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Quarter Century

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FC: A collection of poems, writings, admirations, memories, and photographs. | QUARTER CENTURY

1: A book created by friends and family for Adam Frank Raby to celebrate his 25th birthday. This book is filled with memories, photographs, and stories and, above all, everything in here is written, created and thought of with love.

2: We are | University Times | 1) End of year leavers do, as you may have guessed both myself and Raby are very drunk. 2) Raby and Blewitt doing Raby's standard rugby celebration. THE MIGHTY CRANE.

3: My memories of Raby mainly involve all of the childish games we used to play. As I lived two doors down from Rabycakes at uni he would always pop over and we would hangout and play games that most people would find stupid, but that never bothered us.!We once took up an entire day with me throwing Haribo sweets from 30 metres away and Raby catching them in his mouth. Every throw brought us more enjoyment out of pure childish stupidity! Everyone thought we were stupid, but that was a perfect afternoon involving the ridiculous games we would play. I'll never forget Raby taking on the saltine cracker challenge (person has 60 seconds to eat 6 saltines also known as soda crackers without drinking anything; all the crumbs must be eaten too.) Raby's positivity and competitiveness led me to believe that he held the world record. He was trash talking and bigging himself up more then Mohammed Ali. The way he was talking I thought I was going to witness a spectacle, this man was going to completely shatter the world record! Needless to say, true to our childish form.HE FAILED. He failed so badly that by the time we got to the third/fourth cracker the pair of us were in fits of laughter, Raby having the dryest mouth in the world and raining down crackers EVERYWHERE, by the time we finished there were more crackers on my floor than in his stomach. An amazing characteristic in a person is somebody who not only laughs at themselves but can have people laugh along with them. Raby has this characteristic in abundance. Happy Birthday and I miss you my Asian brother! With Love, Ollie PS: TREEE FIDY


5: Raby's birthday party at his house (we had a game of spoof and I lost and had to try and steal Raby's chimney) | Llyal Thompson, Ollie Davies, Rabycakes, Jamie Fricker.

6: Friends for Life | Thailand

7: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RABS!! You know, they say a true friendship stands the test of time, and an even truer friendship can stay strong no matter how big the distance between them. This is so true for us, Rabs. You have been my best friend since we were 13 years old. You were this teeny little sprout with a big mouth and I was the cheeky one from the old girls school down the road. Now, you’re a talented, successful man who I absolutely adore. I’m so incredibly proud to have you as a friend. Thank you for always being there, throughout everything. Looking back, I remember meeting you during the Government Inspector auditions, chilling on your jetty in Portsmouth, making horrendous English breakfasts for your parents, sailing to Cowes, watching you steal the show at Noises Off, see you play rugby in Shanghai, travel Thailand with you and party in Hong Kong. I still remember Emma and I making you a banner for your 17th birthday! You better still have that! We’ve gone through so much; school, uni, traveling, old jobs, new jobs, new loves - it’s bloody song worthy all this, isn’t it?! You are one hell of a guy and I want to wish you the happiest birthday ever! You are an amazing friend and I know we’ll be friends forever. Lots of love, have a spectacular day. If there’s anyone who deserves the best, it’s you dude. With Love - Lars xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8: Friends Forever! | Friendship is the thread that ties our hearts together. | Happy Birthday Rabs!! I'm so happy we became good friends all those years ago! I will never forget our many trips with you, me and Lars - they have all given me lots of laughs and fun times to look back on and remember. From sitting on your jetty in Portsmouth to going to see John Q in Brighton to the Full Moon Party in Thailand!! John Q was the first time we realised you really did know what you were talking about and Lars and I were very wrong about that one! And looking back on Thailand, I know it will always be an amazing memory and one I'm glad I share with you!! We will all have to meet there again one day! I'm very proud of you and what you have achieved and I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon! P.S: Stay away from glass windows and scooters!! ;) Have a wonderful birthday, all my love and lots of kisses... Emma xxx

