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Samantha's Recovery

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S: Samantha's Recovery 2011

FC: When the waves are taking you under | hold on just a little bit longer | The pain ain't gonna last forever | In time it's gonna get better | Samantha Jo

1: We all envision what lies in our future and plan for the best, working as hard as we can to reach the goals that we have placed for ourselves. What many don't realize, is there is already a path laid out for us, all we are allowed to do, is enjoy the ride. Like every ride we eventually come across speed bumps, stop signs and road blocks causing a change in pace or switch in direction. All we can do is hold on tight, and keep on moving. October 23rd our family came across a pretty big speed bump, helping us to see it was time to slow down and take things one day at a time. Always remember: Dream as if you will live FOREVER, but Live as if you only have TODAY!

2: On October 23rd, we woke up with determination to have a better day than the one before. The sun was shinning, birds were chirping, and there was fun to be had. I climbed out of bed and convinced Dad that we better start the day off right with an amazing batch of his famous blueberry pancakes... I made sure to get a photo to rub it into all those missing this fabulous meal.... Next up... I head out in search of a good time.

3: Apparently, someone else had a different plan in mind because before I even knew what was happening, I was lying at the bottom of a 20 foot drop. The injuries seemed minor but the concept seemed huge. The little girl in me just wanted my Dad. I vaguely remember picking up my phone and telling my Dad I needed him to come get me. Before I could even blink, there he was, down in the hole helping me to safety. Everything was happening so fast, but without a thought, we got into the truck, and we were off..

4: Mom Dad Alecia Jeremy Tony Theresa Bob Justin Laura Grandma K. Grandpa K. John Sandy Shellie Mitchell Stacey Ricky Wendy | Rob Jenna Ryan Brett Sarah Sheralynn Charlie Joy Andrew Amy Kayla Crystal Katie Jim Junelle Jennifer Carma Cody | Adam Feyen Dan J. Darla J. Brian Dan K. Mary K. Felicia Natalie Julie Matt Droeske Trinity Adam Steger Andrew Brown Troy Callie Matt Louise S. Steve T. Sheri T. | The ambulance met us in Monticello, took me to Cedar Rapids, where I was examined, and then sent me off to Iowa City. The extremes of my fall weren't completely determined but serious or not, my fan club was growing with every second... | Jimmy Megan Kelly Jo lynn Austin Brandon | Jodi Mendy Jake Pat Earl Marcy

6: Iowa City was the closest hospital with the ability to perform all of the necessary surgeries at the time needed. After many X-rays and tests, the results were in... using our vast CSI knowledge it appears...

7: I fell a little further only to catch my left foot on the ladder, breaking everything going from my ankle to my toes as well as fracturing my right foot. | When falling, head first, my eye was cut open causing a laceration along my left eye, through my tear duct, and fracturing my eye socket. | Thankfully I landed nice and gracefully... for the most part. but the pressure of the fall on my back caused my L1 vertebrae to shatter.

8: "Seems a certain someone had a certain Chevy moment" -Curt | "Don't worry though, I'm built like a FORD!" -Samantha

9: From what I am told, I only went under for surgeries twice. My eye and foot were done first, and then my back was done the next morning. I got the chance to meet each of my surgeons, but I admit, I only remember seeing the face of my anesthesiologist as he shook my hand... then I was out. | Surgery overall lasted around 12 hours while friends and family gathered around waiting to hear the results.

10: After surgeries came rest & healing, next came the hard work... Sitting up.

11: Bruising and swelling in left foot | My first time sitting up

12: While in the hospital, I was not only showered with visitors... | But also with gifts, flowers, prayers, and letters to assure me I had many people fighting for me.

13: After surgeries, sitting and waiting

14: Back | X-RAYS |

15: Foot | ^Before | ^After | The surgeries left me with 2 rods and 5 screws in my back, and 3 plates and 12 screws in my foot.

