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Sewing It Up

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S: Sewing it Up

BC: The end The end The end The end

FC: Sewing It Up By: Nicole Dima

1: I dedicate this book to all my family members. Thanks for believing in me guys :)

2: All I need is my arm and then I`ll be shipped to a gigantic store where I get to meet other amazing people like me. All I smell is those appealing plastic boxes and shipping peanuts! I really want to get the disgusting wax out of my mouth, and I want to find some ear plugs; these factory machines are killing my ears! But I just can`t wait to be put into one of those plastic boxes, and be shipped to a huge store. Maybe I will be placed next to a midnight blue bowling ball, or a bright yellow toy car, or maybe even a soft as a cloud stuffed animal! I don`t know, but I will love it ether way.

3: *Yawn* "What time is it?" I said looking around me, wondering where I am. "I think it`s 8. 8a.m. is when the American Girl Doll store opens up, and here comes the manager with the open sign," says a radiant doll next to me. "My name is Kristen. I`m an American Girl Doll, just like you." She says sweetly. I was wondering in my mind, how I wound up i this outrageous type of store. "I was made in Taiwan, where were you made?" Kristen questions me. I try to think of the sign that the factory machine read. How could I forget how loud it was in the factory? And then it hit me. "I was made in China." I shouted before I could`t see Kristen anymore. A little girl picked me and my box up, and then put me in a cart. She slowly pulled the squeaky cart into the checkout and bought me for $10.00. After that she took me to her house. As soon as I got to the little girls house, she took me out of my abundant box and put me in a very small chair. In front of me were a golden haired Barbie doll, an apple red action figure, and a fuzzy stuffed animal. The little girl

4: put a pink and blue tea cup in my hand and the Barbie said,"Hello my name is Queen. We are having a tea party." After Queen told me what we were doing, I sat still and let the little girl control my arms. The little girl was just about 8, and she had brownish, blondish hair. An hour past and we were cleaning up from the worth-while tea party. It was such fun meeting Queen, and Bobby. Bobby was a really strong action figure. Oh, I almost forgot about Snugs, the superb stuffed animal. He was nice too, just like the rest of them. "Now it`s time for bed! If you don`t go to sleep now, then you won`t be able to go to your grandma`s tomorrow." Lilly`s mom advised to her as she got dressed for bed. "Oh my! I forgot to name you. Your name can be Spice." Lilly said to me sweetly. After she named me she picked me up along with Queen, Bobby, and Snugs. We all lay down next to one another and we stared at the ceiling until Lilly turned out her blue bedroom light. All I could smell was the crisp, fresh night air. I was as warn as a fire pit because I was swaddled in a fleece blanket like a baby. The color of the fleece was off white, kind of like a really light yellow. I started to doze off; I could not wait for tomorrow.

5: Goodnight Lilly. Goodnight Bobby, Queen, and Snugs. Goodnight fresh, crisp, night air coming in from the open window, who's shades are floating in the breeze. The next morning I woke up and I saw Lilly getting up slowly. I looked to my left and right and I`m the only one left in bed. I was wondering where everyone went. Did they abandon me? What if they did? Why would they do that? My blanket was in a suitcase and I didn`t know what was going on. "Hey Spice, up here!"said Snugs. I slowly looked up and I saw Lilly`s mom holding Queen, Bobby, and Snugs. “We`re going to Lilly`s grandma`s house!” excitedly says Snugs. Lila (Lilly`s mom) grabbed me and put me with the others. “Lilly! I`m putting your toys in your suitcase and then we`re going to grandma`s. Okay?” “Okay mom.” answered Lilly. Now we are in a dark space on top of huge Nintendo DS. The game system was neon pink and very hard to be sitting on. “Might as well close your eyes, it`s going to be

6: a long ride,” Says Bobby. “How do you know it will be along ride?” I ask Bobby. *Zip* I hear the zipper and then I see Lilly`s hand. Her hand knocked over all of us. When she grabbed me I could not breathe, until she loosened her grip. I did not know what she wanted from me, maybe she just wanted to say hi. No that could not be it. Or maybe she wanted to play, after all I do love to play. “Now where is Spice, I can`t find Here she is!” screams Lilly. As I get lifted out of the marvelous suitcase, I see so many things go by. Gas stations, Malls, Supermarkets, etc. All of a sudden I fly forward and hit the back of the hard leather seat in front of me. I see my arm on the other side of the messy car and all I am thinking is how I will ever be fixed. Lilly puts my arm and me in her suitcase and then she zips her case back up. I was crying on the inside. It hurt so badly, I just wished that had not happened. I could have just been left in the suitcase talking to all of my friends. But no, I am new so of course Lilly would want to play with me.

