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Sheila's memory book!

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Sheila's memory book! - Page Text Content

S: For Sheila - Best Wishes Book

BC: It is an amazing journey and you alone are responsible for the quality and success of it. Congratulations! | June 7th, 2012

FC: Life is full of new beginnings, and retirement is probably the best!

1: Sheila through the years... | With much respect, gratitude, and fondness ... your friends and colleagues wish you the very best!

2: Dear Sheila We have worked together for a very long time - over 10 years! It's gone by way too fast. I will forget many/most of the moments we spent together. However, I will not forget that you were one of the reasons why I have enjoyed coming to work every day. It's been a real privilege to work with such a smart, caring, competent, and loyal person. . I have admired the way you draw people in with your enthusiasm and passion for your program. I have been struck many times by your ability to build relationships and maintain them over such a long period of time. You are awesome at this and I have done my best to learn from you over the years. I have admired your grace and tact when dealing with others, especially community partners. I always knew where you stood as you didn't hesitate to say your piece when you felt strongly about something. I've come to appreciate this over the years. I have admired your commitment to the community, and the many causes to which you devoted your time and talents. I have admired your devotion to your family and your legion of friends. How lucky they are to have such a loyal and steadfast mother, partner and friend. Sheila, I wish you all the very best in your retirement. Enjoy all the adventures that lie ahead. Stay in touch. We'll miss you! Kathy

3: Sheila, Over the years you have been a constant role model and mentor to me. You genuinely care about others at work, at home and in the community. Each day I look forward to hearing your stories about the individuals that you interact with for OttawaReads and with the many charities you volunteer for. Your compassionate stories about those less fortunate, make me grateful for what we have. I also admire your commitment to a life/work balance, and your goal setting, planning and organizing skills—you are always ten steps ahead of me. Your passion to help others is the core of “Sheila” and I feel honoured to have worked with you over the past four years. I will miss you greatly. Love, Lee-Ann | Sheila, I will always reflect 'happily' on the wonderful years we spent working together. I was blessed to have you as a colleague and friend. Your expertise, your friendship, your advice & guidance through our 'little talks' have left incredible footprints in my life and I thank you for that! Congratulations Sheila, and enjoy the new road life has put you on... I will miss you dearly, Anne

4: Sheila you have been a wonderful colleague and friend, and I will miss not seeing you in the office. Over the years it has been a privilege to share hopes, dreams, traumas, fundraising events, books, films, newspaper articles and the list continues. You are beginning a new chapter in your life and I wish you exciting adventures, much joy, good health and unbridled happiness. Janice | Dear Sheila, It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you even so briefly. Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur et de plaisir dans les années qui viennent. Enjoy all that free time! Marie-Hélene Taillon | We will miss you!

5: Sheila, I wish you all the best in your retirement – thank you for your many years of service to the voluntary and non-profit sector in our community! Carolyn | Dear Sheila, It's been wonderful working with you! I wish you all the best in your retirement, although I suspect you will be busier than ever! Sunshine and happiness always, Jane Murr | Dearest Sheila! Congratulations on your retirement from the world of work. Although we didn’t work together for long, I always enjoyed your wit and sense of humour. Your contribution to OttawaReads has been stellar and you will be very difficult to replace! Remember your friends at ONFE as you ride off into the sunset with a glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other. Enjoy a long, happy and healthy retirement with your friends and family. Cheers! Ruth | Sheila, A well-deserved retirement for all your contributions. I hope you now get the time to do things just for yourself! Congratulations, Suzanne

6: Sheila, Many times I have sat back and admired your contagious “joie de vivre”. To me, you are a glorious example of someone who I believe lives life to its fullest, soaking up all of life’s little and big moments. Your passion for your work has always come through loud and clear. It has been so apparent to me since I met you that you are truly valued by your community and colleagues. What a wonderful thing it must be to know that you have made a difference in the lives of so many children and adults who you inspire through your work. It has also been so apparent to me that you take great pride and delight in your family and friends. I am excited for you as you enter your next chapter surrounded by friends and family. I wish you an abundance of laughter, love, joy and adventure – you are more than deserving. Carey Carty | Sheila, I didn’t get to work with you for a very long time but I enjoyed what time we did have together. Congratulations on your retirement! Leanne

