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Terpakistan Proposal

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S: Terpakistan Proposal

FC: Terpakistan Proposal | By: Christina Bucci Christian Eason

1: As your advisers, we have taken note of the Civil War that has happened in Terpakistan. Our job now is to inform you about the period of Reconstruction in American History. From this knowledge, we can then come up with a proposal for Reconstruction in your own nation.

2: When dealing with Racial Issues in the United States, three amendments were passed. The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were made to settle racial tension. The thirteenth amendment officially abolished slavery in the United States, and this includes involuntary service. The fourteenth amendment protected rights of former slaves. It requires all states to provide equal protection for all persons. This was passed on July 9, 1868. The fifteenth amendment was passed on February 3, 1870, and it stated that the government in the United States could not prevent any citizen from voting, no matter the race or former service. | Proposal 1:

3: We, as your advisers, think that in order to reduce racial tension, amendments like these should be passed. These rules will give everyone equal rights. Once your country is back together and unified, you can use these amendments, or ones similar to it, in order to keep equality so war will not break out again.

4: In the process of Reconstruction, the Freedman's Bureau played a huge part in bringing people back together as one. The bureau fed and clothed war refugees. The bureau provided housing along with paying teachers and creating colleges for African American students. A bureau such as this one would be a great idea for your country as well in the process of reconstruction. African Americans who are transferring from slavery to freedom will need a way to get themselves together, and that's exactly what a bureau like this one does. A shelter that is similar to the Freedman's Bureau will help the African Americans make this transition and start off on the right track. | Proposal 2:

6: Proposal 3: | During the time of Reconstruction in American history, black codes were introduced. These black codes were laws in the south that limited rights of blacks, and allowed them to be slaves. These codes also tried to control freedmen. In the process of reconstructing a new nation, codes such as these would not be a good idea. We think that this is a bad idea simply because these codes go against the ideas of reconstruction. Codes such as these would make the nation a step back from where it should be.

7: Proposal 4: | Obviously, because of slavery and race related issues, there was a lot of hate toward African Americans. Proof of this hatred would be the Ku Klux Klan, KKK. The KKK was a secret organization aiming to go against the republicans. They wanted to gain control of the south, and make a democracy by forcing out Union troops. They weren't very secret at all, though. Many people knew about the KKK and they were appalled.

8: Ulysses S. Grant actually took action on trying to stop this terrible society. He stopped this movement until at least the 1920s. He was a model president and tried to keep his country safe and equal. | In your proposal for Terpakistan, we advise you to keep clear of all secret societies and ideas that will break apart the country. The idea is to unify the country, not destroy it again. Ulysses S. Grant is definitely a role model for you and other leaders of your country. He was able to unify his country.

9: The Panic of 1873 was the result of a serious economic crisis. This “panic” was basically a fear of the people in the United States for the economics in their own community. Banks began to close as the economy and stock markets dwindled. A panic such as this is not one that you want to see in your nation. To avoid this panic you will need to make sure money is being controlled correctly and that the right people are in charge. In order to have a strong running nation, you need a strong running economic system. | Proposal 5:

10: Proposal 6: | Sherman’s General Field Order No. 15 was a set of military orders issued on January 16th of 1865. They were issued by General William Tecumseh Sherman of the United States Army. These military orders allowed the United States to take about 400,000 acres of land along the coast of South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, and divide it into sets of 40 acres. About 18 thousand freed slaves were able to settle into this area. This plan, though, was stopped by the end of 1865 by President Andrew Johnson. If this idea would have lasted longer, it would have been a great success. It gave African Americans the feeling of being human, and not property. It gave people a sense of unity that you definitely want in your own nation.

12: The Military Reconstruction Act was passed in Mary of 1867. This act divided what was the confederacy into five different districts, each with their own Union General. Each confederate state was able to design their constitution. Before being allowed to elect people for congress, the constitution had to be ratified along with the fourteenth amendment. An idea such as this would be advised. This idea gives a better feeling to the states of being more free and independent but still being part of the Union. With an idea like this, people can express their own opinions on things, and be recognized for them. | Proposal 7:

14: Proposal 8: | During the Civil War there were many plans being issued. Three of the major plans were the 10% Plan, Presidential Reconstruction, and Radical Reconstruction. Radical Reconstruction was a plan issued to punish seceded states. We, as your advisers, say not to use this plan. In trying to unify the country, punishing would not be the way to go, especially if seceded states are not able to be swayed. The 10% Plan said that if 10% of a state in the Confederacy swore an oath of loyalty, they would rejoin the Union. We advise that if you do use this plan, you use a number higher than 10%. At least half of the state should have to swear an oath, because then you know they are loyal. Having 10% is too small a number for this plan.

15: Another act was Presidential Reconstruction. The goal of this was to reunite the country with the Emancipation Proclamation, which initially declared Confederate slaves free. A Plan similar to Presidential reconstruction is definitely an effective way to unify the country and make equality in your nation.

