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The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Page Text Content

FC: By C.S. Lewis

1: Once upon a time, there were four children by the name of Edmund, Peter, Susan, and Lucy Pevensie. | Usually, the Pevensies got along pretty well, but because a war is going on- for a short amount of time, they are sent to a far away place in order to keep their safety; causing chaos all throughout their small family. Sadly, they are separated from their mother and have to start an adventure on their own. Miles away from their home, they are taken to a big and mysterious house of an old professor who lives with a house keeper called Mrs. Macready and three assistants.

2: The next morning after the night they arrived, rain is falling hard. All of the Pevensies are getting bored. | They all stepped out of their rooms and planned to explore the house. To a surprise, they came to a room that contained a big wardrobe. All of them left to move on to the next room, but Lucy however, decided to stay. | She opened the wardrobe door. From where she was standing, she could smell the fur coming from the fur coats- something Lucy could not resist. Instantly she stepped into the wardrobe: enjoying the feeling of the coats as she put her head against them. The deeper Lucy went into the wardrobe, the more lost she got.

3: Lucy | found as if the wardrobe was never-ending and cold. The more Lucy went deeper into the wardrobe, the colder it became. | Soon she began to feel something beneath her hands, and heard something crunch at the step of her feet. | Out from behind her came what looked like a half man- half goat. It had the legs of what looked like a horse, and a body of a regular man. Mr.Tumnus took her to his house and told Lucy a shocking story. | Lucy kept walking, and found only nothing but a strange lamp post in the middle of the woods.

4: While they were enjoying his cave, they were having tea and Mr. Tumnus was playing his music. Mr. Tumnus told Lucy everything he knew. The new world Lucy entered was called Narnia! And it was always winter there because of the White Witch, but Christmas never came. Only the Sons and Daughters of Eve could be the ones to save Narnia, but the White Witch made Mr.Tumnus a kidnapper. If he had ever seen a human, he was to take them to the White Witch, but if he did not, she would turn him into stone. It was then that he realized that he would not sacrifice the safety of Narnia for his own. As quick as he could, Mr. Tumnus took Lucy back to the lamp-post and she left Narnia.

5: "It's | okay! I'm alright! I'm back!" say's Lucy, running into the room her sister and brothers were in. "What are you talking about? Weren't you always here?" Susan asked.

6: Lucy told her story, but no one believed her, and some of them even made accidental jokes about Lucy and the wardrobe, but Edmund was the only one who made purposeful ones. Days past and they decide to play hide-n-seek. Lucy already knew where she would hide, and so did Edmund. For the second time now, Lucy would enter the wardrobe and visit Mr. Tumnus. All of this would happen, and Edmund would follow.

7: When he was in, Edmund saw a sleigh led by reindeer. There was a woman on the sleigh that was draped in white fur. She asked what Edmund was and he replied the way anyone would; He said he was a boy. She was shocked and immediately asked him he had any siblings, and if he did, to take them back to Narnia as soon as possible. She was pretending to be nice to him; feeding him poisoned magic food.

8: Edmund left the Witch's side as soon as he could when she said she could get him more Turkish Delight (if there were others), and found Lucy in excitement. He had the eyes of someone who had eaten the White Witch's food. She quickly went back to the wardrobe to tell Peter and Susan that she was not lying because Edmund had entered Narnia too! | But when Lucy went to go tell Peter and Susan, Edmund denied everything Lucy said, and to end the nonsense, Peter and Susan checked the wardrobe for themselves.

9: When they went to the very back of the wardrobe, there was nothing there but the hard wood. Because Peter and Susan were absolutely hopeless, they went to go ask the professor what he thought about the situation.

10: Peter and Susan told the professor everything that was going on. "If Lucy has never lied before, then why not believe her?" asked the Professor. For a second, Peter and Susan gave it some thought as the Professor kept speaking about the wardrobe. Could it be possibly true? Could a simple wardrobe contain another world? How? They already checked the back of it and there was nothing there!? | For the next few days, Edmund sneered jokes at Lucy.

11: The talk of the wardrobe ended one day. But on that same day, Mrs. Macready told the children that there were guests visiting, and they were not to interrupt. For a second, the girls heard Mrs. Macready coming up the stairs with guests, and they all ran to the back stairs, but there were people coming up from there too! | With a dead end, the children ran into the door of the wardrobe and hurried inside when they heard Mrs. Macready open the door!

12: The sooner they were in, the greater they realized that that there was snow and trees in the wardrobe! | Peter and Susan finally saw Narnia and were actually living through it!

13: When they were all in and experiencing Narnia for the first or second times, they decided to visit Mr. Tumnus. | As soon as they got there, they found that the house was empty and his belongings were destroyed. Outside they met a bird that led them to what seemed like a plain, open area.

14: Around the trees, they saw a beaver rustling and moving everywhere! Once the beaver showed itself, it lead them to a path way deeper into the woods in a more crowded and closed up area. Every time the Pevensies tried to talk, the beaver would shush them or not answer. | After miles of walking, they had reached a small little house made of sticks.

