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Table Turner

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S: The Table Turner

BC: Rated E-10 For everybody 10 and up. For brief sequences of violence, war, and tragedy

FC: The Table Turner The story of Markus the Great and the final fight of the Revolutionary War.

1: This story is purely fictional. Any and all references to any historical characters is purely made up based on my idea for this story. Thank you. Also the events in this story may not be what is written in the historical documents. The main character in this story is fictional and anything he does is purely based on my ideas for his character. Thank you. By the author: Dylan Lorentz

2: "This is it, I am going to end this battle right now!" Markus thought as he and his troops marched to face the enemy in the middle of the field. The enemies general waited in front of his troops, ready to fight with his gun being held at his shoulder.

3: When Markus and his troops got to the center of the field, the natural way of war was for one group to take aim and fire the first shots, then the other aim their guns and fire back. Markus took action and told his men to ready their guns. He then shouted "Ready...Aim...FIRE!!" And then the first shots of the final battle of the revolutionary war were fired... One year ago... "Markus, we are ready to set sail now." Raul exclaimed as he began to lift up the anchor. "Alright, Raul." Markus said as he walked up onto the ship deck. "So we are going to fight for Britain against the colonists. I never thought I would have to fight against my brother over there. I hope that he and I never meet on the fields of battle." Raul told Markus. "Some girl came up to me, asking if she could join us in fighting the colonists. Apparently Mary Wollstonecraft is her idol, making her think that girls are as good as men, yeah right (This is how most men thought back in this time).

4: "This world is really changing thanks to people like her though." Raul exclaimed. "Yeah, people like her, Isaac Newton, Galileo, John Locke, and others are inventing all these new things. All that happened during the Enlightenment is really changing how everything works." Markus said.

6: "And with all things that are changing, these new systems are being put into place to increase productivity. The new Checks and Balances system, Social Contracts, and now the Heliocentric Theory beating out the Geocentric Theory... Hey Markus, what's wrong?"

8: "Everything is subject to change, Raul. I have a sinking suspicion that the law and government is going to change over in the colonies. And I also suspect that it will not be how England intends it to be..."

10: One month ago... Ready...Aim...FIRE!!!" Markus exclaimed as his men fired their guns at the enemy forces. Eight of their men fell after the first volley of bullets were fired. The enemy leader had been hit with one of the bullets in the arm, but was not dead yet. He then proceeded to yell to his troops "Now load your guns... Ready... Aim... FIRE!!!" He exclaimed as what was left of his troops fired their guns.

12: One of the bullets zoomed past Markus's face, only grazing the side of his face. It only left a small blood trail of blood on the side of his face. "Now CHARGE!!!" Markus yelled as his men ran to attack the enemy troops with their bayonets (daggers on the end of certain guns, used for when you have no bullets for a gun) and Markus drew his sword from his belt.

14: The battle dragged on for about two hours ending with the British forces and Markus defeating the Colonial troops. As Markus walked along the battle field inspecting the soldiers, he saw something that made him fall to his knees and stare at the object. It was Raul laying down on the ground... he was one of the few that got shot... and died.

15: Raul... A great soldier and a great friend, may you rest in peace.

16: Now... "Ready...Aim...FIRE" Markus yelled as his men fired their guns. Only three of the enemy soldiers were hit by the bullets. The enemy general then said "Men, load your guns. Now ready...Aim...FIRE NOW!!!" The bullets hit five of Markus's men and one nearly hit Markus in the face, but he ducked when the guns were fired, somehow knowing that the bullet was going to hit him if he did not. "Now attack!" the enemy general yelled to his men as they began to charge at Markus's men. "Attack!!!" Markus yelled to his men as they charged at the enemy soldiers.

17: The battle dragged out for over two hours, neither side wanting to lose until finally Markus was finally stuck by the enemy general's bayonet. The remainder of Markus's men saw this and rushed over to him, trying to save him from the enemy general but all of them were struck down by the other soldiers after they turned their backs to them. The enemy general proceeded to finish Markus off but Markus yelled at him "Wait, please."

18: The enemy general stopped for a second, stunned by the dieing Markus's request. "Please, listen to the request of a man who is about to die." Markus asked. The enemy general looked at him for a few seconds then finally said he would listen. "Last month, my friend Raul he... he died on the field of battle to one of the colonial soldiers bullets. Because of his death though, it made me realize something. This war is going to cause even more loss of lives and more sadness to the people that are close to that person. So as a wish from a dying man, I ask you to please talk to your leaders and tells them to find away to end the war between us as fast as possible, with also as little casualties as possible. It might be asking for too much, but please, I beg you, find a way to end this war..." Markus then fell backward, the life left his eyes. The general looked at him for a few seconds then noded his head. He then walked away, back to his men.

19: Because of his actions, the colonists were able to think up a way to end the revolutionary war... the Declaration of Independence.

20: Because of giving the idea for the declaration to the general whose name was George Washington and was also commander of the Continental Army, General Markus was given the title of Markus the Great and was forever remembered by the original colonists as "The Englishman who had a heart." (The reason behind this is that he was the only British soldier who took action to end the war without causing others to die. Even in the battles he fought, he would not kill the wounded enemy soldiers). This is his story...

21: The End Reminder: This story is purely made up based on the ideas I had for this story. All the events that had something to do with the main character are fictional and are not in any historical documents. Characters like George Washington that Markus encountered are real but the events pertaining to them in this story are fiction. Thank you. By the author: Dylan Lorentz

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  • Title: Table Turner
  • The story of Markus the Great and the final battle of the Revolutionary War.
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