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Sam, Grampa and Granma's great adventure

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S: Grampa,Granma and Sam's Great Adventure March 2011

FC: Grampa, Granma and Sam's Great Adventure | March 2011

1: To Sam | With love always From Granma and Grampa

2: Once apon a time there was a little boy called Sam who lived in Champaign Illinois, in the United States of America with his Mommy and Daddy. | Sam | Illinois

3: Sam's Grampa Andy and Granma Pam live a very long way away in Great Britain. They love Sam a lot and get very sad when they don't get to see Sam. | Great Britain | Grampa Andy | and Granma Pam

4: One day Granma and Grampa were talking. They decided to save up all their money, so they could fly out to spend time with Sam and his Mommy and Daddy. | First they saved up all their money. | Then they bought their air line tickets | Then they made sure their passports were ok | Then they packed their suitcases | Then they were ready.

5: So the next day they got up very early. They put their cases in the car and drove to the airport. | By the time they got to the airport they were very tired. So they slept in a hotel. | The next morning they got on a plane and flew from Great Britain to The United States of America. | When they landed they hired a car, loaded all the cases and drove to Sam's house. By the time they got there it was very late and Sam was in bed. They were very tired so Granma and Grampa went to bed.

6: The next morning Sam got up early and looked out the window. There was a strange car parked outside. | Sam called to his Mommy. "Do you think it could be Grampa and Granma ?" he asked her. | Why don't you go upstairs and have a look she said. | So Sam climbed up the stairs opened the guest bedroom door | AND | There were Grampa and Granma. | Sam was very suprised and excited

7: Best Buds | AND | thats where the adventure begins. | When Granma and Grampa came down stairs Sam showed them all his toys. | While Mommy was making a delicious breakfast of sausages, bacon,strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and muffins, Granma and Sam read a Toy Story book. | After breakfast Daddy took the car seat out of his car and put it in Grampa's so Sam Granma and Grampa could go to the Mall. | Sam had a ride in the big red dog | Played in play area. | and he and Grampa had fun in a trolly-car.

8: The next day Mommy took Sam to School. At the end of School time Grampa and Granma took Sam shopping. First they went to Tuscola and had lunch at Denny's . Grampa wanted new boots so after lunch they went shopping. Grampa found the boots he wanted but not in the right size. As they were leaving the store Sam saw the same boots in a different place. Sam pointed them out to Grampa and Grampa found just the boots he wanted in just the right size. Grampa was very pleased and bought them straight away. After that Grampa took Sam on a Snoopy ride. | When the ride had finished they got back in the car and went to Amish Land.

9: They had a good look around. Grampa bought some Strawberry butter. Granma took lots of photos | and Sam thew pennies in the wishing well. | Sam told Granma that he had wished that she and Grampa could stay with Sam for ever. | Sam took this really great photo of Grampa and Granma and then they got back in the car, and were home in time for dinner.

10: The next morning Sam came in to Granma and Grampa's room. He had written them both a card. Grampa and Granma were both really pleased. | Mommy then got Sam ready for school. Granma and Grampa went to meet Sam at school and took him to McDonalds for lunch. Sam played in the play area for a while. Then they got in the car and drove to town to go to Class Act.

11: Sam was happy to see that Max and Pretty Girl Sam ( Samantha) were both there. The story that day was about a princess, a dinosaur, a cave and a chihuahua. PG was the princess Max was the dinosaur and Sam was the chihuahua. It was a really good story with a happy ending and they all had lots of fun acting it out. | After the story they went to the work tables to make paw prints . Sam made a beautiful one which he gave to Granma to keep.

12: The next day Granma, Grampa and Sam went on a road trip. They got up early, loaded up the car and set out for Saint Louis. They had been driving for a few hours when the road seemed to get really bumpy. Oh said Grampa I think we have a flat tyre. Grampa pulled over to the side of the road. | He told Sam and Granma to go and stand down the bank while he fixed the tyre. Sam and Gramma stood on the bank sang songs and watched Grampa fix the car. In a little while Grampa had fixed the tyre and they started driving again. Grampa said he didn't like the new tyre so they go off to try to buy a new one.

13: They stop at a big shop called Rural King. There they sold tyres and lots more. While Grampa sorted out the tyre, Granma and Sam looked round the shop. There were lots of interesting things there. There were lots of baby chicks and ducks. Sam took lots of photos of the chicks and ducklings. | Before they left the wonderful shop Granma bought Sam a little family of toy chicks. Then it was back to the car to drive on to the hotel where they had supper. Sam decided which bed was his.Then they unpacked, went for a swim and watched a DVD before they went to bed. | He spent a while admiring a little wooden house.Soon the tyre was fitted and it was time to move on. | Sam was soon fast asleep.

14: When they awoke the next morning Sam phoned his Mommy and Daddy to tell them all his news. | Then they got dressed and had breakfast. They had cereal, fruit, fruit juice, toast and muffins. Grampa made wonderful waffles. Then they set off to have a day at the magic house. | And what a great time they had there.

15: First they spent some time with Bob the builder. Planting in Wendys garden. | Working with the gang, driving, fixing | and showing Granma how to build a wall.

16: Then Sam drove a car, | Fixed a car, changed a tyre, just like Grampa. | Ciimbed up and down a beanstalk, | went to court. dressed as a judge.