7: Sheila, Happy retirement! I hope you will continue to enjoy all that life has to offer you! Linda Parke | I enjoyed working with you Sheila ! Best wishes, Marianne | My wish for you: May you get back all the smiles you have given to others, And all the joy you have brought. May you continue to find ways to contribute your considerable talents and ideas, And benefit from knowing all that your past contributions have yielded. May you have good health, good friends and loved ones to always share your happiness. Cheers to you, Sheila! ...Elza | Sheila, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you ( and your husband) at ONFE. I know for sure retirement will suit you as it does me. Maybe next winter we will be able to connect down South and celebrate the next chapter of our lives. Until then, congratulations and take good care of yourself. Wishing you a fun and happy retirement, Mike. | Congratulations on your retirement - relax and enjoy your well-deserved freedom... Susan Urie | Sheila, It has been such a pleasure to have you as a colleague over the years in several capacities. You have done a superb job of managing and promoting OttawaReads and you will be missed. However I look forward to seeing your smiling face often as you join Paul in enjoying the pleasures of retirement. With fond good wishes, Barb McInnis

8: United Way's Wall of Inspiration City Hall March, 2012 | Outstanding volunteer! Recognized for your role helping the community. Congratulations!

10: With warmest wishes and gratitude to our visionary leader!

11: Words cannot properly express our gratitude for your contributions, kindness and the wisdom you brought to all of us... Best Wishes!

12: Retire from work, but not from life! | We all wish you congratulations and say “enjoy!”

13: Great fun! Thank you for being the best "cookie lady!" | OttawaReads / OCRI Golf Tournament

14: Memories | Sheila, My favorite memory is... | Sheila, when I think of you I think of this quote by Dr. Seuss; “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not”. The impact you’ve had and the difference you’ve made to the lives of hundreds of children and their literacy levels in our community is wonderfully inspirational. On a personal level, I’d like to thank you for your support and encouragement over the years. From Clarica to a mommy with Mary Kay, to United Way and now the Ottawa Senators Foundation, you’ve always taken the time to check in and be a cheerleader of my pursuits. I appreciate your friendship and for knowing you as a person who cares a whole awful lot. Warmest wishes and big hugs. Danielle Robinson

15: Ode to Sheila – June 2012 It was at Volunteer Ottawa that we had the pleasure to meet, Certainly at a time when we did not know how to tweet! From King Edward to Ross to Riverside we shared a space- Not so much fun when our dear Sheila got red in the face! At volunteer recognition events Sheila insisted we sing, Writing poems for those who were leaving was so much the thing, Technology was certainly never Sheila’s cup of tea, A training session on using the computer almost made us pee! Gift wrapping at Billing’s quickly became a tradition! Sitting on Santa’s knee was an added addition! A mentor and dear friend she quickly became, All the staff and volunteers would for sure say the same! Sheila, no doubt you have left your legacy on the sector, Your presence will be missed our good friend and director! Only best wishes as you enter this next stage of your life, Surely Paul will enjoy having you at home as his wife. Wishing you the very best wishes on your retirement! Fondly, Debi Zaret

16: A time to look back with admiration... A time to look forward with anticipation May your next adventure be long and fulfilling.

17: I have known Sheila since the mid 70's. We met through our husbands who spent their careers at the Bank of Canada. We each have three children, two boys and a girl in the middle (all the same ages) and we were both stay-at-home Moms for many years. Once the kids were in school we met every few months for lunch (still do!) In addition to talking about our families, I remember early conversations included discussions on how to get back into the work force, preferably on a part-time basis as our kids were still our first priority. Independently we found ourselves working in the voluntary sector and it was a good fit for both of us. I started with a 1 year contract at the then Central Volunteer Bureau of Ottawa-Carleton and Sheila later spent many years working there. Over the years we attended dozens of workshops on volunteer management and meetings of the local (now OAVR) and provincial (now PAVR-O) professional associations. When PAVR-O decided to hold its conference in 1999 in Ottawa, I was the Co-Chair and Sheila signed on as the Program Chair. As anyone who has done this type of event knows, the program is the key to success and Sheila delivered big-time. She not only knew who would make the best key-note speakers but got them, as well as many excellent workshop presenters. As a result, we set the standard for Ontario for a first-class conference in our field. During the gala dinner at the Museum of Civilization, Sheila and I found ourselves bidding against each other in the Silent Auction for a Mustang convertible for a weekend (which Sheila had arranged through Debi Zaret). Eventually I got it and my husband and I had a fun afternoon with Sheila and Paul driving around with the top down, playing golden oldies at full volume. In a lovely sequel, ten years later PAVR-O again decided to make Ottawa the location of its conference. By then I was President of PAVR-O and, having used Sheila as a reference, was working at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. Sheila, for old times sake, graciously offered to help with the program committee and we once again were part of an amazing conference. I don't know anyone who is as “tapped in” to people in Ottawa. She seems to know someone from every walk of life, and has probably had them to her house for dinner! She is not one to seek the limelight but prefers to give her contributions quietly. When preparing information for Sheila's nomination for a Community Builder Award, I discovered she was involved in several more worthy causes than I previously knew about. Sheila is the most amazing organizer and can always be counted on 110%. She sees both the big picture and also deals with a myriad of details. OttawaReads was a great fit for her as it matched her people and organizational skills with her passion for books and reading (a family trait). Through the years Sheila and I have become very close friends, one whom I admire and respect beyond measure. We supported each other through some tough times and enjoyed many good times together including birthday and anniversary celebrations (40 years each in 2011!) and, more recently, weddings of our children. I hope we can get together more frequently now that we are both retired. However, I'm sure Sheila will continue to have a very full calendar and I'll need to book her in advance for a lunch date! With love and sincere best wishes, Gwenne