9: Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life. | 6 years ago, Adam was entering into his last year playing in the New Years day Rugby for the Overseas team. Adam and I had being playing rugby at school all year, well, Adam had actually been mainly performing in school musicals and working on his ability to pronounce 33....which I believe he still has an issue with. Adam had been given the first part of the season off due to drama commitments, as play rehearsals overlapped with training. Not a problem, the coach said, just bring your game, keep training on your own, and we will have you in the team after the break. First game after the break arrives. Its against a terrible school, no need to go chasing lost balls, we are going to win this by 30 points. So, when one of the opposition's players breaks the line and is dashing for the try line, Adam, overcome with some desire to make up for lost games, starts tearing after this guy. Bear in mind, this player has a 20 yard head start, Adam still catches up to him, and does his best to 'tackle' him. However, in doing so, and granted, preventing the try, Adam falls awkwardly and dislocated his arm.....putting him out for the rest of the season. To say our coach was less than pleased would be an understatement. Anyway, back to Hong Kong. Adam has invited me along to all the Overseas training sessions, and I was helping out with the coaching staff. Raby, clearly had talent. He was faster than pretty much anyone, and had a great kick game. But this fear of tackling had stayed with him since that fateful night, and had become the one weakness in his game. Being the concerned friend that I am, and thinking he may not be starting fly-half, I pulled him aside and said "you have to sort your tackling out". After a few tips, and a little bit of 50% practice tackles, we were playing in a scrimmage, coaches vs team. The ball comes to me, and of course, Adam is running directly at me, "this is great" i think to myself, a chance for him to put this into practice........ What happened next was a blur of flaying arms and crunching bone - the outcome, I am on the floor, Adam has the ball, and I have a bleeding. broken. nose. And from that day, I knew Adam was going to be ok. And now he has made it all the way to a quarter century......and my nose still isnt quite straight. Happy birthday Raby, hopefully one day you'll sort out your tackles, injury free for both you and the opposition. Will Hunter

10: I will never forget Raby's first taste of stardom at the Kota Kinabalu Sevens in 2010. Definitely an Oscar worthy performance between the Bounty Hunter and the Shark! Happy Birthday! Ed Haynes | Rugby Tales

11: Ah Rabos, Happy birthday mate, hope you have a good day. There are loads of good stories/memories that I can think up of you. I particularly chuckle when people tell me about the old, "give me the ball as I've got gas to burn" incident, but I wasn't there first hand so I didn't think that would qualify. And I could also write about the number of legendary after match functions where you've got up and done the heroic "Adam Raby One Man Show", which in my opinion is getting better and better so keep them coming please. Also I lost the shotgun to write about them to Ed Haynes, so...gutted. Anyway, I knew what I was going to write about when I first read the email because it involves Jessie as well. Probably the best/funniest memory of you was when we were on the European tour and I came to see what you were up to in your room. I found you on your computer but didn't think much of it until I spied Jessie in the corner, you two were on Skype but not talking, you just had each other there, both doing your own thing, just there in case you thought of anything to chat about. So I remember laughing at that and giving you a bit of stick for it but then the next day I remember your room mate coming to me and telling me a story. He said if you think that was bad wait until you hear this, he said he'd caught you waking up in the middle of the night, making your way over to the computer, turning on Skype and saying something along the lines to Jessie, "Sorry babes I couldn't sleep, and I can't sleep unless I think your in the room with me". After doing this you set up the computer so she could see you sleeping and you could see her from your bed and see her whilst you were falling asleep. Gayest story I had ever heard and it had me in stitches. But all in all that is classic Raby stuff. All the best for your birthday mate, have a good one and please don't change as your a bloody hero son. All the best - Wrighty

12: Football Club | Champions, Kota Kinabalu

13: "The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur." -- Vince Lombardi | Rugby 7s 2011

14: With Love, Leem | Life before Raby was not as sunny, "Money money money money" Who knew my first memory of you would be so funny, At Bonnie's crib bean is where we met, and is one of many Raby moments in my life I shan't forget. Another fond moment was in Pangkil, In a game of truth or dare where to my delight and thrill, Was to discover that stripping and sexual badminton were one of your many skills. Every memory I have of you grows fonder, To find just one, I am forced to really ponder. One such memory that I cherish to this day, Is when you accepted me wholeheartedly for being gay. when you set aside our differences and embraced me for who I truly be Is my most treasured memory of you, my friend, Raby.

