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shipped my crazy life in Europe

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S: Shipped

FC: Shipped | My crazy life in Europe | A Memoir by Jamie Goodfellow

1: In loving memory of Piggy and Alan

2: I give credit to all the people who have helped me in my journey ,influenced me and to those who were there for me when I needed it most.

3: contents | Introduction | England | Poland | Holland | Romania

4: I came home one day and Mum and Dad said to us “we're moving to Europe!” They said it was only for one or two years, but boy were they wrong, and so my six year long voyage began. Our journey took us through many countries from Turkey to Holland and I have always enjoyed it. Abroad the schools have been good yet complicated and I have done very well but the people were not always the kindest of all. | My name is Jamie Goodfellow, I have a little brother called Toby and my Mum and Dad. My life has been a roller coaster of craziness since we moved, and it all started when I was 8 years old. I thought everything in my little hometown called Hamble was perfect, the sea air, the people my school, and I have always loved that town. However change was inevitable. | Introduction

5: I come from the North of England in The town of Darlington. However I developed my accent in the South of England in a small town called Hamble. Hamble is a small riverside community and is a beautiful town. Some of the main things I remember about Hamble are the parks, my school and my favorite sport crabbing. We would go down to the pier every now and again and we would put bacon into a cloth bag and lower it into the water. | We would then pull it up two minutes later and have 3 to 5 crabs trying to eat the bacon. The best time I had crabbing though was when one managed to climb out my bucket and started to run after and nip my dad's bum. | England | The pier where I would go crabbing

6: Other memories I have consist of the old gun turret and the deer that ate all our food when we went camping but I loved my school there. Hamble Primary it was called and I always loved to see my friends and teachers. My best friend there was Jack we'd been friends since the first day and we still are today. The saddest moment for me there was the death of our cat Alan. It turns out he had developed liver cancer and he had to be put down a month later. Alan was my favorite of our two cats and I felt ripped from the inside when he died it was only our other cat Piggy who calmed me down but I still have many memories of Alan. | We spent four years there but it felt like a lifetime and my main memories of England are there. When my Dad said we were moving I felt nervous upset and yet at the same time excited. I had never lived in another country before and I also wanted to understand a bit of their language. And so there I was eight years old and I was on my way to Europe unsure and excited. | Our Cat Alan

7: Our first move was overseas to Holland into the town of Elst. It was a quiet town and I enjoyed it very much, the atmosphere the air and all the people going around on bicycles. Holland put a lot of emphasis on bikes and had huge parks made especially for going around on bikes, but it was very good for the environment. I was not used to my home in Holland but it was much bigger than our last and I was very grateful for that. I loved the open space of my room. | I would spend ages just rolling around and playing with toys in my room I would even just run around because I could. My Mum liked the house except for one problem Maggots. We would get loads of Maggots in our bin and Mum had to keep killing them with bleach and boiling water. That was when my school started. I was nervous and I had no idea of what to expect but I went and I started to make friends and I began to get into the life of the school. | Holland

8: My friend Sam and I at our school | I enjoyed the playground and the neighbor hood the most because there were monkey bars and tunnels, and if you went out of school and round the corner there was a whole playground but nobody went there. | And then my favorite part about the school was the field trips although I was only there for a year I went on three trips they were all amazing. The most memorable was a whole school trip to a junk play ground. It was an artistic wonder. But if it were in any other country it would be shut down. There were slides hamster wheels and hundreds of wonders I still wish I could've been there for longer.

9: Family wasn’t a problem in Holland because of where my family lived which was up in Newcastle. This meant that Ships would take off from Newcastle and come down to Holland and vice versa. This was nice as we saw family very often. But I often wondered was it us or the ship they enjoyed? Unfortunately we had only been there for a year when my dad said we're moving again. I still want to move back to Holland and live there once more and I hope that I shall one day do just that. | My brother, Grandma and I at the docks

10: Our second move was to Poland to the capital of Warsaw, but my Dad would not live with us through the week and only on weekends. He lived in a flat next to his factory up in a town called Augustov, and it was a really beautiful town but there were not many friends or kids to play with up there. But back in Warsaw we were starting school. We did not know anyone but we quickly started to make friends. | My three best friends were two boys called Dominic and Tom, and my other friend was a girl called Bethany. I enjoyed my classes there as my teacher was a brilliant man called Mr. Pascilledes He helped me greatly in class and was the person who introduced me and taught me to play the Cello. | Poland

11: However my school in Poland was not all sunshine and lollipops it was actually quite controversial you see I enjoyed my time in class at weekends and during holidays but I dreaded break and lunch time in school. This was mainly because of a few kids at our school Silindo, Tomach and the worst of them all Arturo. These three weren't bad enough to be bullies but they were kind of mean, but one time in the middle of a snowy winter they chased after me and grabbed my head and shoved it into the snow. | They got caught doing it and were punished and after that they didn't do anything bad to me. The only other person I ever had problems with was a kid named Damien who made me laugh at the worst of times by licking his foot I don't know why but it always made me laugh.