18: “Give Back to School” event at W.E. Gowling school in May 2010. Sheila is in the photo, along with a group of volunteers from Corel and Brian Begbie, the school principal. Sheila worked hard to make this event a success. It was a great way for OttawaReads volunteers to further develop the bond they had with the students and staff at the school. I thought at the time that we were going to make the front of the school look a little tidier with a couple of garden beds. Simple. What I didn’t realize was that it was going to have a strong positive, rejuvenating impact on the students, staff, and volunteers. Students were peeking out of the windows as the work progressed, teachers came out to identify plants and relay appreciation. I think Sheila understood from the outset that the project wasn’t a matter of aesthetics, but a stronger gesture of “we care”. She will be missed. On behalf of the OttawaReads volunteers at Corel, I would like to wish Sheila well. May her retirement provide her with time to read all the books her heart desires. Thanks, Lori

19: Dear Sheila, I have enjoyed liaising with you regarding Ottawa Reads over the past years. You will be missed. I wish you all the best in your retirement and hope you will be able to find the time to do some fun things. With best wishes, Noreen Dertinger | A Tribute to Sheila While her good humoured and insightful views on the world always delighted, the clearest and most lasting impression of Sheila is the ease and steadiness with which she built and guided the Ottawa Reads Program. Ottawa Reads offers a simple gift-- an adult and child reading together. The warmth, funny stories and photos(!) generated by these simple exchanges touch our hearts. Participating companies and organizations have earned justifiable bragging rights for supporting this great success. Sheila's work building Ottawa Reads was utterly inspirational. Its success as an Ottawa institution is down to her vision and gracious determination in implementing it. Bravo, Sheila!! You've made a lasting contribution to our city and to the richness of individual lives. It was a great pleasure to watch you do your thing and to witness the fantastic results. May you continue to inspire. xo, Rose Anne

20: Dear Sheila, Here I am with my first group of kids from Manor Park, when we capped off a great year of reading with a fun picnic at the American Embassy Residence. What a wonderful day that was - gardening, reading, singing and EATING! I'm now finishing my third year with the program and so grateful to you for organizing the project and recruiting me onto the Diplomatic team at Manor Park. It has been so much fun for me, and a great way to give back in a small way to the fabulous Canadian community that has embraced us so warmly. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope our paths continue to cross. Fondly, Julie Jacobson

21: Take care of yourself and enjoy life! | Dear Sheila, Thank you so much for all you hard work over the years. We wish you a happy, healthy and long future. May all your wishes for a fun filled and rewarding retirement come true. All the best, From the Connaught students and staff, Irene Cameron

22: Congratulations Sheila! The OttawaReads volunteer readers past and present from ENCON Group Inc. would like to extend our best wishes to you on your retirement. Thank you for identifying a school in our neighbourhood where we can experience the joy of reading to elementary students and for coordinating our efforts. We hope you have many happy and healthy retirement years! | Sheila, I remember my initial introduction and training for OttawaReads. You were so enthusiastic and had all the answers. And you are still as enthusiastic as you were then. It's been 10 years for me. Reading to the kids in Room 13 at Carleton Heights has certainly been one of the most rewarding and fun things I've ever done. Your ongoing assistance, encouragement and always being there made it easy. It has been a pleasure working with you. I wish you all the best. Bob Deskin

