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Reflections of Goog.

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Reflections of Goog. - Page Text Content

BC: Polly Meade

FC: Reflections of GOOG

1: Reflections of GooG By Polly Meade June 2012

2: Goog is an imaginary world , the result of my error on the word good. My former students would not let me forget it. Thus Goog became a living kingdom of real and imaginary events. Reflections is my escapades and their contributions.

3: Queen P | Royal Scribe | A Lord, A Lady A Duchess | Prince. Princess Duke | Royal Scribe | Royal Jeweler | knaves, wenches, knights, builders, farmers, pub owner blacksmith | Royal Butler. maids, cooks, Keeper of the Keys, Ladies in Waiting. | Fairies, fawns. soothsayers. | Fairy Queen | witches | GooG | h | Lady Bay Leigh | RTG Photographer | Sir Bob the Artist | B & B

4: Lords and Ladies, sometimes I forget a name or face. And my memory. as you know, is a large data base, If I should forget one or two of you, allow me some space. I am one person, and you are many voices and faces. You can remember erasers and untimely chases. The click of my heels warned you to take your places. So,Lords and Ladies, allow me a mistake or two. As I remember, I always did the same for you. Queen P.

5: I chose to take the road to knowledge. So, the King sent me to a college. He never told me I had to teach. I thought that was beyond my reach. | I put on my little heels. And my best teacher face, My Dad grabbed the tiara. As I left his place. Off I went to peddle verbs and nouns. It was such fun. I stuck around. | It was that or the dungeon.

6: I wrote my name on the board and heard a giggle. It seems that when I wrote my butt made a wiggle. That was the beginning of students eager to see. A board full of nouns, verbs and similes. | I also learned to drink coffee. | Hey, it worked to others' distress I was becoming a success.

7: They learned I had a pinpoint aim with an eraser. I could throw one so fast it was a blazer. And that I did not tolerate wrong such as pinching a girl's bust. That miscreant quickly found himself covered with chalk dust. | They learned to pull a joke on me. I learned to react humorously. Together we made the classes fun. And learned Shakespeare on the run. | I learned to smoke an cuss.

8: My first year fairly flew and I was ready for something new. I had given it my best try and so had they. We ended the year with the class play. They gave me roses, and I gave them my heart. And that dear Lords and Ladies was the start. | I decided to look for the fabled four leaf clover.

9: Off to See Life | After 3 years of teaching here and there. I longed for a life without a care. My escapades included a black eye from going up the down staircase. Staring down a girl who was ripping up the restroom in one place. Foolishly taking a switchblade from a hood. The principal told me that I missed being sliced for good. | I went home to think this over. I had found no four leaf clover.

10: In my next venture, they actually sang "Dixie" to my dismay. My students greeted me with "heylady" it stuck to this day. And again, I was picked to do the school play. | I chose the cast, but unknown to me One was the sister of a beauty queen. And she changed costumes between every scene. Curtains opened to an empty stage, much to my disgrace. Then two cast members ran out and thrashed the place, Suddenly, the audience roared with delight. That quick thinking act had saved the night. | I left while I was winning.

11: Off to the burg, marriage and all that. I think I had found the place to hang my hat. Sir Bob and I made learning the rule. While the students ran the school. | Other than a naked man stalker and a tornado, we were sound. Classes were held all around town. We enjoyed our students much to the dismay of the new boss. Who wanted us sent away. The students felt it would be a great loss. | We were on our way. | Oh, I had to do the school play.

12: It was as if a dark storm hovered over us. Nothing was good, all was unjust. No refuge from this man's wrath. We were standing in his path. His demands were clear. Do his bidding, or out of here. That he asked was a sin. I decided to fight to the end. | I was hounded day and night, Nothing was beyond his right. We all played a role. His anger was out of control. He ordered magazines in my name. Those things gave me great shame. His methods were more than evil. It was like fighting the devil.

13: I ignored them all. That was likely my downfall. His hatred grew, then he tried to run over me. He laughed as I slid on the ice. He had tried to kill me twice. After that, the students watched my back. They knew his every move, they kept track. Why did the town not understand. He had them in the palm of his hand. | It is beyond me, that he could put Bob in a closet to teach Special ed And not one person cared and not one word was said. When he tried to force me to change a student's grade on graduation night. I saw the end of my world in sight. I didn't lose, I did what was right.

14: Each day was one of dread. I just tried to stay one step ahead. I avoided him, he hated that. I was the mouse, he was the cat. He rigged my file cabinet to fall . If I hadn't jumped that would have been all. He asked students to spy, they didn't know why. | No way to tell , each day was hell. I had no room, no books , no supplies. I was a pariah in the others' eyes. This to keep a job, turn a back on evil and be in league with the devil. One June night, they fired me after midnight ,when Evil is at its best, Darkness covers the rest. | No more school plays.