7: *Ding Dong* I heard the doorbell ring and I also heard an elderly voice coming from outside the suitcase. It was a very faint noise, so I could not tell if it was a man or a woman. But since everyone had said grandmother, I think it`s a woman. Everything was so strange to me because I had not experienced it before. What if Lilly`s grandma is mean, and does not like me? What will she do to me? Throw me in a fire? Tear me apart limb by limb? What ever will I do? “Where are we now?” I asked worriedly at Bobby. “We are now at grandma`s house. But it`s bedtime so prepare to go to sleep. It takes a couple hours to get to her house. And since we usually leave in the afternoon, we go to sleep as soon as we get here.” Yawns Bobby. What a relief, I don`t have to face the grandma! “Shhhhh! She`s coming!” Snugs warned me. “It`s time for bed. You guys get your own bed.” Lilly says sadly looking mostly at me. I looked at the bed and it looked so comfortable. I could not wait to lay in it.

8: “Oh, grandma will fix you right up.” Bobby assured me. Even though I felt a little bit better, I was still scared about Grandmother fixing me. It all happened so quickly. The next thing I knew, my arm was unattached. Before I knew it I was half asleep. Then all of a sudden, Lilly`s grandmother came into the room and started fixing me. I was trembling on the inside. When she was done, she put me with Lilly. Everyone in the other bed was staring at me. Lilly must really like me because she wrapped her arm around me! I was so happy to be Lilly`s fixed American Girl Doll, Spice. Even though I was broken, Lilly`s grandmother wanted Lilly to be happy again. “Goodnight Spice. Lilly is so lucky to have you!” bragged Lilly`s grandmother. I was fixed and I couldn`t wait to see the astonished look on Lilly`s face. The next day, this is what Lilly cheered, “Mom! Grandma! Lilly`s fixed!” she said excitedly. As soon as she woke up, she noticed my golden hair in two pig tails, my silver and blue dress, and my reattached arm. I felt so happy, like I was flying with the birds. I looked brand new, and I couldn`t stop smiling. The only thing I had on my mind was Lilly.

9: I heard Lila and Grandma come down the hall. They weren`t the most quite walkers, but it was fine. That way Lilly knew when they were coming I guess. “Oh she is fixed. I wonder how she got this way,” answered Grandma. “Yep, it`s a mystery alright.” Added Lila. “Well I really enjoyed staying the night. But it is a very long ride back to Chicago. We have to go, but I will e-mail you.” Lila spoke while she was heading for the door. “Bye! Have a safe trip home!” shouted Lilly`s grandmother as we pulled out of the driveway of the California home. As Lila sat in the front seat and Lilly sat in the back, she pulled us all out one- by- one. I was first because I was fixed, then Queen, Bobby, and Snugs. “I love you guys, and I can`t wait to go home so I can play with you guys all day long!” chuckled Lilly. As I look to my left I see everyone look at me.

10: “You are very lucky to have her as your owner, I know we all are. She`s a sweet, cute kid that loves to play with us toys.” Declared Bobby. “She really is. Without her I would probably still be in the flea market in South America,” breathed Snugs. “Yeah, I think I would still be left alone with Kristen. Oh, I forgot to tell you, she was a doll that I was placed next to when I was first made.” I explained. But what I said was true. Without Lilly, I would`t be here. In fact, I would still be on that shelf, or maybe with another kid. I say to myself, I`m so glad I have you Lilly! Tomorrow`s a new day, and I can`t wait for it.

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  • Title: Sewing It Up
  • A story about a doll that has no idea who she is. Now she has a new owner and is learning step-by-step who and what she is.
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