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Poetry by Miles Sakmar

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S: Poetry by Miles Sakmar

BC: The End

FC: Poetry Portfolio

1: Table of Contents Where I'm From 2+3 My Mother's Kitchen 4+5 Mother To Son 6+7 Ode to GSMST 8+9 Language Arts Limerick 10 Untitled 11+13 Lord Loss 14+15

2: Where I'm From I remember when I was young I grew up in the suburbs, nothing out of the ordinary Yet I doubt I was ever anything like a normal person While other kids were outside playing While it may sound sad to you It wasn't to me I was almost always alone And, to tell you the truth, I kind of liked it Maybe it was natural to me, or Maybe it was because I was alone so much I then began to grow up I learned to read And became possessed by it Nothing else mattered except the next book Eventually I began to prefer the book to reality

3: The characters became more important to me than real people The books seemed so much more appealing They were always so full of magic and triumph Things which are so rare in the real world It was as though they were the friends I'd never had Ass time passed, things only got worse I grew even more secluded I completely cut myself off from everyone And my life declined because I was too busy with books to care Thank god my mom snapped me out of it While things have gotten better Still I remain isolated Still I fail to understand people and what it means to have friends Sometimes I wonder if I ever will Sometimes I wonder if I even want to

6: My Mother's Kitchen It is the depths of winter Outside, frost covers the earth The freezing wind bites at everything unprotected But inside there is no sign of this Inside the most delicious scents come from the oven Despite the coldness of the weather Winter always means the holidays And Mom bakes the traditional Christmas cookies Into the oven, an endless supply of delights My sister is drawn into the kitchen by the scent And Mom will smile as she says, "only one" Time passes, the cold finally leaves Warmth returns, sorely missed The trees and the plants are resurrected Animals reappear like magic Spring is here, Summer sure to follow

7: Amid the baking heat of summer Mother is in the kitchen The garden, having been revived by the return of spring Its still producing fresh treats It's not much But the peppermint does wonders in tea At night, Mom is again in the kitchen This time she is not just preparing small treats But rather, a real meal Hours of preparation have gone into this Making the proper sauce and preparing the chicken But it will all be worth it Because Mom is in the kitchen and that Always foretells the coming of something delicious

8: Mother to Son My brain has always been my biggest asset I've never been the strongest Or the fastest, or even the most likable But I've always been smart That was always my strength Yet I used to get so angry at times I just couldn't think like I normally do All I could do was act Do something, anything And that would always bring me naught but trouble And afterwards, my mom would always say to me, "Don't let yourself get mad, When you let yourself get mad Then you lose the ability to think And that is your greatest asset"

9: And she was right, she's always been right But that didn't make it much easier to do as she said There were times when I would get so angry I just didn't care anymore Suddenly things were out of control I'd find myself in all manner of trouble And over something that would seem so trivial And that's what I kept reminding myself, That it wasn't worth it But it did little to keep me out of trouble Still I kept telling myself And over time, without my notice It became easier to stay calm and in control And suddenly, I realized the power there In just being able to think things through Mom was right all along

10: Ode to GSMST Here, time is without distinction It is nothing but a blur of tests and projects The only constant is that there is never enough Never enough time to study for this test Or to finish this project And most of all, never enough time to rest Everyday brings with it another challenge To push us closer and closer to our limits Furthering our knowledge and expertise Molding us into the greatest of minds But, what if it is too much? Everyone has their limits People can only take so much before they quit And no one knows just what their limit is Until the finally comes and it is all just too much And so the question is, what are my limits?

11: Yet, even knowing that I have limits And that this school is going to push me to them And probably far beyond them as well I can't ever imagine leaving Just giving up and taking the easy way out Because, for all the hard work and the challenges I just can't help but be drawn here To test myself and make something of myself one day No matter how hard it may be here This is where I belong and intend to stay

12: Language Arts Literature is a great delight You agree with me right? I'll admit that I could do without the grammar tests Really they need to give it a rest You agree with me, yes? I thought you might

13: Untitled by Simple Plan I open my eyes I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light I can't remember how I can't remember why I'm lying here tonight And I can't stand the pain And I can't make it go away No I can't How could this happen to me I've made my mistakes I've got no where to run The night goes on As I'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me

14: Everybody's screaming I try to make a sound but no one hears me I'm slipping off the edge I'm hanging by a thread I wanna start this over again So I try to hold on to a time when nothing mattered And I can't explain what happened And I can't erase the things that I've done No I can't How could this happen to me I've made my mistakes I've got no where to run The night goes on As I'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me

15: I've made my mistakes I've got no where to run The night goes on As I'm fading away I'm sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me This song is told from the perspective of someone who just had something terrible happen to them, and it isn't the sort of thing that you recover from. So he's on his deathbed and this song represents hi thoughts and emotions. "Fading away" refers to his loss of sensation and clarity as his body starts shutting down. "Hanging by a thread" means that he is just barely hanging on to life. Finally, "how could this happen to me" refers to the shock he is feeling over his imminent death.

17: Lord Loss by Darren Shan Lord Loss sows all the sorrows of the world Lord Loss seeds the grief starched trees In the center of the web, lowly Lord Loss bows his head Mangled hands, naked eyes Fanged snakes his soul line Curled inside like textured sin Bloody curdled sheets for skin In the center of the web, vile Lord Loss torments the dead Over strands of red, Lord Loss crawls Dispensing pain, depressing all Shuns friends, nurtures foes Ravages hope, breeds woe Drinks moons, devours suns Twirls his thumbs until the reaper comes In the center of the web, lush Lord Loss is all that's left

18: Ironically, Darren Shan actually wrote this poem either for a middle or high school project and later he decided to use it as the base of one of the characters in his book series the Demonata. Lord Loss the demonic antagonist in the series. The first stanza describes his love of pain and how he causes as much as he can where ever he can. The second stanza describes his actual physical appearance, from his mangled hands and papery skin with blood coming out of cracks in it to the hole filled with snakes where his heart should be. Again he is a demon. The final stanza describes Lord Loss's abilities and expands on his love of pain. While he can't literally devour suns or drink moons, he does posses the ability to feed off pain and use magic. Again, he is a demon.

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