15: Inside, they met another beaver that looked older but happened to be the wife of the earlier beaver. | They talked and ate. First speaking about the white witch, and then Aslan. Every time the beavers spoke about Aslan, a good feeling came inside the Pevensies. But poor Edmund had a bad feeling come up in him.

16: After talking, they noticed that Edmund was missing. In the beginning, Lucy thought that he had went to the White Witch, but the Beaver knew it.

17: Meanwhile, Edmund had already reached the queen to tell her about the news of Aslan. She got her sleigh ready and went off.

18: At the house of the beavers, the Pevensies were just getting ready to leave; and just when they were, a man in a much bigger sleigh was outside. It was the father of Christmas; the Witch's spell was slowly breaking, | The father of Christmas gave them presents; For Peter, A sword and shield; For Susan, a horn, and a bow and arrow; and for Lucy, a bottle that contained a healing power liquid.

19: At the time, Edmund was searching for Turkish Delight. It was then that he realized that the White Witch was becoming meaner and meaner to him.

20: The White Witch ordered Edmund to go out with her and made a few wolves go to the house of beavers and kill or destroy anything they find. If not there, to head quickly to the Stone table.

21: The White Witch's journey along with Edmund was terrible. She treated him like a slave once their sledge had gotten stuck in a pit of mud. Soon they began to notice that Spring was beginning to set it, and Aslan really was returning.

22: Then, in a flash they had arrived. The White Witch was facing Aslan along with three of the Pevensies and Aslan's army.

23: "Welcome Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve; Peter, Susan, Lucy. And where is the fourth?" Aslan spoke. | "He has joined the White Witch." said the beaver. No one said anything for quite a long time, but Aslan soon spoke and said that they would do all to save Edmund.

24: Aslan pardoned them and prepared a feast. Around the forest, thw White Witch was creating a plan, A plan to trade Edmund for the death of Aslan.

25: At the next moment, unicorns and centaurs set off to carry Edmund back to Aslan and the others.

26: The next morning, a dwarf had come to tell Aslan of a scheduled meeting with the White Witch. One of which will be peaceful and kind. | The deal was that Aslan's life was to be sacrificed instead of Edmund's.

27: That night, Susan and Lucy and a terrible feeling inside them. As if something bad would happen to Aslan, or he would do something bad to something else. In a desperate need to find out what the feeling inside them was, they went to go see where Aslan was.

28: At last after searching, they had both found Aslan and asked to come with him; wherever he was going. | Soon the found that they were going to the hill of the Table Stone. When they reached the last tree, they departed from each other. Tears began falling from the eyes of the Daughters of Eve, and Aslan left to go to the Stone Table.

29: Once he had reached the pathway leading to the Stone Table, the White Witch ordered the shaving of his fur. | After having their fun, the White Witch ended Aslan's life with a knife made of stone. An evil one with a sinister story behind it.

30: Once the Witch and her army had left, Susan and Lucy went down to the Stone Table to see what was left of the beauty of Aslan. | They stayed all night with the dead lion and untied everything on him. By the time the sun had arrived, they knew that they soon had to leave. | As they were turning around, they heard a screechy noise of stone cracking from behind. Afraid to turn around, Lucy and Susan thought that there was more magic.

31: As the sun set in an angle, Aslan rised. Going onto business, Susan and Lucy hopped on Aslan's back and rode on to the Witch's Castle. | When they arrived; in the courtyard they had seen what might as well have been a museum of statues. To Lucy's amazement, she kept looking at the statues and almost didn't notice Aslan breathing on the statues until Susan mentioned it and told Lucy to hush up. Once all of the creatures in the courtyard had awakened, Aslan asked to search the whole castle for more creatures when Lucy found Mr. Tumnus. | At once, they headed off and smelled the war away. They were prepared for battle

32: Running full speed onto the battlefield of the war, there stood Peter and Edmund with Aslan's Army. | Off in the distance, Susan and Lucy could see Stone statues all over the battlefield, and the White Witch battling off with Peter; Shield and sword in his hand; and a stone knife in hers. In a splite second Aslan was within jumping distance of the White Witch, and he attacked her. Those who were in her army and saw the witch's life end fled for their lives or gave up.

34: Moments later, Mrs. Beaver told them that Edmund was horribly wounded and needed aid quickly! | Lucy helped him with the bottle filled with liquid the father of Christmas gave her earlier.

35: day after the other the Pevensies were crowned and set on their thrones. Then off went Aslan, waiting to return when Narnia is in need of desperate help again. | The

36: Years went by and the Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve grew to be fine adults. And the time came when they were reunited with the lamp-post, and found that there was a wardrobe hiding behind the trees and bushes. | In the next second they weren't royalty anymore;

37: They were just , , , | Peter | Susan | Edmund | Lucy Pevensie. | &

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