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The Color Pink (Copy 2)

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FC: The Color Pink By Charisse A. Buchanan

1: The Color Pink By Charisse A. Buchanan Copyright (c) 2009

3: INTRODUCTION I wish to thank God for providing me with the gift and inspiration to write this short story after reading several medical journals about breast cancer. This book is being dedicated to all the cancer survivors, and those who are still fighting to stay alive.

4: In Loving Memory of My Mother Theresa White

5: The Color Pink I think the color pink is bright and has a pastel look to it. Sometime later the color pink began to symbolize the sign of surviving cancer or dying from cancer if you are a woman or a little girl.

6: Let's think the color pink to remember someone has been diagnosed with cancer; a deadly disease. Which robs their body and love ones such as a family members, friends, sister, aunt, cousins, neighbor and mother so on as it goes. Who will become affected next ? Maybe someone you know.

7: A child cries, when her mother suddenly dies. A silent killer called cancer. Although Ashley had seen her mother Jane cry so many times before, because of her pain. Her smiles did not come easy, as Ashley tried to make Jane comfortable by putting a pillow underneath her head.

8: "Maybe if I could just be a good little girl she thought", then maybe momma will feel all better and the pain will suddenly go away. "Maybe we could run again and have fun or maybe I could rub her feet and find her something good to eat?"

9: "Oh yes, on those days if I pray real hard, then God maybe will answer my prayers." "Though I know he is a little busy with the weather being all rainy outside." The cold wind doesn't help much as it blows through the open hole in the roof and drops of water falls down on Momma's bald head."

10: "Often I just wipe the rain away with a dry towel and wrap her with my love to keep her warm, cause I know those tears are about to come real soon. When I first saw momma get sick she became very weak and didn't eat. It was on those days I was hoping for, that she would start feeling better.

11: "Maybe, if I'm thoughtful to say the least, as I fixed momma a good bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup. I know that warm taste could calm her down, and maybe her hair would stop falling out. It seems through a child's eyes there is innocence still untouched by a word called disease, illness and dying.

12: Momma suffered a lot of pain and hardships from that silent killer called cancer. I could only curse that word cancer which needed to leave my momma's poor body alone. I can only remember when it was just momma and me. I didn't know if there was a daddy, because he never came for me.

13: Much less I have seen a picture of him and momma together on happier days and times. My dreams are like most children who are raised alone. Without much family or friends momma had to travel a lot as a nurse and took care of so many sick people, and now she needed to be cared for herself.

14: Sometimes I wonder what a 10 year old child would do? All alone in this world suddenly becoming an orphan and at the mercy of some state welfare system. I could only think of the horrible things that could or would happen to me when momma is suddenly taken away from me to see the Lord.

15: My very soul has just become numb as I thought no one would be able to fight over me. As momma eyes seems to be drifting off to sleep as the pain subsided from her legs and feet. I know she told me once that her condition was terminal, "What does that mean I would ask"?

16: Momma said that there was nothing that a doctor or nurse could do to help her condition feel better. Someday soon she would be going away sometime soon. "Away where"? "When?" I would ask "You know we have talked about it" Momma would gently remind me.

17: "Oh yes, I just wanted to forget that talk of traveling to be with the Lord." "I know I am selfish and wanted you, momma, all to myself." "I guess you already know this momma. You are the only person I have ever known." "Besides where would I sleep?" "Cause I still sleep with you."

18: I love to feel on your smooth skin at times, even when it feels all dried up with those wrinkles. We often laugh like little school girls reading our bedtime stories. I guess God wouldn't care, because he will take you just as you are. "Just think momma no more mirrors of how you once looked beautiful."

19: Once again there was silence in the room as I began to just think again to myself. I don't know if anyone is prepared to go in and out of the hospital as many times as I did. Those were the times when I visited momma and sometimes staying with a family friend Rosie who has other children just about my age.

20: But it's not my momma's fault I have to become quiet and never speak my young child's mind as those children terrorize me. I have enough on my mind now instead of worrying about being hit and beat by some ugly brats. I could only chuckle and smile to myself.

21: I wonder when death will knock on my momma's door and steal her away from me. I could probably survive all by myself hoping. I could look forward to my future of goodness. Always hoping to make others aware of this deadly disease called cancer.

22: As the hospital bills mount up and the pain becomes unbearable to withstand the daily treatments, your body suddenly fades until it's weak and your size that was once healthy now becomes a ghost or a skeleton, one might say.

23: But you couldn't hide that spirit of fight for your life, while the angel cheers you on waiting for you to come home. And the living prepares for your survival or departure into another place that we will all soon go no matter your religious faith.

24: "Heaven, a dream one could only imagine how sweet and wonderful it might be. Because there are so many young folks and old folks going that no one can't seem to keep up. Though I will keep those memories of my momma constantly imprinted in my mind. Thinking about her all the times and things we once did together.

25: How she looked. How she smell. How she walked and talked. Those little things I would never forget because, she had suddenly transformed into someone I could no longer recognized as she suffered the hardship of her disease.

26: Laying there helpless as she awaits the spirit of death. I could only whisper in her ear to say goodbye my love. I hope to see you again in the place called Heaven."

27: My journey begins all alone far from my home. I know all the tears and crying, could not bring my mother back.

28: I traveled down the train tracks, never looking back. As the gentle winds of an autumn day, blows through my hair. Leaves falling while cascading to the ground. Wishing every minute that my mother was still around.

29: Maybe hoping that she could once again hold my hands. To comfort and assure me that everything will be alright. As I tried to sleep through another restless day and night.

30: If only I could fly. I would stretch upward towards the heavens. Soaring high as an eagle in the sky. I would ask the Lord why?" he has suddenly taken my mother away from me.

31: The angels would greet me at the pearly gates. Momma will be standing there completely heal, beneath their feathered wings. She resonate in her spiritual body, skin soft as pink and perfect as a rose.

32: To my family and friends Much joy and love.

33: The Color Pink Always hoping to find a cure, for fighting that deadly killer called "Cancer"

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  • Title: The Color Pink (Copy 2)
  • A young girl try to cope with her mother's death of dying from breast cancer. A heart felt book that will bring you to tears of how a child struggle with death alone.
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