16: The Civil Rights act of 1875 was passed on March 4th. This act prohibited people from being left out of public places simply because of their race, and stopped racial discrimination in courts while selecting jurors. This act was slowly trying to get rid of derogatory terms such as carpetbaggers (name given to a person from the north who traveled south during reconstruction to make a living) and scalawags (name given to southerners who supported Republican Reconstruction of the south). To steer away from these derogatory terms, we advise you to have an act very similar to the Civil Rights Act of 1875. Many people will already know about the unification of races, but when it is put down on paper and passed as an act, it will be taken more seriously. This should definitely be relived in Terpakistan. | Proposal 9:

17: One person to look up to while reconstructing Terpakistan, is Hiram Revels. In the time of Reconstruction, he actually became the first African American to serve in the United States Senate from 1870 to 1871. Even though there was so much going on between races, he still stood his ground and had a place in office.

18: Proposal 10: | Charles Sumner was a great supporter of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. He believed there was a lot of disloyalty in the Confederate states for seceding. Sumner led the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, and Sumner led the Radical Reconstruction program which gave equality to black men. Charles Sumner supported the Civil Rights Act of 1875, and The Civil Rights Act of 1866. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 gave the right to citizenship to people born in the United States (all but Native Americans). It also gave African Americans the right to own property and be treated equally in court. We advise you to move in Charles Sumner’s footsteps. He is an influential leader who can be looked up to because he was very sure about his beliefs. Being sure about beliefs can make a country run smooth without question. We also advise you to have an act very similar to the Civil Rights Act of 1866. This act gave very strict and equal rules to African Americans. You need strict rules if you want them to be followed.

20: Proposal 11: | The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson simply means that he was accused of something fired. Andrew Johnson was impeached because he did not get along with the congress politically. There was a law called The Tenure of Office Act which stated that a president cannot fire key people without approval of the congress. Johnson was impeached because he ignored this idea, and fired some key people. Keep an eye out in your country for people like Andrew Johnson. He went against the congress because he thought it was a “bad idea”. These types of people can give you hardships while trying to have a peaceful and smooth reconstruction.

22: The Compromise of 1877 consisted of a compromise of the Southern Democrats and the Republicans. The democrats said that they would recognize Hayes as president only if the republicans took their troops out of former confederate states. The democrats also wanted the republicans to create another transcontinental railroad. The whole idea was to make sure another civil war did not break out. Compromises like these can be a way to keep peace between once fighting parts of the country. A stronger country will be developed if the opposing sides begin to get along better. We advise you to have an idea such as this. | Proposal 12:

23: The Colfax Massacre began in April of 1873. A military group called The White League (wanted to secure white rule in Louisiana) had an outbreak with Louisiana’s black state militia. About 100 black men were killed, and half were killed after they surrendered. We advise you to keep peace in your country. Keeping peace between these types of people will cause them not to fight and really harm each other. The civil war is over now, so you want the fighting to stop. We advise you to stay calm and peaceful so that another civil war does not break out. | Proposal 13:

24: Proposal 14: | The Port Royal Experiment was a program in which former slaves successfully worked on the land abandoned by plantation owners. In 1861, the Union freed the Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina and the Port Royal harbor. White residents left and left behind all of about 10 thousand slaves. These slaves then had to become self-dependent. The African Americans were able to demonstrate their independence and control on land. They assigned themselves daily tasks and they sold their crops. In 1863, General Mitchel allowed African Americans to have the town to themselves, but Andrew Johnson ended that in 1865. Allowing the African Americans to have some sort of independence gave them the feel to be free and human. We advise you to give African Americans in your country the sense of freedom and independence. Independence will give them a feel for the real world, which they haven’t really experienced yet.

25: All the democrats wanted was to regain control of their own states and governments, and throughout all of the 1870s, they did just that. Southern democrats wanted to redeem the south from republican rule by appealing white racism. Democrats were able to win the support of white owners on small farms. By 1876, democrats took control of the southern state legislatures, except for Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina because they were protected by the Union. | Proposal 15: | The Slaughter-House cases were a series of three cases in which the United States Supreme court talked about the Fourteenth Amendment. It was a series of important cases saying that the fourteenth amendment is protecting privileges by the United States citizenship to all individuals.

26: Sharecropping vs. Tenant Farming | Tenant farming consists of a farmer who resides on and farms land which is owned by a landlord. Sharecropping is a system of agricultural production in which a landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crops produced on land. The south was scarred because of this war, and planters had little money to pay for taxes. Most former slaves had no money or land. The sharecropping system focused on cotton which was the only crop that really made much money. The poor white farmers needed cash, so they became sharecroppers.

27: Reconstruction was a time of progress. Even though every act and every rule that was passed and followed did not help with the reconstruction process, it was still an overall time of progression. It was not a time of complete peace and unity, but it definitely brought the nation closer together after a war. You, as the leaders of Terpakistan need to take our advise to create a better nation for your people.

29: This political cartoon was made in 1865. It is a cartoon of Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Johnson is sitting on a globe, trying to stick back together the United States. Abraham Lincoln says “A few more stitches, Andy and the good old Union will be mended”. This just shows how Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson were dedicated in fixing their once together Union.

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