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Super-Louis & Spider-Jack Save Knoxville

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Super-Louis & Spider-Jack Save Knoxville - Page Text Content

S: Louis & Jack Save Knoxville!

FC: Louis & Jack Save Knoxville!

1: De | To Louis and Jack, With All Our Love, Mom & Dad

2: Louis and Jack seemed like your typical kids. They loved playing outside and playing with their dogs as well as fishing and enjoying beautiful Tennessee! They also pitched in and helped their parents with chores around the house.

3: But what most people didn't know was that Jack and Louis were also secretly super heroes. | And what Louis and Jack didn't know was that Knoxville was about to need their help.

4: It started out like any other day in Knoxville. The sun was shining and the birds were singing....... | ....but there was trouble brewing at the Knoxville Zoo.

5: Mad Mark Richt, Loathesome Les Miles, Bad Bobby Petrino, Grouchy Gene Chizik, Horrible Houston Nutt, Dirty Dan Mullen, and the Joker Phillips also joined in scheme. | For years Nasty Nick Saban had been formulating a terrible plan to take over the Knoxville Zoo. He wanted to steal all of the animals and turn them into mascots and have them do his evil bidding. To put his plan into action he had enlisted Sinister Steve Spurrier and Evil Urban Meyer as his right hand men. They took this quite literally and adopted the practice of showing people their right hands at every chance. Today was the day their plan turned into action.

6: The call for help came to the boys at their training facility. They were doing their daily conditioning exercises to stay in top fighting shape!

7: The boys quickly sprung into action and got ready to save the day! They would have to be lightning-fast if they were going to get there in time!

8: They didn't have the Batmobile so they hitched a ride towards the downtown Knoxville with their friends.

9: Sinister Steve and Nasty Nick would hear a motor so Louis & Jack had to switch into "stealth" mode when they got close to town. Louis took a horse and Jack jumped on his Tricycle

10: The boys ran into trouble as soon as they got to the front gates of the Knoxville Zoo. It appeared that Nasty Nick had assigned Uga, the prize of Georgia, to stand guard so that nobody could interrupt his dastardly scheme of stealing the animals. | "Keep an eye out for superheroes Uga! I want to steal ALL the animals! Nothing can stop me!"

11: Louis and Jack had their own dogs at home and knew how to be kind and gentle with them. They went up to Uga and showed him that they meant him no harm.

12: When Uga saw that the boys were kind to animals and loved dogs like Tennessee's Smokey, he let them pass without barking out an alarm. Phew! The boys gave Uga a hug and thanked him. Uga smiled.

13: The Superhero Brothers decided to put on some disguises so Nasty Nick and his two top henchmen wouldn't be able to recognize them. | Using their bionic hearing, the boys could hear Spoiled Steve Spurrier and Unkind Urban Meyer in the distance as they discussed their plan to steal the animals for Nasty Nick.

14: Louis and Jack both love animals so they knew that African elephants are the largest land animals on Planet Earth. Since Nasty Nick wanted to use the Knoxville elephant to trample and destroy his opponents in a rolling tide of violence, the boys knew that they had to convince the elephant to join the good guys' side and foil Nasty Nick's plan for world domination. | Louis and Jack started climbing the fence to get in to the Elephant Exhibit at the zoo. Luckily, they practice climbing a lot so they are very fast and agile.

15: When they got into the elephant's habitat, the elephant was weary and hungry because Nasty Nick had not fed it in days. Louis and Jack took out some peanuts to give the elephant to eat.

16: Then the boys remembered how fun gardening is, so they planted a peanut tree for the elephant, thus it would never go hungry again. The elephant could grow up to be big and strong and would always remember the kindness of Louis and Jack and promised to never do any harm to anyone and be friends with Louis and Jack forever!

17: The boys both gave the elephant a big hug goodbye and then quietly crept around to the dangerous Gator Swamp area that hardly anyone escapes from victorious. Luckily, the Gator was wearing a sun-visor and taking a late afternoon nap so the boys acted quickly!

18: Before the gator even had time to wake up, Louis had swooped in and grabbed the visor from the gator's head and tossed it to Jack. Louis had practiced swooping when he picked up Nannie's puppies in the past.

19: Jack immediately threw the visor like a boomerang which knocked out Slimy Steve Spurrier before ricocheting back onto the Gator's eyes so it couldn't see what had happened! Slimy Steve ran away from The Swamp all the way South Carolina never to be heard from again! | It was getting late though and nightfall began to descend on Knoxville...

20: The boys knew time was running out so they called on all the good Volunteers to come and help them. Benny the Beaver showed up happy as ever, but became angry when he heard about Nasty Nick's evil plan to be cruel to animals! Even the annoying and whiny Ducks decided to help! It would take teamwork to take down Nasty Nick!

21: Before the final showdown, Jack went to find more reinforcements from Boss Road. | Meanwhile, Louis set up a sneaky booby-trap to stop Nasty Nick in his tracks!

22: Nick was always too busy thinking up his next diabolical plot and never took time to look at nature. This gave Louis and Jack time to work together like Batman and Robin and swoop down like Tennessee's mockingbirds from a beautiful Tulip Poplar without Nick even knowing!

23: By the time Nick realized he was surrounded it was too late! He screamed in agony: "Ohhh no! My plans for world-domination have ended in Knoxville!!! I will no longer be #1 in the Bad Guy Rankings!!! NOOOO!" | As he took him away, the sheriff said "Nick, your reign of terror is over. Thanks to Louis and Jack, the animals of Knoxville's Zoo are safe! From this day forth, you are in trouble every time you enter into Rocky Top Country!" | Coach Dooley applauded Louis and Jack for their heroism and teamwork. The boys had saved Knoxville and the Zoo!

24: It was time to celebrate! Louis and Jack dressed like Batman and Robin to collect their Police Chief Hero Medals from City Hall. Meanwhile Dashing Derrick Dooley announced that the boys were Knoxville's #1 Good Guys that all Vols could be proud of. Smokey agreed with the ranking!

25: While Irish tourists were able to enjoy the zoo again, Louis and Jack were enjoying a hero's welcome everywhere they went with lots of hugs and kisses! | The boys' family loves them so much and is so proud them both!

26: Everyone in Vol Nation was so joyous that Knoxville had been saved by the boys' hard work and dedication to being good that they hugged them and kissed them as much as they could! Everyone was so happy!

27: The hugs continued as people cheered Louis and Jack wherever they went. It was almost as if people in the heavens above were rooting for the boys to keep being awesome!

28: So Louis and Jack were heroes for all of Knoxville and Tennessee. They got even more hugs and special medals for their bravery!

29: But even superheroes need to rest and sleep to be strong so Louis and Jack were smart and went to bed after story-time. Of course, they first both gave their Mama and Papa a sweet little kiss: to say "I Love You and Good Night!

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