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The Egyptian Pathfinder

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The Egyptian Pathfinder - Page Text Content

BC: The End

FC: The Egyptian Pathfinder | By: Akash S., Kevin B., and Lauren N.

1: This story is about a young man named Shalam. He must prove to the irrational Pharaoh that the afterlife is based off of good deeds, not wealth or power.

2: Far far away in an ancient Egyptian kingdom lived a wealthy shopkeeper named Shalam. In the shop, Shalam sold papyrus. This is a famous and popular type of paper used by Egyptian people.

3: One day, the Pharaoh came into the store to purchase the finest papyrus in the whole kingdom. Shalam told the Pharaoh, "All papyrus is equal. No papyrus is better than the other." The Pharaoh responded saying, "I am the best. I always need the best supplies." The Pharaoh began to be very rude and demanding toward the shopkeeper.

4: The Pharaoh becomes so irritated with Shalam that the Pharaoh tells him, "You will not have a good afterlife because you are irritating me. You now must sacrifice yourself to the gods! You must die now!"

5: Shalam knows the Pharaoh’s view of the afterlife is wrong, so he decides that he must run away. But first, he needs a weapon to protect himself from the Pharaoh's guards and the strange creatures along the Nile. Shalam has no choice but to steal the Pharaoh’s sword.

6: After stealing the Pharaoh's sword, Shalam runs as fast as he can away from the kingdom. He decides to take on a journey to meet the gods and prove to the Pharaoh that he is wrong about the afterlife!

7: Little did Shalam know that the gods were already looking down upon him. "He is still not worthy of our presence", they agreed. The gods started crafting a trial for Shalam in order for him to prove his worthiness.

8: As Shalam proceeded down the Nile in order to reach the pyramids, he came across a slave caravan. "Please, help us!" they screamed. "Where is your master?" asked Shalam. "He has deserted us. We have neither food nor water! Also, most of the children are looking faint!"

9: As Shalam wondered how to get food and water for such a huge group of people, he noticed a peck in the sky. It was gradually getting bigger and speeding towards him. As he squinted in order to get a clearer view, his heart dropped. "It's Nert, the accursed vulture!" it yelled. He drew his scimitar and stood before the cowering slaves. As the giant vulture swooped towards Shalam, he jumped onto the vulture's back in a swift motion. While the vulture thrashed his neck trying to get the intruder off, Shalam delivered a near fatal blow to the vulture's head.

10: "Please, have mercy!" begged the vulture. The vulture continued saying, "In exchange for my life, I will give you two choices. But, you may only pick one. The first choice is that you will no longer be banished from your homeland. You will also be the richest man in your kingdom."

11: Your second choice is complete freedom for all the slaves. They will all also be transported back to their homeland safely. Nert asked, "Which choice do you pick?" Shalam responded saying, "That is an easy decision! I have no need for wealth! The freedom of a hundred slaves is worth much more! Free them all!" "That is the best choice!", said the vulture as it transformed into Nekebet, the mother goddess. She said, "You have proved yourself worthy to see the gods." A golden boat rose from the Nile, and swept Shalam to the pyramids.

12: As Shalam reached the pyramids, Nekebet appeared to him once more. "You have one final trial. You must enter the pyramids and find your way through the labyrinth in order to reach the afterlife. It is a very dangerous journey, so I will bless your scimitar with Montu, a great power. It will aid you in your journey." Shalam responded saying, "Thank you. I am indebted to your generosity." He bolted into the pyramid. In the pyramid, Shalam slashed all enemies that dared to attack him. He eventually reached a deep ravine.

13: He threw a rock down the ravine in order to determine how deep it was. But, he never heard the sound of the stone reaching the bottom. Spotting a few vines growing down from the ceiling, he grabbed one down and attempted to swing over. Unfortunately, Shalam lost grip of the vine and slipped.

14: Shalam quickly stabbed his scimitar into the side of the ravine. Gripping on the handle, he slowly felt himself losing his only grip on salvation. Mustering up all the energy he could, he swung his other arm onto the cliff's edge and pulled himself up. Thanking the gods, he continued through the maze. Dodging traps and monsters, he slashed through the pyramid with relative ease, with the help from his blessed scimitar.

15: After many trials and tribulations, he dragged his body to the final door. He saw nothing but beautiful etched markings that stated, "Only the worthy may enter this chamber." While Shalam was puzzled at what to do, an idea dawned on him. He put his hand on the door. As he thought, the door melted away. In the final chamber, there was nothing, but a large pool of multicolored water. Already knowing what to do, he jumped into the supernatural pool and transcended into the plane of the gods; the afterlife.

16: Shalam finally reached his destination, the meeting place of the gods. Since he completed all of their tasks, they are willing to listen to what he has to say. Shalam goes on to tell the gods of the Pharaoh's distorted view of the afterlife. The Pharaoh believes that the afterlife is based on power and wealth, not good deeds.

17: . "This is madness!" one of the gods answered. "How can the leader of such a vast amount of land not understand that the afterlife is not achieved by riches but by the way they live their life?" The gods then give Shalam a special papyrus scroll to take to the Pharaoh. This scroll is a hiding place for the gods until they meet the Pharaoh.

18: Once Shalam travels back to his homeland, he fearlessly confronts the Pharaoh and gives him the papyrus scroll. At first, the Pharaoh thinks it is a meaningless piece of paper and throws it on the ground. A few seconds later, he hears a faint rumble. Then suddenly, the gods appear! The gods began to scold the Pharaoh on his outrageous view on how to obtain a good after life. They warn him that if he continues to live this way, his afterlife would be doomed. The Pharaoh begins to apologize repeatedly and asks if there is anything he can do to repay the gods for his wrongdoings. The gods tell him that if he agrees to give his riches to the poor and strive to live a more humble life, his afterlife fate will change. The Pharaoh immediately does so out of fear.

19: Later, the gods meet with Shalam and thank him for bringing this to their attention. Out of curiosity, Shalam also asks the gods about his after life. They tell him that since he completed the good work that the gods put in front of him to do, he will have a peaceful afterlife.

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  • Title: The Egyptian Pathfinder
  • An eqyptian man named Shalam fights his way to prove to the evil Pharaoh that the key to the afterlife is not just power and fame, it's to be caring and helpful to others.
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