23: I want to thank Sheila for her efforts in supporting the Ottawa Network for Education reading program (OttawaReads). I met Sheila through this program in 2007/08 and really appreciated the way she emphasized the importance of reading to young readers, making it fun and establishing good habits to build literacy--this made me realize the importance of getting involved in the initiative as well as others from my office. Sheila also did a great job of building on this program with the Give Back to School initiative for which our team at PwC spent solid and rewarding day with another team painting the lunch room at Centennial Public School. Sheila stopped by in the afternoon to take some photos of the group and the lunch room we were painting and provided a much needed verbal pat-on-the-back. I'd like to wish Sheila all the best with her endeavors in retirement. Best regards, Jason Stanley

24: We will miss you! | Dear Shelia, I have such fond memories of my experiences with the OttawaReads program and am grateful to you for your efforts in developing and growing this program into the success it is today. OttawaReads has given me both the opportunity to work with you on a professional level and to get to know you on a personal level. As a result I now have a beautiful, new and rich friendship. Your zest for life and involvement in all things interesting are both energizing and contagious. I’m happy our relationship will continue into and beyond retirement. I wish you the best on your new adventure. Judy | “Best wishes to you in your retirement Sheila, and thank you so much for welcoming me as a volunteer 10 years ago and for giving me so much encouragement! Mr. Roger (Roger Pither)”

25: One of my fondness memories of working with Sheila was her enthusiasm and graciousness when accepting proceeds for her programs. No matter how small the contribution Sheila would ensure she was there to show her appreciation. It didn’t matter if it was a rock band competition, hockey tournament, selling cookies at our golf tournament or hocking papers on an Ottawa street corner Sheila would be there with a huge smile of appreciation. It was a pleasure working with you Sheila and I wish you all the best! Kathy Mahoney | “Dear Sheila, It’s hard to believe that ten years has passed since the Ottawa Reads program began. On behalf of the Lee Valley Volunteer Readers, we thank you for introducing us to this valuable program and partnering us with Pinecrest Public School. It has been challenging at times, rewarding beyond measure and everything in between. Throughout the years, you have been there to guide and support us. Thank you for being a mentor and a friend. You surely will be missed. We wish you health and happiness in retirement! Suzanne McLeod.”

26: I have been working with Sheila at OttawaReads for ten wonderful years, and frankly don’t know if I can do this job without her by my side. Of all the training sessions we have done together, this one stands out in my mind. We were scheduled to do a session with the Ottawa Police at the Elgin St. headquarters. With our usual bags in hand, filled with books, handouts, apples plus a kitchen knife, and Sheila in the lead, we entered the station and headed right for the elevators. As luck would have it, some employees, police I assume, were also waiting to use the elevators. The elevator came. The cops looked us over and without a word from anyone, the two of us got on, pressed the button for the basement where the training session was to be held and away we went. When we got out, we wandered around the basement looking for the training room. One of rooms we passed was a detention room which we found a bit strange, but being confident about our mission, we just carried on. We continued our search until a police officer noticed us looking somewhat lost. Somewhat bemused, he inquired who we were and what what we were up to. Soon we were ushered into the our meeting room and were astonished to find out we had penetrated the security barrier of the Ottawa Police Headquarters. We had not signed in, had no passes, had gotten onto the secure elevator and had wandered around unescorted. By the way, our training session went off without a hitch. I guess you don’t question two nice ladies with bags, do you? Need two spies anyone?? Sheila, I am going to miss our sessions together: our chats about our families, your lovely introductions and especially you keeping me on track in my presentations. All the VERY best in your retirement. Kathy Czerny

27: Hello Sheila, I was thrilled to hear you were taking the big plung with your upcoming retirement. GOOD FOR YOU! Thank you for all the years of friendship. I truly enjoyed getting to know you and share some laughs. You were always so kind and thoughtful to my boys. So, here is wishing you nothing but the best on your retirement. We shall celebrate over a lunch and Milestones :-) Shelley xo | Joan here, sitting 1 hour south in Brockville remembering with fondness my year at OCRI in the back corner! Three quick stories come to mind...with nothing related to the OttawaReads Program - which happens to be Sheila's legacy! 1. OCRI was known for its hardworking employees but Sheila... brought out the 'Play" one day. I will always remember a dish being used as a frisbee and thrown the length of the main office space. Do not ask why.....just know that Sheila has quite an arm! 2. Temperature control - No one had to ask if it was too warm or too cool in the building.......as Sheila's footwear reflected the comfort level! 3. Last but not least, I will always remember Sheila's willingness to help co-workers and myself in particular as a proofreader! I wish you well... Joan MacLaughlin

28: Denise Chong's Fundraising OttawaReads Event! Great success! November 25, 2009 | You have certainly demonstrated a lot of vision and initiative in working to develop the OttawaReads Program.