15: Lords and Ladies. give me space. Forgive my lack of grace, This was a slap in the face. To forgive is divine. This I must decline. So I sued them all. Was I right, it's your call? | We took a job in California,a part of the land of GooG. I felt right at home No one knew me. so I could forever roam. | All my Lords and Ladies needed their Queen. So I went home to become Queen Pauline. | I'm back.

16: Lords and Ladies, the next pages are for you. So you can tell me a thing or two. QueenP | Lady Connie Royal Jeweler Here resting beneath her jeweled encrusted stone Lies Connie who always held her own, A generous and loving friend Loyal to all to the very end. Do you wonder why we cry? As we sing Bram's lullaby.

17: Lady Bonnie Fritz wrote Here lies our dear Polly Meade Known to write with great speed. She read many the riot act, While teaching us good books. She will be remembered for her stylish and elegant good looks. | Here lies our dear Bonnie. The Grand Canyon she wanted to see. Her friends told her it was just a big ditch. Unfortunately, her brakes went on the Fritz. | Queen P Here lies my buddy,Polly, With wit, poise,class and great aim. She threw knowledge and erasers at my brain. contributed by Sherry Favre

18: Melinda worried about her destiny. She wanted to own a B&B. She found one with the right price tag. Instead of coffee and tea, she served Stag. | Here lies Angie, Lord Bless her, Please She refused salads without any cheese. It was not the cheese that caused her demise. She insisted on the whole slice. | O, I owned a bar once, but I didn't drink. | High Duchess Melinda

19: Queen P calls me "Nurse Jackie" Because she says," I am the epitome of what a nurse ought to be." | I chose to be a nurse, labored for my degree. Sent my papers to my sister to type for me. After working day and night. I earned the right to wear white. Then I saw they wore scrubs from Wal mart. That was the thing that broke my heart. | Lady Michele | I prefer nurses in white.

20: In the kingdom Of Goog where we all sought favor From Queen P who granted no waiver Lest we strive for our best work and behavior. We may have questioned her motives, at times they seemed stern. But remained steadfast in the pursuit of her respect we had to earn. And in the end, it is with great love and devotion that we hold her so dear, for every year of her life she spends with us here. Lady Bonnie | I think Bonnie never had to do a school play.

21: Sherry Linda Tina Rose Sally Candy Mimi Rona Rita Annette Mona Lesia | Connie C. Marla S. Peggy R Cathy P Fern Roxanne Bonnie S. Sandi H Cher h Beth F Lynn T | Donna R. Rosie S. Linda H. Sheila L Gwen Liz B Josie R. Bonnie H Michele B Melinda B Kathy N Carol R | Pam S | Gail Mary K. Ruth M Debbie B Jodee Malissa Joyce M Sherry H | Angie Susie Debbie Terri Linda D. Linda B. Marilyn Donna S. Madeline Jane Susan K. | The Girls

22: When young we live as if in a sphere; Our view unsighted by encircling fear. False dreams and dim hope are always near An unrelenting stricture worn under veneer. Stand back, gaze on the world's fanciful painting Of people.places and beauty sustaining. Arranged, yet in motion like Byzantine graining, It is only our view that blinds us, constraining. Off times it happens we are made to flourish by people of wisdom, who are buttressed with courage. We find sight, we find self, our senses are burnished. We are pulled to the table, we are nourished. And thus it happened in the world of Goog. Called into being and well understood. Sir Bob and Queen P, a high calling so good They've become our heroes as goog teachers should.

23: This humble missive was written by Lord Ken Krauss A student one never forgets. He called it a small burnt offering. I call it a thoughtful, insightful poem. | Queen P. I never threw an eraser at him. | When you take time to give a thought to me, There are no words to explain how much that gift means to me. I have not forgotten any of you. Your success in life gives me great pride. Many thanks for being you. | The End

24: The boys | Terry M. Brock A. John W. Marty M. Bruce F. Ed G. Mike Pat B. Jan B. Tony B. Michael R. Don R. Roger S. John S. Bruce W. Jerry C. Ed G. | Kenneth K. Stevie Lee Tim Y. Guy K. Lee S. Frank W. John K. Jerry R. David R. | Mike S. Rene R. Dave L. Ramon M. Luis I. Ron K. Rick K. Phil B. Manuel I. Joe R. Phil W. Terry M. Dale G. Todd F. Russ N. Glen K.

25: There are many more stories after 24 1/2 years of teaching. | My love and thanks to all who take the time to read this little book.

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