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The adventures of Droppy

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FC: THE ADVENTURES OF DROPPY | 2nd primary school of Pefka class 2b

1: One day the sun peeped out bright and Droppy said good morning to him happily. They had been inseparable friends since that first trip. He had taken this trip many times with the help of his friend and each time he was able to return home safe. The sun waved hello and said, “Are you ready for another adventure, my friend?” “Oh, yes!” Droppy replied happily.

2: He lay on the surface of the ocean lazily and let the warm rays of the sun to do all the rest. He was quickly in the arms of a white cloud. He bent down and admired the beautiful ocean in which his home was. He could see his friends, the seahorses and the little mermaids. He loved them all so much and he was very happy each time he returned back to them!

3: Suddenly, the sky turned black and flashes of lightning tore the sky. “I'm not afraid,” thought Droppy, “I’ll get faster to my mom. I didn’t say goodbye to her when I left.” Droppy, along with other drops, moved towards the ground. They fell into a cave. Everything in there was dark and Droppy was anxious to get out into the light. He heard a loud noise and went towards there. It was a waterfall leading to a large river. He jumped in and let the stream of the waterfall to drift him to the river.

4: The sky, after that short downpour, got clear and a rainbow appeared. All around was bright and shine. The mountains were crystal clean, the trees bloomed, the fields green and the easy-going children were splashing at the banks of the river feeding the fish. Droppy was happy and he swirled several times whistling merrily.

5: Now they were passing from a big city. The river suddenly became muddy and smelt intolerably. The fish were lost and the drops were dirty. Droppy carefully climbed into a branch that was flowing into the river, because he did not want to get dirty. He could not stand the dirt. He got close to a drop and asked what was happening. “Do you see those pipes?” said the drop. People carry the waste from their factories and the sewage of the drains into the river and pollute it. Droppy turned and looked at that direction and remained speechless. Dirty water was being poured in the river by two huge pipes and many black drops were coming out. Very distressed, he turned his gaze elsewhere and started thinking what he could do to find a solution. Remaining thoughtful for some time, Droppy continued his trip trying not to get dirty.

6: The river went on his way. Now it passed by a large plain. Everything was all green again and Droppy thought that the problem might not be that big. “Don’t be fooled so easily!” said a black drop next to him. “Read the sign!” On the sign, it was written in big letters that the water was polluted. Droppy was very puzzled and asked how this had happened. “People”, said the dirty drop “do not care so much. They sprinkle their fields with pesticides, pollute all ground water and destroy everything, even their own life, because all these end up on their plate.” Droppy could not stand hearing anything else. He had to go home quickly to talk with his friends and decide together if they could find a solution.

7: He swam as fast as he could and in a while he would have been at home. Getting closer he saw the seahorses, the little mermaids and his mother shouting at him desperately to go away. Dropppy’s heart was wrung. He could not survive such an ecological disaster. Thousands of fish were stuck in a huge black oil slick and were dying slowly. His friends and his beloved mother were among them. With the help of some other drops he managed to pull his friends and his mother out of the oil slick, which was spreading dangerously. They were all jet-black, but they had escaped the danger for the moment.

8: Droppy breathed deeply now that he was out of the oil slick and he shouted with excitement, “I got it! I know who can help us! The students of 2b class of the 2nd Primary School of Pefka!” Droppy with his friends and some other dirty drops ran quickly to the school. He was so moved when he saw it again. He remembered how happy he was when he visited this school last year. The students of 1b class talked about him many times. They made paintings and handicrafts, they wrote a song and a play for him and so many other things. He could hardly hold his tears. He was walking on the ground floor when he realized that this year his friends’ classroom was on the first floor. He found it and rushed in.

9: The teacher immediately understood that he was upset, so she did not speak. She took him gently in her hand and let him tell them what was going on. Droppy was talking continuously trying to explain what had happened. In a few minutes the children understood everything. They knew about the pollution and the wastage of water. They had discussed it with their teacher many times and they were trying to help. They were recycling things and were trying to persuade their friends and families not to waste water. But they never expected to see their friend Droppy in this situation.

10: They discussed and soon they took their decision. They would write messages and make posters about pollution and wastage of water. Then they would hand them out everywhere to raise the adults’ awareness. “The children from the other countries will be facing the same problem,” said a little boy. “I suggest we translate our messages in other languages and ask the children of the countries which take part in the Comenius project to hand them out, too.” Everyone was excited and Droppy, once more, admired these little dear friends.

11: At once they found cardboard, crayons, markers and everyone set to work. These young writers had so many ideas, so they prepared their messages and posters very quickly. The teacher got in touch with her colleagues from the other countries and they translated the messages, so everything was over in a very short time. The students, Droppy and the other drops went out in the streets to give out the messages. The parents of the children were with them feeling very proud of their initiative and pretty soon they realized that their children were right. They could not continue to destroy the world. It was not only theirs, but their children’s as well. How clearly the children wrote their messages! And now their parents wonder why they had their eyes closed for so long.

12: The students and Droppy’s movement became well-known very soon. They talked about it on the radio and TV. Many people were interested in learning about recycling and water pollution. Every day you could see people not wasting water, not throwing rubbish in the seas and rivers and recycling things. Everyone was alarmed and people started talking about biological treatment and what measures they had to take to protect the environment.

13: However, unfortunately, everything was easily forgotten very quickly and the water in the river continued being infected. Fish were dying, the drops were completely black and the water smelled horrible. Droppy was going up and down very worried trying to find out what else they could do. During a break he and the students went to the schoolyard to think. They lay on the grass and started talking. The sun greeted them, but Droppy did not want to play. The sun sent his hottest gleam and whispered something in Droppy’s ear. Immediately he jumped up and shouted happily. “Our plan will succeed this time”, he said decisively “because the sun and the rain will help us.”

14: From that time on the sun was rising even hotter every day. The hot rays burnt the trees and the flowers. Water in rivers and lakes evaporated very quickly. There were no water supplies, springs had dried up, grass had withered and animals and people were thirsty. Everybody was looking for water everywhere and each drop was as precious as gold. They were looking at the sky waiting for the rain, but in vain, because the rain had agreed with the sun to help the children in their struggle.

15: People regretted what they did and ran to the Primary School of Pefka to find Droppy and the students and apologize. Droppy listened to them very carefully and decided to ask the sun and the rain to stop their initial plan. Besides, he was very sorry with what was happening around. His friends did not have the strength not even to play with him, plants and animals were suffering and the whole nature was dirty. Even he was staying locked in because he did not want to evaporate, although he wished so much to take his favourite trip again. He told everyone to return home and assured them that they would have nothing to fear if they kept their promises and turned their words into actions. Then he looked at the sun and he understood at once.

16: Pretty soon the sun was hidden and the rain gathered the clouds and it started raining softly and rhythmically for a long time. Animals did not run to hide and mothers did not shout at their children to get in, in order not to be cold, but they went out and started dancing altogether the rain dance. All the roads were clean, nature got green and everyone was excited and very happy. They would never forget what happened and would protect the water because it is the source of life.

17: A great celebration took place at school. Droppy was very satisfied as he was watching his friends going up and down giving advice to everyone. “Let’s go outside,” he said “to dance and give ourselves a good rinse! The sun will come out again in a while and I should continue my journey.” They went out and danced until the rain stopped. Soon a rainbow spread all around bringing peacefulness throughout the city. Droppy said goodbye to the children and turned towards the sun. It was time to go. He saw the city below shining clean and happy and he smiled. How different everything was now! He embraced his friends once more with a loving look and closed his eyes. He was tired, but so much happy!

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