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The Crucible

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FC: The Diary of Giles Corey | Amira Alexander

2: Descriptive Entry: Expressing an attribute of the modified noun, used as an adjective or adjectival clause.

3: I don't even know why I am writing in this little booklet. Not only is it forbidden to do, if you do write then you're considered a witch. But I have to tell someone this or I might burst into little fragmentations of myself and run about telling my inner most thoughts to all. The rumor around town is that Reverend Proctor's daughter, Betty, has become bewitched or something of the sort. She is probably making blistering, pus filled sores form on her bottom for not moving for so long. Today I went to visit them because I was curious on what was going on in the reverend's house. But of course I was hassled when I walked in by Rebecca; as soon as my foot passed the barrier of the outside world, I entered the room, as a pure baby pushes into an unknown atmosphere curiously. As soon as I came upon this new world, I gazed anxiously around me to take in, like the digestion of heavenly food, my surroundings. It was quite an astonishing view of his lovely daughter but no one dared venture nearer because they feared what she has might escape her and enter their own bodies like witches visiting the dark forest. When I passed through the threshold of the house, I was pounced upon like a panther on its prey by Rebecca. She hurriedly told me, “There is hard sickness here, Giles Corey, so keep quiet,” as if I was the daftly child with no countenance (p.16). I was just interested to know if the child held up to the rumor; I wanted to know if the child could spread her arms like wings and take flight across the black midnight sky, cast noises from her chops that would echo off the forest trees. I wanted to know was Beth Parris really a witch.

4: Proctor was already at Paris’ house when I got there; we're friendly enough with hardly any tough feelings between us. Putnam was there to observing the quite astonishing scene, as we all were. The next thing that happens came out of nowhere and Putnam going insane. Proctor and I were just discussing how laughable it would be to join a faction against Parris. Putnam gets all defensive for Parris saying he's a great man and no one should form against such authority. I mean I didn't completely agree with him on his statement but I did realize that Parris was not that bad of character; he had iron in him. Out of nowhere, Putnam starts to stir up at a fable that he should have left well enough alone. He brought up the ever old confrontation between lands, which there had always been an issue of suing for. Putnam believes his land stretches out to the riverside because his grandfather wrote it in his will. His grandfather was known for stretching the truth, and that land by the riverside wasn't all his. That old man tried to write some of my land in that will but he knew better. I would have had his head if he dared try to go through with that contrivance. So to mess with Putnam a little bit, I decided I would help Proctor go get some lumbar from yonder; didn't matter to me whose land it was. I was just avidly about rustling Putnam's feathers again, especially when he said, “I’ll have my men on you, Corey! I’ll clap a writ on you!(p.18)”

7: My poor, poor wife; I love her so dearly. But why does she have to do things that make me qualm and be able to pray? I don’t know what she needs to read other than the Bible. And what worries me more is the fact that she reads at secretly at night. I know she has nothing to do with Devil, but maybe she is being induced by him little by little. There's always a chance that she is just reading little stories. But that is strictly forbidden by law! She told me that. How does she even know how to read? I haven't even thought of that. I just want my wife to tell me what's going on. When we got married I devoted myself to her, now I am questioning if she does the same. With all this on my mind I can't even say my bedtime prayers. She usually would join me, but since this new behavior has begun she hasn't. Now I’m not saying I think my wife is a witch or anything like that. I just question her actions. She has no other place to be other than in bed with me at night, so tell me why she leaves after her reading into the black of the night? There has got to be something more, or maybe I am making too much of it. Well she has left once again for the night and I can't do anything else except shake my head. Well I can now finish my prayers and be off to sleep.

8: Narrative Entry: Telling a story. | Reverend Hale

9: The famous Reverend Hale has finally gotten to our city and everybody, including me, believes he has some answers. As soon as he arrived, he received an amiable welcome from Parris. Reverend Hale was quite anxious to see Betty and to conclude what ailed the wretched girl. He said,” No, no. Now let me instruct you. We cannot look to superstition in this. The Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone” to calm our rattling nerves that he knows what he is searching for or not (p.21). We all rushed upstairs right behind equally as anxious and avidly about the answer to the most thought about question; is Betty bewitched? He quickly but thoroughly examined Betty by constantly checking his books on little clues he thought Betty was giving him. He tried to verbally wake her by calling to her. He loudly said,”Now, Betty, dear, will you sit up?” as she were merely sleeping (p.22). He went into great thought about this, how she didn't even stir, and decided he needed to quickly go to Putnam's house and see his daughter. But before he left, I had to get something that was very ponderous off of my mind. See, I needed to tell him about my wife. She was acting rather strange recently and I didn't know how to deal with it. So I just came out with it audaciously saying, “Mr. Hale, I have always wanted to ask a learned man-what signifies the readin’ of strange books?”(p.22). And then he replies, “What books?” and “Who does this? (p.22)” I couldn't contain myself any longer so I just blurted it out, “It discomfits me! Last night-mark this- I tried and tried and could not say my prayers. And then she closes her book and walks out of the house and suddenly-mark this-I could pray again (p.22).” I felt so glad to have that off of my chest and was hoping for a response, what kind of response I was looking for I couldn't tell you. And he ended the conversation about with, “I’ll speak further on that with you (p.22).”

10: Persuasive Entry: Intended to or having the power to induce action or belief.

11: I am completely furious just thinking about this. That man Proctor, boy he knows how to get me mad. Long time ago, he blatantly recriminated me of burning the roof of his house. How dare he even think I would waste my time to go to his side of the woods and set fire to his house? I think that man likes to get under my skin. I don't even remember the ordeal completely; I just know I was forced by the court to pay for his roof. For some reason the deputy of the court just took his word for it; there was no evidence that I committed that crime. Just a week ago, I finally finished paying him off. For some crazy reason he thinks now that I have paid all of my dues we can be comrades again. He likes to think that I will forget about his accusation as if it never happened, but how could I? That was a taint against my name! He almost made me become an abomination to the whole town and all he can do now is chuckle about it as if it is a joke. I’m too old of a man to be holding grudges, but this guy almost makes me get one. It's as if this young man can't see what life is all about; knowing your commandments, staying true to your wife and family, and owning land. And it doesn't help his case especially since I know he doesn't like Parris at all which prevents him from staying strong in the Lord and knowing the word. I wonder if that means anything, hmmm.

12: Reflective Entry: Expression on paper of some of the mental processes

13: This will be the last time I talk to you dear journal. The trial was yesterday and I am sitting in jail. With my time running out, I can't help but think if I did all I could and if I did it the right way. During the trail Danforth just wouldn't listen or see the obvious evidence in front of him. He allowed Parris to feed him complete nonsense of what Proctor, Francis, and I intended to do. Parris screamed, “They've come to overthrow the court” so much I wanted to rip his head off (p.41). I’m not usually a hotheaded man, but they were accusing my wife of witchery. She is no witch! I know this with all of my being. She just had an interest in something forbidden. Although we have on been married a couple of years now, I feel as though I have known her my whole life. Danforth threw me out of his court, seeing that he is the deputy, and charged me with contempt of the court. If Putnam kept his mouth shut then I wouldn't have gotten so angry; he continuously agreed with everything that Parris said. But I don't care about them fools anymore. I stood up for my wife the best I could. Tomorrow they say they are going to crush me with heavy stones because I didn't confess or deny charges of witchcraft. Therefore I can be sure that no one else will get my land other than the ones who it rightfully belongs to; my sons.

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