16: Feliz Cumpleanos! This has been pretty hard to write. It’s always really difficult to summarise someone in a simple paragraph, or even a page. How can you take into account their rubbish banter? Or the fact that they shoot themselves on the foot constantly with poor spelling when trying to crack jokes? It's impossible. But the best part about Raby can be summarised in just one sentence. Raby is awesome. As simple as that. He is always up for a good time, always willing to try something new and different, regardless of how stupid it might seem (or how little Sean wants to do it), always smiling and Raby is always, always there for his friends. And that is the best trait one could ask for in a friend. I don’t want to get all soppy and melodramatic - even though I am Latin, and by default I have to, but Raby is a fantastic friend. So, here’s to a sensational birthday! I hope your first quarter of a century was good; but may the next ones to come be even better. Happy birthday! Because all the best people are born on the 7th of May. Un abrazo, Guillermo

17: My favourite Raby moments in two sentences - Fergalicious dance moves on a boat - de de de de de Denise Richards flicking hair slow motion - friends - rugby - rugby sevens whoooo! - ADAM RABY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! With all my love, Keno

18: I was not a big fan of Adam Raby when I met him for the first time. I was about 16 at the time, he was just the "older guy". Tall, tonk, fairly good looking and he got all the attention from the popular girls in our year (Jen, Jen, Bon & Iza). I was intimidated by him. Until the day my balls dropped and had the chance to hang out with Adam at Coyotes with lots of beer (beer is a beautiful thing). I believe it was the build up to the 2007 7's, where Adam came up with a brilliant idea "Kiss me for Charity". That idea got me 113 POINTS!!! And it was all thanks to mr Raby. But the points meant fuck all, it was all about the Doc & Lai mien "SHITTTTY BEEEF". Do you still have the photo's from that night? Memories!!!!! That one weekend with Adam was one of the best I have ever had. He was generous, kind and he was a complete idiot at the same time, which I absolutely loved. I knew then that he would be an awesome friend that I could rely on for the rest of my life. I admire him for who he is.. An absolute Legend!! Love you bro & Happy Birthday xxxx

19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RABS!!!! (my older twin brother haha!) I hope you have the most amazing day. Can't believe you are turning 25! For this great occasion, I wrote you a poem.... A good friend of mine is turning twenty-five, But I assure you, he is still well alive. While he is consistently gassy (on the pitch), He always remains classy. A dear friend willing to offer his home, Surely he deserves some Patron (or a golden gnome). It would be a bit loopy, To see him without his beloved Snoopy! A master at FIFA, You wouldn't even believe-A. There is nothing kooky, About his work at Kukri He may not like a mess, But wow he likes his Jess! I wish I could celebrate with this King, But instead I will have to just send him lots of love from Beijing! Wish I could be in Hong Kong so we could have done the three-way celebration. Love you dude! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kevin

21: Dearest Adam Frank Rabybaby Raby, Happpyyyyyy bbbiiirrrrtttthhhhhdddaaaaaaayy! You are such a wonderful wonderful wonderful man. You bring so much joy to the people around you, you really have a big fat heart! You have always been one that I can depend on to cheer me up when I'm feeling blue. There aren't many people in this great big world who can create such a positive effect on people, like you do. I think this is why you have such a successful and amazing life. People just gravitate to you. Like a moth to a flame baby, moth to a flame... I am so incredibly proud of all the great things you have done in your life thus far and know that you will have many many more challenges in life to tackle, dominate and rape sideways. Congratulations on playing in the rugby 7's this year!! You deserve it after all your hard work. Congrats! Jessie asked us to think of our favorite memory with you but I can't. I have so many funny memories of you its hard to just think about one..... Hahahahaha don't you come on me! Is definitely in my top 10 favorites, I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. Working with you that summer was so much fun, I really miss those days with you!! You are one of my bestest bestest friends, I love you like a brother. Happy birthday Rabybaby!! I hope you have a wonderful day and that all your wishes come true! You are a lucky lucky man to receive a birthday gift like this, you lucky dog. I'm not jealous at all. All the love in the world, Bonnie : )