29: I started working with Sheila with the OttawaReads Program in 2007 through the program’s collaboration with Carleton University. I am lucky enough to work for an organization that supports programs such as OttawaReads and was able to volunteer as a reader with a couple of different schools over the years, then take on coordinating the program at Carleton as of 2009. Working with Sheila was always a pleasure and I looked forward to our meetings, information sessions and meet & greets with the various schools where her passion for this invaluable program showed in so many ways. The relationships she developed with the volunteers, principals, teachers and teaching aids was very personal and incredibly professional. Sheila also helped me with information and statistics that I used in a presentation I made on the importance of literacy, as I recognized the long term effects of illiteracy on society. I had to pull back from the program this past year due to work pressures, but will take the past 5 years with me always and Sheila’s passion and commitment to this program and her work keeps reminding me of the value of reading to children when they are young so that I get back into the program once the opportunity presents itself. Thank you Sheila for the impact you have made on so many – children, teachers, teaching aids, principals but especially on me. Enjoy your well deserved retirement! Sandy Herbert

30: Ten years ago Sheila stepped in to our working lives and gave us a gift which is BLG Reads to Kids. It has not only been a partnership but a true friendship which has inspired all of us at BLG to step up to the plate and give back to our community. We call Queen Elizabeth PS “our school” and the students “our kids” which is a testament to her ability to bring out the passion and spirit of companies to get directly involved in our schools. A number of years ago I was privileged to be part of an interview with Sheila, a teacher and a student at Queen E, by Karen Solomon for the A-Channel which is still a very successful recruiting tool for new partners in the program. Of course the stars of the interview were Eddy our student and Sheila. Sheila is and always will be a big part of the BLG Reads to Kids program. Every September Sheila joins the BLG Reads to Kids committee on our Chapters shopping spree to buy books to read at our school and to pick up books for the students she reads to. She also attends our annual kickoff breakfast for the program and gives a talk on what the Ottawa Reads program is about and why we should volunteer. Her words have had a great impact on our staff and many people here have signed up as a result which we can never thank her enough for. Jane Bachynski and I contacted Sheila three and a half years ago about holding an annual event like the United Way Day of Caring at our schools which are in dire need of work the Board cannot afford to have done. Sheila was behind it all the way, presented it to OCRI and then the Board of Education, and the first Give Back To School Day was held in May 2010. It was a huge success with the schools, students, teachers and the participating partners, and we thank Sheila for her drive and determination in making it happen and be the success it is. On a personal note I was very touched when she attended my United Way Community Builder Award presentation and was thrilled and proud to watch Sheila as her name was added to the Wall of Inspiration at City Hall in March. A group of us from BLG were lucky enough to share a table at last years Voscars with Sheila and her co-workers. What can I say, it was one of the most memorable and fun events I will ever attend. Sheila has a wonderful passion for life which she puts in to everything she does. She never says “it can’t be done”, her thoughts are “how can we do it” or “how can we make it better”. Without her passion and drive the Reads to Kids would not be the program it is today. Sheila is not only someone who has inspired me but is a person I am lucky to be able to call a friend. I wish Sheila all the best in her well deserved retirement. Karen E. Thompson BLG Reads to Kids Committee Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

31: "Sheila you are a simple, happy and enthusiastic person and I am very happy to have met you and to work with you. During your working years you helped many people to grow. In the years to follow I wish you to enjoy your time and to stay away from "bucketlists" and other such unnecessary cool things! Best wishes!" Bogdan | Dear Sheila, My memory of you is your big smile and constant enthusiasm for the important work you chose chosen to do with OttawaReads. You are a joy to have as a colleague because your belief in the OttawaReads program and your commitment to supporting education in our community are infectious. Your tireless efforts to recruit volunteers and engage educators have built a solid, successful program. Our community has benefitted greatly from your work. I can still see you leading a team of volunteers out of city hall in the darkness of many an early, chilly morning to flog newspapers for the cause. Thank you for your years of work building a great program in Ottawa. All the best for many years of health and happiness in your retirement. Barb McNally

