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BC: James is a 13 year old boy with some strange powers. He comes home one day noticing that his room is shredded and his dog, Sparky is missing. Now he must go save his dog, battle rebels, and survive not getting caught with his strange powers. | "Very action packed. The author is obviously a genius." (Liam Ross) | "Very Creative! One of the best stories I read!" (Makenzie McCann) | "It was a pretty good story. It showed a lot of creativity." (Paul Mogenesi}

FC: Prehistoric | By: Jackson Bartholomew

1: Prehistoric By: Jackson Bartholomew Communications 2012 Eyer Middle School

2: I wish this never happened to me! Why did I go into that room! I'M SO STUPID! Sorry, I should probably explain what I am talking about. My name is James Duley. It all started just last week. My school went to the dinosaur museum for a field trip.

3: The field trip wasn't half bad, when suddenly, I felt a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom. She said yes. As I was walking down the hall, I realized that I don't know where the bathroom is. I was searching for the bathroom when I saw a door. "This looks like a bathroom" I thought to myself, but I was terribly wrong. I walked through the door and saw a weird skull just lying on the ground. I picked it up and looked at it closely, until I saw a bright light. I passed out.

4: When I woke up, I had sharp teeth, scales, and was huge. I was a dinosaur! | After that, I have been going in and out of transforming into different dinosaurs. Now I can't stop transforming.

5: "Honey, time for school." "Okay mom. I will be down soon" My mom is telling me to go to school now. I should probably get going. When I was walking down I saw my dog, Sparky. "Hey there Sparky. How you doin today?" "Woof woof" "Okay Sparky, I got to go to school." I started to walk outside when I was stopped by my mom.

6: "Have fun at school dear. There will also be a surprise waiting for you when you get home." "Okay, bye mom." I wonder what the surprise is. Could it be a new gaming system? I will have to find out.

7: When I got home, I ran up to my room to find my surprise but what I found out was that my room was shredded. Sparky was gone too! When I was pacing around the room, I saw a note. | Meet ME At The Abandoned Hotel If you Want your DOG BACK

8: I don't understand why the person took Sparky.Oh no, I'm transforming. When the bright light was gone, I was on all four, had spikes on my back, and was scaly. I was a stegosaurus! I have to climb out the window before anyone sees me. All most there. Just a little more. Then, there was another bright light and I was back to human. I was so relieved, but it didn't last. I started to fall out the window!

9: Thud! I landed on a dumpster. I better get going I thought. I just realized something. The abandoned hotel is where the rebels hang out. When I was walking down the street, I heard footsteps. I looked back and there were three gigantic rebels holding baseball bats. "Hey kid" said the first rebel. "Your getting mugged." I was so scared that I accidentally triggered the transformation.

10: When the transformation was over, I was a Velociraptor. "W-w-w-what are you?" asked the third rebel. "Let's get out of here!" exclaimed the second rebel After a couple of seconds, they ran off into the night. "Wow, my powers just saved my life" I said. "I better keep moving."

11: I can now see the hotel. Here I am. When I made it to the top of the hotel, I saw a masked man. "Who are you and where is Sparky?" I exclaimed. "He is right here don't worry." said the masked man. He held up a poor, scared dog. It was Sparky. "You see, the reason I want you here is that so I can drain your power and make it my own. With it, I can rule the world!" said the masked man.

12: "Never! I won't let you!" I said when suddenly, there was a bright light. "You won't want to mess with me now because I'm transforming." I said. When the light was gone, I was still human but the masked man was a T-rex! "I have come in contact with the same skull that you have. With our combined powers I can rule the world!" yelled the masked man. Then, there was another bright light and I was also a T-rex too. When he saw me transform, we started to fight. It was a brutal battle and I was losing. His foot was on my neck and I could feel the air dying out.

13: All of a sudden, I heard the masked man scream in pain and he lifted his foot off of my neck. I looked up and saw Sparky bitting the masked man's leg. The masked man struggled and he lost his mask. I looked at the face and it was my mother! She had been fighting me the whole time! I couldn't believe it! I tried to go to her but she turned into a Pterodon and flew away. I was just so relieved that Sparky saved my life. If it wasn't for him, I could have died. Maybe I can control my powers. Maybe I can even use it to stop evil. Although, I have a feeling though that my mother will be a bit mad at me tomorrow morning.

14: About the Author | My Name is Jackson Bartholomew. I was really into superheros even when I was a kid, so I decided to make a book about my own superhero. I made the superhero relate to my childhood and I really liked dinosaurs back then so I decided to make a book about a guy that changes into dinosaurs. I came from a fairly happy and good family. I even have my own cat named Gidget. If you liked this book and want a good laugh, I have my own youtube channel that I make funny shows. My channel's name is Chucklezoner. Everyone that saw it thought it was great. Please check it out or subscribe. Well, thank you for your time!

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