22: To Adam Frank Raby, AKA Rabybaby "The Gas Man" When it comes to my friendship with you, it's funny that we met a number of times without actually clicking (I still remember thinking who's this guy in crutches with this small patch of dyed red hair? Wasn't he the chicken legs from rugby?). It took a couple of trips on RT (with the end of the day sailing awards... haha priceless) some great 7s experiences, Pangkil and a whole bunch of times out and around HK until we finally became friends. And I am so thankful for that. You bring out the best in all of us, whether its playing rugby or Fifa with unmatched passion (especially when losing to Sacha) or somehow getting negative points in Taboo, or getting insanely psyched about charades, none of these activities are as exciting or enjoyable without you; quite frankly I think the funniest gatherings I have ever experienced have included you. Every occasion leaves you anxiously waiting for the next time. Now that you've reached the quarter century mark (yea bro, quarter century...) and we are all struggling to grow up, I am honoured to have you as one of my best friends and, quite frankly, I'm not sure what any of the people writing in this booklet would have done without you. Happy birthday Gas Man, best wishes, and I look forward to celebrating the next quarter century, and beyond, with you. Sean

23: Dear Adam, First of all, Happy Birthday! The last year has been a great one for you, with your success at Kukri and getting picked for the HK Sevens team, and I'm sure this next one will be even better. I just wanted to say that I am really grateful for the friendship, support and laughs you've given me over the years. It's very rare in life to meet a person that you know you could count on to be there for you in any situation. Even sometimes when you don't know what to say, you always have the most ridiculous joke on the ready to cheer me up. From the time we were 15 and christened one another with our ridiculous nicknames (Rabybaby and Pornstar) until now, we've had awesome laughs. I'm sure we will continue to have them even when we are old and gray. Much love, Isa xoxox

24: Adam Raby you are the best, you're better than all the rest. I stole that line from a song, but pretend I didn't and play along. You're very special, yes you are, even better than a brand new car. You're always up for a laugh, even if you might look daft. You're good at rugby, you try real hard, never even got a stupid red card. Jessie is a special girl, so treat her like a shiny pearl. I hope that on this blessed day, you strive to be merry and gay. You love your friends, and we love you, so party like we know you'll do! All my love, Jen C xx

26: Raby baby!! It's your birthday! And unfortunately I won't be there to celebrate it with you, but I know you will have an amazing day because Jessie is putting together this amazing thing for you, and how can you not feel special after reading all these messages :) Anyway, I just wanted to wish you the best birthday ever! You deserve it. You've made us all so proud this year, and although I didn't get to watch you play all of your games at the HK sevens, I already know you were amazing out there. I know things are just going to get better from here on out. I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to one of the funniest movies ever, Grandma's Boy. Best. Movie. Ever. I will forever remember "that's right monkey, play my head". haha. Raby, you are such a joy to be around, and although you have trouble pronouncing free and three, I still think you are awesome. Oh and even if you can't spell my name right, you will still be one of my bestest friends.. You can't help dyslexia right?? =P just kidding. Okay, second boyfriend, (i'm sorry you're stuck with me, but as you know, dating one of us is like dating both of us, we come in pairs..) I'm not good with words (ask Jessie and you will know, she has to correct me 5/10 things that come out of my mouth), so i'll just leave it at this and make sure I'll make up for it when we I go back to hong kong this summer! Lovelovelove, Chloe

27: Raby Babbbbbyyy!! Happy Birthday you sexy beast rugby player you! So normally I would say I hope all your dreams come true. But that's already happened!! And I'm so excited, happy and proud of you! Now, let me think of a Raby moment hmmmm. I know I haven't been in HK all that much, so a Raby moment always reminds me of home. I really like the small moments, for instance when everyone ordered a fresh apple juice, and instead you asked for concentrated apple juice. I love your funky spelling and your funny and not so funny jokes (love you really) and the days on Rapid Transit and in Dai Long Wan... And especially the day we went surfing! And now we have Snoopy and Zara, and our dog playdates. :P Or your funny jokes (I've never forgotten) Adam: Have you met Kat? Random guy: Eh? Adam: Where are you from? Random guy: Brazil Adam: Haveeeee you met Genna? Hahaha. I'll always remember when you made those funky cv's with your face on them haha..classic! I love the way your creativity doesn't hold you back. :) and I'm gonna stop writing now before this gets cheeesy! Love you Raby! I hope you have an amazing birthday!!! and I can't wait to come back to hk and create more amazing memories with you! :) Genna Xxxxxxxxxx

