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Psychology Project

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BC: A good life beings with a strong foundation | A good life beings with a strong foundation | but thers so much more to come =)

FC: The Life of Hoby Carson

1: This book is dedicated to all my friends and family, teachers and co-workers, and basically anyone and everyone who influenced my life to be where and how it is now. I am very proud of who i am from the influence of all of you.

2: Kickin' it old school!!! | 1 9 9 0 | 1. Germany won the World Cup in 1990. 2. The simpsons and Seinfeld were the most watched television shows. 3. Tickle me Elmo was the hottest new toy out there 4. Minimum wage was at $3.80 5.. A gallon of gas usually cost $1.16 back then

3: Hypothesis: Brain neurology is the reason for political beliefs Results: After giving a test to both liberals and conservatives through a test of persistancy while hooked up to a brain scanner. The results show that during the test, in which they had to maintain a set rule, the livberals had better conflict resolution while the Republican blocked out distractions of the test and maintained the rules. | Recent applications of Psychology | Republican vs. Democrat and brain chemistry

4: My mother's side of the family usually has brown eyes | My family is a close knit blanket that is up for a good time, bonds a ridiculous amount and is always there for me | My fathers side of the family often has very dark skin that tans easily | Family | Nature

5: As I grew up I was raised by my mother and fathers accompanied by my sister. During infancy I was too rough to breast feed so i was switched to a formula. Eventually we moved when I was 4 to the house i currently reside at. | FAMILY TREE Ruth DeSalis Harvey and Gertrude Orville and Alfons Cornealis Sell Carrie Carson Lillian Holly John DeSalis--Madeline DeSalis || Melvin Carson-- Grace Carson Cathy Michelle Rita Joan John Paul |||||| Jim Rick Cathy Hoby Myranda

6: People who helped write my Song | Beth- my best friend and favorite cousin has always been there through the good and bad. Chelsey- A friend since 2nd grade and now my lovely girlfriend whom which i... have fallen in love with.=D Diller, Justin, and Colby- some of the best friends in the world that always are up for talking about girls and great teammates that i trust.

7: I love my Mom and Dad more than i love air or even the beach. They have taught me life lessons that others dont know and have always loved me. Thats the most i could ever ask for and I love them so much. | Myranda (my sister) and Gram are great friends of mine. Myranda taught me how to have a great time and Gram took great care of me and Beth when we spent weeks at a time in her house :-).

8: I was a normal healthy developer. I was 21.5 inches long and 8lbs. and 9oz. I was actually born with hair on my head. I had an ear infection when I was born but underwent surgery right away to fix it up | exactly how i experienced life. I am a trusting person who is very confident and I have recently had a long relationship and realized who I really am. | I walked when i was 2 years old and I kept yelling mamamama when i was 1 year and 2 months. Erickson's Psychosocial stages are almost | Development Developmen t Develop ment De velopmen t Develo pment De velop ment Dev elopm ent Devel opme nt Develo pment D evelo pme nt D e v e lop

9: Sensation and Perception

10: AUDITION | GUSTATION i like eating food I cook | KINESTHESIS | OLFACTION | Visually I have 2/40 vision and I love everything from grils to sunsets =D.

11: I love this illusion because I still cant figure out how they are straight and look crooked. It is awesome | Depth is seen because of bold foreground colors. We can feel our accommodation adjust to the distance. The blue is behind the sky showing depth. Lastly, you can see texture around the window unlike the far away sky.

12: Elementary I had Mrs. Hoyer and 9/11 happend. I was sooo stunned by this act of terror or now a conspiracy to win a war overseas for oil. I listened to backstreet boys and loved basketball. I started to like girls. | Before there was time I always played Kerplunch at my Grandfather's house. I moved to my new house and helped my dad build. I had the smallest bike and learned how to ride by 4. I screamed and hated my sisters 9th birthday. We had the Nintendo and Super Nintendo and had huge bed t shirts called nightys.

13: Junior High Laguna Beach was my favorite and most memorable show and memory. I always went to the movies with friends and girls and began shopping at abercrombie and hollister. I had Mrs. Crook and began playing volleyball everyday. | High School I loved learning psychology and hated study hall this year. The first black president has been elected. I still wear abercrobie and I only watch onDemand for television.

14: extrinsic | intrinsic | M O T I V A T I O N | Guilt always wears me down so anytime i lie to my parents I always have to confess to feel better and reach cognitive balance | C my varsity letter... A A A B grades...

15: Love | Sad Emo pic | Fear | Happiness

16: The next three years of my life will be a new crazy and fun experience. I expect to stay with my current girlfriend and attend Shippensburg for a year. Then I | may transfer to Stevenson and contine the pre law/ political science major. No matter what I will play volleyball

17: You always need your priorities straight... --Beth McAfee | I believe by the time I am forty years old I will have accomplished all my life goals and will be preparing to continue working at a law firm in california in my beautiful simple house where I can visit the beach, be with my beautiful wife and kid(s), play volleyball with them, and cook whatever my heart pleases. I will be a very happy man and and continue my religion. | The BIG 4 OH

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