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Slinky and Lub Dub

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FC: SLINKY and LUB DUB: Gone missing from their much loved safe place.

1: Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a band of animals who lived in a much loved safe place.

2: This is a story of the small critters that live hidden in the green patches and tall trees of a hospital parking lot. Today, feeling especially brave, they peeked through the clearing hoping to catch a glimpse of the secrets that lay beyond their much loved safe place.

3: Slippers, the snail, heard a curious sound, "lub dub, lub dub" and wondered could it be a heart beat? | They could see odd looking "White Coats" with strange hanging tubes dangling from their thin necks. But today, they agreed, one tube seemed a bit out of place.

4: Dazzle, the mosquito, vibrated, "isn't that silly, tubes couldn't possibly have a heart beat".

5: Floss, the groundhog, was a shy little fella, peeking an eye from out of his hole he stuttered, "has anyone seen Slinky, the snake?" Last time I saw him he was curled under a tree."

6: Scrapper, the chipmunk, waited for Longlegs to stop, so he could scoot up his leg and slide down the other before Longlegs had a chance to even look down. | While the Lil' animals played for most of the day, it was Daddy Longlegs, the giraffe, job to watch over this much loved safe place. He was known to stop in his tracks whenever he heard the baby animals laugh.

7: Colors, the bird, had a telescope, and his favorite pastime was watching LongLegs stretch out his long lanky neck.

8: Little did the animals know, Slinky, the snake, had gone missing from his much loved safe place. And somehow Lub Dub, the stethoscope, had been dropped on the hospital grounds and was now lost, not knowing if he would ever be found.

9: As the sun slowly set, after a day full of fun, the small animals knew it was time to go home and get ready to eat.

10: As day drifted by and the moon rose high, twilight spread its soft blanket over their much loved safe place. Honeybee Buzzy took all day collecting the honey buzzing it home for all to eat. Auntie Lopey, the antelope, while cooking dinner, removed her two antlers to mix up the honey to drizzle over their muffins. Auntie Lopey called out "Dinner is ready, come wash your hands and your feet and don't forget to wash behind your two ears, or there will be no dessert!"

11: But Tipsy's best friend Squirt, the tiny mouse, always saved a tasty morsel for him to have for dessert. | As they lined up to wash their hands, feet, and ears, Tipsy, the turtle, smirked and told them , "I am lucky because I don't have two ears." Tipsy was always last at the table to eat. He toppled over and rocked and rolled until he tipped back onto his feet.

12: Aroma, the skunk, whispered "don't worry Roaren, Slinky, likes to play hide and seek and may not have known it was time to come home. | As day turned to night, Snoren Roaren, the lion cub, started to yawn. He waited for his mommy and daddy to hug him with their big furry arms. But he worried and asked "Is Slinky missing, is he still out?"

13: Zipper, the hummingbird, never stayed long in one place, and could be heard humming her magical song all over this loved place. "Hum Hum Hum." One minute she's here and the next - gone. Snoren and Aroma quickly asked if she had seen Slinky that night?

14: Suddenly, Baby Gaffy cried out, "Alarm, Alarm!" "I hear a strange sound" "Lub Dub!!" | Up above in the sky the stars twinkled bright. The moon clicked on its "night light" and cast its soft glow on all those below. This was the time the Lil' ones gathered to listen to bedtime stories read by Granny Honk Honk, the lovable goose.

15: Shriek, the hawk, took flight and screeched, "Lub Dub's getting louder much like a "heart beat".... Lub Dub" ... Lub Dub... Lub Dub

16: Lub Dub, the Stethoscope, opened his mouth and uttered the words "Lub Dub" Lub Dub explained how he slid off of the shoulders of a White Coat that night. | Shriek flew nearer to see what could this sound be. Shriek swooped to the ground and was surprised what he found. It turned out to be a tube under a tree.

17: Lub Dub told how his friend the "White Coat" and he were out walking when a sudden gust of wind blew him right off his friend's shoulders and landed him under a tree, right beside Slinky, who was so smooth and so silky. Slinky told Lub Dub how he had been playing go-seek earlier that day, but curled up under this big tall oak tree and must have fallen asleep. Soon the White Coat noticed Lub Dub gone, he bent down to pick him up, but by mistake, picked up Slinky instead. Now it was Slinky, who hung around the White Coat's Neck!

18: Slinky and Lub Dub said their good byes each of them happy to be back in their own much loved safe place. Slinky quickly wrapped himself tightly around Shriek's talons. They flew back over the pavement that surrounded their green patches and tall oak trees back to Slinky's much loved safe place. | Shriek gripped Lub Dub tight and flew until he had the White Coat in sight. Shriek told the White Coat of the mix up between Slinky and Lub Dub that night.

19: The animals all cheered when Shriek appeared with Slinky. He ever so gently tucked Slinky in bed for the night. They all quickly snuggled in for a long much needed sleep, all safe and sound in their much loved safe place.

20: Written for Elaina, with all of our Love, Your NaLa (Lorraine/LaLa) and Your Opi (Peta/Ingo) 2012

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