32: - Ode to Sheila Jenkins on the Occasion of her Retirement - Innovation and Partners, hallmarks of OCRI Spawned interesting ideas and the off-beat notion One could support learning within Ottawa classrooms On the strength of community volunteer devotion. So t’was in the fall of 2001 After weighty discussion by school boards and staff OttawaReads made its debut, its domain name secured As one word and no spaces, sure looked like a gaff! But that was unlikely when we know that at its helm Would be a woman, the King’s English her great love With a heart for good books and grammatical structure She rose to the challenge, no partnership too tough! Scanning the neighborhoods for potential partners Be they salespersons, lawyers, policemen or clerks No distinction was made as they signed up for duty Reading to children, a service of heart with its perks! Sheila, I was there at its birth and your able direction Made OttawaReads flourish as literacy was enhanced By the sharing of new worlds and such wonderful stories Of silly clowns and dinosaurs and bears that danced. Ten years of recruiting, training and supporting Sometimes dismayed as another partnership folded Endless funding proposals, police checks and more But her ongoing love of reading enhanced every chore. Thanks to your work, thousands of kids have discovered The joy of reading modelled by persons who cared. More than thirty schools and a hundred classrooms With one-on-one weekly volunteers who shared. The homefront at ONFE will not be the same As they miss your laughter and wonderful stories Editorial skills and constant reminder that, to get that community vote, You have to sit down and write a hand-written Thank You note! Ottawa, June 7, 2012 Sarah Cook | Retirement a time to enjoy life!

33: Chere Sheila Merci aux noms de centaines d’enfants des conseils scolaires de langue franaise d’Ottawa. Grace a toi ils ont découvert les joies de la lecture et le plaisir de l’exclusivité d’un adulte pour leur lire une histoire. Merci pour ton support toujours grandement apprécié des neuf dernires années. Thank you for being this FRIEND I can always count on for a professional or personal advice. Léon | Sheila - Wishing you all the best as you begin your new journey. Enjoy every day of your well earned retirement knowing that you have made a difference in so many people's lives. Best wishes! Christine Lauzon-Foley | On behalf of the Severn School Community, thank you Sheila for reading and promoting literacy with our youngest students. This year we are proud to acknowledge your work that goes well beyond your visits, by presenting you with the Diana Toone Volunteer Award. We will miss you and wish you much happiness as you begin a well-deserved retirement. Catherine Westbrook

35: Any view of the streets Is where one meets The Sheila we know so well She's present a lot Enthusiasm she's got To help all with whom we dwell Whether gnag or playgroup The library or hot soup She's there with a smile and energy We read and we include ourselves Because she's the one who set the shelves For family, friends and community It's time to, you say retire But never ending will be the fire To help, support and participate (traits we wish to emulate) And yes, we do love your smile That makes but a step of a longer mile But mostly it's just you we love so much And thank you for the lives you've touch Carol MacLauchlan

37: Sheila, when I think of you I think of this quote by Dr. Seuss; “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not”. The impact you’ve had and the difference you’ve made to the lives of hundreds of children and their literacy levels in our community is wonderfully inspirational. On a personal level, I’d like to thank you for your support and encouragement over the years. From Clarica to a mommy with Mary Kay, to United Way and now the Ottawa Senators Foundation, you’ve always taken the time to check in and be a cheerleader of my pursuits. I appreciate your friendship and for knowing you as a person who cares a whole awful lot. Warmest wishes and big hugs. Danielle Robinson

38: Sheila Where do I begin. I have so many fond memories of our times together over the past 10 years, it is hard to know where to start and to do justice to all that you have meant to me, to BLG Reads To Kids, to all of the reading partners of Ottawa Reads and, most of all, to all of the kids in Ottawa who are read to by those reading partners. Without your leadership and direction, BLG Reads To Kids would not have become a reality nor the success it is today. Without your dedication, inspiration and enthusiasm, Ottawa Reads would have had fewer reading partners and Give Back To School Day would never have happened. Without your love of reading and children, hundreds of children in Ottawa would not know the joy of books. Without your sense of humour and fun, I would not have enjoyed our 10 year journey together nearly as much. As they say, while the journey is important, more important are the people you meet along the way. I am so glad and forever grateful to have met you. I wish you all the best in your well deserved retirement and please know this. You have a standing offer to come book shopping with BLG Reads To Kids and to participate in Give Back to School Day. Congratulations and Best Wishes Always, Jane M. Bachynski

39: This years’ recipient of the Diana Toone Volunteer Award is Sheila Jenkins ! April 24, 2012 | Congratulations! | Congratulations! | This years’ recipient of the Diana Toone Volunteer Award is Sheila Jenkins ! April 24, 2012 | Thank you for your dedication to Severn Avenue PS

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