12: In our summers in Poland we were all stuck in a little apartment up in Augustov with a guinea pig cage and a cat. We spent a lot of time outside because of this. It was also very lonely because there were not that many other kids so we did not have much else to do. One thing that I also disliked there was the smell of Tobacco outside the cigarette factory where my dad worked. I was thrilled when it was time to leave because I would see my friends again and go do more fun things at home or even go to the mall but I did not like being up in Augustov for more than a few days.

13: The first winter we spent there was the coldest winter in Poland for over 100 years and before Poland I hadn’t really seen very much snow before. It would snow for days at a time. My brother and I really enjoyed this and in our time in the snow we managed to build an igloo out of snow packed into ice cream boxes. Other winter activities that we would do would be sledging and snow ball fights. There was a hill right around the corner of our compound and we would take our sledges and go down it. However it was full of bumps and you could be launched into the air at any moment or be overturned. I loved this and I remember my dad trying to go down in a sledge he overturned almost 4 times in the same run which was hilarious to watch. | My brother, dad and I sledging

14: The summers were fun as well except for the very first summer we were there. I absolutely hated that first summer. I was going to my very first summer camp and my only summer camp. There I was tormented for two whole weeks by Arturo he was really mean and locked me in a suitcase! That summer by far was the worst summer of my life. However there was a very nice place that I liked in Poland. | It was a castle in a city called Krakov and it was amazing because of a part called the dragons den. It was a cave under the castle and when you get out of the cave there was a huge metal dragon that would breathe fire when you texted it. I was very happy when my Dada told me that we were leaving Poland. However I will always miss Poland because the best friends I have had abroad were there.

15: Romania was our next destination, I hadn’t even heard of the country before but I was excited. I really liked the weather in Romania and some friends we knew from England lived in Romania so they helped us unpack and we had lots of fun for the two years they were in Romania. There were three kids in the family and their names were Josh, Phoebe and Alicia. | The new school we were going to was different from all the others as it was an American school whereas my previous schools were British. I enjoyed the classes a lot more in this school, but I did not enjoy my grades due to the many criterion which I thought were a little stupid. You see in the British system the more you know the higher your grade, and in the American school you have to do the work, so very detailed that it is almost impossible to get top marks. | Romania

16: However in the British system I got top marks and learned a lot but in the American system I get 5 out of 7 and 6 out of seven where as in the British school I would get 5 out of 5. It was quite hard for me adjusting to the American system and I never fully adapted either. The city Bucharest was where we all were living in and after being together as a family again in Bucharest we decided that is better to be together than apart and my dad even said that if we were to be moved apart like that again he would quit! | So there we were a British family in Romania in a city filled with dozens and dozens of tall ugly grey buildings with some of their windows smashed we didn't really know many families and we had just started at a new school. It was very hard for me trying to fit in there were no other British kids in my grade and my only friend so far was a new kid called Alex but eventually I made a new friend called Ben and an acquaintance called Zak.. Ben and I both enjoyed a card game called yu gi oh.

17: It was very popular at my last schools but the people at this school thought negatively of it. This was the reason why we only played it at each others houses. I was also in the boy scouts for two years. Boys scouts was very memorable we would spend all our time learning knots and such stuff. But when we went camping up in the mountains it would be freezing cold and your feet would go numb. but I also think that the leader was a bit of a wacko as one time he made us sleep in his snowy back garden and he slept under a canvas so he didn't get wet and that was it! | Ben and I

18: However probably the saddest moment of my life happened that year our cat Piggy passed away. It took me a week to recover fully and also in that same year my guinea pig Sandy also died. In the summers our cousins would come to visit; there was my cousins Lucy and Alex and my auntie Janet. Alex is one year older than I am and Lucy is about 5 or 6 years older than me. We would enjoy our summers together very much and would spend our days bouncing on the trampoline, diving into our pool and having barbecues we wouldn't have time for anything else.

19: Also during the summers we would spend days driving to a city in Turkey called Istanbul. There was lots to see in Istanbul such as mosques with huge domes magnificent ancient palaces and even the fabulous grand bazaar. In the bazaar there would be carpet stores, jewelery stores old antiques, music stores and even little cafés next to t-shirt sellers! The palace was also amazing - long but amazing. The queue to get in though took longer than the tour! We loved Turkey so much we decided to go the next year as well! Except we went more south eastern this time and we ended up in a town I can't even remembers name for a week doing next to nothing. However we did get to go to an aqua resort hotel which was amazing it had long slides to vertical slides and from theaters to pool bars. I have to say that the aqua hotel is the best hotel I had ever been to. | Turkey

20: I have recently found out from my parents that we are moving back into our house in England. This has been a wake up call for me as there are lots of everyday things that I don't know how to do (for example my dad says I could catch a plane easily but I don't know how to catch a bus). I also need to learn how to revise properly for my exams. However despite this I think that I shall enjoy moving back to England. I shall miss the weather, my friends and the experiences which I have had abroad. But for me it is time to turn to a new page in my life. In this life I have three Sayings which I go by 1. You can never have too many friends 2. What I do now is the foundation for my future and 3.Have as much fun as possible! | Conclusion

21: My family and I

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