28: 1. Because you're brown, like me. 2. Because you're athletic, and inspire me to get off my lazy bum! 3. Because you're a winger, like I was. 4. Because you + Jessie are the best reason ever to double date :) 5. Because you love Snoopy as much as I love Poppy. 6. Because you and I make the WORST mafia killers ever when we play together. 7. Because you hung my crappy excuse for artwork up in your house :) 8. Because you once compared me to a unicorn. 9. Stanley sessions with Snoopy & Poppy :) 10. Because care package shopping for our lovers abroad is way more fun when I can ask your opinion. 11. Because you have your own adorable lingo, and should have a book of Raby-isms. 12. Because you look damn fine on that Esquire cover hahah lucky Jessie! 13. Because you are there for your friends at a moment's notice. 14. Because you give great hugs. | 25 Reasons why I HEART BROWN BEAR | 15. Because you have admirable self-control (like giving up alcohol for the sevens). 16. Our brown bear adventures abroad, from Prague to Pangkil :) 17. Because you're always game for anything, from snorkeling to exploring to hole in the wall ramen joints. 18. Because we somehow survived cheering obnoxiously loud for HK whilst surrounded by scary Czech rugby fans. 19. Because you once tried to teach me how to play backgammon at a wine tasting. 20. Because you held a Glee pyjama party and Poppy was invited. 21. Because you crack me up with comments like "I went to the chiropractor today and apparently I've been walking wrong my whole life." 22. Because you are Speedy Gonzalez on the rugby pitch :) 23. Because you were an awesome host for the very short lived MTV Cribs Pangkil. 24. Because you're always smiling and optimistic. 25. Because you made us all so proud by representing HK in the Sevens. | Happy 25th Birthday Brown Bear!!! | All my love xoxo Brown Bear

29: Dearest Raby, My favourite memories of you are our “date” nights, especially the one where you bought me a rose and we went to the revolving restaurant in Hopewell Centre, ate chocolate pudding and thought of five spontaneous things to do. The one at the cinema with the giant hot dog still makes me laugh out loud! Our colonial lunches in Wan Chai and the time we drove to Shek O in the middle of the night and played ‘zich dog’ (with Sean) in the car were wonderfully silly. You are a great, loyal friend Rabes. I know this book will make you so happy, as you deserve to be today and always. Happy Birthday! Lots of love, Sammy Xx

30: Best Friends | Raby, you are my one and only brother from another mother. Love you lots, and we have a stupid amount of memories, all the way from when we were babies up until now. All the Christmas' at my place - look at how we've progressed from being super excited children to now being hungover and tired as hell on Xmas day. And all those times when we were too young to go to any New Years Eve parties with our parents; you would come over and we went down to shine lasers at people waiting at the bus stop! hahah! And then we had LRC New Years and then Yacht Club and then Football Club..ahhh all good times! :) I was also telling Phill the other day (and I'm pretty sure you won't remember this because it is a super random memory), we were really young and on holiday in LA, and I got really upset because you and Adrian were teasing me and calling me a potato. So I cried to my dad and he told you both off. bahahahahhahaha!!! I remember many holidays in Portsmouth - American Hi-Fi playing on the radio! And one of those years was I think the only time you ever attempted to do a word search...And then there's you driving up to Bristol (or was it Birmingham?) in the mini. Do you remember when we stopped by the bridge and half parked up on the pavement, and that stupid grumpy old man walked by and slammed the car door? I would've kicked his ass if I wasn't so shocked. I think I shouted "Oi! He's a learner, you idiot!" And of course...sailing to France.. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH MY AAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bahahahahahahahah! I still remember lying on the deck feeling sick and seeing you go down into the cabin to get a drink and then the boat seriously slanted and you slid across and fell hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Do you also remember how hard we laughed that one time playing snooker at club? I'M ON FIRE!!! I think we were on the floor for a good 3 minutes straight just unable to stop laughing or breathe. Both of us being in Japan to play for HK rugby is also a pretty damn cool memory :) I'm sure one that everyone is going to remember distinctly is you playing at HK 7s WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) Ahhh so many good memories, and definitely a heck of a lot more to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY :) I love you lots and lots, you are my family and very very special to me. | With Love, Jen M

