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Snapshots - Page Text Content

S: It only takes a snap, SNAPSHOTS

BC: "Oh! You can only see it if you believe."

1: Table of Content The Sun is my Friend NO! NO! NO! Playing Alone No More Chores! No More Rules! Just Waiting... Hmmmm...um Oh! How I CRIED ! Stinking Homework!!! Confessions Earthquake!!! Santa Didn't Show No More Homework! No More Test! A Day Without an Adult is the Day my Dreams Come True Guess What! Mommy, How Much Do you Love me? Bad-ass Alex A Boy Who Loves to Run Bloopers

3: The Sun is my Friend Hi! Just so you know The sun is My FRIEND! Not yours, so get it straight. He follows me around, He’s there when I’m happy And he’s there when I’m sad. I don’t see him at night because that’s when he sleeps. People seem to think that he’s their friend, But I know the truth. He is MY FRIEND! After all, he has nothing better to do then to follow me around.

4: No! No! No! Can I go to Jessie’s House? “No!” Can I play outside? “No!” Can I paint my room? “No!” Can I eat ice cream? “No!” Can I have a dog? “No!” Can I have more toys? “No!” Can I just drive your car? “No!” Can I go to school? “ No!” Hahahahaha. “wait…”

7: Playing Alone Abbel's mom is mad at him for not eating his veggies, Joanne's dad found out about the holes in the wall, Zack's grandma saw his report card, Amee's aunt found out about her ripped carpet, And Christopher's brother saw his newly painted room that we decorated. So, that's why I'm playing alone today.


9: No more chores and no more rules! WE march together around this pool. WE want more presents on our half birthdays and more toys for our other . . . toys. WE don't want to be forced to eat anything green Especially when, we don't even like the color green. WE don't want chores nor rules because we are busy doing other cool things. WE have video games and TV shows to watch. And so we march. By giving us chores you ruin our fun But you know You have not won. The rules hold us back from staying up late. And for that we hate. So why waste time creating them? We will march and march Till you agree to no more rules and no more chores forever it shall be.

10: Just Waiting… Tick tock Click cluck Scribble scrabble Grrrrr, groan Yawn, tsk Tap, tip ...still waiting ……and waiting

12: Hmmmm…..um… I don’t know if I can Maybe I can I think I can I know I can I can… Just a little more… a couple more steps……. Wait…..am I here? I did it! I DID IT! I DID IT!

14: Oh! How I CRIED! Oh I cried, I cried For the shows I cried. For the TV I cried For the computer and the music I cried, For my favorite video games I cried, For me never, ever seeing my friends I cried, Oh the quietness, the books, the homework, Oh why why WHY? “You’re grounded remember!” Oh . . . that’s why.

16: Stinking Homework!!! I don’t want to do homework! Why would I need to do homework? It should be the law that I don’t have to do homework! Does my teacher have to do her homework? Does my mom have to do homework? Does the President of the United State of America have to do homework? Homework is something that adults give you because they don’t want you to play, they are just jealous! Homework does not do anyone any good. It is just stinky stinking homework that just ruins my day.

19: Confessions So why are you here Thai? I have many confessions and I can't hold it in any longer. Go ahead It was me who spilled the milk in the morning and the day before, who locked my sister in the closet, who fed the dog my homework, who prank called my dad ten times, who put gum under the teacher's desk, who pushed Jackie off the swing, who lost my report card, who took the baby's toy and threw it over the neighbor's yard, and finally who flooded the school's kitchen because my legendary, grilled to perfection, cheese burger caught on fire. I just feel really bad for doing all those things.

20: Earthquake!!!! “An earthquake is coming! An earthquake is coming!” my teacher yelled. She hid under her desk then ran to the door. She ran down the hallway and into the gym, where she bumped into the principal that began screaming. Everyone panicked and ran towards the door, Some even tripled, landing on the floor. There were rattling, quavering, and trembling. Then all of a sudden, everything was still. So remember boys and girls, earthquake is a serious things.