17: worked on a building site. | Had a picnic lunch and then | Fixed the plumbing | And

18: Tried out lots of new things. | Worked in a shop and a bakery | Went fishing and caught a fish. | Dressed as a soldier, paddled in a dugout canoe, and made food for Granma and Grampa in a native American camp.

19: The family is one of nature's masterpieces. ~ George Santayana | Sadly soon it was time to leave. So Granma signed the visitors' book. Then they went into the garden to dance and play with the stone children. Then it was time to go back to the hotel have dinner and a swim before bed.

20: After a good sleep Sam, Grampa and Granma got dressed and packed up the car. Today was the last day of their road trip so they set off for the Children's City Museum. | Granma thought it looked a bit scary. But Sam and Grampa thought it looked great

21: The first thing they did when they got there was to have something to eat. | Then they heard that the circus was about to start so they hurried upstairs to watch the show. | It was very good. After the show they found a very strange cafe where they phoned Sams mommy to tell her all the news. | Afterwards Sam went on a train ride all on his own.

22: Then they found a place to take really silly photos. | After which Sam found a slide that slid down 5 floors.

23: Then they found a part of the museum which was full of dark passages. | Dinosaurs and scary stairways. | Ramps to climb and adventures to be had.

24: Then Granma said it was time for a rest so they went to the ball pool | But Sam and Grampa soon got bored. So they went for a walk. | Which quickly turned into a climb. | Up and up they went. Over bridges. Up spiral stairways. In through the hold of an airplane and out through the cockpit. Higher and higher they climbed. They could see Granma on the ground far below.

25: Finally they climbed in to a fire engine suspended many floors above ground. They stopped for a rest | and then found a very fast slide that took them down to the ground and back to Granma.

26: After that there was just enough time to visit the aquarium. Grampa and Sam went through a glass tunnel under the shark pool. | There were all sorts of amazing fish there and Granma put her hand in with some and they nibbled her fingers. But sadly it was soon time to go home.

27: So Sam Grampa and Granma got back in the car and started on the long journey home. | They stopped on the way to get a McDonalds for dinner. But while they were there poor Sam started to feel sick. | So they got back in the car and drove home. When they got there Sam was still feeling poorly so after a cuddle from his Mommy and Daddy he went to bed.

28: The next day every one was up bright and early as it was Sam's 4th birthday party. | Sam and lots of friends met at I-Power. | There was lots of running , jumping, climbing, spinning, hopping, crawling, dancing and having fun.

29: Tumble | Leap | Smile

30: Hug a little, Love a lot!! | Then there was lots of lovely food, drink and birthday cup cakes.

31: Every one had a great time. It was almost the end of the party when Sam started to feel sick. So he picked up his party bag and balloon and went home with Daddy and Grampa while Mommy and Granma stayed behind to tidy up. | When they got home Sam had a cuddle with Daddy and then one with Grampa. Sam said it was the best Birthday party ever. | Mommy wearing her dinosaur party mask

32: The next day Sam still wasn't feeling so well, | But he soon perked up when Mommy reminded him that there had been presents given to him at the party that he hadn't opened yet. | He had a great time opening the presents and then playing with them. | And he really loved his 4th birthday T-shirt.

33: That night there was great excitment in the Taylor household. As the next day was | SAM'S 4th Birthday. | And what a great day it was. | loads of presents to open | First he went for a special Birthday breakfast with his Mommy | Then there were

34: Sam had a brilliant time playing with all his wonderful Birthday presents.

35: And just when Sam thought things couldn't get any better Daddy showed Sam his own Birthday level of his favourite game that his Daddy had made just for him.

36: Finally to round off a perfect day Mommy said they would goto Sam's favourite Mexican restaurant for dinner. | And then it was home to blow out the wonderful fireman candle on his birthday cupcake. | The end of a perfect Birthday

37: Grampa and Granma only had a few days left of their holiday and there were a lot of things they still wanted to do. | So the next day they picked up Sam from school for lunch at the Pancake House. | After lunch they went to the park. | Where they climbed, swung, ran and played golf.

38: They had a great time flying their kite | until it got stuck in a tree. | They managed to get it unstuck and the fun went on | and then they went home for tea.

39: The next day they went to the science museum. | After the museum they met Mommy and went to Jupiter's for lunch. Sam won lots of cool stuff. | After lunch they went for a last look around the mall and then went home for supper. | Granma and Sam put on a puppet show

40: After supper Sam was getting really tired so it was time to read Sam's amazing pop-up book. Then for one last good night and bye-bye cuddle from Sam to Grampa and Granma. Then Mommy took Sam to bed and read him a story. While outside Granma and Grampa packed up the car, kissed Sam's Mommy and Daddy good bye and drove back to the airport. | And that was the end of Sam's Granma's and Grampa's great adventure.

41: So Granma and Grampa flew back to Britian. They were very sad as they miss Sam and his Mommy and Daddy very much. When Sam got up in the morning he was very sad too. He missed his Granma and Grampa and all the fun they had had. | But there was good news. Sam's Mommy and Daddy said they would save up their money and book a trip to britain to see Granma, Grampa , and all of Sams British family. Sam was really excited because there was another big adventure around the corner. | Perhaps there is a sneak preview of the next big adventure on the back cover. | The End

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