32: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass…It's about learning to dance in the rain. | To my best friend, Well where to start son, we go a long way back and there is plenty to write in this message but I also know you well enough to know that if I write too much you will get bored and not finish reading the whole thing, so below is a snap shot of some of the great experiences that we have experienced together so far and hopefully there are many many more to come.. When I first met you, you were a poor guy stuck in Cambo, surrounded by retards and not aware what was going on around you (butterflies), I came to your rescue by finding you a room in Stud and that is where it all started! If you hadn’t had the amazing chance to move into stud just think of the amazing “character building” things you would have missed out on, just to name a few; being lucky enough to abuse teachers like Paul “Ginge” Turner and Dr. Carroll, arm pit rapes, being introduced to the hailsham kebab – possibly the dirtiest/greasiest kebabs out there and finally you would never have been able to find out what a chicken and mushroom pot noodle tastes like with a hint of physio sport! A quick mention must go to your very special18th birthday and the evidence of it that you kindly left on Neil’s mattress. Sport at school was also really good fun, we even managed to play together in our best sports, we played 7s together at interhouse rugby, although I think on that particular day I was the one scoring the tries for once and water polo at interhouse which was extremely funny. Not only was I privileged enough to watch you bowl the first ever 6 in St.Bedes school history, I got to see you destroy our national schools 100m runners at sports day which really pissed off Mr.Gough! Then the next Chapter was Uni, where we were desperately hoping to get a house share with 2 hot girls who turned out to be 2 absolute mingers (Emily and Becky) but not to worry we managed to get them out within a couple of months! We were introduced to some of the best food whilst a Uni, a big shout out to the Monday night Chinese (you still owe them that 25p) and the Wednesday night Kebab boys at the bottom of the road. Iceland for their microwave meals and most importantly that amazing night that we combined mackerel and pasta for the first time with Dolmio Sauce! The hours of Rugby and Tiger Woods we played on the xbox, mini table tennis - awesome, family guy, the girl next door – many times and judging who was the hottest in mean girls – many times haha! I will never forget the drop kick that put you on the map in the rugby selection trials or going to the Rugby World Cup together and seeing 2 amazing games of rugby! Last but not least the trip to Chavos – do you remember the 2 pikes that called themselves the double D’s. Gum Ji Ho (if that’s hw you spell it) or little Ho as your mum told me, you are one of the nicest guys I have ever known, always there for his friends and we are always there for you. I hope we have many more of these stories yet to come. Phill

34: So, you’ve made it this far through the book, but you’re going to have to read just a little bit more (because I have a lot to say). First and foremost, happy birthday! You’ve reached a quarter of a century – definitely a feat in itself. And above all, you’ve reached this point in your life as an amazing, caring, genuine, funny, ambitious, charming, and perfect (to me!) man (that’s right, I think it’s about time we start calling you a man, even if you only shave patches of your face). But I mean it when I describe you with all those words; you truly are all those things, not just to me, but also to everyone around you and anyone that has the pleasure of meeting you. I definitely count myself very lucky to be with someone as amazing as you. You are my partner in crime, my pookie, my best friend, my confidant, and my boyfriend. I have loved every single one of the 653 days or 15,672 hours or 940,320 minutes that we’ve been together – even if I’m half way across the world for most of that time. I wanted to take this book as an opportunity to let you know that I love you; for all that you are, for everything you stand for, for whom you want to be and who you are now. With each day that passes, I know more and more that you are the person that I want to be with for, let’s just say, a very long time. I’ve told you probably a million times, but every day that I think I love you the most that someone could love another, I feel as though I love you more and my love for you grows. You always know how to make me smile, how to make me laugh, the right thing to say when I’m down or need support; you always know what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling and how to make the happiest girl on earth. I love that you make me feel like a better person (I can only hope I do the same for you) and that I feel like you help me to grow as an individual. I think it goes without saying that I truly am so in love with you and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I like to think that I've loved you all my life. Even before there was you, there was the promise of you, and now that we've met, I'll never be the same! And besides loving you, I love us together. I love that we never really fight and we get each other. I love that we are so comfortable together and we always have “connection!!” moments. I love that first and foremost, we are friends and understand each other on that level, but that we share a love and compassion for one another beyond that. I love that we can talk to each other about everything and at the same time we can be perfectly comfortable in silence. I truly feel like I am a part of something really special and that you are my special someone. I’m excited for what life has in store for us in the future and I believe that for both of us, life has taught us that love does not consist of gazing at each other but of looking outward together in the same direction I love you and I will, forever and always xxxxxxxx PS: I don't need my loveoculars anymore - I've found my one true love - YOU!

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