23: Santa Didn’t Show The night that Santa didn’t show up was the worst night of all. It was worst…than my sister beating me at handball, worst than the teacher yelling at me for pushing Edgar, worst than getting my dad’s wallet wet, worst than losing my favorite teddy, worst than talking back to my mom and most of all, worst than getting no presents for Christmas. He must’ve missed my house and the list that I’ve written Maybe Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen were mean to Rudolf and so instead of landing on my rooftop, they got into an argument and forgot. Either way, Santa didn’t show up and I just don’t know why.

24: No More Homework! No More Test! The schools are locked down and The teachers are a mess We broke the white boards and computers too. The markers and pens are also in twos. The desks are wobbly, so we cut its legs. Broke into the principal's office and ate all the chocolate eggs. The front doors are locked and English books torn. The math books are on fire and the science books are worn. Oh how happy I am, With no more school. No more homework and no more tests!

27: A Day Without an Adult is the Day my Dreams Come True. I can sleep when I want And play whatever I want. I can eat ice cream till midnight And watch TV till morning. I can leave my room a mess And take showers in the lawn. I can play Frisbee with plates And camp inside where it's safe. I can light up the fireworks like it's Fourth of July And even drive a fire truck. I can be a policeman or a baker too. Maybe I'll be a cook and cook up a gummy snake pizza. I can go to the store, Drink up all the slurpees And sample the foods. Heck, I can even be the President with all of his presents. Oh'! Life would be great, If there was a day Without any adults.

28: Guess What? Guess what I'm thinking of! Does it have fur? Yes! Does it have teeth? Yes! Does it have ears? Yes! How about a tail? Yes! Does it have legs? Yes! How many? Six! Hmmmmm… what does it eat? Everything! Is it tiny? Yes, it’s long and likes to sneak up on you! Is it scary? No, it’s the friendliest of its kind! Hmmmm….??? It has wings too! What kind of animal is that??? Guess!!! Hmmmm...I don't know.

29: It's my catagator with wings and six legs! Ah...there's no such thing! Yes there is!!! I have never heard of one! Well ,now you have! It's right next to me. There's nothing next to you!!! Oh! You can only see it if you believe.

31: Mommy, How Much Do You Love Me? Very much dear. Like how much? A whole lot. How much is a whole lot? More than you can count. I can count up to 1 hundred thousand, but it’ll take me a while. Even more than that. How much more? A million times more than that. How much is that? As many stars as there are in the sky. Well I only saw five…so that’s not very much. Hehehe but there’s more than that, infinitely more than that. How much more Infinite. What is infinite? That means it’ll never stop. My love for you will never stop. Yeah? Yeah, I love you that much. mmmm…. Yes, I love you forever and ever. ...ummm...Mommy? Yes? How much do you love me? ???

32: Bad-ass Alex I’m bad-ass Alex! I roll with my homies on my bike. We listen to no one. Once, a teacher told us to do our homework And I said “no!” Yep, that’s why I’m bad-ass Alex. Every day at recess, I get the toys I want. I get first choice on the swings and the monkey bars. Yep teachers are scared of me and the principal don’t know what to do with me. But when I get home, my mom is the bad-ass.

34: A Boy Who Loves to Run Hey! Have you heard the story about the boy who loves to run? Well it goes like this: He woke up one morning and ran to the store. He ran outside and down the block. He looked suspicious so the clerk lurked, And all of a sudden The clerk began to chased after him. As he passed the bakery, The baker said, "Maybe I'll do some good today and help the clerk."

35: And so, the baker ran out and chased after them both. The dogs barked and tugged onto their leashes, With a final pull, they managed to escape. Then expectedly, thinking it was a game, They chased after the baker, the clerk, and the boy who loves to run. They passed an officer, Who was on his lunch He had a hunch So he too, chased after the dogs, the baker, the clerk, and the boy who loves to run.

36: Out of nowhere, they passed a fire truck. Thinking there was a fire, The firemen ran And the siren sounded Chasing after the policeman, the dogs, the baker, the clerk, and the boy who loves to run. Everyone shockingly starred, and began to wonder What was the comotion?

37: So they ran, After the firemen, Who ran after the policeman, Who ran after the dogs, Who ran after the baker, Who ran after the clerk, Who ran after the boy. Finally, the boy stopped and turned around. To his surprise, there they were, Everyone in his whole town.

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