoken to you Feel the strength of my embrace Listen to the beat of my heart Breathe in the passion of romance Taste the kiss from my lips Smell the hard work of my life Know the love in my heart Touch my soul deeply Understand my insecurities Sense the mortality that's inevitable Will being me be enough For you to love me till the end

20: Pieces of Me Dawn breaks the darkness dew settles on the ground Pieces of me lie scattered in those who love me Sun rises high, burning hot and bright on all things Thoughts smolder, memories glow as I think of those I love Soft tones, twilight in the evening sky as light fails My life slows to halt with time and it is shorten by night Midnight comes, a new and different day is about to start Without me to love or be loved, I pray the sun will never rise

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  • Title: Pieces of Me
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