16: Going Home! | For the first week or so Bob & Theresa let us borrow their van, making things much easier for me to get around.

18: A month without a shower was going to be horrible. Alecia helped me test out the water free shower caps Samantha & Jimmy before he left to go back home.

19: Many helped to keep me nice and somewhat clean. I took many sink showers, Even by this time they were still finding blood in my hair.

20: Visitors at home brought gifts and excitement to cheer me up. | Pig costume from Felicia, talking Bacon from LAUREN!

21: Jeremy & Teddy

22: Teddy & Benny wouldn't leave my side. Brandon made is way all the way from TEXAS to visit!

23: Growing up so fast, moved up to a sippy cup!

24: Recovery

26: Going in for yet another cast as well as removing the stitches. | Does it hurt or tickle?

27: After removing stitches | My New Cast

28: Samantha taking in some sun and riding her knee scooter. | Feeling better with time, I made my way outside. The warm winter helped greatly. We went out to the cemetery to visit Grandma Bacon

29: The flowers we took to the cemetery, the 3 colored ones in the middle were taken from my recovery flowers, One for each of us children... Alecia, Samantha & Jeremy.

30: The swelling in my foot was disappearing rapidly causing my cast to move. Due to the pins sticking out of my foot, we had to make weekly trips to the hospital for a new cast.

31: Removing the cast and the pins in my foot.

32: In the hospital everyone was thinking of me. Sending flowers gifts, letters and goodies. Sending messages assuring me that that they were all thinking of me. Alecia kept everyone updated on her progress as she got better. | Flowers & Gifts

33: Taking the tape off my back | First time removing brace while I was sitting up, I was very nervous! | Trimmed the chest protector so it fit a bit better.

34: Meeting with Craig, who was very helpful through everything. He even helped organize everything for my next semester. | Taking the next step, going to Loras to figure out what was needed to still graduate in May.

35: After meeting with my professors, I was able to get back into the swing of things. Eventually I moved back into my house at Loras and with the help of Kelly and many others I was able to get to and from class and catch up on my work, while also beginning my final semester at Loras. I began physical therapy in February helping to get me back into work little by little and greatly improved my strength and ability to walk. The road was long and pretty rocky but with friends and family there for me I could tell I was not traveling it alone. A special thanks to everyone who was there for me, helping me to get where I am today.... I have realized that I am a very lucky woman, not only to be alive, but also because of all that I have to live for.... Family and Friends that would do anything for me... Leaving me to believe, everything happens for A reason.........

36: You hear stories every day, whether on the news, through people you meet, or on the radio; but you never believe that something so tragic could happen so close to home until it actually does. This past October was kind of a wild one for my family and I. I took a pretty far fall from the top of a loft to the basement of our shed. Overall it was 3 floors, and about 20 ft. Hitting a few different things on the way down probably saved my life, leaving me with a broken eye socket, tore tear duct, broken vertebrae, and two broken heals. My left foot caught on something, breaking nearly everything from my ankle to my toes. I was rushed to the hospital where i faced 3 surgeries leaving me with a stint, 2 pins, 2 rods, 3 plates, and 17 screws in my body to mend me back up.

37: For months people have been telling me how lucky I am and how strong I must be to have gone through everything that I did. I do believe without a doubt that I am one of the luckiest people in the world to be alive and I am very thankful for that, but strong? I did what I had to do, Strong are all of those people who stood by and watched or helped me along the way. My dad for helping me out of the hole, my family for visiting me and staying nights with me while I couldn't sleep, lying there in pain. and my friends who stayed by my side through everything. I know it was strong of me to make it through but I would take being in that hospital room, over standing outside of it for 12 hours waiting for surgeries to be over, and to hear the final news. I'm sure anyone whose been in my shoes can agree.... as strong as it takes someone to go through a tragic accident... It is those that choose to face the recovery with us and help us to make it through that are the strong ones. So thank you to all of those people!!!

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